Top 7 Best Heated Ski Jackets In 2024 

Skiing is a great sport. It is highly enduring and has become more prevalent in recent times. With its popularity, the confusion around the various types of equipment has also increased tremendously. 

One of the prime reasons we need to have good quality gear in Skiing is our safety and protection. Another critical reason we go for gear is to keep our bodies warm and enjoy the time to the fullest. 

A ski jacket is an essential element when it comes to snowmobiling. It lets us keep our bodies warm and provides us with the necessary comfort. This article will list the Top 7 Best Heated Jackets .

There are many different types of Ski Jackets available in the market. The heated ski jacket is becoming increasingly popular. They are becoming the first choice for many first-time skiers. 

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While buying a ski jacket with some features is necessary, it is more important to know the nuances of buying the right heated jacket that suits us best. The best jacket is the one that will lead to our overall comfort and satisfaction.

I have listed the Coreedge jacket as the best overall heated jacket. In the runners-up, the Venustus heated jacket was chosen. I have also tried to provide the best-heated jackets for women. Lastly, I have presented some alternative jackets.

Top 7 Best Heated Ski Jackets In 2024

Considering different factors and my personal experience, these are my Top 7 heated ski jackets.

Heated Jackets Preview Price
Coreedge Heated Jacket Best Overall Heated Jacket Check Price
Venustas Heated Jacket Best Women's Heated Jacket Check Price
Venustas Heated Jacket Runner Up Heated Jacket Check Price
Tidewe Heated Jacket Budget Pick Heated Jacket Check Price
ActionHeat 5v Heated Long Puffer Jacket for Women Premium Women's Heated Jacket Check Price
Antarctica Gear Heated Jacket Antartica Gear Heated Jacket Check Price
Hot6st Heated Jacket Hot6st Heated Jacket Check Price

Is A Heated Jacket Worth It?

Heated jackets are worth it. They are an upgrade from regular jackets. 

Wearing a good quality regular jacket can be of great essence. They pack many features into them to create maximum warmth and make the rider comfortable. 

However, with a heated jacket that is available, body heating can be achieved in seconds, and it can maintain that level of heating consistently for hours. The other thing to consider is the price. 

Many heated jackets are affordable and, at the same time, provide maximum heating. We may choose the one, which provides better value for money.

How Hot Are Heated Jackets?

It can get really hot. The heated jackets come in a variety of temperature settings. Most jackets come in three preset settings. The lowest can be as low as 120° F, while it can get up to 150° F. 

The trade-off, however, is with the battery power. Higher temperatures will surely drain the battery much faster. Lower to medium range delivers extended battery backup. 

1 . Coreedge Heated Jacket – Best Overall

  • 14400 mAH battery capacitynFive control switches for adjustabilitynHeating focuses on 8 body partsnUSB port for charging other devicesn
  • No double zippers

The Coreedge Heated jacket is the best overall heated jacket we can buy in 2024. These pack in all the essential features and implement them to perfection. 

The jacket is manufactured using high-quality pure polyester. They have an overall great feel to the hands. It has a lightweight design, suitable for any kind of activity. The zippers in this jacket are smooth, featuring both water and wind resistance. It is, therefore, safe to say that the Coreedge Heated jacket leaves no stone unturned regarding the fabric and overall durability of the product. The high tensile strength and scratch resistance it can provide speak volumes about its dedication. 

This is a perfect jacket for any kind of occasion, whether it be skiing, snowboarding, mountain climbing, fishing, camping, or hunting. This can provide absolute warmth to us without any issues whatsoever. 

There are a lot of features that modern jackets come equipped with. These Coreedeg heated jackets are no exception. They come packed with every feature that a modern heated jacket should possess. 

The heater elements are one thing that I look for while buying a heated jacket- they determine the quality of the heating as well as the comfort level. These Coreedge jackets come in with high-quality, best-in-the-market carbon heating elements that can generate consistent heat for our important body parts. 

This specifically focuses on heating our neck, abdomen, waist, shoulders, and ears to get our body heated quickly. A 50% larger heating area means quicker eating that can last consistently for long-thereby rescuing the requirement to wear too many clothes.

The LED lights display power status, voltage, and current rating. For easy operability and adjustments, it comes in with several buttons that can quickly adjust the settings to our liking. 

Five control switches can adjust the heating temperature level and allow us to choose which areas we want the jacket to focus on more and which we don’t. The left button is for heating the hood, the right for the chest and shoulders, the bottom for the back, and the top for the indicator. 

The middle button can be used to turn off/on the heating altogether. The availability of these features and more that the implementation of these in such a great way makes these the best that we can buy. 

The most important thing we consider while buying a heated jacket is the battery and the backup it can carry. Worries are a thing of the past as these Jackets boast a great 14400 mAh capacity that can easily last up to 10 hours at a lower heating level of 120° F, while at a higher temperature, such as 150° F, it can last up to 5 hours. 

The battery also allows us to charge our other equipment, such as phones or headphones, with the help of a USB Type-C port. 

Why Is The Coreedge Heated Jacket The Best Heated Ski Jacket In 2024?

There are many reasons why this jacket qualifies to be the best ski jacket on this list. I have been using different jackets for a long time. Al the Ski jackets out there comes with a lot of promises. The features are almost identical. 

However, what I don’t find are a great user experience and fine-tuning. The finishing and the working of those features worry me. And even when I find a great jacket that works well in difficult conditions, the prices are very high. So, finding a jacket that can provide value for money becomes highly difficult. 

These Coreedge heated jackets feel that void. I have felt that with the value for money, these jackets provide, there is hardly any competition. The three heating levels that come with it are more than adequate to fight any condition. 

A backup of up to 10 hours is more than adequate for providing consistent heating to our bodies. The adjustability of the ability to switch on/off heating to a specific part of our body, the battery indicator LEDs, and the high-quality soft material build makes these the best Ski jackets we can buy in 2024.

2 . Venustas Heated Jacket – Best For Women

  • The 3-in-1 jacket provides versatilitynGood battery lifenGreat build qualitynMachine Washablen
  • Could have provided more specialized heating elementsnThere is no provision for double zippersn

The sheer variety and features that are available in the market are enough to make anyone make a wrong decision. By wrong decision, I mean choosing a jacket that is either too bulky or does not provide the comfort we look for. 

I found it extremely difficult to choose the best Ski heated jackets for women. And I admit, I had to take my wife’s help while deciding on one. After doing a lot of research and consulting my wife(a professional skier, by the way), I had to go with the Venustas Heated jackets for Women. 

This 3-in-1 winter jacket packs a lot of punches when it comes to comfort, durability, and safety. This can keep our body heated throughout our activity.

The material build of this jacket is fantastic. It is manufactured using high-quality nylon, which feels soft on the skin and is highly durable. We can also machine wash the jacket (we should take off the batteries before doing that). 

It comes with the best-in-class carbon heating elements. It has five heating panels to keep us warm throughout. It provides adequate heating to the left and right soldiers, the left and right abdomen, and the mid-back region.

The Venustas Heated jacket comes with a 7.4V 5000 mAh battery that can easily last us for 9 hours on low heating, 5-6 hours on medium, and 3-3.5 on high settings. The battery comes with intelligent and safety protection technology that ensures no overheating issue. 

The battery also has a USB port that supports fast charging for our smartphones. This is a great feature to have in the jacket during an emergency. The jacket has water-resistant coasting, ensuring that the rain or snow can’t spoil our little adventure. 

3 . Venustas Heated Jacket for Men – Runner Up

  • AffordablenFive zones of heatingnThe battery can help charge other devicesnProvides good quality, consistent heatingn
  • The cotton material could attract hair easily

The Venustus Heated jacket is an easy runner-up choice because of its excellent heating. It is also perhaps the most stylist jacket out there in the market. This hoodie heated jacket details a classic design with a cut silhouette and a great fit. 

The jacket is made of pure cotton with a smooth texture. The canvas shell comes with a polyester lining that helps make the hoodie super comfortable and wearable for a long time. 

The Venustus Heated Hoddie jacket provide is equipped with five heating zones: two on the chest, two in the pocket, and one on the back. The chest and back heating zones provide heat to the entire core body, while the pockets heating zone provides enough heating to our belly region. 

The pockets can also be used effectively whenever our hands need warming in the middle of the trail. These exclusive heating zones ensure that the heating is all over and adequate. We can switch between the three heating levels by pressing the chest’s power button.

The jacket is supported by the 7.4 V batter that they claim can last up to 8 hours on low, 5 hours at medium, and 3 hours at high settings. The battery takes about 5-6 hours to charge completely. 

There should not be any kind of issue regarding battery performance.  A USB plug on the battery can charge our phones and headphones, which can come in handy in those cold conditions.

The Venustus came with a very practical and effective design which is enough for our activities. The presence of 2 belly pockets (also heated) and one inside zipper pocket for quick access are excellent additions. The jacket has a simple hood and an elastic hem for additional comfort.

The Venustus Heated jacket is a fantastic one that is value for money and packs in all the essential functionalities required to enjoy our skiing adventure. 

4 . Tidewe Heated Jacket – Budget Pick

  • AffordablenGood battery packnWater and Wind resistantnThree heating levelsnTwo USB ports in the batteryn
  • The heating element only covers the body area

When it comes to affordability and comfort, no one can beat the Tidewe Heated jacket. These are the best jackets that provide the perfect balance in terms of quality, heating performance, and durability. 

The jacket uses good quality water and wind-resistant polyester fabric with an anti-static fleece liner. The liner traps the heat efficiently want consistently heating our body. The presence of a hood and a high-quality zipper closure provide us with additional safety from cold winds.

The Tidewe Heated jacket comes packed with a humongous 5V 10000 mAh battery capacity that can easily last about 10 hours on low heat, 5.5 on high heat, and 3 hours on high heat. 

Thus, there is not much to complain about when it comes to providing continuous heating. At such a price point, Tidewe features two USB ports that can charge many of our other equipment, such as smartphones or headphones. 

The Tidewe is quite easy to maintain and can be machine-washed easily. However, we must remember to take out the battery pack while washing. 

If we were to nitpick on anything, it is the apparent cost-cutting on the provisions of heating elements provided. It does not come with any special zonal heating component. The heating element focuses on the body area specifically, but we do not find a heating element on either the shoulder or the back. 

The jacket comes in with a good set of features, the presence of good quality battery pack coupled with the provision of two charging ports, and the price makes it the best choice in the budget segment.

5 . ActionHeat Heated Long Puffer Jacket for Women – Premium Pick For Women

  • Great build qualitynThinsulate layer, quilted lining, and thermal seal for better heatingn
  • Only 6000 mAh battery packnExpensiven

Actionheat is known world-over as one of the most versatile heated clothing brands. Premium-ness of a product as being easily detected by the look and feel of a product. These ActionHeat Heated Long Puffer Jackets for women look absolutely stunning. 

The heat is trapped in the jacket because of the insulated quilted lining. It provides maximum warmth and comfort to the skier. A thermal sear layer on the jacket delivers moisture control and extends the product’s overall durability. 

The jacket is insulated by a faux-fur hood that provides additional heating security and looks quite elegant.

The ActionHeat Heated Jacket comes equipped with the best premium heating elements in the market made using carbon fiber. It is able to provide better and uniform heating all day long. This heated jacket includes FAR infrared technology and the in-house ActionWave heat reflective technology to deliver long hours of consistent heating.

The Jacket comes packed with a 5V 6000mAh battery pack that can last up to 5 hours on a single charge. The temperature of the jacket can be set using a single-touch button present. 

Considering this jacket’s price, I feel the battery capacity could have improved. A lot of affordable jackets provide better battery capacity than this. For a better user experience, an LED indicator light displays the battery levels. The presence of a USB charging kind is an excellent addition to the battery pack.

The ActionHeat is a good investment if we desire some sort of premium in our jackets. It looks premium; the fur-hood is elegant, and the heating is relatively consistent. The battery capacity leaves more to desire; otherwise, there should not be any other reason not to go for this puffer jacket.

6 . Antarctica Gear Heated Jacket

  • AffordablenCarbon heating elements on the back and armsn3-layered support for efficient heatingn16000 mAh battery packnLightweightn
  • The finishing could have been better

This can be the perfect heated jacket for people who wants to have a heated element explicitly focusing on the arms. This comes from a brand that has come into the forefront of selling mountain gears quite recently and yet acclaimed has been able to attract a lot of people. 

Their products are not just affordable but also innovative in their sphere. 

The Antarctic Gear Heated jacket is made using 100% nylon, which generates the required warmth and is soft to the touch and feel.  The jacket supports a zippered closure which is of high quality. 

The jacket has elastic cuffs at the hands, zippered pockets, and supports two control modules on the chest. The jacket comes fully equipped with water and wind resistance so that we do not have to compromise on our adventure during cyclonic conditions.

The Antarctic Gear jacket supports six high-quality carbon fiber heating elements that can generate heat in under 3 seconds. The elements are spread practically across the body: front, arm area, and back. 

The presence of heating elements on the arm area and the back is an excellent addition, simply because we have seen many of the premium brands leave these areas. Moreover, the jacket is protected by a three-layered design which makes it more secure and provides higher efficiency.

The jacket comes with a 16000 mAh high-capacity battery pack that can easily last for up to 10 hours. We can find an LED battery indicator on the battery pack along with a USB port, a Type-C port, and a DC charging port. For convenience, the jacket comes with three temperature adjustability modes. 

7 . Hot6st Heated Jacket

  • 19 smart heating zonesnWater and Windproofn
  • The battery can be an issuenThe material could have been bettern

The last jacket on this list is by Hot6st. The main feature which got me interested in this jacket in the first palace was the presence of 19 heating pads in the jacket. I found it fascinating and wanted my readers to look at this jacket. 

The jacket is made using good-quality fabric. They mention the use of polyester with cotton lines. The jacket is fully waterproof and breathable. 

Carbon fiber material is used for the heating elements. 19 smart heating zones provide the heating in the jacket. Carbon fiber marks the jacket all the more flexible and versatile and allows unrestricted mobility. 

The 19 zones of smart heating- neck, shoulders, lower front, and the whole back deliver proper heating in testing conditions. 

The heating in the jacket is controllable. It comes with three preset heating modes. We can adjust the heating to our liking. The intelligent heating across the jacket provides quick heating. 

The jacket is highly durable and has the capability to withstand regular machine washing. The Hot6st heated jacket can be a good option to check out, considering the useability of the product and also its price.

How To Buy The Best Ski Jackets In 2024?

Ski jackets play a critical role by protecting us from snow or from cold temperatures. And heated jackets can be a perfect choice when it comes to a good ski jacket. Let’s look at the most crucial factor we should keep in mind while buying our next Ski jacket.

Heated Ski Jacket Type

When talking about heated ski jackets, we tend to consider them as one; there can be different types of ski heated jackets. We may differentiate the heated jackets in terms of their material build. There can be jackets made using fleece, down, and polyester. There can also be jackets that have a substantial amount of cotton. 

The better quality heated jackets, which are meant for winter activities, tend to be made using polyester. The simple reason is that it tends to be durable, waterproof, and robust. At the same time, fleece tends to be more suitable for day-to-day activities.

The other factor differentiating a heated jacket is the number of heating panels available in the market. A typical heating jacket has about five heating panels: left and right shoulders, left and right abdomen, and at the back. 

Other jackets tend to have zones of heating on the arms and neck as well. It finally boils down to individual preference and how we want to use our heated jacket.

Skiing Type

The next factor we need to keep in mind while buying our next heated jacket is our planned usage. A simple heated jacket might suffice if we want our jacket to be used in the Resorts. A jacket that ensures proper heating to keep us reasonably warm would be enough for such an endeavor. 

However, suppose we are looking forward to exploring that backcountry. In that case, we need a much more sophisticated jacket that can cater to our specific needs: a proper battery pack, good mobility, flexibility, lightweight, and a compressible jacket. 

A set of other handy features should also be kept in mind, such as a USB port, waterproofing, etc. 

Type Of Protection

For demanding conditions, our jacket’s level of protection also needs to be good. The primary protection which we should always have is waterproofing and windproofing. There are jackets that have outer shells with an excellent water-repellent coating and an inner layer that restricts water from getting through. 

Jackets that we have mentioned, like the ones from Coreedge Heated Jacket or Venustas Heated Jacket (for Men and Women), provide excellent protection from outside externalities. 

These heated jackets with better protection also come a lot more expensive. The cheaper ones add extra layers for better protection to compensate for the material. It also makes them heavier and bulkier, which might not be ideal. Thus, a balance must be struck between our requirements, the budget, and our compromises.


The cost of our jacket is another thing we should consider when choosing our next heated jacket. The price determines the jacket’s overall quality, comfort, weight, battery life, and durability. 

The more the price, the more the features. Premium jackets provide better heat regulation, come with minimum layers, and are highly flexible and durable. The battery life of these tends to last longer, even at higher temperatures. Moreover, they also provide better specific heating zones for better comfort. 

The cheaper we go, the more material quality tent to decline. In order to compensate for the drop in quality, more and more layers are added to the jacket- which intern makes the jacket hugely overweight and bulky at the same time.   

Most jackets nowadays provide the bare minimum accessibility features like temperature control and USB plugs. 


Regular skiing can wreak havoc on our jackets big time. The answer would be getting a jacket that can withstand that level of torture. The most ideal way around that problem would be to get a thicker jacket made of high-quality polyester material. 

The issue, however, with that would be to compromise with mobility and overall flexibility of the jacket. If we like going backcountry skiing, having a heavy jacket can be detrimental to our movements. Thus, a perfect balance must be maintained between bulkiness and mobility. 

The more expensive jacket maintains the balance in a better way. The choice, finally, has to be personal.

Heating Elements And Heating Zones

The most essential element when buying a heated ski jacket is the heating elements present in it. Almost all of the heated jackets in the market comes in with carbon fiber heating element. Carbon fiber provides better heat regulation and, at the same time, is considered safe. 

The one thing which does not come in all the jackets is the presence of heating zones. The Coreedge Heated jacket provides eight heating zones, providing consistent and specific heating to the neck, back, abdomen, waist, shoulders, and ears. At the same time, there are others that provide fewer heating zones. 

The heating zones are an essential factor to consider; however, they should be complemented with good-quality insulation material to be able to provide consistent heating.


We do not want our jackets to stop working in the middle of our adventure. Thus, battery capacity should play a significant role in choosing our ski jacket. We should choose a battery that provides us with at least 6-7 hours of battery backup. 

Anything upwards of that can be a bonus. If we like to spend more extended hours outside, a battery backup of up to 10 hours can be an option.

Additionally, we can also look for functions like the provision of USB plugs or USB-C plug availability.


The last thing which we should consider is the weight of the jacket. Typically heated jackets tend to weigh a little more because of the presence of battery and heating elements. 

The cheaper ones tend to have a bulkier presence, while some good quality jackets have better quality insulated material with less weight. The balance and fitting of the jacket should be our personal choice. We should choose the jacket that best suits our skiing type and requirements. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Should A Heated Jacket Fit Tight Or Loose?

The heated jacket should fit a little tighter than your regular clothes because the heat components should be closer to your body for the system to work.

How Long Does The Heated Jacket Last?

On the maximum settings, the heated jacket lasts for around 2-4 hours on a normal-sized battery, but on low and medium settings, it should run for 7-10 hours, depending on the battery capacity.

Can You Go Through TSA With A Heated Jacket?

We can take our heated jacket through the security check if we wish. We must take it off at the security checkpoint and place the jacket in the baggage handling belt to get scanned.
Another option would be to put the self-heating jacket in our luggage.


In the above article, we have discussed the top 7 best-heated ski jackets that are available in the market. We have highlighted the best for both Men and Women. The best overall was the Coreedge Heated Jacket. It provided excellent heating with good heating zones, a battery that lasted up to 10 hours, and offered value for money. 

When it came to Jackets for women, the Venustas undoubtedly is the one. It has a 3-in-1 versatility and also good heat regulation. Another choice can be the ActionHeat long puffer jacket. It has the best-in-class design element with extra Thinsulate material, quilted lining, and thermal seal to provide maximum comfort.

Good skiing gear is paramount to having a great experience. Please consider buying a good quality heated skiing jacket. There might be some apprehensions about their safety, but after having used them for some time, I can assure our readers that there is nothing to worry about. 

I would hope that through this article, we have been able to help our reader makes an informed choice. Lastly, a good quality heated jacket should not be treated as an excess but an excellent investment for our overall well-being. 

Mitchelle Lynn