Skiing With A Baby: Do’s & Don’ts For Parents

Preparing for a ski trip is challenging but becomes more complicated when you have a baby. Babies are wordless and innocent beings who cannot tell when they feel uncomfortable. All they can do is cry to let you know something is wrong, which can be stressful, especially while you are on a break. If you are planning a ski trip with your baby and feel lost, here are some do’s and don’ts for parents.

Babies need extra care in the mountains, which can get freezing and dangerous. But do not worry. We have listed down some things that can make your life easier and some to avoid while skiing with your precious child.

Introducing your kid to skiing at an early age is a great idea. Then, your child will have enough time to practice and learn all the skills and techniques to master skiing. Read on to learn more about carefully exposing your baby to skiing.

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Things You Should Do

You are anxious and nervous when you go out with a fragile baby. Babies are sensitive, and anything can disturb them. Going on a skiing trip with a baby can be challenging if you do not research what to do. However, a well-researched trip will be worthwhile. So, here is a list of do’s on your skiing trip with your precious baby: 

Carry The Baby Around Securely

Skiing With A Baby

The first hurdle you must prepare for is carrying your baby safely around the mountain. Holding your child in your arms will not cut it; you will want to ski and sled down the snow slope. 

Your child can slip through your hands and receive an injury. Plus, you will wear plenty of layers that can make your grip slippery. It is best to opt for one of the methods below to carry your kid on a ski trip:

Baby Carrier

These are easy to use as you can wear your baby like a backpack. However, keeping your baby carrier in front will be wiser so you can carry a bag on your shoulders. Plus, it will help you keep an eye on your child if you keep the baby in the front. 

You can choose many options and find your perfect baby carrier. Always test the product before purchasing. Ensure that your baby is comfortable and fastened safely in it.

Baby Sled

This product will ensure a fun ride for your kid. If your baby can sit on its own, you should go for a baby seld. First, you must buy a sled that keeps your baby tucked in deep and has a low center of gravity to reduce your child’s chances of falling

Then, browse online or in shops to find the best baby seld. Finally, test it with your baby to ensure it does not bother the little guy.

Baby Jogging Stroller

A stroller is one of the most comfortable sitting spots for a baby. However, a regular stroller will not work correctly on the ski resort landscapes. In such a condition, a jogging stroller is your best bet as it will have bigger wheels that will help the stroller move better on packed snow

There are plenty of options that you go through and pick your favorite depending on price and specifications.

Find A Daycare For Your Baby

If you have a child that is too young to start skiing, it is best to find a daycare near or at the ski resort. It can be expensive, but it will keep your mind at ease. Being parents of a baby can be stressful on regular days; the stress only increases on trips that involve dangerous sports like skiing. 

Daycare will be a great choice so you can enjoy yourself while your baby stays safe.

Research About The Resort And Terrains

Taking your baby to unknown territory can challenge you and your mental peace. In addition, it can be dangerous for the baby, as you can face unwanted circumstances. 

The best way to avoid any mishap is to do online research about the resort you pick for your skiing trip. For example, you can visit places like Reddit or Quora to read your fellow skier’s reviews and warnings about the area.

Choose A Family Resort

It will be wise to choose a family-friendly resort because only some will provide you with facilities that can help with taking care of an infant. In addition, you will need a nursery, transportation, food, accommodation, etc., fitting for your baby’s comfortable vacation

Otherwise, it will be a stressful holiday season for your and the family.

Bring Extra Luggage

You should be prepared for the worst-case scenario when you go out with a baby. Babies fall, spill, barf, poo, and get their clothes dirty a lot. They are also experts at throwing a tantrum once or twice a day. 

Therefore, it is best to pack plenty of clothes, toys, diapers, food, and anything that can soothe your baby. It will help you and your kid have a great time in the snowy mountain.

Things You Should Avoid Doing

As there is a long list of things you can do on your trip with babies, there are a few things you should avoid doing. Here is a list:

Do Not Ski With A Baby in A Carrier

The baby carriers mentioned above are to carry the baby on foot, not while skiing. Skiing with a baby carrier is hazardous for the baby’s safety, as you cannot control or protect the child during a fall. 

Plus, skiing has a lot of bumps on the terrain and sharp turns. It will be difficult for you to focus on a baby and put you both in harm’s way. 

However, you can try to ski on gentle trails with a baby at least eight months old who can keep its neck steady.

Avoid Crowded Areas

An overcrowded ski trail means a higher chance of collisions and accidents. Kids have fragile bodies and can get more severely hurt easily than adult skiers. 

Going on a skiing trip off-season is best to avoid getting stuck in a crowded resort

Ignore Helmets (For Once)

Helmets are essential to skiing, as they protect your head from fatal injuries. However, helmets can threaten young children as they have weaker necks. In addition, a very young kid will be unable to sustain the helmet’s weight, which can cause a strain or permanent injury to the child’s neck. 

Final Word

Skiing with a young child can be challenging, but it does not mean you should not do it. If you take proper precautions and measures to ensure your child’s safety, you can have a great time with your kid during a skiing trip. 

It is best to introduce children to skiing at a young age, as they can grasp the concept quicker. Do not worry about minor injuries. Kids fall all the time when they are learning. Just protect them from anything severe, and you are good to go!

Mitchelle Lynn