About Us

Different people actually have different likings when it comes to hobbies and enthusiasm. But when it comes to sports, the same spirit reaches a level you cannot ever deny. But for the current situation, it is skiing that has made us fall in love with it due to the perks it offers!

Something about me!

I am Mitchelle Lynn, a skier and a trainer that has been doing what she loves for more than 10 years now. I precisely started skiing when I was just a teenager, and as soon as I started exploring the field, I got to know the potential hidden in it. All those terrains, skiing turns, injuries, fun, fear, equipment, and of course, the chilly weather made me fall for it.

I am not only a skier, but I have also been training newbies, amateurs, and even experienced skiers for a long time now. My extensive experience, knowledge, and expertise in the field allow me to showcase how different things are done.

Well, that is why I decided to bring a mode for all the skiers from all over the world to grab the knowledge with ease. You can explore the website and see for yourself how vast the skiing industry is and how many troubles one can face within it.

The Vision!

No one is actually perfect in this world. We all have flaws that we have to correct with time in order to overcome our weaknesses. The same scenario goes with any sport, including skiing. Skiing might seem a simple sport where you have to slide through a mountain and enjoy it as you want. 

But no, this is not the entire case! You will have to learn different things, techniques, skills, get the awareness of clothing, problems, injuries, consequences, and much more to get yourself familiar with it. But it can be challenging for an amateur to find all these things without any proper knowledge.

Well, that is why I decided to form this website where you can find anything related to skiing literally. My simple vision is that I will keep posting new stuff to educate you about different things. I will wholeheartedly try to be as thorough as possible so that anyone can understand what is being talked about.

The wrapping:

This is pretty much all about me and the website that has been built just for you guys. So stick around, keep checking out the new guides, reviews, how-tos, and instructional posts to have a better evaluation of skiing.