How To Wrap A Snowboard For Christmas?

Christmas is the perfect holiday to gift someone their favorite thing. People that have hobbies are passionate about them to an extreme extent. It will make your loved ones super happy if you give them something they love. If you have a friend or a family member that loves to shed those powdery mountains, a snowboard will be a perfect gift. However, it is an odd-shaped object and can be challenging to pack. So, how to wrap a snowboard for Christmas?

There is a way to wrap a snowboard to look nice. You will need wrapping paper, bubble wrap, tape or glue, and a ribbon.

Christmas is a joyous event; you can make it even more memorable by giving a perfectly wrapped snowboard to your loved ones. Read on to learn the instructions.

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How Do You Wrap A Snowboard?

How To Wrap A Snowboard For Christmas

Wrapping gifts on Christmas eve is a fun yet stressful activity. The pressure of buying the perfect gift and then wrapping it gets too much if you are unprepared. Lucky for you, if you have bought someone a snowboard, wrapping it will be relatively easy. There are a few things you will need:

  • Wrapping paper
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Bubble wrap
  • Ribbons
  • Greeting sticker

Follow the steps, and you will have a lovely snowboard gift ready to give:

Buy A Wrapping Paper

The first thing to do is get a wrapping sheet for your snowboard. As the gift is a large item, you will need more than one whole roll of wrapping sheet. Get multiple rolls before wrapping the present to be on the safe side. It will save you time and effort

As it is a Christmas gift, getting a holiday-themed wrapping sheet will be appropriate. You can go for a plain green and red sheet or a sheet with ornaments. Snowflakes are also a good option. 

Lay Out The Wrapping Sheet

Next, you need to roll out the wrapping sheet to measure how much you need to cover the snowboard. Ensure that the wrapping sheet should go around the board for full coverage. 

You will need more wrapping sheets for a snowboard containing binding than those with zero bindings. Measure according to your need.

It is essential to keep in mind to put the sheet down in a way that the printed face of the sheet is towards the table and the plain side is facing you. At this point, do not cut the wrapping sheet. Only measure it for a general idea and move on to the next step. 

Cover The Snowboard In Bubble Wrap

This step is to make the wrapping process more manageable. If you put the wrapping sheet directly on the snowboard, it has a higher chance of tearing apart due to sharp edges. Plus, the bubble wrap will protect the snowboard from damage.

Wrap the bubble wrap around the board securely. Use tape at every edge to ensure the bubble wrap sticks to the board. 

Put The Snowboard On the Wrapping Paper

Once you have wrapped the snowboard in bubble wrap, it is time to lay it down on the wrapping sheet that you rolled out. Place the front of the board on the table so the backside should be facing you

Ensure that you leave at least 6 inches on each side and top and bottom of the board of the extra wrapping sheet. It will help you fold the sheet around the board for full coverage

Time To Wrap!

It is a tricky step as it requires taping and covering the snowboard to make a lovely present. First, wrap the wrapping sheet around the board to cover it entirely. Leave a little extra so you can overlap and bind the edges. Next, fold the extra edges of the bottom and top to cover the board neatly.

Once you have memorized the folds of the sheet, it is time to tape them in place. Use transparent tape to fix the edges of the sheet. Ensure the snowboard does not show through anywhere and that the gift has a smooth finish.

The Final Touches

Finishing a present is the most crucial step. It requires finesse and care. Choose a beautiful ribbon to go around your snowboard. You can choose a plain ribbon or a printed one. 

It is best to put a simple ribbon on a printed wrapping sheet and a printed ribbon on a plain. You can choose accordingly.

After placing the ribbon around your snowboard gift, it is time for a greeting sticker or card. You can choose a simple to/from sticker or a season’s greetings sticker to accompany your gift. 

The card or sticker gives your wrapping a personal touch. It will make your loved ones feel even more special than before.  

Final Word

Christmas is stressful for adults as there is a customary gift exchange tradition. However, if you know the likings of your loved ones, the task becomes more manageable. 

Learning about your friends and family is best so you can buy the perfect gift. If you still need clarification, ask them what they want for Christmas. It will help if you research wrapping styles and take online tutorials before wrapping a gift like snowboards. 

It will save you time and effort. Finally, you must flawlessly wrap the gift and put it under the Christmas tree to share the pure joy with everyone during the holiday season!

Mitchelle Lynn