How To Wax Skis Without An Iron At Home?

Yes, skiing is really fun, until you face lousy speeds, traction, unbalancing, and rust. To avoid all these problems, wax is the thing that you would want to use. But if you are thinking that wax can be done with ease, then you might be wrong. 

Well, waxing can be easy to do, but the only thing is that you would need all the needed equipment to proceed. One of those pieces of equipment is the iron. So what will you do if you don’t have an iron? Will you be able to wax your skis efficiently without compromising on the procedure? If you know the right ways, yes, you will still be able to wax efficiently without even using an iron. So let’s check how you can wax skis without iron and how good it would be to use those methods!

How To Wax Skis Without An Iron!

Following are just a very few methods, but the best ones that can help you wax skis without an iron. So let’s proceed and see what those methods are!

1. Use liquid wax!

One of the best and the easiest ways to wax your skis, without even the use of iron, is the use of liquid wax. Liquid wax literally does not require any type of extra equipment or materials and you just have to get your hands on a liquid wax. Liquid wax usually comes in the form of sprays and one can conveniently use it.

Just make sure that the liquid wax you are going to use is good enough for your skis and would work well for a longer period. Not only that, make sure to apply the wax on the edges too so that there won’t be any type of rusting or moisture problems. And lastly, do not over-apply the wax as it will form patches on your skis and these patches can surely ruin your skiing experience. You can check in the end if the ski is flat after the waxing process as it will ensure that you will be able to ski properly.

2. Get a roto wool 

If you are not really satisfied with the liquid waxing, then the only option that is left for you is to go with the usual thick wax. Now you might be thinking that how can you apply the usual wax without using an iron? Well, that is where the roto wool comes in. 

Roto wool is simply a roller that comes attached with wool. This roller flattens the wax evenly on the skis and makes it perfect for use. It would be even a better idea if you could use hot wax as hot wax will be able to flatten down with ease. 

If you are thinking about how the whole process is done, you will need a drill machine as extra equipment. You will have to attach the drill with the roto wool so that it could spin easily. After attaching the rolo wool with the drill, you will have to first roll it on the wax. Soon after the wax is applied to the roto wool, you will have to turn on the drill machine and roll it across the skis. You will have to do it several times until the wax is applied properly. It might take some time to get both of the skis done with the process, but it will be worth it. 

Why waxing is important for skis?

Have you ever wondered why go through such hassles just to wax your skis? Is it that important? Well, if it is, then what are the benefits? Let’s take a look!

1. Smooth and speedy 

Would you want your ski to be slow when you are skiing through the mountains? Probably not! Well, waxing is what reduces the traction and offers you a very smooth experience. It makes your ski faster and better than before and offers you a reliable skiing experience.

2. Protection from rust!

Rusty skis can cost you more than you can imagine. Yes, that is right, rust can deform the whole structure of your skis and can damage them for longer use. But if your skis are waxed properly, there is no way rust can form that easily. 

3. Durability and reliability

Wax makes your skis durable and reliable so that you can use them for the upcoming years. It gives the ski material the strength to face the weight and cold temperatures without creating any hassles. But the only thing is, you will have to get your ski tuned or waxed every year to keep it durable. 


Waxing skis without iron is not really the easiest task, but it surely is possible if you are enthusiastic enough. So do not back off and start waxing your skis right away with the methods mentioned above.

Mitchelle Lynn