Top 7 Best GoPro Mount for Snowboarding In 2024 

It can be quite frustrating when you try and go through the footage you captured on your snowboarding session only to find that it is all hazy and blurry. GoPro mounts are designed with amazing stability to help you achieve fantastic shots.

GoPro cameras are well known for their stabilization power. However, you still need a quality mount to ease the process since it can become cumbersome to take repeat shots to obtain clear images. They provide immersive footage of your snowboard movements with pristine qualities.

GoPro mounts also help you enjoy the snowboard experience more because it frees your hand, and you can focus more on the sport. Growing up in a family of ski and snowboard enthusiasts, I have come across various GoPro mounts that I have tried and tested when capturing fun-filled moments on the slopes.

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The surface can distinguish GoPro mounts they are attached to when capturing footage. There are GoPro body mounts which are more secure. You can attach these mounts to your chest or wrist. These mounts are well known for the great stability they provide when shooting.

There are also GoPro helmet mounts that you can attach to the front or side of your helmet. Ski GoPro mounts which can be attached to your snowboard, and tripod GoPro mounts which can be fixed on the snow surface or deep powder.

Though there are a variety of GoPro mounts in the market, it can be quite challenging to settle on one due to the different features and specifications. Lucky for you, I have come up with a list of the best 7 GoPro mounts that I hope will make this decision-making process less overwhelming. 

I am sure that these models will provide you with value and elevate your snowboarding experience. Let’s dive in…

7 Best GoPro Mount for Snowboarding In 2024 

GoPro Mount Preview Price
GoPro Performance Chest Mount Best Overall GoPro Mount For Snowboarding Check Price
GoPro Suction Cup Mount Runner Up GoPro Mount For Snowboarding Check Price
GoPro 3-Way Grip, Arm, Tripod Premium Pick GoPro Mount For Snowboarding Check Price
GoPro Helmet Front + Side Mount GoPro Helmet Front + Side Mount Check Price
GoPro Chest Mount Harness GoPro Chest Mount Harness Check Price
GoPro Head Strap with QuickClip GoPro Head Strap with QuickClip Check Price
Sametop Head Strap Mount Sametop Head Strap Mount Check Price

What Are The Key Features And Benefits Of A GoPro Mount?

Immersive Footage 

GoPro mounts have enjoyed a great deal of hype and gained a competitive edge against competitors due to the realistic footage it is able to capture. The visuals are usually out of this world.

Sturdy And Stable

Unlike when you are trying to capture images without a GoPro mount and need to always repeat a shot or slowly done to perfect it, GoPros are able to capture great shots even as you move. The speed you are moving at does not matter; GoPro mounts are sure to deliver.

Anti-Vibration Technology

The quality of GoPro mounts is unmatched. They are designed with anti-vibrational capabilities that your GoPro only takes clear, pristine photos and videos. It also ensures that your GoPro stays in place and never falls off.


If there is one thing that GoPro mounts promises you, this is it. They allow you to take images from wider angles and different points of view that make for quality footage. What’s even better is the ability of this equipment to change into a makeshift selfie stick with ease.

All the aforementioned features work to provide you with great shooting and even better results of the footage. I highly recommend GoPro mounts for seamless photography when snowboarding.

Can GoPro Mounts Be Easily Attached And Removed from Snowboarding Gear?

This usually depends on the type of GoPro mount and the type of adhesive the model uses. While some cannot be removed, you need to be sure of the placement of the mount since you can’t change it. This type of GoPro mount is usually very limiting.

To remove GoPro mounts with adhesive, you can use a heat gun or hair dryer and apply moderate heat till the adhesive starts to melt slightly and then peel it away. You, however, will not be able to re-use these mounts again.

However, GoPro mounts that use suction power are very easy to attach and remove. They are an excellent option for using your GoPro Camera across different snowboards and surfaces.

Let’s take a look!

1 . GoPro Performance Chest Mount – Best Overall 

  • Breathable and lightweight materialnPaddednCompatible with GoPro Camerasn3-prong mountnFully adjustablenQuick-release bucklenImmersive footagenGreat qualitynDurable
  • Can be a challenge to put on for somenBulky

The GoPro Chesty features a padded design that aims to provide comfort and enhance stability. Breathable materials have been used in the making of this model, making it a perfect partner for your snowboarding days.

The GoPro performance chest mount comes with a 3-prong mount that allows you to enjoy your snowboarding experience by freeing your hands. This allows you to be fully immersed in the experience. This features different point-of-view shots that are stunning.

This mount is also compatible with the GoPro Karma Grip and works with almost all body types as it is adjustable in nature. The quick-release buckle that is used to secure the Chesty is simple to operate even with your winter mitten or gloves on. This is something all skiers are sure to appreciate.

This GoPro mount features a 1-year limited warranty that offers you financial protection in case of manufacturing defects. It also comes with a vertical mounting buckle and thumb screw for easy setup.

Why Is The GoPro Performance Chest Mount The Best GoPro Mount For Snowboarding In 2024?

The GoPro Chesty is my top pick for the best GoPro mount because of these 3 spectacular facets; comfort, durability, and adjustability. Its realistic shots and immersive footage are also one of the things that won me over.

The mount can be worn over heavy winter jackets and still operate seamlessly. This makes it perfect for all winter sports. You are sure to enjoy amazing stability with the Chesty GoPro. 

If correctly fixed, the Chesty will never fall off and assures you that all memorable moments on the slope are sure to be captured.

The mount’s compatibility with the Karma Gimbal is also a great plus. This mount is adjustable and is not limited to a specific body type. It is the perfect mount to capture your snowboarding action.

2 . GoPro Suction Cup Mount – Runner Up

  • High suction power that provides excellent stabilitynCompatible with all GoPro cameras and legacy camera modelsnSlim and lightweight profilenAdjustable armsnQuick release basen1-year limited warranty
  • You need to detach the mount when setting up a different anglenEasily corroded in salty waternFeels flimsy to touch nQuite expensive

If you are on the lookout for a GoPro mount that just does not budge no matter the speeds you are moving with, then look no further. The GoPro suction cup mount is your best bet. Though the model had numerous complaints during its launch, they quickly upgraded their firmware, and it has been praise since.

This GoPro mount features a slim profile and is lightweight by design. It is compatible with all GoPro cameras and is fitted with adjustable arms. This creates room for ultra-compact mounting, which helps you capture amazing footage.

You must ensure that the surface on which you stick this industrial suction cup is clean. This provides maximum holding strength and guarantees that your camera will not fall off when snowboarding. The GoPro suction cup mount is also compatible with legacy camera models.

It features a standard and quick-release base, which allows you to move it over different surfaces quickly to move in between different shooting locations seamlessly. It also features a 1-year limited warranty.

3 . GoPro 3-Way Grip, Arm, Tripod – Premium Pick

  • VersatilenWaterproofnFolding extension armnAdjustable designnCompatible with all GoPro camerasnComes with a tripod
  • Tripod is quite fragilenQuite priceynThe tripod is quite small

This GoPro model features a 3-in-1 design. This makes it very versatile since you can use it as a tripod, extension arm, or camera grip. What I love most about this mount is its waterproof nature which makes it ideal for snowboarding activities.

The tripod is fitted inside the handle and can be used as a stand-alone gear or together with the handle. It can extend to a maximum of 20” and sits at 7.5” when collapsed.

The GoPro 3-way is compatible with all GoPro cameras. The arm and grip handle can be turned into a makeshift pole mount to enable you to capture immersive footage on the slopes.

The arm section of the GoPro mount can fold, providing you with an excellent point of view or follow-cam footage. This feature also helps you to easily capture selfies without the mount appearing in your footage.

4 . GoPro Helmet Front + Side Mount 

  • Swivel design helps you capture different anglesnDurablenWell-pricednStrong adhesiven1-year warrantynHigh qualitynFirst-person point of viewnVertical mounting buckle
  • Can take a bit of time to masternNot very stable in deep powder

This mount can be attached to the front or side of your helmet. It has a swivel design that helps you easily adjust the angles for different shots. Its vertical mounting buckle is also very easy to operate.

This mount is compatible with all GoPro cameras. It also comes with a 1-year warranty. The package comes with essential accessories, including a pair of curved adhesive mounts and thumb screws that make it easy for you to operate the mount.

Helmet mounts are perfect for capturing a realistic first-person point of view. What you see is literally what you get with this mount model. This mount features a quality build that will provide you with value for your money and great performance.

In order to enjoy the best performance from this GoPro mount, ensure that you fix the adhesive to a clean surface for maximum holding strength. 

Also, leave it for at least 24 hours before use. This is usually referred to as curing. This allows the bond enough time to stick to ensure that the mount does not fall off.

5 . GoPro Chest Mount Harness

  • Hands-free filmingnDurablenBreathable materialnFirst-person point of viewnImproved ergonomicsnFully adjustablenPadded for increased comfortnResistant to corrosionnn
  • Lower quality compared to its predecessor, the Chesty performance GoPro mountnNot compatible with Hero 5 wrist camera

This is a newer version of the GoPro performance chest mount. It provides ultra-immersive footage that is a joy to watch. Mounting it on your chest helps provide a wider point of view. It is fully adjustable and can be used by people with different body types.

This mount is made of durable material, which improves value and performance. Polycarbonate and stainless steel material adorn this gear, ensuring that it is able to withstand any wear and tear.

It is compatible with all GoPro cameras and provides a first-person point of view. Ensure to fasten it well to your chest in order to get accurate and clear images. It is also well-padded for comfort and stability.

It features improved ergonomics for better grip and boasts a super low profile design which helps you capture images beautifully. It is designed with soft, breathable material that also works to maximize comfort. It also leaves your hands free, allowing for an amazing experience while snowboarding.

6 . GoPro Head Strap with QuickClip 

  • SturdynComfortable to wearnAnti-skid grippersnFirst-person point of viewnDurablen12-month warrantynUtilizes adhesive anchorsnAdjustable
  • Might be a challenge to wear with snowboarding gogglesnQuite bulky

This head strap mount provides a secure fit and is comfortable to wear. It uses an elastic band that is breathable and adjustable. The inner layer of the band is fitted with anti-skid grippers, ensuring that your mount stays in place.

It is compatible with all GoPro cameras and can be worn over your helmet. This mount allows for low-profile mounting. It provides a first-person point of view, enhancing your ability to capture great shots. It allows you to film events as you see them on the slope.

This GoPro is made of nylon and polycarbonate material, making it durable. It is also weatherproof, making it perfect for use in the winter season. This mount also comes with a durable thumb screw that excellently secures your camera.

This product features a 12-month warranty to offer you financial protection. It uses adhesive anchors, which ensure that your camera does not fall off while snowboarding. You can easily remove this adhesive by applying heat using a hairdryer.

7 . Sametop Head Strap Mount

  • AdjustablenComfortable nWaterproofnLightweight in naturenCompatible with all GoPro camerasn
  • Challenging to use in high-impact activities

What I love most about this GoPro mount is its waterproof nature. You can directly mount it on your head or attach it to your helmet. This head mount is fully adjustable and provides a first-person point of view.

It is compatible with most GoPro cameras and other action cameras. The Sametop mount is fully adjustable. It is fitted with durable polycarbonate buckles that help to ensure secure attachment.

This model provides a hands-free experience which is great for all snowboarding enthusiasts. It also comes with an additional thumb screw. You can also attach this mount to your chest for added comfort and stability.

This mount is very simple to operate and is lightweight in nature, which is essential in providing comfort. It is also easy to attach and detach.

How to Choose the Best GoPro Mount for Snowboarding in 2024?


The cost of a GoPro mount can easily surpass the cost of the camera itself. You need to ensure that the purchase is a worthwhile investment and can be used for any snowboarding activity.

However, you do not need to dig deep into your pocket and splurge on a GoPro mount to get the best value. Some of the models I have listed in this review are affordable. 

These models still provide amazing value, not minding whether you are a beginner or an expert in snowboarding. 


There is no need to purchase a GoPro mount if you will still only be able to capture hazy and shaky images. Every avid snowboarder knows that it is wishful thinking to maintain balance and stability when snowboarding and, at the same time, manage to get clear-cut footage.

However, the mount you choose should be able to stay in place in order to deliver spectacular and clear footage. 

Ensure that the mount you purchase has anti-vibration capabilities in order to capture smooth footage that you and your friends can look through when going down memory lane.


A great GoPro mount should be able to withstand the vigorous movements that come with snowboarding. GoPro cameras are widely known for their excellent quality and performance. The mounts should equally be able to meet that standard.

The mounts should be well crafted and weatherproof in order to be able to provide you with value for your money. A mount that quickly gets worn out is not ideal. It will force you to make new purchases every so often, which in the end, will prove too costly.

GoPro Compatibility 

The GoPro mount you purchase should be able to integrate and function well with your GoPro camera seamlessly. Lucky for you, the GoPro mounts in this review are compatible with all GoPro cameras.

However, if you have already made your purchase beforehand or have an older version of the GoPro camera. It may not be compatible with the mount. 

It is not all doom and gloom, though; all you have to do is purchase a housing unit with the mounting fingers. This will help you to integrate the two and still enjoy your purchase easily.

Recording Angle

This is an essential factor to consider as it determines your camera’s point of view. The angle you choose is highly subjective, as it depends on the type of footage you want to create.

You should choose a mount that offers you the best recording angle. This will enable you to create clear, realistic, and immersive footage that you will enjoy. After all, the primary role of a GoPro mount is to enable you to get picturesque, high-quality photos and footage.

Mounting Location

Mounts are designed to be mounted on different surfaces, from helmets to the chest, and from the snowboard to the head. You should purchase a mount that offers you the most comfortable position when using the camera. This is especially critical if you plan to be snowboarding for long hours on end.

Ease of Use

Snowboarding is one of the most fun winter sports ever. To be able to have an amazing experience on the slopes, you need to choose a GoPro amount that will free your hands to allow you to enjoy your time on the hills and mountains.

The mounts should be simple to use and set up. The more compact and portable it is, the better. You want to ensure that your focus is on the activity and spending a lot of time fiddling with the GoPro mount.


The mountain terrain can be rugged and rough. The GoPro mount you settle for should be able to stay in place despite this. 

The mount you choose should utilize strong adhesives or high suction power that assures you that it will remain secure whether the weather conditions are friendly or not.

A GoPro mount that utilizes premium adhesives ensures that your camera does not fall off. I once had to suffer through a painful lesson as a result of using a mount with poor holding strength. 

It cost me both my 3-week-old GoPro camera and the mount because I didn’t even realize when it fell off. I would not want you to suffer through the same.


Always buy mounts from trusted brands. They ensure that they use high-quality materials in the making of their products. GoPro mounts made from polycarbonate and stainless steel material tend to last longer in winter conditions. 

There are also weatherproof and water-resistant mounts in the market that will offer you longevity. Snowboarding gear can be quite expensive, you need to purchase a mount that is designed from high-grade material, as it will be able to serve you better and for longer.


A GoPro mount is not beneficial to you if you cannot correctly assemble or fasten it as required. Accessories such as mounting buckles, thumb screws, clippers, and adhesive mounts are great to have, especially if they come included in the package.

Other than protecting you from additional costs, they make setting up the mount easy and less of a hassle for you. I highly recommend that you consider this when making your purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Any Specific Mounting Options Or Accessories Available For Each Mount?

Yes, each GoPro mount is designed to be positioned on specific surfaces. While some are designed to be mounted on the body, such as the chest or wrist, some come as stand-alone equipment or are made to be mounted on your helmet. 

The question of which mounting option you should go with is totally a matter of preference.

Different mounts come with different accessories. They all help to ensure that you have an easy time storing, setting up, and attaching the mount to the desired surface. 

The accessories range from drawstrings, housing units, thumbscrews, sd cards, batteries, and many others. These accessories, however, do not come with each mount. It is dependent on the manufacturer.

What Are The Most Popular Or Recommended Gopro Mounts Among Snowboarding Enthusiasts?

There is a wide range of GoPro mounts in the market, and the brand is well-known for its premium products. However, there are a few fan favorites for snowboarding enthusiasts. 
This includes the GoPro Performance chest mount, the GoPro Suction Cup mount, and the GoPro Head Strap with Quick clip.

However, there are also new models in the market that are quickly becoming a staple for snowboarders.  All the GoPro mounts listed in this review are sure to provide you with value and help you create amazing shots. 

I assure you that you will not regret any selection you make from this list.

Are There Any Compatibility Or Compatibility Issues With Certain Gopro Models?

Yes, this is most common when dealing with older versions of the GoPro cameras. Most GoPro mounts come with a GoPro three or two-prong mount. In other cases, a GoPro Quick release adapter will be present to aid you in the setup.

In most cases, all you have to do to make two accessories compatible is to purchase a housing unit with mounting fingers. This will help you to easily attach the camera to the  GoPro mount, ensuring it functions well.

Have Any Of These Mounts Been Tested In Extreme Weather Conditions?

Yes, as highlighted earlier in the review, I have personally tried out and tested these mounts. They are able to perform quite well even in below-zero temperatures but some suffer from a few limitations. 

The GoPro helmet front and side mount can prove to be unstable in deep powder conditions.

The GoPro chest harness is weatherproof, and I would recommend it for use during extreme weather conditions. I advise that you keep a number of GoPro mounts in your stash and choose which one to use according to the shots you desire, mounting position, and prevailing weather conditions. 

This is because not all the mounts are waterproof, and some get easily corroded by weather elements.

Are There Any Additional Accessories Or Attachments Included With These Mounts?

Yes, most mounts listed in this review come with at least a thumb screw in the package. Some feature extra adhesive mounts, which help keep the mount in place. You may however incur additional costs for other accessories you may want to use on your mount.

Do All Head Mounts Come In The Same Shape And Size?

No, head mounts do not come in the same shape or size. Different brands have different size preferences for their head mounts. 

However, what I love most about head strap mounts is that they are all fully adjustable and can be used by people of different body types.

Wrapping Up

I have your back if you are in a hurry and need a highlight of the GoPro mount’s unique features. Here is a quick recap:

The GoPro performance chest mount is excellent for creating immersive footage, boasts excellent stabilization effects, and comfortably hugs you. It also allows for hands-free filming, ensuring you enjoy your snowboarding experience.

Though it can be challenging to put on for some, following the instructions in the manual and using the appropriate accessories will help you handle this fairly easily.

All the GoPro mounts I have listed in this review are compatible with all GoPro cameras and can function and integrate well with other snowboarding gear and accessories. While this review is based on my collective snowboarding experience and expertise, you must try out different mounts in order to get the one best suited for your snowboarding photography needs. 

It is my hope that within this review, you will be able to settle on one that will ultimately elevate your snowboarding experience, one that will provide you with amazing and beautiful shots to look back on. Happy snowboarding!

Mitchelle Lynn