Top 7 Best Apres Ski Boots In 2024

Autumn is over, and winter is around the corner. It is time to get out your ski boots and get ready for all the fun, exciting, and thrilling winter sports that come with the new season. 

You need to arm yourself against the cold, snow, and rain that are about to come your way. If you are an avid skier, you already understand the need to have a quality pair of apres ski boots.

With this in mind, we have compiled a list of the top 7 best apres ski boots for you in 2024. We will discuss in detail the benefits of apres ski boots, who they are best suited for, and provide insight on any questions you might have. 

We will also outline the factors to consider to purchase the right pair of apres ski boots. These ski boots are sure to give your feet room to breathe and relax as you catch up with friends at a ski resort or lodge.

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Let’s take a look.

7 Best Apres Ski Boots [2024]

Apres Ski Boots Preview Price
LifeStride Women’s Saratoga Snow Boot LifeStride Women's Saratoga Snow Boot Check Price
UGG Classic Mini Boot Ugg Women's Classic Check Price
La Canadienne Women’s Abba Ski Boot La Canadienne Women's Abba Ski Boot Check Price
Cole Haan Women’s Cloudfeel Waterproof Snow Mini Boot Cole Haan Women's Cloudfeel Waterproof Snow Mini Boot Check Price
Sam Edelman Women’s Lakyn Boots Sam Edelman Women's Lakyn Boots Check Price
Sorel Men’s Caribou Snow Boot Sorel Men's Caribou Snow Boot Check Price
Columbia Women’s Snow Canyon Omni Heat Winter Boot Columbia Women's Snow Canyon Omni Heat Winter Boot Check Price

What Is Apres Ski?

Apres refers to after in french. Apres skiing, therefore, is a term that encompasses all activities that take place after you are done skiing. This may range from bonfires, drinking, a little tour of the ski location, or a little hike along the mountain terrain.

These activities typically start late in the afternoon and can go on long into the night, depending on the location. Apres ski boots refer to shoes designed for wearing after skiing. They are less restricted and more comfortable compared to ski boots.

 Apres ski boots allow you to relax and unwind after your intense workout on the piste or backcountry terrain. A good pair of apres ski boots will help provide you with the necessary warmth and comfort after an intense day of skiing activities.

They are typically designed to be lightweight and can offer decent ankle support. They are also fitted with insulation and feature waterproof designs to protect you from the cold.

Are Apres Ski Boots Worth it?

A lot of emphases is placed on what we should wear when we are heading out to ski. However, a good pair of boots is equally important. A good pair of apres ski boots can also help keep you stylish as you explore your ski destination.

Apres ski boots are usually designed to provide you with all-around protection to fight extreme winter conditions. They are a worthy purchase suitable for any apres ski activity you may need to indulge in after skiing.

Who Are The Apres Ski Boots Best Suited For?

These boots are ideal for anyone who loves to indulge in after-ski activities, hang out and socialize with other skiers. They are especially suited for people who love the outdoors. You need to purchase a pair of apres ski boots to protect yourself from the cold if you fall into these categories.

Apres ski boots are also great for anyone who loves to experience winter walks or take little hikes after skiing. All skiers need an extra pair of ski boots to use while they are not skiing.

You, however, do not need these boots if you like to cozy up in your home after skiing instead of joining in on other activities. A pair of warm fuzzy sliders in the comfort of your home can do the trick.

Here are our best picks:

1 . LifeStride Women’s Saratoga Snow Boot – Best Overall

  • Great liftnBreathable foamnLug sole nWide archnFlexible outer solenStylish
  • None

You are able to walk around comfortably with these shoes all day without any discomfort. This is because the boots are designed with just the right amount of lift to support your feet. This makes them ideal for walking on snow. 

The Lifestride boot features a cushion-like breathable foam that helps to absorb shock and alleviate pressure from your leg, resulting in increased comfort.

The boots also come with a synthetic lug sole, improving durability, stability, and performance. They also provide a strong grip against the icy surface. The boots also utilize recyclable and biodegradable components in the manufacturing process. 

Quite impressive considering the global push for sustainability and carbon footprint reduction globally.

The Lifestride apres boots have wider arch and heel support, providing great balance and stability. The outer sole of this boot is made of flexible material, ensuring you are comfortable walking outside once you are done skiing.

Why Is The Lifestride Saratoga Boot The Best Apres Ski Boot For 2024?

These boots are quite a stunner for anyone who loves to stay fashionable and wear trendy pieces. They feature a lace detail uniquely wrapped around the boot, making it a masterpiece. The boots largely employ the use of recyclable materials in manufacturing. 

We highly appreciate this initiative as it goes a long way in protecting mother earth and is one of the little steps we can all collectively take to reduce and manage the effects of global warming. This shoe promises value for your money because it has been made using high-quality material.

The Life Stride in Motion technology also helps alleviate too much pressure from your feet, while the ultra-flexible shoe insole makes it the ultimate comfort-hugging apres ski boot for you. We highly recommend that you give these boots a try. We bet you will love them.

2 . UGG Classic Mini Boot – Runner Up

  • Made from real shearlingnWater repellentnStain resistantnLightweightnFitted with pull tabsnDurable
  • Do not offer arch supportnThe soles do not have a strong grip

UGGS is a well-known and reputable global shoe brand. These boots are your best bet for dealing with cold weather. They ensure that you look and feel good in whatever kind of clothing you choose to wear once you are done skiing. 

These ski boots are fitted with sheepskin lining. This material provides a cozy feel that improves breathability and helps you keep warm even under negative temperatures. They are lightweight in design and can easily pass for outdoor winter boots. 

The boots are constructed using real treated sheepskin. It provides them with water and stain-repellent abilities. The boot’s footbed is also fitted with soft and warm material. The plush material is made from a blend of wool and lyocell.

What we love most about the Uggs classic mini boots are the pull tabs that are fitted on the back of the boots, which help to wear and remove the boots quickly. These boots are made to last. 

The rubber outsole, however, lacks arch support and does not have a strong grip. This means they cannot help you maintain a strong balance when walking on snow.

We would advise that you wear woolen socks with these boots in case you sweat to avoid discomfort. Wool has moisture-wicking abilities, which will help keep your feet dry.

3 . La Canadienne Women’s Abba Ski Boot – Premium Pick

  • StylishnWaterproofnGreat tractionnBreathablenPremium qualitynDurablenFront zipper nMemory foam linernRich suede colors
  • Quite pricey

The La Canadienne boots are manufactured in Canada and are widely known for their premium quality and durable shoes. These boots perfectly match functionality with style. It is lined with genuine shearling for the ultimate cozy feel much needed after skiing. 

The sheep skin is breathable, which helps provide you with warmth and keep your feet dry through its moisture-wicking effect. The sole, which has a slight lift, offers great traction due to the stitch-trimmed soles it comes with. They come in varying suede-rich color options that you are sure to enjoy.

The boot is also fitted with a front zipper which helps you wear and remove the shoe without hassle. The boot employs City Dry technology which makes the boots waterproof. The inner sole is also lined with memory foam for added comfort. If you love fashion, these apres ski boots are the best option.

Grab a pair today and enjoy your after-ski activities.

4 . Cole Haan Women’s Cloudfeel Waterproof Snow Mini Boot

  • Trusted brandnStylishnAdjustable bungee closurenWarm and cozy
  • Offer inadequate tractionnQuite heavy

These short boots are warm and cozy, making them suitable for post-skiing activities. They are waterproof and lined with faux to protect you from freezing temperatures. The boot lining is well padded, which helps to alleviate fatigue or discomfort after a full day of skiing with no end.

The outer layer of the boot is well-lined with waterproof suede that keeps you warm even as the temperatures outside keep dropping. The low-profile sole is also durable, ensuring you enjoy value for your money.

The boot’s sole is also designed to offer excellent traction while out in the snow. Unlike the models mentioned above, the Cole Haan boots come fitted with laces to help you adjust the tightness of your shoe against the feet and avoid blisters or discomfort. 

A tight-fitting boot may prevent you from enjoying your skiing experience due to the pain and friction you must endure. On the other hand, a loose-fitting shoe provides too much foot movement, which may result in poor stability.

These shoes are also quite lightweight. We recommend this boot to anyone who prefers short boots and those who appreciate functionality more than style. It is one of the most affordable apres ski boots in this review.

5 . Sam Edelman Women’s Lakyn Boots

  • Trusted brandnStylishnAdjustable bungee closurenWarm and cozy
  • Offer inadequate tractionnQuite heavy

The Sam Edelman brand is well-trusted with over 30 years of experience in footwear. The shoe is lined with fleece to help increase comfort and provide warmth. However, it is important to note that the Sam Edelman apres ski boots are quite bulky.

These puffer boots are in trend at the moment. They are designed with an adjustable bungee closure to help you get the perfect fit once you put them on. The boots feature a channel-quilted design that elevates your style while braving the cold and keeping you warm.

They, however, offer less traction compared with the models listed above. For this reason, we can only recommend them for well-designed footpaths or pavement. These boots, however, are every woman’s must-have apres ski boots for the winter season.

6 . Sorel Men’s Caribou Snow Boot

  • InsulatednWaterproofnDurablenGreat tractionnTrusted brandnA variety of color options
  • ExpensivenHigh maintenance

The Sorel boots are made from 100% leather material and blend acrylic and wool to create a snow cuff. The leather is waterproof and seam-sealed to ensure no moisture can find its way into the boots.

The Sorel brand is well known for its excellent craftsmanship, and the leather construction enhances the shoe’s durability. The apres ski boots are fitted with a rubber sole that provides great traction even on snow. 

This helps you avoid injuries from sliding or falling on the snow. The boots are easy to throw on and remove but need maintenance. We would also advise that even though the boots are waterproof, you waterproof and treat them after at least 2 years of use.

They are the best-after ski boots for men who love indulging in winter sports.

7 . Columbia Women’s Snow Canyon Omni Heat Winter Boot

  • ComfortablenWaterproofnGood tractionnWide range of color options
  • Not suitable for long walks

These warm and comfortable ski boots will have you looking forward to long hours of relaxation with friends and family after a long day of skiing. The boots use Omni tech innovation which enhances the boot’s waterproof capabilities and ensures that moisture is blocked from accessing the inner layer of the apres ski boot.

The boots also use Omni Heat technology, the brand’s exclusive patented innovation that helps reflect heat. This provides a great heat management system while the boots remain breathable enough to keep your feet dry.

The Columbia apres boots also come with a removable PU footbed which you can easily replace once it is worn out, offering excellent value for your money. The boot’s mid-calf length  makes them very fashionable. 

The lining membrane is also breathable to ensure that your feet do not overheat. The huge variety of color options makes it easy to meet your style and fashion preferences.

Not all skiers prefer long boots. This is a downside to the Columbia snow canyon ski boots. They are also not suited for long hikes or long-distance walking. This is because the sole’s flexibility is limited. 

They are, however, one of the best boots to put on once you are done with skiing.

Buying Guide For The Best Apres Ski Boots For 2024

Purchasing the right pair of snow boots is essential if you desire to enjoy your time outdoors during winter. The most important factors to consider before purchasing include the following:


Resorts and lodges are common locations for apres skiing activities. This is, however, not always the case. As a family, we have found ourselves basking under the winter sunset one too many times.

Apres ski activities done outside need you to be warm enough in order to be comfortable staying outside in the cold. Because of this, you need to have a pair or two of apres ski boots to help you keep warm as you catch up with friends or other skiers.

A lack of adequate ski boots to offer warmth and protection against moisture may cause discomfort. Always ensure that you have well-insulated and waterproof boots to help you handle extreme winter conditions.


Your boots should be comfortable and well-suited to simple after-ski activities such as hiking or strolling in town. They should provide comfort and alleviate pressure on your legs after a long day of skiing. We highly recommend boots lined with cushion memory foam for this main reason.

Apres ski boots designed with arches and great traction also help to provide you with balance and stability. This is especially important because you must stop exerting too much pressure on your already sore feet.


Chances are high that you will be walking on snow during your apres skiing activities. Your boots have to be able to block moisture and snow from getting in.

For this, you have to ensure that the boot seams are fully taped to ensure that there is no chance of moisture seeping in. This will ensure that you stay warm and comfortable when out in the cold.


Men’s and women’s boots come with different builds and designs. This is because they have different body structures.  Men have wider feet compared to women, while women have a larger calf size and lower calf muscles. Each of the shoes is constructed differently to meet their varying needs.


Ski boots are measured using a system called Mondopoint. Mondopoint refers to the length of your foot in centimeters. This standardized system of measuring your boots ensures that you can purchase the correct size for your boots.


Liners are designed to provide extra comfort by lining the inner side of your boot. Most liners are made of memory foam cushions designed to offer additional support. Some apres ski brands, however, use other materials which help provide insulation and increase warmth.

The only limitation we faced with the memory foam liner is that it ends up compressed and loses shape over time. It is important to determine whether your liner is fully moldable or partially able to mold. 

A qualified boot fitter can help you with the right method to mold your ski liners and the best way to go about it.

Insoles And Footbeds

Well-constructed insoles and footbeds can improve your performance. They also positively impact your comfort levels. You should choose ski boots with flexible insoles as they can support you even when you choose to walk over long distances.


The width of a ski boot is also important to consider. It refers to the widest part of your apres ski boot. The width of your boots will increase with the size of your boots.

In instances where your feet suffer from conditions such as bunions, we recommend that you seek the services of a boot fitter. They can make shoe modifications that will help provide you with a shoe that will not hurt your feet.

Boot Height

Your apres ski boot should be designed to keep winter out. If you are not using ski pants suspenders, the height of your boots should be tall. The Sorel model mentioned in this review is an example of such a boot.

When purchasing your boots, be careful and determine whether the product description highlights the total or the shaft height. The shaft height describes the length between the footbed and the top of the boot. This will help you make the right decision on the boot according to your needs.


Trendy ski clothing, accessories, and boots have become a thing in the fashion world. You, therefore, must look at the part during and after skiing as you catch up and socialize with other skiers.

You should be able to seamlessly match and coordinate your boots to the color and type of clothing you choose to wear. Some of the apres ski boots mentioned above come with a beautiful range of color options that can meet your style preference.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Own A Pair Of Apres Ski Boots If I Do Not Go Skiing Often?

While some people may opt to rent boots, we advise that you purchase your own ski boots if you want to improve your skiing abilities. They will also provide you with maximum comfort at a lower value because the money you use to rent the boots can easily add up to a larger amount of money compared to the cost of purchasing a decent pair of apres ski boots. The shoes you rent may also not provide a great fit causing discomfort at a time when you need to relax and enjoy yourself with friends. Purchase your own pair of apres ski boots today to help enhance your skiing experience.

u003cstrongu003eHow Should An Apres Ski Boot With A Great Fit Feel?u003c/strongu003e

You should look at four critical factors when determining if an apres ski boot provides you with a great fit. They include the following:u003cbru003eu003cbru003eYour boot liner should feel comfortable and snug against your forefeet. It should not cause your toes to curl inside your boot, as this may cause discomfort and injury or result in bunions on your feet.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eYour feet should not slide around when wearing your apres ski boots. The pressure placed on your instep should not be too much as it could cause great discomfort. Your heel should also be gently cradled against the back of your foot sole and footbed. u003cbru003eu003cbru003eYou should not have to lift or move your feet side by side if your apres ski boot offers a perfect fit.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eIf your boot has a cuff, it should provide a secure fit for your lower leg but still allow room for flexibility and leg movement.u003cbru003e

Tips For Your Apres Ski Boots

We recommend that you take your time when hunting for a new pair of apres ski boots so you can be able to make the right choice. Ensure that you focus not only on style but also on functionality and performance.

You also need to take good care of your shoes for them to be able to serve you better and for longer. Some shoes are made of delicate materials that require careful attention. An example is the Sorel caribou. These boots are made out of leather material that requires a great deal of attention to enjoy value. A leather conditioner will work wonders on your boots if they are made from leather.

Once indoors, ensure that you take great care of your apres snow boots. Be keen to quickly remove any ice that may have stuck to your boots to avoid damage and maintain pristine quality for a long period. 

You should place you apres ski boots in a warm and dry place. Poor shoe maintenance will prove costly as you will have to spend more cash soon to purchase another new pair.

Bottom Line

The LifeStride Saratoga boots are our pick of the best apres ski boots for 2024. They are unique, stylish, and well-constructed shoes designed to protect you from harsh weather and provide you with well-deserved rest and comfort after a long day of skiing.

We hope the information in this article will help ease your decision-making process and help you secure the best apres ski boots for your next ski adventure.

While there are various apres ski boots to choose from, the models we have listed in this review will hug you with comfort after a long day of skiing.

Mitchelle Lynn