Top 7 Best Snowboards For Buttering In 2024

What's In This Guide?

Buttering is a fun technique to master on a snowboard. It happens when you start balancing primarily on the nose or tail of your board. The phrase “buttering” comes from the habit of placing butter on bread. Buttering is easier on snowboards with a gentler flex pattern. Banana or reverse camber boards are explicitly made for buttering. 

Snowboarding is a well-liked winter sport and an exceedingly exhilarating pastime. Most people stay indoors when the temperature lowers, but after the skateboarding season is done, I love to get outside and hit the slopes. 

Snowboarding works your entire body and aids in weight loss, calorie burning, and endurance building. It is a fantastic aerobic workout that may tone your core muscles, increase flexibility, strengthen your lower body, and lift your spirits. 

Cardiovascular activity reduces blood pressure and the chance of developing chronic illnesses. Additionally, it aids in preserving a healthy body weight. To burn calories when snowboarding, you don’t need to be an expert. Snowboarding is enjoyable and a wonderful form of fitness for everybody, regardless of skill level. Let’s examine the reasons why snowboarding is a fantastic sport.

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7 Best Snowboards For Buttering In 2024

Let’s dive right into the list now! 

Snowboards For Buttering Preview Price
The CAPiTA Ultrafear Snowboard Best Overall Snowboard For Buttering Check Price
Jones Mountain Twin Runner Up Best Snowboards For Buttering Check Price
The CAPiTA Space Metal Fantasy Budget Pick Best Snowboards For Buttering Check Price
The Lib Tech T.Rice Golden Orca Snowboard Lib Tech T.Rice Golden Orca Mens Snowboard Check Price
The Bataleon Fun.Kink Snowboard Bataleon Fun.Kink Snowboard Check Price
 CAPiTA Mega Mercury Snowboard CAPiTA Mega Mercury Snowboard Check Price
The Salomon Huck Knife Snowboard The Salomon Huck Knife Snowboard Check Price

1 . The CAPiTA Ultrafear Snowboard – Best Overall

  • Strong, dense core with excellent durabilitynDual blaster ash pop core that runs you off your feet positivelynA single deck with a wealth of high-end components and technological features can effectively handle everythingnLightweight corenThe posture is slightly retracted and ideal for many environments, including parks.nExtremely quick basenConventional camber profile that is responsive and firmer flex 6 out of 10n
  • Capita Ultrafear’s carving talents are not very impressive

Do you enjoy buttery pretzels and bagels? If so, you should understand the importance of a board with medium to soft flex. If you don’t, I pity you and wish to prevent you from breaking both the board’s waist and your bones. 

Learning to balance only on the snowboard’s nose or tail is the foundation of buttering. Capita Ultrafear offers the adaptability and forbearance required to pull off such a feat. That snowboard is the finest for buttering, I promise. 

However, getting it to comply may be challenging if you are not used to having easy butter ability. When the board is suitable for a penguin stroll, you can be making an excessive effort.

Let us now look at some of its most notable celebrity moments. We only talk about its stability, terrific jib ride, lively feel, and one-foot pro when we talk about how it feels on snow. I tell you that it rises and sparkles on rails and crates. 

The rocker portions make spinning into and out of features straightforward and pleasant, while the efficient camber profile looks to hug the rails like a bear. Because it is mainly targeted at terrain parks, it tremendously helps park rats. 

If you don’t want to explore parks, you may wander around and hunt for side hits. Because it is not a powder board, it should not be used on pow days. However, the shallow powder can be effective.

Furthermore, the snowboard does not encourage carving. Despite its hybrid profile’s great performance, it is not a skilled carver. It can turn skidding turns and slashes with remarkable ease and is agile enough to undertake freestyle board acrobatics.


  • Snowboarding with a freestyle stance
  • Medium Flex Rating (5)
  • Rocker Profile: Resort V1 Profile/Hybrid Positive Camber
  • Twin-shaped form
  • The cost is around $500.

Why Is This The Best Snowboard For Buttering In 2024?

This snowboard is regarded as the greatest for buttering since the Capita Ultrafear has a constant flex that will help you to butter successfully without restricting what a board can perform in other circumstances. 

This board has a little more stiffness than a strict freestyle or buttering board, but that makes it perfect for experienced riders who want a little more responsiveness when bouncing around the terrain park.

Furthermore, you receive a Dual Blaster V2 core, which makes use of thin wood strips to provide consistent flex throughout the board. For high-quality buttering performance, this is a strong design element.


2 . Jones Mountain Twin – Runner Up

  • Full premium wood nDirectional shape and stabilitynWarranty for three years (two-year warranty with a one-free year extension)nAll-mountain twin with directional freerides snowboard-like carving abilitynAll Jones boards are already broken in and have u0022Forever Flex.u0022 The intense riding was simulated by a machinen
  • The Flex rating is a bit stiffer than usualnThe board is not ideal for railsnNot the easiest for beginners (Great for more advanced riders)n

The Jones Snowboard company’s best-selling board is the Jones Mountain Twin. The board is a directional twin that is aggressive. The stability of a freeride board and the liveliness of a freestyle board are combined in this all-mountain snowboard. 

This deck has what appears to be a hybrid camber rocker profile form. The nose and tail are built with rocking outside of your bindings and camber between your feet. The board’s profile gives it a freestyle vibe, and its camber gives it a lot of energy and pop. 

This board can maintain an edge and is stable at high speeds. One distinctive element is the 3D contour foundation in the board’s nose and tail. A great glide in thick snow is made possible by the 3D base, which will aid in the flow of snow out the sides. 

It will seem as though you are rolling from edge to edge when you cut on the Jones Mountain Twin. The Mountain twin’s unique blunt nose form is what distinguishes it as one of the best all-mountain snowboards. 

You may enjoy the advantages of having a longer nose without experiencing the weight of snow accumulating on top by adding a blunted nose.

The 2024 edition has been released and is currently for sale. The sole improvement to this board over last year’s model is the inclusion of a new, smaller 149 size to the roster. Last season, several of the sizes of the 2022 edition were sold out. Order your Jones Mountain twin immediately to guarantee that you get your size.


  • Rocker at the tip and tail and camber at the center.
  • Rome Black Label for the bindings
  • 21.5 Wide 15 Negative 12 Goofy Stance
  • K2 Thraxis boots in size 10
  • Copper Mountain resort

3 . The CAPiTA Space Metal Fantasy – Budget Pick

  • The snowboard is made of a cutting-edge material that exhibits excellent resistance to severe wearnRelatively cheap when compared to othersn
  • Its lack of being a unisex snowboard is the sole drawback

This exceptionally buttery board has received the Transworld Good Wood Award five times. It boasts a Superdrive foundation with sintered and extruded properties that scream consistent flex and consistency. 

It also has an FSC-certified poppy dual-core. Furthermore, the Capita Space snowboard’s top and bottom are comprised of biaxial fiberglass and are mainly intended for women.

The Space Metal Fantasy is an excellent choice for freestyle and park riding, as well as for a beginner snowboarder. Despite its chattier and snappier personality, it is a nice ride. With minimal camber underfoot and many rockers in the tip and tail, the board performs well in powder but not so well in deep pow. 

Benefits for non-freestyle conditions are limited by zero camber. However, if you stick to terrain parks, it shouldn’t be too difficult. The dual camber profile with zero camber in the middle provides many learning curves for inexperienced riders. 

The forgiving dual flex, along with the raised contact areas, opens up many possibilities for buttering and gliding, whether in the park or on the mountain.

To be clear, the board is not a carving machine, but it does carve well. It performs well in turn initiations and rapid edge-to-edge performance. It is a quick board that is simple to control and is forgiving of skidding corners and speed. Although it isn’t a bomber, it moves quickly and steadily.


  • Style: Informal (freestyle)
  • Medium Flex Rating (4)
  • Park V2 Profile/Hybrid Camber Profile Rocker Type
  • Twin-shaped form
  • Price: less than $450

4 . The Lib Tech T.Rice Golden Orca Snowboard

  • All of the conventional orca’s powder-ready features in a supercharged all-mountain decknIt has a directed formnBuilt to be incredibly strong and lightnUnlike the ordinary orca, rides may be switchednMagne Traction: Exceptionally strong edge grip when cycling in ice or bad weathern
  • It is quite pricey

The Lib Tech T.Rice Golden Orca Snowboard is a beefed-up version of the classic Travis Rice Orca that incorporates T.Rice Pro features. The final result is a board that is an all-mountain beast freestyle-friendly and prepared to blast through all conditions in a normal or switch stance. 

The Golden Orca is a multi-purpose board with a slightly stiff to stiff flex. It has a one-inch setback stance and is constructed using the Lib C2X profile. When viewed from the side, the board appears as shown. 

The C2X profile shape is regarded as having two zones of camber just beneath your feet and a pronounced rocking between your feet. The advantage of this rocker profile and stance is that it is ideal for any conditions you will experience at the resort while still fitting in well as your powder board. 

The Golden Orca combines stability with the necessary power and pop. The Power Kink Tail technology that Lib Tech introduced to the Golden Orca from the Traditional Orca is a new addition. 

The tail is long and with a more gradual angled ascent. The Golden Orca is the superior Orca deck for riding switches because of its design.

Compared to the conventional deck, the Golden Orca is a bit narrower. Still, it is broader than the majority of snowboards. To determine the ideal Golden Orca size for you, Lib Tech advises choosing a size that is one to three centimeters smaller than your typical length. 

The taper on this deck is nine millimeters. This snowboard’s nose and tail are separated by nine millimeters. This deck’s faultless ability to float in the snow is due to its tapered design. 

Additionally, it makes carving on this board feel simple. It has a sintered base. Both strength and speed are guaranteed. But you’ll need to maintain it and wax it routinely. 

You’ve just discovered a turbocharged freestyle all-mountain snowboard capable of gliding over powder and ripping through any terrain. Obtain the Golden Orca. Act quickly if you’re thinking about getting one of these decks because they’re expected to sell out.


  • Rocker profile C2x Hybrid
  • Serrated edges made of magnesium
  • Built up with firepower
  • Core materials: Balsa, Aspen, and Paulownia wood
  • Fibers made of basalt and tri-ax fiberglass
  • Top sheet made of eco-sublimated bio beans
  • Eco-Sublimated Sintered Base
  • Profile with a thin tip and tail
  • Interior sidewalls made of birch

5 . The Bataleon Fun.Kink Snowboard

  • Its excellent performance, adaptability, and pop make it the perfect board for buttering
  • Many experienced snowboarders may find its average speed to be uninteresting

This snowboard is designed with a dual triple base and a cutting-edge sidekick, making it a great option for novices and intermediates. It boasts a mild side uplift on both ends, a 99 percent twin outline, and a mellow camber profile. 

The dual outline profile, when paired with the mellow camber and twin 3BT, creates a stable and forgiving platform that makes it easier to cruise, butter, and attack the rales with confidence.  A side hit, berm or roller would be appropriate to launch from this type of board. The chore of popping over anything that comes your way is quite simple. 

There is more mobility at the nose and tail because of the all-mountain flex and non-aggressive camber profile, but the middle gradually becomes stiffer. A freestyle board and an all-mountain board together are a fantastic mix. 

If we focus on better ability, in particular, the 3BT and sidekick tech spoons the nose and, when combined with a forgiving flex in the tips that enables you to lock into sideways presses, creates the perfect formula for your ideal snowboard that will allow you to butter your way.


  • Freestyle riding and all-mountain riding
  • Medium Flex Rating (4)
  • 3BT Rocker Type
  • Directional shape

6 . CAPiTA Mega Mercury Snowboard

  • A single deck with a wealth of high-end components and technological features can effectively handle everythingnLightweight corenThe posture is slightly retracted and ideal for many environments, including parks.nExtremely quick basenConventional camber profile that is responsive and firmer flex 6 out of 10n
  • Stiffness

The Mega Merc snowboard is the most anticipated new model for the 2024 snowboarding season since it is ideal for all snowboarding styles. In the park, on groomers, and even in the snow, this board will perform well. 

During the previous season, The Mega Merc was completely sold out. A posture set back by half an inch distinguishes the directional twin Capita Mega Merc. The board floats more easily in powder with no problems while you ride the switch stance because of the modest setback stance. 

Capita’s V2 resort profile is included on this snowboard. Traditional camber with rocking zones in the nose and tail may be found between your feet. The board’s pop, power, and responsiveness come from its camber part, while its rocker sections keep it lively, pressable, and catch-free on park features.

This board rides nicely despite being so light. Megalite Skin by Capita is featured on the board’s top sheet. It is a very light laminate that is 60% thinner than the typical top sheet. The Capita Mega Merc doesn’t seem like a light, chattery board that has nothing to it, which is the nicest aspect of weight reduction. 

The Mega Merc is a smooth-riding, hard-charging snowboard that is enjoyable to ride. The base is stone-ground and sintered. Although you’ll need to wax it to keep it moving quickly, you’ll discover that it’s sturdy and glides well over rails and crates. 

The board’s versatility and usage of high-quality materials. All-mountain snowboards are widely available, but only a select number of them genuinely stand out as a board that can carve, float, and hit the park. This snowboard is quite adept at all of them.

Therefore, the Capita Mega Mercury is the board to get if you want something that can accomplish everything well.


  • Death Grip Directional Shape
  • V2 profile for resort
  • Starship Core homopolymer with FSC certification
  • Triax Fiberglass Holysheet
  • Resin made from magic beans
  • Base Hyperdrive
  • Megalite Topsheet Skin
  • HRC48 steel edges at 360 degrees
  • ABS1000 sidewalls in full
  • Stainless steel inserts measuring 4 x 2
  • Stone cut for Moonshot Pro Tune

7 . The Salomon Huck Knife Snowboard

  • Huck Knife takes the lead and performs admirably all aroundnCan manage both the park and the entire mountainn
  • Salomon Huck Knife doesn’t increase much surface area to allow for better floating on powder, but it can manage shallow powder

The Salomon Huck Knife is legendary! This snowboard tops the list of the most effective ones on the market since it is excellent at everything from carving to buttering to jibbing. You just need to decide whether to spin, take a cab, stroll, or press; the rest is up to this ferocious board. 

If you are a freestyle rider or a park rat who wants to carve between popping off your lips, leaping over rollers, and buttering down the lane, this could be the best option for you. It is more of an intermediate snowboard than a starter board. 

Therefore, a white or orange mountain hour belt will do, and a few dashes can also work. If you look closely, you will discover that it is not a powder hound, yet one may still have a floating feeling from it.

Although the deck has little rocker in the front and tail, the camber dominates. Because of its genuine twin form, great for butter and jibes, and medium/soft flex, it is the only board that can handle a complete mountain. 

The board is flexible enough for you to effortlessly elevate your nose or tail while yet being firm enough for you to maintain control. Its sidecut, which is an EQ radial sidecut, is another great feature. 

It combines the top equalizer straight line and radial line performances for the ideal balance and freestyle edge bevels. Not to add, freestyle purists could be put off by a lot of camber.


  • Freestyle and all-mountain styles
  • Flexibility: Moderate (5)
  • Quad Camber Rocker Type
  • True twin in terms of shape

The benefits of snowboarding may include the following:

Snowboarding Has Mental Health Benefits

Snowboarding, like any other kind of exercise, has both physical and emotional advantages. One thing we enjoy about snowboarding is the pure, fresh air that is good for our bodies and minds. 

It is one of the finest ways to unwind after a long day. Clean air and going outside help you clear your thoughts and feel refreshed, happy, and energized.

1. Endorphins Are Released While Snowboarding

According to research when you snowboard, your body produces more hormones that impact your happiness. Snowboarding produces Endorphins, which are responsible for feelings of joy and well-being. 

This winter sport improves your mood by minimizing anxiety. So, if you’re having a rough day at work, get out there and snowboard this weekend! Snowboarding can help you clear your mind and absorb good energy from the chilly wind of the snowy slopes.

2. Snowboarding Aids In Stress And Anxiety Management

Snowboarding is a great way to clear your head. You won’t worry about your job, problems, school, or other things that generate stress while you’re out in nature, doing your favorite snow activity. Snowboarding has a favorable effect on your mental health.

3. Snowboarding Aids In Improving Concentration

When snowboarding, you must be present in the moment. You’ll need to concentrate on your pace, consider the steepness of the hill, when to curve, and so on. Finally, you will have completed an amazing mental workout that will benefit your focus and general mental wellness.

4. Snowboarding Improves Self-Confidence

After numerous practice rounds, over and over, and ultimately mastering the snowboarding techniques, you will feel such a confidence boost and high! This will undoubtedly boost your general self-esteem.

5. Snowboarding Improves Flexibility

While snowboarding may not be everyone’s first option, it is extremely effective at developing flexibility. When hiking, changing positions and directions quickly involve a variety of tactics and talents. 

Your body must swiftly shift positions for this, and your muscles and joints must be flexible to adapt to the fast change. Snowboarding is one of the finest winter sports because it requires your body to shift directions regularly while reacting to the slope and other obstacles on the ground. 

It enhances your flexibility automatically. A snowboarder will also bend down many times each day to put on boots and strap board and lift himself every time he falls! This is significant.

In the realm of snowboarding, there are several different kinds of butter, including pretzel, nose roll, tripod, and bagel. Butter often refers to a few ground moves that include a lot of pushing, spinning, and switch riding. 

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One of the finest foundational skills for freestyle snowboarding, buttering is a ton of fun. Buttering can be done on flat terrain; a kicker, jumps, etc. are unnecessary; thus, you can do it anywhere on the mountain.

The role of a snowboard in successful buttering is to provide a stable platform for the rider to perform the trick. The board should be wide enough to provide stability and soft flex to allow for easy maneuverability. The board should also have a good edge hold to help the rider stay in control while performing the trick.

I’m going to give some advice in this article on choosing a snowboard that’s perfect for buttering. All my recommendations are based on in-depth research on the best snowboards for buttering and customer reviews.

The criteria used to select the top 7 snowboards for buttering in 2024 include board shape, flex, edge hold, and stability. The board should have a wide shape to provide stability, a soft flex to allow for easy maneuverability, and a good edge grip to help the rider stay in control while performing the trick.

What Is The Overall Durability And Longevity Of These Snowboards?

The typical snowboard has a 150–200 day lifespan. A snowboard’s performance peaks within the first 75 to 100 riding days, after which it progressively starts to decline. The quality, location, use, maintenance, and use all have a big influence on a snowboard’s longevity. 

Although knowing the typical lifespan of a snowboard is helpful, it is ludicrous to believe that anybody would track their riding days to determine when they would need a new one. Days also lose significance since so many variables determine how long it lasts.

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What Are The Recommended Skill Levels For Using These Snowboards For Buttering?

There are so many levels for snowboarding that differ from one another. The different skill levels of buttering can be used in snowboarding according to your ability.

Level 1: New to Snowboarding

Either has never snowboarded before or needs help stopping safely.

Level 2: Novice

Capable of stopping safely, with mobility on the toe and heel sides. Pendulum and falling leaf techniques. Using magic carpets, with the possibility of progressing to a chairlift.

Level 3: Confident Novice

On soft green terrain, can do heel and toe twists. The art of linking turns. Chairs and magic carpets are used in the classroom.

Level 4: Intermediate

on green runs away from the learning area, be able to link turns and regulate speed. Practice turning with assurance on all green and simpler blue runs. Able to utilize every chairlift.

Level 5: Advanced

On blue runs, link turns are possible. Carving, short turns, off-piste slopes, and powder are all skills to be learned. Can perform simple freestyle either inside or outside of terrain parks.

Level 6: Expert

Capable of controlling a snowboard on black slopes and being at ease in a terrain park. Developing all-mountain freestyle abilities and learning steeps, trees, drops, and off-piste terrain.

How To Choose The Best Snowboards For Buttering In 2024?

If you are considering a snowboard for buttering, the following factors make a snowboard ideal for you to buy.


When buttering, you want to buy a softer board, which is the opposite of choosing a snowboard for carving. Since a softer board is more forgiving because it would take longer for the board’s edge to react to your input due to its softness. 

You may also perform presses more easily. To make pressing and spinning simpler, choose a board with a gentler flex in the middle and a stronger flex at the tail and nose. 

A softer board would provide you with a more playful and enjoyable experience. It would also be more flexible and simpler to apply greater force, allowing you to spin for longer periods and making buttering easier.


Your buttering would be simpler if it were a little bit shorter since it allows greater agility, which makes it simpler to execute spins, presses, and tricks. 

Ordinarily, I would trim 2 to 6 cm off of your usual length. With a shorter board, you can jump higher and have more time to complete your tricks because it is lighter in weight.

Snowboard Profile

Generally, a rocker profile or hybrid rocker would simplify buttering. However, you can butter with a camber profile too; it’s a matter of choice. 

For instance, I favor a hybrid profile since it has some rocker character, giving me the freedom of a rocker and the stability of a camber.


The majority of freestyle boards have an extended base, which makes them less expensive and easier to repair. 

I believe that having a simple board to repair is a good idea because I found it very simple for us to inflict some little damage to it in the park.


Buying a standard wide snowboard is OK, in my opinion, because a board that is too wide will slow down your reaction to errors and the snow. 

In the same vein, an excessively thin board would make it difficult for you to balance since you are almost certainly already receiving a shorter board.

Setting Binding and Stances

There are no set guidelines for buttering, unlike carving, so it’s more a matter of personal preference. I’d recommend setting your binding at a more central position to help you feel more balanced and using a +15/-15 binding setting to provide more similar feelings while riding the switch. 

Then, try the same tricks with different binding settings so you can feel the difference and adjust as necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do These Snowboards Compare In Terms Of Their Weight And Overall Size, And How Does This Impact Their Maneuverability For Buttering?

The length of a normal snowboard varies from 90 cm, which may fit a little child, to 178 cm, which can sustain a rider who weighs more than 200 lbs. Longer boards are more stable at faster speeds, similar to skis, but shorter boards are simpler to maneuver when learning. 

A longer, stiffer board will be challenging to handle for a lighter rider. A shorter, more flexible board will be simpler for a larger rider to manage, and they are likely to have a better experience.

Are There Any Safety Features Or Protective Equipment That Should Be Considered When Using These Snowboards For Buttering?

In the freezing winter months, snowboarding is a great way to stay active and have fun. Although it is very simple to learn, accidents do occur, and some of them are very serious. 

To keep yourself safe when snowboarding, heed this safety advice.
Make sure you are using a snowboard, boots, and bindings that have been fitted by a qualified expert.
Wear a snowboarding helmet as well. Keep the chin strap secured and make sure it fits comfortably.
Put on wrist guards.
Put on the appropriate size and colored sunglasses for sun protection. Sunglasses can be used in their place, but goggles will improve your vision in the rain or snow, keep your face warmer, and better shield your eyes from hazards like tree branches.

How Do The Graphics And Color Options Available For These Snowboards Impact Their Overall Aesthetic Appeal And Appeal To Different Riders?

Most snowboarders will agree that there is something to be admired about an aesthetic that complements the snowboards that allow us to shred, slash, and slide down that slippery, slidey material we call snow when we devote a certain amount of money, time, and effort to snowboarding.

You might argue against it, but we can all agree that graphics play a significant role in deciding on a new board. It’s certainly not the deciding factor. Your choice of the board reveals a lot about you, and it frequently serves as a person’s initial impression of you on the slopes. Your snowboard contributes to your sense of self on the mountain. To have a beautiful look go for the colors and graphics that you desire.

Are There Any Special Maintenance Or Care Instructions That Should Be Followed To Ensure The Longevity And Performance Of These Snowboards For Buttering?

The following are some of the maintenance procedures to employ to keep your snowboards for buttering last longer.

Sanitizing your board and drying it
Edge sharpening
P-Tex Restoration
When drying, position your board flat on its base or its side. This will cause the edges to corrode and collect moisture.
Because water will leak down the board and cause the nose or tail to rust, set your board upright.
Place your damp board in a board bag.

Final Thoughts

So, here you have the top 7 snowboards for buttering in 2024. Due to all the factors listed above, the CAPiTA Ultrafear snowboard beat out all of its competition. It is also worth noting that the other options are similarly decent alternatives.

Please keep in mind that all the safety precautions given are for one’s safety while buttering a snowboard. Although buttering may be done on any board, it is best to buy a board made especially for the purpose to produce optimal results. 

Since it ultimately comes down to taste, my final piece of advice would be to select a medium flex board with a twin form. This, in my opinion, will ensure excellent buttering.

Tips for mastering the art of buttering on the selected snowboard include practicing on flat terrain, using a slow and controlled approach, and focusing on balance and weight distribution. 

It is also important to use the right technique and body position to ensure a smooth and successful butter. Additionally, it is important to practice regularly and be patient as you learn the skill.

Hopefully, the information above has helped you choose the right snowboard for you. Happy buttering!

Mitchelle Lynn