Top 7 Best Ski Helmets With Visors In 2024

In modern skiing, everyone wants maximum protection when hitting the slopes, and no ski helmet can go without the right visor. Incorporating a visor is a clever means of providing eyeglasses adaptability, necessary sun protection, and glare reduction to any skier or snowboarder.

We asked the experts, and 7 brands got selected. Our exclusive overview contains information about how the helmets are set up, the most popular designs of the season, and innovations in eye protection technology.

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Are Ski Helmets With Visors Worth It?

Ski helmets with visors are awesome, so if you wear glasses, you’ll be glad you made the switch. There is no fogging anymore! But even without eyewear, there are many benefits to wearing a visor helmet over regular goggles. You see so much more of the slopes, and finally, no more uncomfortable pressure on your face from them pushing against it all day long.

The types of visors available are also very diverse – making it easy to adapt whatever style you’re going for depending on the weather or how you want yourself to look while skiing. 

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And when it’s sunny out, opening and closing the visor will happen way quicker than putting on goggle lenses, which isn’t an option with regular ski goggles anyways.

Listed below are some of the best choices you can make to help you maximize your experience while keeping you protected and safe.

7 Best Ski Helmets With Visors In 2024

Ski Helmets With Visors Preview Price
Atomic Ski-Helmets Atomic Savor Amid Visor HD Best Overall Ski Helmets With Visors Check Price
Giro Orbit Spherical MIPS Ski Helmet Giro Orbit Spherical MIPS Ski Helmet Check Price
Smith Survey MIPS Helmet Smith Survey MIPS Helmet Check Price
Anon Snowboarding Helmets- Nova MIPS Helmet Anon Snowboarding Helmets Nova MIPS Helmet Check Price
Giro Ledge MIPS Ski Helmet Giro Ledge MIPS Ski Helmet Check Price
Smith Nexus MIPS Ski Helmet Smith Nexus MIPS Ski Helmet Check Price
Pret Fury X MIPS Helmet Pret Fury X MIPS Helmet Check Price

1 . Atomic Ski-Helmets Atomic Savor Amid Visor HD – Best Overall

  • LightweightnLots of vents for wonderful airflow.nComfortable face foam along with removable ear padsnIt comes with two visors, one with a dark tint, and the second a yellow for flat light.n
  • Hard to find a replacement lens

Atomic Ski-Helmets Amid Visor HD helmet provides superior safety and visibility on the slopes. Its unique visor mounting allows it to pivot the visor and give 8mm more room for glasses, without compromising the field of vision or closure. Amid technology is a revolutionary dual-density foam system that offers up to 40% higher impact protection than industry standards. 

In addition, its high-definition contrast lens technology uses crystals in the lens for incredible snow visibility in all light conditions. This egg-carton construction also provides extended crumple zones for maximum shock absorption and ventilation holes to keep it cooler and lighter. All these features mean that the atomic savor amid visor HD offers up to 30% higher impact protection than industry standards require.

Product Details

  • Construction: HOLO Core with Atomic Multi-Directional Impact Deflector, ABS Hard Shell
  • Brand: Atomic
  • Material: ABS, EPS
  • Helmet Model : Half Shell 
  • Helmet Venting: Adjustable Venting 
  • Audio Compatibility Available
  • Removable Ear Pads are Available 
  • Adjustable Fit 
  • Fit: 360° Fit System
  • Ventilation: Active Aircon Venting 
  • MIPS: No

Other Features

  • Audio-compatible ear pads
  • Includes helmet bag
  • 3D molded ear pads
  • Removable and washable full cap lining
  • Merino 3M X-static lining 

Why Is Atomic Ski-Helmets Atomic Savor Amid Visor Hd The Best Choice For Skiers In 2022?

Yes, The Atomic Savor AMID Visor HD ski helmet provides everything needed for a secure and pleasant day on the slopes, making it the adaptable and carefree solution both for slopes and terrain. 

As a hard-shell helmet, it offers you the maximum level of protection, and the AMID system makes sure that even slanted strikes are reliably deflected. The deal-breakers are useful ventilation apertures, a comfy lining, and a cutting-edge adjustability mechanism.

With the Savor AMID Visor HD, it doesn’t matter if you wear glasses or not. This sizable visor provides your eyes with the best possible defense from bright sunlight, draughts, rain, and snow. Additionally, it is roomy enough for you to wear glasses underneath.

2 . Giro Orbit Spherical MIPS Ski Helmet

  • ComfortablenSnug FitnLens technologynGood ventilationnRemovable ear padsn
  • High-value budget

The Giro Orbit Spherical MIPS Ski Helmet is a market-leading protective helmet, engineered in Giro’s category-leading helmet test lab to keep you safe from harm on the slopes. 

It features a multi-directional impact protection system (MIPS) with two layers of EPP foam that fit together like a ball-and-socket for advanced protection against rotational energy, plus a vivid integrated shield to protect your face from the elements without interfering with your favorite eyewear or smudging makeup. 

Furthermore, its thermostat control adjustable venting lets you easily custom-tune airflow instantly, and the stack vent helps to keep your goggles fog free. With unbeatable protection and sleek style, the Giro orbit spherical MIPS ski helmet will take your skiing game to the next level! 

Product details

  • Construction: Hybrid construction from hard shell upper with an in-mold construction 
  • Material: EPS
  • Helmet Model : Full Shell, Half Shell Helmet 
  • Helmet Venting: Adjustable 
  • Audio Compatibility Available
  • Removable Ear Pads
  • Adjustable Fit
  • Fit: In Form 2 Fit System
  • Ventilation: Thermostat Control Adjustable Venting 
  • Safety Standards: CE EN1077

Other Features

  • Vivid Lens Technology with Optics by Zeiss
  • Articulated Shield 
  • Seamlessly Integrated Shield

3 . Smith Survey MIPS Helmet

  • Amazing peripheral viewnLightweight nNice carrying casenNice, comfortable, and secure fit orbitn
  • Pricey

Get the perfect fit and maximum protection with this all-inclusive helmet from Smith. The survey MIPS helmet features a grow with me dual-stage liner system, which adapts to growing kids, and an adjustable dial fit for easy, on-the-go size adjustment designed to fit over your glasses (OTG). 

The integrated visor offers a wide field of view with distortion-free clarity, and regulatory climate control allows easy one-handed vent adjustment. Plus, the lightweight in-mold construction fuses the exterior shell and eps foam into one lightweight and durable piece with zonal Koroyd coverage for energy-absorbing and ventilated impact protection. 

The MIPS protection system reduces rotational forces caused by angled impacts, making it compliant with ASTM F 2040 and CE EN 1077:2007 class b standards. For added convenience, this helmet comes with a Smith helmet bag included.

Product Details

  • Construction: Lightweight In-Mold Construction 
  • Material: Koroyd
  • Helmet Model: Full Shell, Half Shell Helmet 
  • Helmet Venting: Adjustable Venting
  • Removable Ear Pads: Yes
  • Adjustable: Yes
  • Fit: Adjustable Dial Fit System (DFS) 
  • MIPS: Yes
  • Weight (g):500
  • Audio Accessory Compatible
  • Ventilation: Air Evac Ventilation System, 14 Vents
  • Safety Standards: ASTM F 2040, CE EN1077:2007 

Other Features

  • Removable Snap fit Sl2 Ear Pads
  • Regulator Adjustable Climate Control 
  • Aleck Audio System Compatible
  • MIPS System Equipped 

4 . Anon Snowboarding Helmets- Nova MIPS Helmet

  • DurabilitynIncredibly light and toughnQuick, micro-adjustable fit with the turn of a dialnThe MIPS (Multi-Directional Impact Protection System) Adjustable VentilationnHybrid shell designn
  • Expensive

Wherever you want to ride, this helmet will keep your head safe. Anon Snowboarding helmets Nova MIPS Helmet is a lightweight helmet featuring twenty-three total vents for optimal ventilation with open and closed settings to control airflow and temperature. 

The goggle ventilation channel helps reduce fogging by keeping your goggles cool. Equipped with MIPS (Multi-Directional Impact Protection System), the low friction layer gives you the best possible protection while still allowing the helmet to slide relative to your head. 

For ultimate comfort, this helmet has a long hair fleece lining and ear pads, so you can stay warm even when the weather gets cold. Additionally, this helmet is compatible with audio accessories, giving you an all-around experience.

Product Details

  • Construction: Hybrid 50/50 shell construction – hard ABS shell with an EPS liner.
  • Material: ABS, EPS
  • Helmet Model : Half Shell 
  • Helmet Venting: Adjustable Venting 
  • Audio Accessory Compatible
  • Visor: Yes
  • Removable Ear Pads: Yes
  • Adjustable: Yes
  • Weight (g):495
  • Fit: BOA Fit System

Other Features

  • Expedition Fleece Liner
  • Buckle: FIDLOCK Snap Helmet Buckle 
  • ICE dot Emergency Id Service
  • Ventilation; Active Ventilation, Goggle Ventilation Channel, 23 Total Vents
  • Safety Standards: CE 1077B, ASTM 2040

5 . Giro Ledge MIPS Ski Helmet

  • MIPS equippednCompatible With Aftermarket Giro Audio Systems by Outdoor TechnRemovable Ear PadsnRemovable Goggle RetainernDurabilitynEPS Foam Linern
  • BreathabilitynFit Systemn

This Giro ledge MIPS ski helmet offers the ultimate protection with its multi-directional impact protection system construction. The hard-shell construction is lightweight and comfortable while providing excellent protection. 

Its auto Loc 2 fit system is easily adjustable and includes a supple elastic fit band that wraps around the back of the head, along with fixed-position straps for perfect cradling. Plus, the on-the-fly vertical tuning feature helps to dial in your fit without removing your helmet. 

For enhanced breathability and clear goggles, this ski helmet has a stack vent at the front and super cool vents on top. Finally, this helmet is compatible with all Giro EXV visors such as Axis, Ella, and Blok.

Product details

  • Construction: Hardshell 
  • Material: EPS
  • Helmet Model : Half Shell Helmet
  • Helmet Venting: Fixed Venting 
  • Removable Ear Pads: Yes
  • Adjustable: Yes
  • Fit: Auto Loc 2 Fit System
  • Ventilation: Stack Ventilation 

Other Features

  • Seamless Compatibility with All Giro Visors
  • Safety Standards: CE EN1077B

6 . Smith Nexus MIPS Ski Helmet

  • Dual regulator climate control nEasy, one-handed front and rear vent adjustmentn
  • Might get stucknPriceyn

Enjoy an ultra-adjustable fit, integrated fog-free vision, and complete protection on the slopes with the smith optics nexus MIPS unisex snow helmets. With its ionic lining offering sweat-activated odor control, boa 360 fit system offering micro-adjustability with the turn of a dial, and FIDLOCK strap buckle for easy one-hand operation, this helmet is sure to provide all-day comfort. 

The AirEvac ventilation system integrates seamlessly with smith goggles to prevent fogging, and removable ear pads offer form-fitting comfort. Dual regulator climate control provides easy one-handed front and rear vent adjustment to stay cool in any weather. 

For lightweight impact protection and energy absorption, it features a hybrid shell construction for durability and complete Koroyd coverage. It also includes the MIPS protection system to reduce rotational forces caused by angled impacts and an exoskeleton that enhances impact protection in side impact zones. 

Fully certified ASTM F 2040 and CE EN 1077:2007 class b compliant. Plus, it comes with a smith helmet bag!

Product details

  • Material: Koroyd
  • Helmet Model : Half Shell
  • Helmet Venting: Adjustable Venting
  • Visor: Yes
  • Removable Ear Pads: Yes
  • Adjustable: Yes
  • Weight (g):550
  • FIDLOCK Strap Buckle
  • Fit: BOA FS360 Fit System 
  • Ventilation System: AirEvac Ventilation, 24 Vents
  • Safety Standards: ASTM F 2040, CE EN 1077:2007 

Other Features

  • Aleck Audio System Compatible
  • Ionic Antimicrobial Lining – Offers Sweat-Activated Odor Control.
  •  MIPS system equipped
  • Smith helmet bag included

7 . Pret Fury X MIPS Helmet

  • Covert removable ear coversnSharp, eye-catching designnEasy to operate and sits comfortably on the headnSnug fit works well with many different goggles and keeps you warmnGreat insulationnRemovable earpiecesn
  • Expose you to the chemical BPA (that might cause birth defects in women)nVents are fixed, which cuts down on versatility.nBreathabilitynExpensiven

The Pret Fury X MIPS helmet provides optimal protection and comfort for all types of rides, with a lightweight polycarbonate shell and eps foam designed to absorb and dissipate impact forces. 

To reduce rotational force in the event of an angled crash, this helmet features a multi-directional impact protection system (MIPS). Audio integration is simple and convenient with both wired and wireless compatibility, while adjustable ventilation can be adjusted with the level c tuned ventilation control lever. For a custom fit every time, this helmet also includes an RCS micro-adjustable dial system that adjusts quickly and easily on the fly.

Product Details

  • Construction: In-Mold Multi-Shell Construction
  • Material: EPS, Polycarbonate
  • Helmet Model : Half Shell
  • Helmet Venting: Adjustable Venting 
  • Removable Ear Pads: Yes
  • Adjustable: Yes
  • Weight (g):421
  • Buckle: FIDLOCK Magnetic Buckle
  • Fit System: RCS QR Fit System
  • Ventilation: Level C Tuned Ventilation

Other Features

  • Audio Compatibility available
  • Goggle And Helmet Integration
  • X-Static Xt2 Lining with Loden Blend Fabric 
  • HALEO Antimicrobial EPS System 
  • Safety Standards: ATSM F2040

Guide for Buying Ski Helmets

Do you often find yourself wondering, “What style of helmet should I buy?” If so, you have come to the right place! Skiing is often a part of a ski family’s tradition and will be memorized for years. So, ensure you stay warm and safe with a new ski helmet and all the necessary safety equipment.

Ski helmets are not something you often purchase, which is why we want to make your decision easier. We have everything from regular full-face options to open-faced helmets that give skiers plenty of room for breathable freedom. 

Do not worry about getting any cold spots on those exposed cheeks, too, because we have covered that with built-in windshields and face guards so that you can stay warm.

Fit Or Size

When selecting a helmet, it is essential to get one that fits correctly. The best way to measure your head is to use a cloth tape measure or a string to find the circumference of your head just above the brow line in centimeters. 

Once you have received your helmet, put it on by spreading the earpieces or flaps apart and flipping the helmet onto your head with the forehead first. The helmet should fit snugly without any gaps, and all padding should fit flush against your head. 

Push and twist the helmet gently from front to back and side to side; if the helmet moves around without your head, then it is too large, but if it does not sit flush on your head then it is too small. If either of these scenarios occurs, protection may be compromised, and therefore you need a distinct-size helmet.

Custom-Fit Adjustments

Custom-fit adjustments can be found on many helmets today. These custom-fit adjustments are a fantastic way to make sure your helmet is secure and fits you perfectly. They come in different forms, such as the boa system, air pumps, or dials. Utilizing these features is an easy and effective way to ensure your helmet has the best fit possible.


There are a few unique styles of helmets. Each style has its specific purpose.

  • Half shell: half shell helmets have padded ear pads on an otherwise hard-shell helmet. The soft ear pads are normally removable, and the liners are generally removable and machine-washable. These helmets are the most popular style of helmet for skiers of all abilities.
  • Full shell: full shell helmets have complete coverage that includes hard sides over the ears. They are typically used for racing and have screw holes for jaw guards that many racing leagues require.
  • Full face: full face helmets have a chin guard and a visor. They offer the utmost protection and are typically used for skier cross events or big mountain competitors.

Ventilation Systems

Ventilation systems are a wonderful choice for helmets, especially when looking to prevent your goggles from fogging up. You can find adjustable vents on some helmets that can be switched or toggled open and closed to regulate temperature. 

Fixed vents, however, remain open and provide a constant airflow over the helmet.

Audio Compatibility

Heading out to the slopes? Be sure to pick up an audio-compatible helmet! Audio-compatible helmets feature built-in headphones and volume and power toggles that make it easy to enjoy your favorite tunes while skiing or snowboarding. 

If you need additional sound, many companies offer drop-in kits that can easily be added to the zippered or Velcro pockets in your helmet’s ear pads.

Shell Construction

  • In-mold shells: in-mold shells are derived from the cycling world and use a durable plastic outer shell that is thin. Inside the shell are eps foam inners to absorb impact. This allows for less rebound during impact because it will collapse under lots of force.
  • Semi-hard shells: semi-hard shells feature an in-molded design with a fully encapsulated outer shell. This style is more resilient to penetration on impact. It is coupled with eps foam inners to absorb impact.
  • Hard shell: hard shell helmets use thicker ABS plastic that is formed and then glued to a hard foam interior shell.
  • Double shell: double shell helmets use a very tough ABS plastic outer shell making for a viable multi-sport helmet. Inside the shell is a fully developed in-mold design.
  • Hybrid shell: hybrid shells use a combination of a hard shell and an in-mold shell. The use of an in-mold design with added hard ABS plastics in key, high-impact areas to provide comfort and safety. The incorporation of a variety of styles takes into account both weight as well as comfort, so neither is compromised in the manufacturing process.
  • Zip mold: Those helmets are filled with foam styles of helmets. Once the foam is injected, it is fused to a polycarbonate shell. This makes it great for a multi-sport helmet that is seamless and very lightweight.

Safety Certifications

  • CE: the European standard that all helmets must meet or exceed to be sold in the European marketplace.
  • ASTM: the safety standard which all helmets must meet or exceed to be sold in the United States marketplace. All helmets found in the United States will meet the ASTM standards. Some helmets will also be marked CE, meaning they meet the standards of both the ASTM and CE.

Visors Or No Visors

The visor is optional, but a ski helmet with a visor can be very practical. It protects your eyes from UV rays and eliminates the need to take on and off your sunglasses or goggles depending on the sunlight. 

For those who wear prescription glasses, the visor can also be useful. Finally, a visor protects the upper face from wind, snow, and cold when conditions are difficult.

The most important criterion to consider when purchasing a visor helmet is screen technology. Visor helmets can be equipped with volt or phantom screen technologies.

Volt sharp contrast lens technology ensures:

  • 100% UV protection
  • 30% more color and depth perception
  • White balance
  • High-performance polarization

Photochromic phantom lens technology provides:

  • 100% UV protection
  • Optical clarity
  • Anti-fog
  • Excellent impact resistance

Type Of Skiing

  • Downhill skiing: an adjustable, comfortable, and ventilated helmet.
  • Ski touring: very lightweight and ventilated helmet, designed for mountaineering with many openings.
  • Ski free ride (off-piste): a ventilated and light helmet is good 
  • Freestyle: a reinforced helmet with an emphasis on safety.
  • Downhill skiing in competition: helmet with rigid ear cups for maximum protection.


Depending on the helmets, the liners may be removable. This detail can be very practical for the maintenance of your ski helmet. Indeed, the removable liners can be washed easily.

MIPS Technology

MIPS stands for “multidirectional impact protection system.” This technology helps limit the risk of brain damage, especially in oblique shock, by absorbing rotational energy. To do this, MIPS helmets are composed of a lightweight polycarbonate shell, eps protective foam, and an in-mold part.

The Adjustment System

To get the most out of your day in the mountains, having a fitted helmet is essential. The helmet is typically adjusted by a dial located on the back of the helmet, at the back of the neck. The dial adjusts the helmet’s tightness according to the head’s size.


Moreover, here comes another important factor to think of before buying affordability. Check the need and then check your budget. Go for the one with reasonable prices and all the cool features you demand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Remove A Visor From A Ski Helmet?

Once the two screws have been loosened, the visor can be removed entirely.

Which Color Visor Is Best?

Warm colors, especially yellow and orange, highlight the road’s relief, as they contrast the perception. That is why yellow visors are more suitable for driving at dusk, in fog, rain, and low sun conditions. Among other things, “warm” visors smooth out glare.

What Is A Visor Helmet?

A visor is part of the exterior of a helmet that can typically be raised or lowered. Visors protect your eyes from the sun. The edge of a hat keeps the sun out of your eyes, but the visor of a helmet does an even better job. The visor covers your eyes, much like sunglasses.

Can Glasses And Visors Go Along Under A Ski Helmet With A Visor?

Some manufacturers offer special OTG visor helmets designed to wear your glasses under the visor. Though, only a few of them are compatible with prescription glasses. That’s why ATOMIC offers helmets with adjustable visors, such as the SAVOR AMID VISOR HD.

What Is A Mips Ski Helmet?

MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System) is a specifically designed protective framework incorporated into the ski helmet’s internals and serves to safeguard the brain from splash damage during the moment of impact. The vast bulk of injury can occur in the first seconds but is considerably protected by these ski helmets.

How Is The Ski Helmet’s Visor Sealed All Around?

A ski helmet visor with good sealing is crucial because it safeguards you optimally against snow and wind invasion and feels good. This foam should be utilized all around, or else snow will slip in. In ski helmets, the seal is extremely well maintained. The likelihood of snow falling inside is low.

The 3-layer foam is also extremely soft and stays true to one’s face, such as ski goggles. The main advantage is that the visor is barely noticeable and doesn’t squeeze against your face as ski goggles do.

Final Thoughts

Let’s sum up things quickly; considering all the factors discussed above, our best choice is the most top-rated one, and that is the Atomic ski-helmets atomic savor amid visor HD. The atomic is a very efficient, high-quality helmet that is well designed, and comfortable, with a judiciously integrated visor that has undeniable optical qualities. It is versatile and can be worn with or without the visor, as well as with goggles.

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