Top 7 Best Ski Straps For Carrying In 2024

Skiing is a very great and fun activity. However, carrying the gear along the mountain terrain can be cumbersome and derail you from this enjoyable activity. Ski straps make this task a lot easier for you by providing you with means to carry your gear and ensuring that they are safely tucked away.

Skis are quite heavy, and this has made ski straps an essential gear for the skiing community. Ski straps are durable and sturdy to enable you to carry them comfortably. Ski straps provide you with a stylish way to carry your skiing gear.

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Ski straps are very versatile and have kept me from getting hurt and supported me through many harsh conditions while skiing through the mountains. If you are an avid skier, you understand the need to carry emergency gear such as shovels and probes to help you get out of a sticky situation when skiing.

Ski straps are lightweight and are built using UV-resistant polyurethane with the semblance of a waist belt. The design of ski straps typically features tiny holes made through the strap and a buckle fitted on one end.

There are many ski strap options in today’s market. They vary in design, brand, and size. By reading this article, you can save some aches and pains caused by carrying your skis and gear on your shoulders. I have used quite a few ski straps and will highlight some of the best models for you to choose from and use in 2024.

7 Best Ski Straps For Carrying In 2024

There are many ski strap options in the market today that will help you keep your skis in great condition. 

This may be overwhelming especially if you are new to the sport. For your convenience, I’ve compiled a list of my top ski strap options so you can make your decision more easily. Read along!

Ski Straps Preview Price
Sklon Ski Boot Carrier Strap Sklon Ski Boot Carrier Strap Check Price
Sukoa Ski And Snowboard Boot Carrier Strap Sukoa Ski And Snowboard Boot Carrier Strap Check Price
YYST ONE Piece Adjustable Ski Shoulder Carrier YYST ONE Piece Adjustable Ski Shoulder Carrier Check Price
Volk Ski Strap And Pole Carrier – 2 Sets Per Pack Volk Ski Strap And Pole Carrier - 2 Sets Per Pack Check Price
YYST Ski Tote Skis And Poles Backpack Carrier YYST Ski Tote Skis and Poles Backpack Carrier Check Price
Athletrek Straps Athletrek Straps Check Price
Skiweb Hands Free Ski And Pole Carrier Skiweb Hands Free Ski And Pole Carrier Check Price

1 . Sklon Ski Boot Carrier Strap

  • ConvenientnUser friendlynLong straps nSuperior qualitynLightweightnLifetime refund
  • It is a little difficult to get your poles in the ski strap on the first go but you get a hang of it with time

This is my favorite ski strap of all time. This ski strap is made of neoprene and nylon material and features cushioned shoulder padding for maximum comfort when carrying your skis. It has  a no-slip grip to ensure that all your ski gear is safely secured and is built to last.

To understand just how much I vouch for and trust this brand, you must know that it offers an even better selling point. The Sklon ski strap has a lifetime refund to back the superior quality of its product. It is also quite easy to use.

The Sklon ski strap’s no-slip grip ensures that the straps stay in place at all times, keeping all your gear safe and intact. Its solid material ensures you get to enjoy value for your money. You can carry it in your hand or sling it across your shoulder.

It is also easy to bind your boot to the strap, and the quality and stitch of the strap provide both stability and durability. This strap is ideal for anyone who carries an extra pair of skiing boots or has a heavy pair of ski boots.

Why Is The Sklon Ski Strap The Best Ski Strap For Carrying In 2024?

As I have mentioned above, the lifetime refund on the purchase of the Sklon ski strap is a huge win for all consumers. This is because you are assured of your value for money and the durability and quality of your ski strap.

Its long straps also come in handy when you need to attach and carry a lot of gear. It makes the ski straps convenient and useful for almost all emergency cases. You will hardly ever be short of ski straps when you use the Sklon ski strap. I highly recommend it.

2 . Sukoa Ski And Snowboard Boot Carrier Strap

  • Quality stitchingnDurable under stressnEasy clip on set upnBroad and lengthy strapnLightweightnEnsure that your boots stay dr
  • Not easy to remove clippingnNot adjustablenA bit bouncy due to its compact design

This ski strap is perfect for skiers who love to travel. It is made of nylon and plastic material and features a compact design, making it very easy to pack and travel around.

The compact nature of this ski strap makes it appear and feel too bouncy when carrying it. It is the perfect ski strap model to carry your ski and pole when moving around.

The strap is fitted with an ergonomic shoulder pad for maximum comfort when carrying your gear. It is designed to be carried on your shoulder, and the 41” inch strap ensures that you go up the slopes with no challenge.

This Ski carrier strap features quality stitching ensuring that the strap cannot break easily. It also boasts a 1,5” width which ensures you are hassle free when moving around. It is a great purchase to make.

3 . YYST ONE Piece Adjustable Ski Shoulder Carrier 

  • DurablenThick EVA paddingnNot prone to wear and tearnEasy to installnAdjustable
  • Not ideal for people who love to look stylish while skiing

This ski carrier features a simplistic design that offers unparalleled performance. It is made of EVA padding and nylon material. If you are on the hunt for compact straps that can carry both your ski pole and skis, then this is the perfect strap to meet your needs.

This ski strap is adjustable hence you can always regulate its velcro to fit the size of the gear you want to carry. The EVA padding enhances comfort and ensures that  the product is not easily prone to wear and tear.

The straps are quite easy to install and are styled for your shoulder, leaving your hands free to enjoy your skiing. They are well-designed and made to last.

4 . Volk Ski Strap And Pole Carrier – 2 Sets Per Pack 

  • StylishnUnisexnPole clipping mechanismnCompact when foldednLifetime refund policy
  • Thin padding nProne to quick wear and tear

Volkl refers to the wolf in German and speaks to the company’s vision for all skiers. We all have a wolf in us that can be confident, bold, and daring when skiing on those mountains. Wolves do not move alone , the Volkl ski strap comes in a pack of 2 for you and your loved ones to enjoy.

The ski strap has a clipping mechanism that ensures you can easily strap and go. This incredible brand also features a lifetime refund policy if you are unhappy with the product. The Volkl ski strap frees your hands to have fun in the snow and handle other important tasks such as filming.

The Volkl ski strap is made of nylon and adjustable, making it easier to carry your gear over long distances. It is also fitted with a light padding to help protect your shoulder.

5 . YYST Ski Tote Skis And Poles Backpack Carrier

  • Great stabilitynStylishnAdjustablenQuite versatilenUnisexnPlentiful room for gearnUser friendly
  • Annoying sticky pad nCan cling to clothes

This model is perfect for a backpack-style strap. It offers a comfortable hand free option that holds your gear quite comfortably. It is constructed using a nylon material and comes with fully adjustable options.

The strap is designed with loops and is long to ensure maximum stability and security. It is easy to install and can also hold your poles. This ski strap is suitable for all adults.

6 . Athletrek Straps

  • Simple and easy to usenDurablenHigh quality nComfortable to usenGreat aesthetics
  • None so far

This brand is fixated on delivering the utmost comfort to skiers all over the world. It caters to all generations, from adults to teens and even kids. It is portable when folded and can easily fit in your pockets.

The velcro belt attached to the strap is adjustable, allowing you to carry your gear by hand or over your shoulder. This athletrek strap is built to last. This is made possible by its superior quality construction. It is easy to use and has amazing aesthetics.

As someone who loves to spot a stylish look, I quite enjoy this premium ski strap. I definitely recommend the Athletrek ski boot carrier strap.

7 . Skiweb Hands Free Ski And Pole Carrier

  • StylishnCompactnHands free ski strapnQuite spaciousnUnisexnSuitable for both adults and children
  • Straps are quite shortnDifficult to get a good grip with gloves on

This ski strap is quite the fashionista. It comes in rainbow colors and is quite easy to use and install. It is quite roomy to ensure that you can fit both your ski and ski pole with additional gear.

The Skiweb hands-free ski pole is quite compact and portable and will fit in your pocket without any hassle. It is unisex, caters to adults and children, and is designed to be carried vertically, freeing your hands. 

This ensures you can fully enjoy your ski experience without fiddle with your gear.

What Are The Benefits Of A Ski Strap?

They Protect Your Skis From Damage

Ski straps are typically used for holding skis together when you are not in action.  Unlike bags, they ensure that the skis do not rub against each other. This is essential because it ensures the laminate on your skis is not weakened and destroyed.

Fatigue damage on your pair of skis will weaken its build and cause it to break during heavy impact easily. With straps on your skis, you can enjoy skiing the mountains more and get more value for your money.

They Help Connect Your Skis To Your Backpack 

You need to be comfortable when moving up and down the mountain terrain. A ski strap will ensure that you easily attach your skis to your backpack.

You can do this by either choosing an A-frame carry method or a diagonal carry. An A-frame ski carry method is where one ski is held down by compression straps on each side of the pack, and a voile strap is utilized in connecting the tips making an A-shaped frame. 

The A-frame provides great stability because it ensures that the weight is closer to your body and the center of gravity.

The diagonal method provides a quick and easy way to carry your skis on a backpack. Both the bottom and upper part of the pack is fitted with loops. You simply thread your ski strap through the loops, and you are set.

The style of use will be determined by the design of your pack. This will help improve your stability and prevent sliding or falling when climbing a slope.

Ski-Skin Attachment

If ever your skins refuse to stick to your ski and you have a ski strap, then you are at a good place. This is because ski straps can help you tie them together and keep them in place.

Ski straps also come in handy when you forget your outerwear at home. 

Yeah, I have found myself in this situation one too many times. However, if you have your ski straps with you, you can attach some tree twigs to your ski base. This will provide you with enough friction to get you to where you want to go.

They Help You Attach Skis To Your Snowmobile

If you have a snowmobile that will let you tether your skis to a rack, then your ski straps will come in handy. You can use the ski straps to hold the skis together on the metal rack.

This ensures you remain comfortable in lengthy trails. They will also protect you from harsh windy conditions on the snowy mountains.

They Protect You Against A  Boot Buckle Failure 

If your boot buckle breaks, you can secure it using a skin strap. It will ensure that your boot stays tight on your feet and will enhance easy movement.

Though this is only a temporary fix, you can move around deep powder easily with the help of these ski straps.

They Help In Rescue Operations 

In case of any injury on the mountain slopes, you will need to create a makeshift sled to help easily move the injured person. Ski straps can attach and join skis and other suitable gear to make this improvised sled. 

It is important to try and learn these emergency response procedures before you begin this sport.

Ski straps can also prevent excessive blood loss by holding gauze tightly against a wound. Please always ensure that you have ski straps in your pack.

They Can Make A Great Hair Accessory

We all love to look good when skiing, especially if you want to take some amazing shots. Ski straps will help you hold back your hair in place as a tie or hair band. Ski straps are as versatile as they can get.

They Tighten A Broken Binding On Your Shoe

Bindings can stop functioning properly when skiing. Ski straps will help secure the binding to your toe. You can also use it to hold your boot heel in case of breakage.

However, to avoid these mishaps, I advise that you frequently remove ice from your bindings. It is important to remember that broken bindings can be quite dangerous when skiing up and down mountain slopes.

They Protect You Against A Shoulder Strap Snap 

A shoulder strap snap can be quite irritating and tiresome to deal with. A correct placement of the ski strap will help alleviate this problem and provide you with some comfort.

Tying a ski strap below the shoulder adjusters and binding it up will ensure that no buckles are broken again.

They Hold Together A Broken Pole 

While I am yet to break my pole while skiing, it is something that happens quite often, especially among beginners. 

Holding your pole using a sky strap will help provide you with just about the necessary support to get back to your snowmobile.

Types Of Ski Strap Carriers

Ski straps can be classified according to the way they can be carried. You can carry your skis on the side, back, or over your shoulder. While most people think of the velcro fasteners as ski straps, this is not quite true. Fasteners are just one component of the ski strap.

A ski backpack is also equipped with ski straps that will secure your skis and prevent them from delaminating. There are a variety of ski straps. I assure you that you will be able to find a suitable ski strap to meet your needs.

Are Ski Straps Worth It?

Yes, ski straps are a worthy purchase for all skiers, both experts and beginners. They reduce your workload and therefore allow you to enjoy the outdoors more. They are very portable and easy to carry and are pretty affordable too.

Apart from carrying your skis, they serve various functions that are just too precious to ignore. From keeping you safe to saving lives, alleviating pain, and fixing your broken boot heel. Ski straps are essential to all who love sporting on the mountains.

How To Choose The Best Ski Straps For Carrying In 2024

There are some critical variables to look out for when you hunt for a ski strap for carrying your gear in 2024. You must be able to enjoy your time out when skiing and not be fatigued by the weight of all your gear. 

You should carefully check the factors listed below to choose the best ski strap purchase.


Comfort is key when it comes to your choice of ski strap. A great ski strap comes with thick padding to ensure that you do not hurt your shoulders, back, or hand. It will ensure that you are comfortable carrying your ski on your back or shoulder.

Ski straps that can bear the weight of what you carry are an ideal choice. They should be able to bear the weight without wear and tear on the straps.


Straps are designed to protect your skis from damage. This is why you should choose a strap that has been well-crafted to enjoy superior performance. Strong straps won’t leave you vulnerable in dangerous ski conditions. 

A poorly built strap will snap and break without notice, leaving you with no backup plan and no way to save yourself in case your skin or ski boots get damaged.

Carrying straps that are quite affordable and spending a few more bucks to get a strong build will ensure you do not fall into this trap.


Before your purchase, you have to decide on how you want to carry your skis. Is it on your shoulder, back, by your side, or held in your hand? You must choose one carrying method that is easy for you. I would advise that you keep it simple if you are a beginner.


Ski straps are made of poly-utherane, nylon, and even plastic. Ensure that the ski strap you purchase is made of durable and strong material to ensure your gear is well secured.


I prefer getting adjustable ski straps to avoid getting losses on a purchase. An adjustable strap will also allow people of different sizes to use the ski with no hassle. It is, therefore, important that you choose ski straps that are fully adjustable or one that is a great fit.


You should only purchase ski straps from reputable brands. These brands assure you of tried and tested products made to last.  These brands are not hesitant to offer incentives such as a lifetime refund and are always ready to back their product quality.

Ease Of use 

Your choice of ski strap should be compact and able to carry around. It should also be easy to install and use. An excellent ski strap will allow you to tighten and detach it easily. This factor is especially important during times of emergency as you do not have the luxury of time.

Value For Money

The cost of your ski strap should match the product’s quality and performance.  A great strap should be able to serve you for a long to enjoy your cost per wear.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Ski Straps Do I Need?

There is no specific number of ski straps that you are required to have. However, I recommend having at least 3 ski straps on a ski trip. This is because, just like shoelaces, you cannot find them when you truly need them.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eThe occasional breakage or snapping will leave you with no strap if you are not well prepared. It is important to keep in mind that your ski strap collection will also keep growing with time. The higher the number at your disposal, the higher the number of ski straps you can carry when you ski.u003cbru003e

How Do I Position My Ski Straps On My Ski Pole?

To attach your ski pole to a ski strap, the strap should be tightly fitted to the top of your ski pole. You should place the strap on your wrist. u003cbru003eu003cbru003eThis offers additional support when skiing. The straps help ensure you do not lose your ski pole.u003cbru003e

u003cbru003eu003cstrongu003eWill All My Ski Straps Fit My Skis?u003c/strongu003eu003cbru003e

Ski straps vary in size and length. This means that different skis can handle different weights and sizes of gear. Some ski straps come with different velcros that will be able to secure your skis. The only challenge is some velcro straps that are not adjustable.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eBefore purchasing, you should check whether a ski strap will be a good fit. If you cannot physically go to the store, you should study the product description to find the exact measurements. Please ask the manufacturer for this information if it is unavailable on the website.u003cbru003e

Final Thoughts

The Sklon ski strap is my all-time favorite strap for carrying my skis. A ski strap is perfect for ease and convenience in carrying your ski gear. They are essential in keeping your skis in great condition.

I hope the information I have provided will help you choose which ski strap is best for you. The 7 options I have provided for you in this article are some of the best ski strap options you can find in the market and have been produced by well-reputed brands that promise you great value for your money.

Mitchelle Lynn