Top 8 Best Ski Boot Dryers 2023 – [Portable & Static]

Your passion for skiing can take a toll on one of the most vulnerable parts of your skiing equipment; your boots! and wetness is the first thing you should look out for. Wetness not only affects the durability of your boots but also hampers the skiing experience.

Leaving your boots as it is after an innings of skiing will let the moisture enter the boots’ inner lining, reducing its durability. If you want to keep your boots endure longer, better start focusing on keeping them warm and dry whenever you step out on the pistes.

Some hotels and chalets have boot heating racks installed where skiers can easily hop on their boots after every ski run. But you shouldn’t depend on your luck too much. It is better if you take a boot dryer alongside so your boots are up and ready whenever you need them.

8 Best Ski Boot Dryers 2023 – Quick Overview

For Home:

Ski Boot Dryer Images Top Feature Check Price
Jobsite Original Gloves and Boot Dryer Multipurpose drying ability  Check Price
 MaxxDry Ski Boot and Glove Dryer  30-Watt electricity consumption Check Price
 DryGuy DX Forced Air Boot Dryer 2 hours dry time Check Price
 Advantage PEET 4-Shoe and Boot Dryer Four drying ports Check Price
 PEET Multi Electric Boot Dryer  Low electricity consumption Check Price

Portable Ski Boot Dryers:

 KOODER Gloves and Boot Dryer 360-degree all-around heating Check Price
DryGuy Travel DX Boot Dryer 2 – 5 hours drying time Check Price
KOODER Boot Dryer Convection heating Check Price

Best Home Ski Boot Dryers

Home ski boot dryers are meant to be plugged into an electric switchboard, meaning they can’t be used outside your hotel room. However, most of them are designed to dry two ski boot pairs or a pair of gloves or socks simultaneously.

1. JobSite Original Boot Dryer – Best Overall

The JobSite Original dryer can dry every piece of your skiing gear, from your boots and socks to your wet garments, in a matter of hours. Thanks to the entirely user-friendly design, there is no jargon when it comes to using it. You simply need to plug it in and put your soaked boots on the drying tubes, and that’s it. Your boots would be as good as new the following day.

Once purchased, you wouldn’t have to deal with the trouble and embarrassment of stinky shoes anymore. The dryer blows out warm thermal air that can dry up your damp footwear in just 8 hours with no risk of over-heating or shrinking the inner liner. For fully wet gear, however, you must give it a night’s time.

Despite being a home ski boot dryer, this JobSite dryer version can easily become a part of your luggage owing to its small and lightweight design. One of the best parts is its noise canceling ability. With no fitted motor inside, the blower won’t keep you up at night even if operated at full speed.

Being lightweight doesn’t mean it’s not durable enough. This Jobsite Original Boot dryer offers a 2-year warranty, letting you enjoy two full seasons with ease.

  • Two drying ports
  • 8-hour drying time for damp boots
  • Multipurpose drying ability
  • 2-year warranty
  • There is no fan installed to blow hot air.
  • Slow drying

2. MaxxDry Ski Boot and Glove Dryer – Runner Up

One way you can extend the life of your ski boots is by getting a dryer that dries quickly and better. And the MaxxDry ski boot dryer provides just that. It utilizes an advanced thermal convection method that blows natural warm air into the inside of the boot, drying it completely without adversely affecting the boot’s durability.

The advanced heat drying technology can dry your boots in a mere 2 hours. Whether it is leather, PVC, rubber, synthetics, canvas, neoprene, fleece, or any other material, MaxxDry has got it all covered. No need to worry about excessive power consumption as the MaxxDry only takes up 30-watt of energy.

The MaxxDry ski boot dryer works in extreme silence, not letting you feel a thing while your boots are being dried up overnight. Its extended fluted ports can dry up all sizes of ski boots and other ski equipment, including gloves and hats, with ultimate efficiency. The dryer will make you forget what a stinking boot is.

Unlike other dryers, the MaxxDry is utterly easy to use and creates no mess whatsoever. It carries an additional dip tray that stores all the water. You won’t need to clean up the floor after waking up every morning. Lastly, with a massive 30-year manufacturer’s warranty, rest assured that this dryer is going nowhere.

  • Single pair drying capacity
  • Thermal drying at 105 degrees Fahrenheit
  • 2-hour drying time
  • 30-Watt electricity consumption
  • Manufacturer’s 30-year warranty
  • It has a slower drying process.

3. DryGuy DX Forced Air Boot Dryer – Budget Pick

Do you ski with a partner? If yes, then this boot dryer should be your first pick. The DryGuy DX forced air boot dryer comes with four drying ports allowing you to dry up two pairs of ski boots simultaneously. Even if you are a solo skier, this dryer can still prove beneficial, allowing you to dry up four of your garments.

You can finally let go of setting up timers to wake up in the middle of the night and put newer garments on the tubes when the older ones dry. Because the DryGuy DX dry is fitted with a 3-hour timer, meaning it will turn off on its own once your garments are all dried up.

Compared to other conventional dryers, this one’s got a rotatory blower that dries everything, ensuring zero moisture at all. Your gear can get dried up within 1 – 2 hours with the help of 105 F gentle forced-air being thrown at it. Additionally, the quick-dry feature eliminates any foul odors inside your boots.

The dryer is compatible with all cloth types and heavy-duty footwear making it entirely safe for use. The removal extension tubes offer enough space for tall boots up to 16 inches. Moreover, with an extended 6-foot cord, you can place the DryGuy DX wherever you want in the room.

  • Four drying ports
  • Two extension tubes with 16-inch boot space
  • Heat switch
  • 2 hours dry time
  • 3-hour timer
  • The air blower is not powerful

4. PEET, Advantage 4-Shoe and Boot Dryer

Eliminating moisture and odor is made easier with the Advantage PEET 4-shoe ski boot dryer. The machine manufacturers have focused on making the drying process as fast as possible so that you can get back out there without a moment’s delay.

You have plenty of spaces for drying your equipment with the four drying ports the dryer offers. You can either put on two pairs of boots or order separate drying ports for additional gear such as gloves and hats.

The Advantage PEET is installed with an ETL verified fan that is safer and blows the air faster than other conventional dryers. The heat adjustment buttons fitted at the front let you choose between heated and unheated drying options. You can have your ‘fresh as new’ gear back within 1 – 4 hours.

Compared to a rotatory blower, a fan makes more noise, which might prove as a source of discomfort while you are trying to sleep after a tiring day. Being a reliable manufacturing company, PEET offers a 5-year warranty for the dryer so you can use it without any reluctance.

  • 4 Drying ports
  • 1 – 4 hour drying time
  • Compatible for all cloth types
  • 5-year warranty
  • Excessively loud
  • Overheating issues

5. PEET, Multi Electric Boot Dryer with Glove Dry Ports

Just as ski boots, your gloves are also prone to get filled with moisture. This highlights the need for a dryer, where you can dry both wearables at once. PEET Multi electric boot dryer offers the most effective way of drying all your skiing gear simultaneously.

This unique dryer is laden with four dry ports for all types of clothing and footwear. Unlike other dryers, PEET has drying ports designed explicitly for gloves. These are removable ports allowing you to attach and detach according to your needs.  

These air vents consume energy as low as a light bulb, making them excessively energy efficient compared to their counterparts. It will have a minimal impact on your electricity bills even if you keep it plugged in 24/7. Consuming less energy doesn’t mean it is underpowered. It can easily take care of all your moisture-drenched boots and gloves.

The PEET boot dryers suck the air through the bottom vents and blow it into your boots or gloves after making it warmer. Some customers perceive it as a one-time purchase for years to come. This model will be good as new, even in your kid’s time. The brand offers a 25-year warranty in case it falls short of its claims.

  • Four dry ports
  • Low electricity consumption
  • Compatible for all types of materials
  • 25-year warranty
  • None

Best Portable Ski Boot Dryers

Portable ski boot dryers, as the name suggests, are travel-friendly and can be easily carried anywhere alongside your skiing equipment. They are designed in smaller compact designs without any hassle of unnecessary wire plugins. After purchasing them, you can enjoy the luxury of drying your moist ski boots even on the go. Some best portable ski boot dryers are:

6. KOODER Portable Shoe Dryer & Gloves Warmer

It’s time to wave goodbye to soggy moisture, awful stingy odor, and bacterial infections with this portable KOODER shoe dryer. Being smaller, it can easily snuggle inside your boots and eliminate moisture from the roots.

The dryer has a high-quality and durable cable attached to it to handle up to 20 kg of tensile strength. This prevents the cable from getting detached from the cabinet dryer or breaks in two. The cabinets have PTC heat generators installed that can self-regulate the heating and produce the lowest sound possible.

The evenly distributed vertical and horizontal holes on both provide an equal distribution of heated air inside the boots. Slightly moisturized boots can be dried in less than an hour. However, if your boots are soaking wet, you might have to weigh a little more than 3 hours. Leaving the cabinets inside for the whole night is the recommended strategy.

The KOODER dryer works best inside boots made out of general material. Placing it inside boots that have a special material may turn out to be a bad choice.

  • Two drying cabinets
  • 360-degree all-around heating
  • 5 hours drying time
  • PTC heat generator
  • Warms the shoes and takes plenty of time in drying them.

7. DryGuy Travel DX Boot Dryer

Despite being a portable boot dryer, DryGuy Travel DX has some of the best features you would want. This little skiing partner can take care of your soaked boots, gloves, and other gear parts with dual drying features.

DryGuy Travel DX uses both convection and forced-air heat drying. A fan is located at the front end of the cabinet that slides in the central section of the boots. The rest of the dryer provides heated drying with convection.

In contrast to other portable boot dryers, this one has a higher drying temperature of 99-degree Fahrenheit that can dry your boots within 2 – 5 hours. With an AC/DC adapter, you can quickly charge it on the way by plugging it in your car. Let it dry your boots while you enjoy the scenic views in your car.

DryGuy Travel DX also does a formidable job at keeping the germs inside your boots at bay. Not only will your boot be dried up, but they will also be sanitized appropriately. Considering its affordable price bracket, the dryer is a good value for money. Not to mention the 1-year warranty that comes with it.

  • Two drying ports
  • Convection and forced-air heating
  • AC/DC power adapter
  • 2 – 5 hours drying time
  • 1-year warranty
  • Makes unnecessary noise.
  • No controls to optimize the heat.

8. KOODER Ski Boot Dryer

If you are one of those skilled skiers who ski all day long, you will most certainly require a small portable boot dryer with you. A compact and equally efficient boot dryer that keeps your footwear moisture-free so you can ski with the same passion the next day.

The KOODER boot dryer is lightweight and can act as your little companion on your adventurous journey. The stylistic design can easily slide in your boots, drying them up completely.

Instead of using a fan or an air blower, this boot dryer uses a PTC heat generator. The generator functions silently inside your boot, drying it completely using both air and heat. It also has a self-controlling heat regulatory function that maintains the temperature inside the boots.

However, you have to be equally cautious not to slide them in boots made up of leather or any similar material. As excessive heat can easily damage such materials.

  • Two drying cabinets
  • Convection heating
  • PTC heater
  • 360-degree heating ability
  • Not suitable with 110 V.

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Right Ski Boot Dryer

The entire article has enlisted some of the best ski boot dryers available in the market, along with their salient features. Nevertheless, buying a perfect one that parallels your requirements is certainly not an easy choice to make. Following is the list of features you should look out for in a ski boot dryer to fully benefit from your purchase.

1. Portability

Portability is the most striking feature in a ski boot dryer. The importance of the portability factor mainly depends on the skier’s ability. If you are a hardcore and professional skier, you must want a portable dryer that you can keep with yourself at all times.

Because the more you ski, the more soaked your boots and other gears are bound to get. Drying up your boots while driving up to the ski base camp is something you shouldn’t miss out on.

But if you are an occasional skier who skies for 3 – 4 hours a day, a home ski boot dryer would easily meet your needs. You can go with a lightweight home dryer that can also be carried with your luggage.

2. Heating Type

Another critical aspect of a ski boot heater that deserves your attention is the type of heating. Typically, two different types of heat drying are installed in ski boot dryers; convection and forced air blower. Each has its pros and cons.

Boot dryers with a convection heating system dry boots by blowing heat. The method is usually slower but quieter than other drying systems. If used to dry leather-made boots and fleece clothing, it may damage the material.

On the other hand, forced-air drying is a relatively faster way of drying wet boots but makes some level of noise. The best part is they can work with all types of boots.

If you can’t help choose between the two, don’t worry. Some ski boot dryers have both systems installed for better functionality. You might have to spend an extra penny, but they are worth the cost.

3. Drying Capacity

The term ‘drying capacity’ is used to define a ski boot dryer’s capability to dry the number of shoes simultaneously. Some ski boot heaters can dry up to 2 pairs of boots at once, while others can manage a single pair at a time.

Before selecting a dryer, knowing whether you are a solo skier or usually enjoy the sport with a partner is essential. If you prefer skiing alone, a drier with two drying ports would be enough. But if you are sharing the experience with someone, you should buy a dryer that can host two pairs of boots at a single time.

4. Dry Time

The amount of time a dryer takes holds equal value when it comes to ski boots. While some can dry the water-soaked snowshoes in a couple of hours, others can take up to 5 – 8 hours to completely dry up a pair.

The fact that a dryer uses convection heating or relies on a forced-air blower also plays a significant role in determining its dry time. Convection-based dryers usually take longer in drying a pair of shoes compared to the other.

If you are a regular skier, you should go for a dryer with a slower dry time. But if you are a beginner and have plenty of time on your plate, either one can work for you.

Final Words

If you are searching for a ski boot dryer with all necessary features, have optimum drying capacity, and are worth every penny you spend, then this is where your search will end. This article holds a list of the eight best home and portable ski boot heaters, along with their key features and potential downsides. So, you can easily shortlist the one that fits your criteria.

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