Top 7 Best Snowmobile Gas Cans in 2024

Having a good gas can with you during your snowmobile ride is necessary, especially if you want to go to far-flung and remote areas that don’t have a lot of Exxon Mobile filling stations around. A gas can allows you to carry extra fuel with you that you can use in case you run out right in the middle of nowhere.

You could be thinking, hey, I can just use my detergent bottle for the fuel. Why buy a gas can? Well, they’re plenty of reasons.

For one, gas cans are purpose-made to carry large amounts of gas, making them a lot more suitable for the job than a 92-ounce Tide bottle. Furthermore, these types of cans also come with special features that allow them to easily store the gas and pump it out later on (such as leak-free gaskets, nozzles, etc.).

7 Best Snowmobile Gas Cans in 2024

Moving on in this post, let’s take a look at some other necessary information about gas cans. Then, we’ll list some good ones that you can buy in 2024. We’ll round it all up by giving a detailed buying guide that you can stick to for making a good purchase.

Gas Can Preview Price
Scepter USA 6792 Duramax best-gas-can-for-snowmobiles-overall Check Price
VP Racing 5 Gallon Jug runner-up-snowmobile-gas-can Check Price
OSEA 5L Tank budget-snowmobile-gas-can Check Price
Ski-Doo EPA Fuel Caddy premium-snowmobile-gas-can Check Price
ARCTICSCORPIAN Upgraded Gas Can ARCTICSCORPIAN Upgraded Gas Can Check Price
Ski-Doo Stackable LinQ Fuel Caddy Ski-Doo New OEM Stackable LinQ Fuel Caddy Check Price
ARCTICSCORPIAN Upgraded Gas Can (10L) ARCTICSCORPION Upgraded Gas Can Check Price

How Many Gallons/Liters Can a Typical Gas Can Hold?

It has to be remembered that snowmobile gas cans are made to be used in an emergency rather than as a part of regular everyday fill-ups. For instance, a gas can could be useful if you run out of fuel a couple of miles away from base. You can then use the can to give the snowmobile the sips it needs to return safely to the destination.

Keeping that in mind, the capacity of an average gas can is around 4 – 5 liters (1.05 – 1.3 gallons). There are some bigger cans available as well that are purposely made to hold large amounts of fuel in them. The average capacity of a large gas can is around 20 – 50 liters (~5 – 13 gallons). In our list below, we will be looking at both types.

Considering that a typical snowmobile can cover around 10 – 15 miles on the gallon, a small 1-gallon gas can will be able to give you a nice boost in case of an emergency. Plus, since they’re small-sized, you could even carry a couple of such gas cans instead of just one.

Are Metal Gas Cans Better than Plastic?

Metal cans are better. Other than the general characteristic strength that metal possesses over plastic, a downside of the latter is that it can start leaching chemicals into the fuel. Apart from spoiling the fuel itself, this can also take a toll on the plastic container, damaging it slowly until it is rendered unfit for storing purposes.

Plastic cans can also be less suitable to take along on a snowmobile, considering how rigorous and jumpy the rides can be. In the event of a light collision, a plastic can would get damaged a lot sooner and easier than a metal one. 

Should I Leave Gas in My Snowmobile Over the Summer?

You should leave a substantial amount of gas in your snowmobile when storing it for the summer. This allows the gas container to remain lubricated. If you empty out the tank before storing the snowmobile, the inner components can get dried out, due to which they get more susceptible to break/snap.

Now, let’s move on to look at some of the gas cans that you can buy in 2024.

1. Scepter USA 6792 Duramax – Best Overall

  • Large capacitynIntegrated hose (with hanging bracket) for easy refillsn14-gallon capacitynComes with integrated wheels at the bottomn
  • Plastic construction

You’ll recall how we mentioned some ‘big’ gas cans above (in the heading about the average capacity). The Scepter USA 6792 is one of the big gas cans that you can buy for your snowmobile.

Compared to the other usual smaller gas cans that are typically used for snowmobiles, the Scepter 6792 is particularly feature-rich and spacious. Although, due to its large size, it can be difficult to carry and transport, the useful features that it offers make it an excellent product to buy. Let’s look at those one by one.

First off, the design of the Scepter 6792 is exceptional. Thanks to its longitudinal shape and the wheels at the bottom, it can be moved around easily. There is also a gripping handle at the top, using which you can lift and drag it around without trouble.

This gas can has a 14-gallon capacity. Considering the size, design, and storage limit, the Scepter USA 6792 is not something that you can hang at the back of your snowmobile and ride around…unless your snowmobile itself is some sort of hulk. You could store it in, say, a truck bed or in the trunk of an SUV, etc., and keep it close to the snowmobiling site. 

For fill-ups, you can use the large black cap at the top of the can. And for transferring the fuel to the snowmobile, you can use the attached 10-foot hose. The hose comes with a hand pump that you can operate just like the one at the filling stations. 

You can hold and latch the clip in the pump to start and stop the fuel flow. Thanks to the length of the hose, you won’t have to bring the can too close to the snowmobile or hold it up when refilling.

The downside of this container (and a lot of people won’t probably count this as a downside) is the material. Made with polyethylene, the Scepter USA 6792 comes with the concomitant incumbrances and frailties of plastic. 

Although, according to the brand, the plastic is durable and high-density, you will have to contend with the usual disadvantages, i.e., the chemical leaching and quicker deterioration. Arguably, a can of this size could seem impractical if made of metal. But it would have been just fine if the metal used was aluminum or alloy.

Why is the Scepter USA 6792 Ideal for Long Snowmobile Trips?

The Scepter USA 6792 can be ideal for long snowmobile trips because of its large capacity and wheeled, easy-to-move design. The 14-gallon capacity of this gas can will help you keep a hefty stock of fuel as a backup. On the other hand, the wheels at the bottom and the handle at the top make the Scepter 6792 easy to move.

However, it has to be remembered that while this gas container can store a large amount of fuel in it, it weighs around 110 pounds when full. Considering this, it’s not really a suitable product for carrying on the snowmobile itself. You will have to store it in places like the trunk or the tonneau.

2. VP Racing 5 Gallon Jug – Runner Up

  • Large size and capacitynIn-built filternIntegrated 14-inch hosen
  • Plastic construction

The VP Racing 5-Gallon Jug is yet another excellent container that you can use for storing backup fuel for your snowmobile. It’s large, it looks nice, and it comes packed with useful features.

To start off, the capacity of the VP Racing container is pretty good. Five gallons can easily give you around 50 – 60 miles on an average snowmobile. If your vehicle has a particularly good fuel economy, you could even get 80 – 100 miles out of it.

Moving on, the VP Racing Jug has an in-built filter that will keep the fuel uncontaminated when storing/pouring. There is also a leak-free sealed 14-inch hose that you can use for clean fill-ups. The rubber gaskets keep the fluid from spilling out of the hose when being poured.

This container weighs around 9 pounds when empty. When filled to capacity, the combined weight of the gasoline and the container itself would be approximately 40 pounds. This is something you have to think over before you make your purchase.

3. OSEA 5L Tank – Budget Pick

  • Aesthetic designnPre-installed mounting locknExhaust valve to prevent backflownIn-built nozzle for easy refillsn
  • Small capacity

This tank by OSEA is much smaller than the ones discussed above, and it is a lot more suitable if you want to carry it along with you on the snowmobile itself. There are a number of cool features that you can enjoy with this container. Let’s look at them one by one.

First off, an excellent feature that you can enjoy with the OSEA is the security lock. You can mount the tank to your snowmobile and then lock it using the included key to save it from getting nicked off. The lock secures the tank from the middle, which makes it hard to break or pick.

Moving on, the design and construction of the OSEA 5L Tank also make it worth buying. Apart from looking aesthetic, the plastic of the OSEA is advertised to be oil-resistant, corrosion-resistant, anti-static, and anti-ultraviolet. Although we do have our qualms with the plastic construction, the added perks make it an overall good choice.

This gas can has an in-built filler nozzle that can be inserted into the vehicle’s tank opening for easy fill-ups. One of the unique and special features of the OSEA 5L Tank is the exhaust valve. Due to negative pressure, the gasoline can flow backward into the tank. By opening the exhaust valve, you will be able to terminate the negative pressure and make the fill-up smooth and quick.

While the features, form, and functionality of the OSEA 5L Tank are great and all, the one big glaring downside is the small capacity. With just 1.3 gallons, you can’t really count much on this container to give you an emergency boost. At best, it will be able to give you around 10 – 20 extra miles.

Considering the above, we don’t recommend the OSEA 5L Tank for longer excursions. If you do plan on going on a long trip, then you should pack at least three of these with you. You can carry a couple on the snowmobile itself and keep a couple stashed at the base (camp, truck, etc.).

4. Ski-Doo EPA Fuel Caddy – Premium Pick

  • Compact designnCap placement allows easy pouringnIntegrated plastic handlenCan be used in positions 1 and 2nCan be installed with included mounting hardwaren
  • Plastic construction

If you are looking for something small – really small – the Ski-Doo EPA Fuel Caddy can be a good product to buy.

From an honest perspective, the small size of the Ski-Doo Fuel Caddy can’t really be counted as a con against it since it is made to be compact. Keeping that in mind, let’s start looking at this product in more detail.

So, starting off with the capacity, you can use the fuel caddy to store 1 gallon of backup juice. This translates to around 4 liters. Considering how small and limited the capacity of this tank is, it can be great for people who have to make short trips in close vicinity to their home/base. On an average snowmobile, 1 gallon of fuel can get you around 10 miles of distance.

One of the main features of the Ski-Doo Fuel Caddy is its lightweight. Since it is small in size, it can be easily carried around on the back of the sled. This fuel caddy is designed to be fitted with certain Ski-Doo snowmobile models. 

If you have any of the supported models, you will be able to securely fit the caddy in the brackets. Mind you, you can use the caddy with literally any other snowmobile you want, but then you will have to make some custom arrangements for holding it down.

This fuel caddy can be used in two positions. Thanks to its distinct design, you can either lay it flat down in a horizontal position or set it upright. The position of the cap makes it possible to change the orientations without any trouble. Furthermore, thanks to the placement of the cap, you can pour the gas into your snowmobile easily.

Another thing that you have to keep in mind about the Ski-Doo Fuel Caddy is that it comes with the LinQ mounting hardware included. If you have any of the compatible snowmobiles, i.e., Ski-Doo REV Gen4, XS, XM, XR, XP, and XU, you will be able to fit the fuel caddy directly on them using the LinQ adapter plate.

Wrapping this one up, we’ll say that if you are looking for a small container that can hold just the bare minimum backup fuel, you can buy the Ski-Doo Fuel Caddy. Or, if you do want to opt for these, you can carry a couple of them at once rather than just one.

5. ARCTICSCORPIAN Upgraded Gas Can

  • Aesthetic and durable designnBracket locknSnap-in spoutnExhaust outlet for relieving pressuren
  • Small capacity

The ARCTICSCORPIAN Upgraded Gas Can has a small capacity, but it comes with a range of useful features and perks that make it a good purchase. Let’s talk about the design first.

First of all, the color of this gas can is red. Red is the signature color of gasoline, as compared to yellow, which denotes diesel. Not that this matters a lot, but the red color of the gas can will be somewhat helpful in showing that it contains gas and not something else. The design is also aesthetic in itself. This will be a plus if you like to pay attention to the looks of your snowmobile and its accessories.

Moving on, the ARCTICSCORPIAN Upgraded Gas Can also comes with a security lock. The circular mounting bracket can be installed on any part of the frame of your snowmobile, provided that it fits. Once you install the bracket, you can slide the container on it and then secure it in place with the cover. The cover can later be removed by using the included key.

The ARCTICSCORPIAN Upgraded Gas Can has a capacity of 5 liters, which amounts to 1.3 gallons. It comes with an included snap-in spout that, according to the brand, helps avoid unnecessary spills and waste thanks to the automatic closing function.

Last but not least, the durable construction is also a remarkable feature of this gas can. It is made of high-quality plastic with anti-static, anti-UV, and anti-corrosion properties. The thick-walled design of this container helps it endure rough bumps and falls without breaking apart.

6. Ski-Doo Stackable LinQ Fuel Caddy

  • Large capacitynEasy-to-pour designnStackable with LinQ tunnel bag or EPA caddyn
  • The design is not very carry-friendly

The Ski-Doo Stackable LinQ Fuel Caddy is made to fit on top of the LinQ adapter plate (which you’ll have to buy separately). If your snowmobile has the bracket fitted on it, you’ll be able to enjoy the intended experience of this fuel caddy by mounting it in place. But if you don’t have the bracket, you also always use some other make-shift means for carrying the caddy with you on your trips.

One of the remarkable and fascinating features of the stackable fuel caddy is that it can be easily used with the Ski-Doo EPA Fuel Caddy discussed at number 4. You can store the EPA caddy on top of the stackable fuel caddy for a two-in-one experience.

Other than the features discussed above, the capacity of the Ski-Doo Stackable LinQ Fuel Caddy is also quite decent. It can store a total of 14 liters, which translates to 4 gallons of fuel.

7. ARCTICSCORPIAN Upgraded Gas Can (10L)

  • Large capacitynIntegrated exhaust ventnMultiple handlesnSupports locking bracketn
  • Plastic construction

This gas can is quite similar to the other ARCTICSCORPIAN container discussed above with regard to the features and design.

As the name indicates, you can store up to 10 liters of gas in the ARCTICSCORPIAN Upgraded Gas Can (which amounts to around 2.6 gallons). This container is a bit larger than the other ones we’ve looked at so far, so you’ll have to be a little careful about how you carry it on your snowmobile.

Like the one discussed above, this ARCTICSCORPIAN gas can comes with an exhaust vent that can be used to relieve pressure when needed. It also has an included snap-in spout that you can use for precise fill-ups with no spills and waste.

Unlike the other containers on this list, the ARCTICSCORPIAN upgraded gas can has a handle at the top as well as on the side. You can carry the can using any of the two. There are slots in the middle that you can use for the locking brackets (which you’ll have to buy separately).

How To Choose The Best Gas Can For Your Snowmobile In 2024?

You’ve seen all these gas cans, but chances are that you haven’t found the one you were looking for. But, no need to worry.

For the next part of this article, we will be going over a ‘buying guide’ to help you understand how you can buy the best gas can for your snowmobile.

Truth be told, buying a gas can is not that difficult. The deciding factors – such as the capacity and the construction – are more or less readily visible.


It can be tough to understand what type of features can work for your particular need. Plus, some things (such as the exact type of plastic, the nozzle mechanics, etc.) have to be properly understood before you can start looking for products to buy yourself.

That is what we’re going to help you with when writing this buying guide. Let’s get started.

Look for the Capacity

The first and most obvious thing that you need to watch in your contemplated product is the capacity. Now, it may sound as if ‘the more, the better’ is the universal rule that applies here, but it’s not.

The ideal capacity of a gas can is the one that fulfills your need the best. If you’re in the habit of going on longer excursions (which may involve spending the night in some remote location), then you have to go for a large and generous gas can that can hold around 10 – 15 gallons of fuel.

On the other hand, if your snowmobile trips include short runs in places close to your home, then even a 1-gallon small container would be enough. In this sort of case, the gas can would be more of a precaution than a necessity.

Another thing that you have to consider vis-à-vis the capacity is the fuel economy of your own snowmobile. If your vehicle has a very low average (i.e., five mpg or something), then you will have to get a large gas can…even as a precaution.

Check the Size of the Can

The next thing that you have to see in your contemplated gas can is the size.

Arguably, the ‘capacity’ of the can does somewhat translate to its overall size. So, why mention it separately here?

Depending on how the can is actually made, the size may not be a very accurate representation of its capacity. For example, a small, thinly constructed can could hold more fuel than a large, heavily-padded one.

Nevertheless, the reason that we’re mentioning the size is to simply highlight that it is important to buy such a container that can easily fit on your snowmobile without becoming a hassle. If your snowmobile is large and has dedicated slots/brackets for holding gas cans, you can go for large containers such as the one by V-Racing discussed at number 2 above.

On the other hand, if there is no such feature on your snowmobile, then you’d be better off with a container that can be stowed away in a trunk/bag instead.

Material Used

Next up, you have to watch out for the material that’s used for the construction of the can itself.

As mentioned earlier on in this post, metal cans are usually better than plastic since they are more durable and they don’t leach chemicals into the fuel.

But, as you may have understood from the products listed above, steel containers are not that easy to come by. Most gas cans nowadays are made from plastic, with high-quality ones using a durable variant (e.g., polyethylene).

Ideally, you should look for a gas can that has a steel interior with the outer body made of plastic. With this sort of product, you will be able to enjoy the best of both. The steel interior will keep the gasoline in its pure form while also not getting damaged quickly. The plastic body, on the other hand, will save you from getting hurt during the hauls and lifts.

Mind you, this is a sort of an ideal case, and chances are that you won’t find this sort of product easily. If you can’t find one, you can make do instead with a tank made with high-quality plastic.


When it comes to design, there are quite a few things that you have to watch out for. Let’s talk about them in detail:

Ease of Use

Firstly, you have to see how easy the container is to use. Look at the shape. Is it going to be easy lifting the thing up and hauling it around?

Take an example here. In the first spot of our list, we looked at the Scepter USA 6792, which had a 15-gallon capacity and a longitudinal vertical shape. If a container with this same capacity had a square boxy design with no handle on it, it would have been incredibly hard to use. But, by giving a large handle at the top, wheels at the bottom, and a long rectangular form factor, the brand made the Scepter USA 6792 pretty easy to use.


The shape, size, and placement of the handle are also very important insofar as the design is concerned.

The shape of the handle should ideally be round, with ample room underneath for the user to slide the hand through. This is emphasized if the can has a steel body, which can be a little harder to hold than plastic.

Then comes the size. Once again, we’ll point out the Scepter USA mentioned at number one on our list. If you look at the product image, you’ll see how the handle virtually stretches from one end to the other, making it easy and comfortable to hold.

Lastly, you should also check the positioning of the handle. Normally, gas cans have their handles on the top. But some containers, like the Ski-Doo discussed in the list above, can give some issues in this regard. The container by Ski-Doo has its handle close to the bottom…which is a little impractical.


This is not a very common feature, but it can be useful nonetheless. As you may have seen in some of the products discussed above, the container can be mounted to the frame of the vehicle using a bracket, which can later be locked on using the provided key. This is a good security measure that can help prevent your container from getting nicked.

Frequently Asked Questions About Snowmobile Gas Cans

How Long Can Gas Sit on Snowmobile?

For 30 days at the maximum. You should not leave the same gas in your snowmobile for more than a month. When storing it away for the winter, you will have to use a fuel stabilizer. 

Is There a Difference Between Red and Yellow Gas Cans?

Red and yellow gas are technically the same. But yellow cans are mostly used to carry u003cstrongu003ediesel, u003c/strongu003ewhereas red cans are used to carry u003cstrongu003egasolineu003c/strongu003e. The colors make it easy to identify what the cans contain.

What is the Best Container to Store Gas?

From the list of the above-mentioned products, the Scepter USA 6792 is the best for storing gas due to its large design and integrated hose.


And that wraps it up.

This was a big post. Before we end this thing, let’s go over a brief recap of the products that we’ve mentioned above.

The Scepter USA 6792, mentioned as number one, has an excellent capacity combined with a user-friendly design. It comes with an integrated hose, wheels, and a large handle at the top.

The VP Racing container discussed at number two is large and bulky, but it comes with an in-built oil filter and a leak-free hose for easy refills. The OSEA 5L Tank has a smart design with a locking mechanism that you can use to secure it to the vehicle.

Moving on, the Ski-Doo EPA Fuel Caddy’s winning feature is its small and compact design. It can be ideal for people who want to avoid hauling around heavy tanks and containers for their backup fuel. The ARCTICSCORPIAN Upgraded Gas Can discussed at number five also has a good design combined with decent capacity. The locking bracket and snap-in spout are the salient features of this product.

The Ski-Doo Stackable discussed at number six provides the main benefit of being able to be fitted using the LinQ mounting plates. It can also support a LinQ tunnel bag as well as the smaller fuel caddy on top.

Last but not least, the ARCTICSCORPIAN Upgraded Gas Can discussed at number seven is also a container worth buying. It comes with two handles (one at the top and the other at the side), along with slots for the locking bracket.

While all these cans are great and all, you should take care to buy only those containers that are suitable for your particular need and requirement. For that, you can take help from our buying guide and do your own research.

Mitchelle Lynn