Top 5 Best GoPro for Skiing 2024 – Ski Helmet Camera Reviews

While you are getting your gear ready for the next skiing season, there are some things you might not consider important enough to carry alongside. But, There is one thing that is equally or even more essential than ski goggles or ski helmet headphones you are taking with, and that is an action camera. Nothing would help you capture the fun and adventures you have on the slopes better than a GoPro action camera.

Although the market is teeming with all kinds of GoPro cameras, there are only a few that can be termed as the best GoPro for skiing. For an action cam to be used for skiing it should be able to handle and capture high-resolution videos under snowy conditions. 

Unless you have prior experience with action cameras or have adequate knowledge on the subject, finding the right one for your next tour would be incredibly complicated. To help you select the perfect GoPro action camera, we have enlisted some of the best available options in the market.

5 Best GoPro (Action Cameras) for Skiing 2024

Quick Summery:

Product Image Video Quality Price
GoPro MAX — Waterproof 360  1440p 60FPS  Check Price
 GoPro HERO7 Black 4K Action Camera 4K 60FPS  Check Price
 GoPro HERO8 Black Waterproof Ski Helmet Camera  4K 60FPS Check Price
DJI Pocket 2 Pocket-Sized Vlogging Camera For Skiing   4K 60FPS Check Price
 AKASO EK7000 Action Camera Ultra HD 4K 30FPS  Check Price

1. GoPro MAX — Waterproof 360 – Best Overall

Special Features:

  1. 1440p60 / 1080p60 video capturing quality
  2. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity
  3. Image stabilization with 180-degree capture
  4. 270-degree distortion-free panoramic photo capturing
  5. 6 mics for 360-degree stereo sound
  6. Wide range of digital lenses

The GoPro MAX can be the perfect adventure buddy for your next skiing trip. The feature-packed action cam allows you to unleash your true potential and create impressive content with Hero-style videos and photos you can savor for a lifetime.

While you are on the mountain, you don’t only want to film your skis sliding through the curves. The single large camera setup is incorporated with 3 different cameras that allow you to capture 360-degree immersive footage. You can create stabilized videos while you are skiing downwards. The hero mode can automatically adjust the speed of the captured footage depending on the motion and lighting in the scene.

GoPro Max, with its front-facing screen and 6 high-performing shotgun-mics, can be the perfect vlogging camera you need. As a skier, you would know how much of a bumpy ride skiing is, which makes it difficult to shoot a smooth video. GoPro Max is incorporated with horizon leveling and hyper smooth image stabilization with 180-degree capture, so you can take amazing cinematic shots without having to worry about being shaky anymore.  

You can live stream footage at 1080p resolution and entertain your social media followers while you are at the top, thanks to the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity with your phone. GoPro Max allows you to store your captured footage, including the broadcasted content, onto the SD card, so you can check them out later.

Want to capture as much natural beauty as possible in a single shot? The GoPro Max has a “powerpano” feature that helps capture 270-degree panoramic landscape photos and selfies without having to scan the entire view. Moreover, with 4 digital lens modes, you can change the shutter speed, bitrate, and exposure of the footage. You would be surprised to hear the premium 360 stereo audio from a GoPro cam.

What’s Missing?

The GoPro max supports photo and video capturing up to 1080p or 1440p. If you prefer shooting in 4K, you would need to look for another action cam. Moreover, you cannot personalize a wide shot unless it is at 270 degrees. Beware of using the timelapse function as it can drain your battery faster than ever.

  • Captures 270-degree distortion-free panoramic photo n6 mics for 360-degree stereo sound
  • Wide shot only works at 270 degrees.

2. GoPro HERO7 Black 4K Action Camera – Premium Pick


  1. 4K resolution for video shooting
  2. 12 MP WDR photo capturing
  3. 8x slow-motion videos
  4. Hyper smooth video stabilization
  5. Timelapse video shooting
  6. In-built GPS
  7. Voice command functionality

If you are a professional skier who runs a YouTube channel as a side hobby, you must require a perfect action camera. Well lucky for you, we have just the right equipment for the job. The GoPro Hero 7 black records one-of-a-kind, high-definition videos in 4K resolution and 1080p with a high frame rate that your subscribers love.

Moreover, the camera captures 12 MP WDR photos, so your social media profile doesn’t go unattended. The ultra-high frame rate records videos in such a manner that allows you to play them up to 8x slower than in real-time. So, you can re-experience the fun in those precious moments. With the modern GPS, you can track your entire journey from start to end.

What makes the experience more worthwhile is its hyper smooth video stabilization. Unlike other adventure trails, skiing doesn’t provide you the luxury of holding a gimble in your hand for filming steady videos. Fortunately, the GoPro Hero 7 comes with advanced stabilization functionality that predicts the type of bumpy ride ahead and readjusts the camera angle to produce smoother footage.

Create super creative time lapse videos of the wild snowy mountains with Hero 7. The camera allows you to adjust the speed and frame rate of the video up to 30 times. Depending on the type of views, the Hero 7 Black applies and controls the HDR to capture the best landscape pictures possible. This tiny-sized camera is made waterproof and rugged enough to survive extreme conditions and underwater.

One of the best things about the Hero 7 GoPro is its hassle-free control system. The intuitive touch screen makes it easy to shuffle through different capture modes and capture great photos and videos at either orientation. The hands-free voice command feature helps greatly while you are on the slope as you don’t have to give manual commands.  

What’s Missing?

The GoPro Hero 7 Black can heat up if used at 4K resolution for a longer period. The best-case scenario would be to use it to capture videos for shorter intervals. Additionally, this particular edition of the GoPro has difficulty working with the Windows 10 PC, and if it does, it usually takes quite some time to transfer video files.

  • Shoot videos in 4K resolution.nCan be governed through voice command.nCaptures 8 times slow videos.nHyper smooth video stabilization
  • Gets heat up if used for a long time.nHaving difficulty operating on windows 10.

3. GoPro HERO8 Black Waterproof Ski Helmet Camera – Runner Up


  1. 4K resolution for video capturing
  2. Hyper smooth 2.0 image stabilization at 3 levels
  3. Inbuilt horizon leveling
  4. Optional media mode
  5. Video livestream at 1080p
  6. Waterproofing up to 33 feet and active noise reduction

If you want an action camera with optimal specs at an affordable budget, you must consider the GoPro Hero 8 Black. Whether you are creating content for your socials or simply want to save your precious memories on the mountains, the camera is capable of fulfilling every requirement you have. With its small, sturdy, and waterproof design, the action cam can accompany you everywhere.

The GoPro Hero 8 Black creates impressive videos of your skiing journey in 4K resolution. With its 2.0 hyper smooth image stabilization even at rough and bumpy tracks, it is one of the top picks of professional skiers who have an online foothold. Compared to other image stabilizing technologies, the Hero 8 Black offers three different levels of adjustment. You can easily pick and choose the one that can handle the kind of terrain ahead.

The Hypersmooth adjustment complements all resolutions and frame rates. Moreover, the in-built horizon leveling helps in taking photos and videos with a perfect view of the landscape in the background. Once you install the GoPro app on your smartphone, it can easily pair with your phone via Bluetooth, enabling you to broadcast your experience live to your audience.

When it comes to clicking some breath-taking shots of the natural landscape, the Hero 8 Black provides competitive results. The camera clicks super photos at 12 MP with an enhanced HDR function that provides extra detail to your pictures even in low light conditions. It offers a variety of digital lenses to choose from, such as narrow, linear, wide, and superview.

Through incorporated sophistication that GoPro can be controlled with 14 different voice commands that come quite handy while you are skiing. The mics are readjusted in the models that provide better wind noise cancellations.

What’s Missing?

The battery life of the camera is relatively short and doesn’t come with extra power support. So, if you are eyeing an extra battery with the camera, there is a high chance you might not get it. Moreover, the audio quality of the microphone is lacking, so make sure you have saved up some extra bucks to buy an additional mic.

  • Can adjust the horizon automatically.nEnables high-resolution video streaming.
  • Short battery life.nNo extra power support.

4. DJI Pocket 2 Pocket-Sized Vlogging Camera For Skiing


  1. 4K video resolution
  2. Compact and handy design
  3. 3-point image stabilization
  4. Active track 3.0 for effective frame setting
  5. 64 MP photo capturing
  6. Additional video and music editing tools and accessories

The first Chinese brand to make it to our top 5 GoPros for skiing is DJI. The DJI pocket 2 has a small handy design that can be easily taken anywhere you desire. The action camera is perfect for ski instructors who occasionally film themselves while skiing to help or train others in learning the basics of the sport. With the 93-degree FOV (field of view), you can capture maximum footage without moving the camera.

The DJI pocket 2, as the name suggests, is designed to adjust in your pocket when not in use. The camera offers you the freedom to film only those sections of the ride that you want, instead of capturing the entire journey and then editing the parts that aren’t meant to be included in the video. With its 4K video resolution, you can be sure of your footage standing out from the rest.

The camera offers 3-axis image stabilization that allows you to set the stability according to the terrain ahead. Apart from that, the DJI Pocket 2 has a special feature called ActiveTrack 3.0 that allows the lens to focus on the person’s action. Meaning that it will always keep the focused person in the frame no matter how much you move.

Being incorporated with advanced HDR function means that the camera can capture high-quality, vibrant imagery by separating all different layers of exposure levels. If you want to capture some far-off place or individual, you can easily do so with a sharp 8x zoom. Four built-in microphones provide better sound quality by eliminating background noise. You can keep your audience on all social media platforms up to date by streaming live with the DJI Pocket 2.

What’s Missing?

The DJI Pocket 2 is a handheld action cam that can not be mounted on top of your ski helmet. This means that unless you are an expert skier who can hold the camera in one hand without risking his posture, you should prefer GoPro cameras. Moreover, unlike standard GoPro action cams, the DJI pocket 2 is not water-resistant. Therefore, you should be more cautious while traveling with this handheld action cam.

  • Compact and handy designnimage stabilization is carried out at 3 pointsnHelps in an effective frame setting
  • Not water-resistant.nCannot be mounted on the ski helmet.

5. AKASO EK7000 Action Camera Ultra HD


  1. Captures 4K ultra-HD footage at 30 FPS
  2. 16 MP photo lens
  3. Wireless 2.4G remote control access
  4. Extended battery life with addition 1050 mAh (milliampere per hour) batteries
  5. Built-in Wi-Fi and HDMI support
  6. 170-degree wide-angle lens
  7. 98 feet water resistance

The AKASO EK7000 is stuffed with all the necessary features you would need to capture your best moments on the slopes. This action camera captures high-definition 4K videos at 30 FPS, perfect to make people go aww at your skills. Similarly, the lens can capture incredible pictures at 16 MP, which you might find better than some HD cameras.

If you have a considerable online presence on Instagram and Snapchat, the loop recording feature will facilitate you the most. Unlike the DJI pocket, the AKASO can be adjusted on top of your helmet, allowing you to film the entire journey conveniently. The super-wide 170-degree lens helps you take wide-angle pictures of the icy landscape. You can also create beautiful timelapse videos and see nature in its full glory.

Out of all the surprising features, remote-control accessibility stands out the most. The splashproof remote control helps you maneuver between the video mode and photo mode with the simple touch of a button. Thanks to the Wi-FI availability, you would no longer need to plug in and attach wires every time you want to transfer the footage onto your smartphone or tablet. Install AKASO app to your phone with easy and streamlined sharing of your content on social media.

The AKASO EK7000 comes with a surprisingly huge battery life of about 1050 mAh, which provides hours of power backup while you are in the mountains. The battery offers 90 minutes of recording time at 1080p resolution and about 60 minutes backup for 2-4K video quality. The action camera supports microSD cards up to 32 GB that can easily store up all the footage so you don’t have to change the cards after every ride.

What’s Missing?

The AKASO EK7000 has all the necessary features you would need in an action camera. Apart from its inability to capture 4K videos at 60 (which many users won’t deem necessary), it’s perfectly capable of being your little travel buddy.

  • Wireless remote control accessnExtra battery health.nSupports HDMI.nCan survive up to 98 feet underwater.
  • Doesn’t capture 4K videos at 60 fps.

What is a GoPro?

A GoPro is a small camera that is meant to be mounted on top of the ski helmet or can be held with a gimbal (if you are skilled enough). The camera either provides first-person POV (point of view) or films you in action while you are sliding down the mountains. Whether you ski solo or prefer skiing in a group, a GoPro camera is a perfect way of capturing your and your friend’s journey downslope with optimum visibility throughout.

GoPro action cameras are particularly designed to capture high-quality and wide-angled videos of your ski movements along with the beautiful landscape in the background. This is why these are quickly becoming popular among skiers and snowboarders worldwide. These tiny cameras are capable of performing well even in extreme weather conditions, where other high-end standard cameras might fail. 

Who Should Use a GoPro?

GoPro cams are made for anyone and everyone who loves filming themselves while doing things of what they are good at. Whether you are a ski instructor recording videos of tips and lessons for your students online or at the local ski school. Or you are a part-time Youtuber looking to gain more subscribers by showcasing your skills; a GoPro cam is what you would need.

However, you don’t always need to create videos as a sense of duty. You might want to film your journey for your pleasure and satisfaction too. Who says you can’t flaunt your skiing skills in front of your friends on social media? Or want to send videos back home to your family, keeping them up to date about your schedule.

Sometimes, the only way to spend hot and boring summer days is by reliving the moments of the past, of the winter snow. Looking back at those snowy mountains and icy tracks would unlock some of the best memories you have ever experienced.

What to Consider Before Buying a GoPro Action Camera for Skiing?

Skiing undoubtedly offers the best thrill and adventure out of all sports out there, and there is no denying that. With the right camera gear, you cannot only save them as memories but can also share those wonderful experiences with your friends and followers over the internet. The perfect way to capture yourself and your friends’ skiing is with a GoPro action camera mounted on top of your helmet.

If you are looking to document your adventures as a skier, the right action camera is the first thing you would need. And we are here to help you choose the perfect action camera that can help you record some of the best moments of your life. Some of the must-have features in an action cam are described as:

1. Video Resolution

Quality is the first thing in a video that catches the attention of the audience. If you want your audience to truly enjoy your videos, you must get an action camera that records videos in high definition. High-resolution videos such as 4K would make your audience feel like they are in your shoes skiing down the mountains. Although a standard 1080p action cam would work fine, it’s better if you switch to the upgraded model.  

2. Wide Angle

While you are on the mountain, you would want to capture everything in a single frame while keeping the visibility maximum. And that is only possible if your camera supports a wider angle of view.

GoPro and other action cameras, on average, are installed with wide-angle lenses. Normally, wide angles range from 120 to 150-degree. In comparison, some models can capture footage at 170- and 180-degree.

3. Image Stabilization

Image stabilization is one of the most important features you would need in an action camera if you are thinking of filming yourself skiing. It might not be evident from a glance, but ski rides are quite bumpy and rough. Image stabilization in cameras adjusts shaky movements and helps keep the footage as stable as possible.

The latest action cam models are incorporated with an advanced hyper smooth image stabilization feature that keeps the footage steady throughout the ride. This provides an immersive experience to your audiences.

4. Connectivity

While shopping for a GoPro for skiing, make sure you check the type of connectivity they offer. A wireless connection allows you to pair the camera with your smartphone or tablet to transfer the data.

It also enables you to broadcast your live videos onto the internet, while you are on the mountain. Most action cams either have Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity, while some also have both. If you have the budget, go for the latter.

5. Compatibility with Ski Helmet

The compatibility of the camera with your ski helmet is another important aspect you should look for. GoPro action cameras are mostly designed to fit any type of helmet. However, some cameras are meant to be held in hand for proper footage, for instance, the DJI pocket 2. If you think you can manage to hold the gimble in one hand while skiing, go for it.


The right action camera can take your video content to a completely new level. Capturing high-quality footage of yourself while skiing down the mountain peaks is sure to help you get a nice following.

We’ve extensively explained the five best action cameras you should get as a skier. We have also listed the potential downsides associated with each camera to give an honest and expert opinion. No matter which camera you select, your videos are bound to attract a maximum audience.

Mitchelle Lynn