Top 7 Best Ski Balaclavas For Kids in 2024

Skiing as a sport requires complete protection from accidents, windy conditions, and fluctuating temperatures. It is challenging for kids to stay comfortable and warm on the slopes. Therefore, buying the best ski balaclavas for kids is something you shouldn’t take for granted.

Wearing a ski balaclava for kids isn’t something fancy or for protection only. Nowadays, with several balaclava designs available on the market that look fashionable, finding one that fits your kid can be challenging. Besides this, you want a ski balaclava for kids that offers tangible benefits. 

Your child’s skin could start to peel as the ski rushes through the cold. Seeing your kid’s mouth and nostrils have an uncomfortable frozen coating over them as they move through the woods is a painful experience for many parents. 

When skiing and snowboarding, it goes without saying that you’ll want a face covering for your child’s protection against the cold weather. Many skiers know that ski gear should be made from the best materials for the best performance.

Your face is one of the most vulnerable parts of your body when skiing or spending time outside in most winter weather situations. When skiing, wearing goggles to protect your eyes is best, but a ski balaclava is the best way to protect your mouth, nose, cheeks, and chin. This article will guide you on how to choose the best ski balaclavas for kids in 2024. 

But before that, here’s some information on the equipment available, so you can choose the most suitable product from our picks. 

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7 Best Ski Balaclavas For Kids in 2024

Ski Balaclavas Preview Price
BLACKSTRAP Kids The Hood Best Overall Ski Balaclavas For Kids Check Price
Pack Kids Runner Up Ski Balaclavas For Kids Check Price
Turtle Fur Youth Shellaclava Premium Pick Ski Balaclavas For Kids Check Price
Dymex The Kids Balaclava Budget Pick Ski Balaclavas For Kids Check Price
Turtle Fur Kids Comfort Shell Turtle Fur Kids Comfort Shell Check Price
Turtle Fur Youth Shellaclava Chelonia Turtle Fur Kids Shellaclava Chelonia Check Price
Haitho Kids Balaclava Ski And Winter Hat Haitho Kids Balaclava Ski And Winter Hat Check Price

What Is A Neck Gaiter? 

A neck gaiter is among the most popular styles of ski face masks. You might think, “What does a neck gaiter have to do with balaclavas?” Well, a neck gaiter is a cloth tube that you can push through your mouth. 

Nowadays, people tend to confuse it with a ski balaclava. You can use a neck gaiter or buff to protect your ears, mouth, head, neck, and other body parts. That means your child is safe from severe weather conditions. 

Most people like their children to wear these masks to stay warm, especially in cold weather. While skiing, this tube-shaped fabric is a wonderful lightweight option for keeping your face warm because it is both warm and breathable. 

This neck gaiter is not just thin, adaptable, and quick to dry. Therefore, it is a great option for shielding your head from UV rays and the wind.

What Is A Ski Balaclava?

People think that a balaclava is the same as a ski mask. However, a balaclava is not a ski mask but a type of ski mask people wear when snowboarding. With this little misconception sorted out, let us talk more about balaclavas. 

A balaclava ninja mask is made of a beanie and a neck gaiter. You can wear it when skiing, as it is cozy and discreet. While skiing or snowboarding, it will keep you warm and offer you 360-degree protection. 

Except for the area around the eyes, it covers most of the face and offers excellent warmth and protection from weather conditions.

Should Children Ski With A Balaclava Or Neck Gaiter?

Are you trying to decide which winter skiing accessory is ideal for your kids—a balaclava or a neck gaiter? The temperature and your child are the two main determining factors. We always advise kids to wear balaclavas while skiing if it’s going to be really chilly. 

They insulate better by covering more of their face and head. Also, unlike neck gaiters, balaclavas are frequently simpler for smaller children because they stay in place and don’t need to bother altering their fit.

In warmer weather, neck gaiters are excellent for skiing with children. You can move them up or down depending on how cold it is. Tucking a neck gaiter under the helmet or the goggles is a good way to keep it in place. As a result, they can be difficult for children to adapt to.

Skiers and snowboarders who have been on the hill for a long time know that a cold face can make for a miserable day. Beyond that, though, each taste varies greatly. As a result, there is no such thing as a “best ski mask.” 

Instead, we’ve put together a list of the best ski balaclavas in various styles, sizes, and materials so you can choose the best ski mask for your face and the weather. 

However, some skiers still can’t settle on a single preferred balaclava. Instead, many skiers find it practical to have several balaclava ski masks on hand to switch between as the temperature and the weather change.

This year, leading mask makers are making multiple versions of their best-selling masks to meet customer demand. Don’t continue to suffer through subpar face masks that don’t do the job. A balaclava here is perfect for you if you’re looking for a mask that will keep your face warm and comfortable all day on the slopes.

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1 . BLACKSTRAP Kids The Hood – Best Overall

  • Provide adequate heatnGood protection for kidsnQuality designnFits perfectlynAffordable n
  • It may not fit all kidsn

Are you looking for a washable balaclava that offers outstanding warmth and protection? Given that it can be easily washed in a washing machine, this black strap balaclava is a great ski face mask for children. Additionally, this balaclava comes in several colors so you can pick it according to your kids’ preference. 

This balaclava has two additional wearing options: a neck gaiter and a balaclava. The kids’ ski mask with UV protection is ideal for shielding them from the sun’s harmful rays, but it also has another amazing feature. 

The dual-layer hinged mouth increases the mask’s usefulness and improves its breathability and comfort while wearing it. This mask’s incredible fiber not only shields your face from UV radiation but is also quite soft and dries very rapidly.

This balaclava isn’t too thick, so it’s great for warmer days and can fit under most children’s ski helmets. The technology in the BlackStrap Kids Hood Balaclava Facemask is identical to that in the adult Hood Balaclava. 

Skiers, snowboarders, and snowmobile riders like the mask because of its ergonomic shape, Exo-Hinge construction, and seamless helmet compatibility. The Exo-Hinge has a breathable dual-layer construction, while the head and neck are made of a single piece of cloth to maximize heat and moisture control.

Why Is The Blackstrap Kids Balaclavas The Best Ski Balaclavas For Kids In 2024

The Black Strap double-layer tube is our favorite since it’s adaptable and can be cut to fit any size of ski goggles or face mask. The ski balaclava won’t disappoint, as it fits children between 2 to 7 years. In addition, it is compatible with whatever you decide your child should wear. Lastly, it is affordable and provides adequate heat for your kid to navigate the slopes effortlessly.

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2 . Pack Kids – Runner Up

  • Comfortable and warmnVelvety soft innernGood fit for kidsnSuitable for winter sports eventsnBreathable fabricn
  • Issues of quality

The Potopok kids balaclava ninja mask is made of a thick, soft fabric that will keep your child warm in the winter. It’s soft and warm but anti-static and flexible, so it won’t disturb youngsters’ sensitive skin while keeping them toasty and warm in the winter. 

You don’t have to stress yourself by washing it every time you use it, as you can reuse it immediately. The balaclava mask scarf has incredible elasticity and can be pulled or stretched without losing shape. It’s adaptable to different skull sizes and facial contours.

This balaclava protects children’s faces in all directions because it is cut in three dimensions and has a design that wraps around it. It will keep kids warm and clean during chilly weather and outdoor activities while shielding their necks, mouths, and faces from the sun’s rays, wind, dust, and sand.

The balaclava is built to last, as the skilled use of four needles and six lines of stitching contribute to its robustness. You have several options at your disposal, as you can use this balaclava mask as a head cover, hood, mask scarf, neck warmer, etc. In addition, it comes in different colors for boys and girls. You will always find something that works for their personal taste and their requirements.

It’s a great place for biking, skiing, fishing, motorcycling, hiking, running, snowboarding, and many other outdoor activities. It works perfectly as a lining for helmets. Protect your kids’ sensitive faces and necks from the weather so they can go outside and do fun and exciting things.

3 . Turtle Fur Youth Shellaclava – Premium Pick

  • It provides protection and warmthnExtremely comfortablenStretchy nMachine washable n
  • The size might not fit all kids

Another neck gaiter made of the traditional fleece material is this one. Both children and adults will love it. It is also excellent for regular use. Fleece neck gaiters are an excellent choice for skiing because they can stand up without needing to be stuffed into a helmet or pair of goggles. 

They work incredibly well for younger children. Although it is composed of fleece, it does fit firmly, giving you more freedom to move around on your face but less microbial protection.

You can clean it whenever necessary by throwing it in the washing machine. This will not only keep your children cozy and warm, but it will also give them the exact level of comfort they need. Additionally, it will keep the neck extremely warm and safe. Also ideal for shoveling, snowboarding, skiing, and many other activities.

It’s a solace for the best weather protection, with a double-layer neck warmer. The balaclavas make the garment breathable and dry quickly by wicking away sweat and moisture from the head. The fleece is incredibly soft against the skin, providing unparalleled warmth and itch-free comfort.

What else do you want when you get complete coverage? The balaclava comes in different colors and is made so both adults and teenagers can wear it. It comes in a variety of prints your kids will appreciate.

4 . Dymex The Kids Balaclava – Budget Pick

  • Great for kidsnGood for protectionnAllows machine washn
  • Limited design

The Kids Balaclava Ski Mask is manufactured from cotton, which is ideal for usage while skiing and engaging in other winter sports. It is a neck gaiter with outstanding quality that offers the perfect balance of protection and ventilation. 

It is also incredibly adaptable and reasonably practical to use. It is really elastic, meaning it won’t damage your hair. You won’t suffocate because this neck gaiter’s material is also absorbent. 

This neck gaiter is of great quality and offers exceptional protection. Another interesting feature is that it is odor resistant. This neck gaiter is excellent for drying out and absorbing sweat and will be quite pleasant for your children to wear.

There are numerous ways to wear this balaclava as a neck gaiter, ninja mask, ski mask, and warmer scarf. It is also perfectly capable of serving as a helmet liner. Perfect for various activities, including fishing, hiking, skiing, biking, and camping. It protects your children’s delicate faces and necks while allowing them to engage in vibrant outdoor activities.

This balaclava features 3D stereo cutting, making it easy to wear and protecting children’s faces. It may shield a child’s neck, mouth, and face from damaging UV rays, wind, dust, and sand while not obstructing their speech or field of vision. It also keeps children comfortable and clean during cold and winter outdoor activities.

5 . Turtle Fur Kids Comfort Shell

  • Highly functional and comfortable nProvides adequate protectionnAffordable nFits wellnMachine washn
  • Not very stretchy

This balaclava face mask comes in 7 unique colors and is designed for children aged 4 to 14. In case the kids get cold, they can put on this mask, which is both lightweight and airy.  Also, the material of the facemask is soft and lets air through, making it a pleasure to wear. It’s constructed out of 100% polyester, and it’s also machine-washable. 

The seams on the side of the face mask make it very comfortable and keep it from irritating your skin. This balaclava may be worn in a number of different ways, so you can find one that works best for you. It will shield you from harm in more places than your face, throat, and neck. This balaclava is perfect for keeping your child warm throughout the cold winter.

The lightweight technical fabric is brushed on the inside for comfort and has antimicrobial properties, drying quickly and resisting odor. To block UV light, UPA 50 Plus grade blocks are used. 

Additionally, this neck gaiter is incredibly lightweight and comfy and functions well. Turtle products are top-notch in the skiing industry as they offer nothing short of quality.

6 . Turtle Fur Youth Shellaclava Chelonia

  • Versatile to usenComfortablenBreathable and odor resistantnMultiple color optionsn
  • It can’t withstand extreme weathernThe price is high n

The Shellaclava blends a slimmer but still fleece-lined hood with its Chelonia 150 fleece neck warmer. Since snow can increase UV exposure, having sun protection with a UPF rating of 50+ is crucial while you’re around snow is something good. 

The thick, double-layered fleece of the Shellaclava works well as a face mask to keep out germs as your child ski.

It is also very adaptable due to its convertible design. It can be worn as a neck warmer, with the mask down, or both ways. The mask’s brushed spandex material is soft and cozy while still having enough stretch to fit most heads. 

If you feel too hot, it wicks sweat and dries rapidly. Additionally, the thinner helmet makes it suitable for skiing or snowboarding because you can wear it under a helmet or with a cap on top of it.

As it is long enough to fit into a jacket to keep snow and cold air out, you can wear it as a neck warmer, up as a balaclava, or fully pulled up as a face mask. In addition, it is a soft and sturdy balaclava that will suit your snowboarding, skiing, and sledding. 

If you have concerns about sweat, that is history, as the Shellclava Chelonia balaclava can draw away moisture. The balaclava’s breathable fabric swiftly evaporates any moisture or sweat. Finally, it has two polyester layers to keep water from your skin.

7 . Haitho Kids Balaclava Ski And Winter Hat

  • Comfortable and protectivenFits kids perfectlynAffordablen
  • Limited design

The winter kids balaclava is constructed of high-quality fleece, which is soft, comfortable, and skin-friendly. This hooded ski mask effectively insulates and blocks wind. The balaclava offers a design that is comfortable to wear. The balaclava is made up of a winter cap as well as neck warmer gaiters that can be worn under helmets.

Another essential feature is the flexibility of the ski balaclava. The neck warmer is stretchy and fits both boys and girls. This ski mask is appropriate for kids between 4 and 12. 

This balaclava can be worn in various ways, including as a full balaclava, a half-face cover, a neck warmer, a neck gaiter, and other things. It keeps your child’s face, neck, and head out of the wind in chilly weather.

No need to stress yourself outside as you enjoy yourself. The ski balaclava is a useful outdoor accessory and a thoughtful gift for family and friends. This face-warming balaclava can be used while skiing, hiking, biking, running, or playing.

This ski balaclava can be worn in various ways depending on your preferences and comfort level. It will secure and safeguard your face, throat, and neck. It is a fantastic balaclava that shields your child from the weather.

How To Choose The Best Ski Balaclavas For Kids In 2024?

Finding one that fits your kid can be tricky, with numerous balaclavas for you to choose from. Regrettably, you can’t continue buying one ski balaclava to another to ascertain the one that suits your kid. However, if you know what to consider in the best ski balaclava, you can streamline your options. 

This section will explore important things to consider in a ski balaclava for kids. These factors will serve as a pointer to help you narrow your option. We believe you have everything here to serve as criteria when choosing the best ski balaclava for kids.

Therefore, if you are ready, let’s share some important things to consider before you invest in ski balaclavas for your kids since the year is still fresh.


The ultimate ski balaclavas feature a style or design that makes them suitable for daily wear. When buying a ski balaclava, you should look at the design and how it fits your style. The design is critical, as it will affect the overall ski balaclava shape and appearance.


It’s crucial to have a versatile ski mask. Even though you would like to ski indefinitely, it won’t be possible. You will eventually have to leave the resort while sobbing, probably. It would be best if you had a balaclava that you could use for several purposes.

Surprisingly, every balaclava on our list is versatile, and the design will suit the occasion. Therefore, when buying a ski balaclava, it is important to consider the versatility of the ski.


You must wear ski goggles if you don’t want your eyes to water while skiing; and then you’ll really be crying! Balaclava with four-way stretch capabilities is necessary since they make it much simpler to put your goggles on over them. 

In other words, ensure that the helmet of your ski mask can accommodate the goggles themselves if you want to wear them over your ski mask.


Typically, synthetic materials like polyester or acrylic are used to make ski masks. These materials are breathable and light, making them perfect for outdoor activities in cool climates. For added warmth and comfort, search for a ski mask with a soft inner lining.

The material a balaclava is constructed of affects how it functions. The finest fabrics for safeguarding your head are wool, cotton, and polyester since they keep you warm and allow your head to breathe. They retain your body heat even after becoming wet.

Polyester and wool are two substances that dry quickly. They will dry overnight if you hang them inside or on a shelf. Sweat can move to the fabric’s exterior by a lot of wool and polyester, where it can drain. 

Avoid wearing cotton wool or other textiles on your head when engaging in snow sports. Yarns do not evaporate water; instead, it is absorbed and retained.

Care Instructions

Before purchasing any children’s clothing, especially winter hats, it is essential to read the cleaning instructions. There are hats that you can only wash with your hands, while others allow you to wash with the machine. 

Always remember that you are the expert on your lifestyle, so when you are shopping, consider your cleaning preferences. In addition, don’t try to use a hand-washable balaclava inside a machine, as it can get damaged.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How Do You Care For And Maintain A Ski Balaclava For A Child?

After each usage, wash the mask with warm water and mild soap. Thoroughly rinse, then let air dry. Never use a washing machine for a ski balaclava that doesn’t instruct you to do such.

What Are Common Mistakes To Avoid When Buying A Ski Balaclava For A Child?

When buying a ski balaclava for a child, it is important to avoid one with a general size. Each ski balaclava is designed to have a particular size to fit a child. In addition, ensure the balaclava is comfortable for your kid when worn.

How Tight Should A Ski Mask Be?

If you opt for a tight ski balaclava, wearing the ski helmet and ski goggles over your ski mask will be challenging. It would help if you aimed for a snug fit. However, you don’t want it to be overly tight for your kid. A substantial amount of room should exist around the region to cover their face, not only to allow for breathability but also to allow you to easily take it off if necessary.


After looking over the children’s ski masks, you can easily choose the ideal one. You can select the finest kid’s ski balaclava for skiing from the list of the top 7 ski masks based on several factors, including material and composition. Even if it’s not particularly cold outside, ensure you have a ski balaclava to shield your child’s face from the sun and wind on warm days.

There is no one “best” ski balaclava for kids, as different styles, sizes, and materials are available to suit different needs. However, The BLACKSTRAP Kids Balaclava is the best overall pick, as it is adaptable and can be cut to fit any size of ski goggles or face mask. The Potopok Kids Balaclava Ninja Mask is the runner-up, as it is made of a thick, soft fabric that will keep kids warm in any weather. 

Additional tips for keeping kids warm on the slopes include dressing in layers, wearing a waterproof outer layer, choosing the right socks and gloves, wearing a hat or balaclava, and using hand and foot warmers. It is also essential to ensure kids stay hydrated and take regular breaks to warm up.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below.

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