Top 7 Best Budget Ski Goggles In 2024 (Save Your Money)

A good snowboard goggle provides comfort and ensures you enjoy your outdoor activities during the cold season. Ski goggles can be quite expensive depending on your desired features and where you buy them from. You, however, do not need to splurge when shopping for this purchase.

If you are like me and want to save some coins while still getting decent ski goggles, then you have landed in the right space. The items mentioned are best suited for beginners and skiers on a budget.

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Skiing can be an expensive recreational activity. Being able to save some coins on ski goggles purchases will help you have money tucked away to cater for other gadgets you may require for this fascinating sporting activity.

This article will provide you with the top 7 budget ski goggles. These products do not compromise on quality. The ski goggles on this list will surely give you great performance for a lesser cost than other high-end ski goggles in the market.

Read on to find more on the best budget ski goggles you can get in 2024.

7 Best Budget Ski Goggles In 2024

Below are my top picks for best budget ski goggles:

Ski Goggles Preview Price
Smith Range Goggles Smith Range Goggles Check Price
OutdoorMaster Ski Goggles Pro OutDoor Master Ski Goggles Pro Check Price
Giro Blok Giro Blok Check Price
Wildhorn Roca Snow Goggles Wildhorn Roca Snow Goggles Check Price
ZIONOR Lagopus ZIONOR Lagopus Check Price
Findway Ski Goggles Findway Ski Goggles Check Price
Dragon Alliance NFX2 Goggles Dragon Alliance NFX2 Goggles Check Price

1 . Smith Range Goggles – Best Overall

  • Features great aesthetics and stylenUltra wide fitted lens which boosts peripheral visionnTop-notch claritynBudget friendly pricing nComfortable to use
  • Cylindrical lenses do not offer the best vision for ski gogglesn

The range model from the smith brand boasts some robust and high quality features that are normally associated with high-end ski goggles. The smith range goggles come with an ultra-wide shaped lens that enhances visibility.

The goggles have also invested in a hydrophilic chemical treatment which ensures that the goggles do not allow in fog while skiing. They also feature a responsive fit frame designed to adjust to your face for a comfortable fit.

The Smith Ski goggles are fitted with cylindrical carbonic x-lens. This feature improves clarity and resistance against scratches and impact, while ensuring active ventilation for you.

Its lenses also feature a hydrophobic coating that helps repulse dirt, moisture, and dust. This coating provides a barrier that water and ice collected on the lenses will dry up without streaking and blurring your vision. 

It also ensures that any smudges can be easily cleared up. The smith range ski goggles adopt Tapered lens technology, which works to correct visual distortion created by glares from the snow. This happens by progressively tapering the lens towards the outer edges. In other words, it’s a case of what you see is what you get.

Why Are The Smith Range Goggles The Best Ski Goggles For 2024?

The smith range goggles provide a wide field of view which is essential in helping you take note of your surroundings. This is important, especially in helping you avoid accidents on steep slopes. Its silicon-based straps also offer great support to help the goggles stay in place during this sporting activity.

The goggle’s budget-friendly price is one of the best selling points for these ski goggles. It is quite a wonder how the smith brand packs premium technology at such an affordable price. It is also stylish compared to other ski goggles within the price bracket.

2 . OutdoorMaster Ski Goggles Pro – Runner Up

  • Features a futuristic looknInvested in great technology that ensures improved claritynComes with a durable goggle boxnGreat color options
  • Magnetic lenses are not great at resisting impactn

These beautiful ski goggle comes with a pair of lenses, frames, a fabric pouch, and a durable box to facilitate safe storage. It utilizes magnetic lenses that allow you to switch depending on the weather conditions.

The color optimization feature helps enhance contrast which is critical when skiing to avoid bumping into objects that may result in an accident, while the UV protection protects you from the harmful sun rays.

These ski goggles offer different color variations for you to be able to choose from and the lens does not fog ensuring that clarity is maintained while skiing. OTG technology is applied to the goggles ensuring that you can still wear your glasses even while skiing. 

I also noticed that these goggles are very hard to wear down and even more difficult to break. This is because of its thermoplastic polyurethane frame. The goggles are compatible with most helmets offering you convenience and promoting your safety.

The goggles feature a futuristic appearance with a sleek frameless design that one is sure to envy. Other than its incredibly affordable pricing, these goggles come with a 1-year warranty. You can currently purchase the goggles for $50.

3 . Giro Blok – Budget Pick

  • A variety of unique color optionsnFog reducing EVAK technologynVivid lens technology for improved contrastnComfortable micro fleece foam padding
  • Large buckle straps that make the ski goggle appear bulky

This budget item costs under $100 and has incredible features to boot. The microfleece facing and triple-layered foam design feels really warm on the face. I experienced pure comfort with the Giro Blok ski goggles on my face.

The lenses feature a cylindrical design fitted with fitted ‘vivid’ lens technology which enhances the contrast and also works to protect you from UV rays. They also have an EVAK vent feature that ensures proper ventilation and keeps your lenses from fogging.

The goggles feature a retro look and come with many color options for both the frame and lenses. They are excellently constructed to ensure durability and provide great performance. 

These goggles are also compatible with a variety of helmets providing room for flexibility and convenience. These goggles will provide you with excellent performance in a range of weather conditions and its small compact size increases comfort. 

You can also wear these goggles over your glasses as they have invested a lot of money into glass technology.

4 . Wildhorn Roca Snow Goggles

  • Interchangeable magnetic lensnExcellent peripheral visionnCertified by the US Ski teamnFeatures adjustable strapsnSide latches to secure magnetic lensnAffordable pricingnVariety of color optionsnExcellent aesthetics
  • Lenses are not polarizednPoor visual range

This goggle features a frameless design and currently goes for just under $70. It boasts a variety of color options for both the frames and lens to match your style conveniently. 

The lenses are 100% optically correct and are fitted with anti-fog technology. They also come with latches on the side to help secure the lenses.

It features magnetic lenses, which are easily interchangeable and are also very affordable in case of breakage, with a pair going for just $30. The goggle also comes with a 1-year warranty, which provides you with even much greater value for money.

The wild horn google is the best anti-fogging goggle within this list. These goggles also utilize aurora lens technology which provides excellent clarity when skiing through the mountain slopes.

5 . ZIONOR Lagopus

  • Variety of color style optionsnGreat ventilation and anti-fog technologynAllows you to wear your glasses under the goggles nGreat helmet compatibility
  • Needs a better sense of style

These ski goggles pack quite a punch in terms of performance and functionality.  It has a great ventilation system and anti-fogging lenses for a beautiful skiing experience. You get all you need with the lagopus at a fraction of some of the most expensive ski goggles on the market.

It features an OTG design and is compatible with most helmets ensuring that you can always have a good time no matter where you choose to ski.

6 . Findway Ski Goggles

  • Great ventilationnAnti fog treatmentn1 year warrantynIncredibly cheapnFrameless and spherical
  • The anti-scratch lens is not of very high qualitynDoes not boast a variety of featuresnn

These ski goggles are the cheapest on this list. They feature some robust and high-quality features as well as great performance. They also employ anti-fog3 treatment, anti-scratch lenses, and a great ventilation system to ensure no moisture builds up in the goggle.

With an aesthetically pleasing design and a one-year warranty, the Findway goggles give their competitors a solid run for their money regarding price and value.

This goggle is especially great for beginners with a tight budget who do not want to invest heavily before getting the necessary skills and experience needed to avoid losses. They feature a frameless design with spherical shaped lenses to give you a wide and clear view.

The findway ski goggles come with adjustable straps, allowing you to wear them over your glasses. These goggles are definitely worth the coins.

7 . Dragon Alliance NFX2 Goggles

  • Easily interchangeable magnetic lensesnColor enhancement technologynOTG applicationnFairly pricednFoam construction is comfortablenFrameless technologynHelmet compatibility
  • Limited peripheral visionnThe lenses are not very durablenPricey lenses nFog a little in humid weather

I remember thanking Santa Claus when I received these goggles as an early Christmas present in 2021. Even though they only cost $135, I was happy to save my coins. 

These goggles boast excellent anti-fog technology that is typically hard to find, even for high end ski goggles. I have been using them for almost 2 years now, and not once have I experienced poor line vision with these goggles.

The goggles have thick foam padding to ensure that you are well protected and enhance insulation. Its lenses are magnetic, allowing you to easily change your lenses depending on the style you desire and the prevailing weather conditions. The goggle has 8 magnets to ensure the lenses are securely in place.

The Dragon Alliance NFX2 goggles provide a 180 degrees panoramic view that ensures you have a great field of view and has optimized vents to reduce the chances of you snowboarding goggles fogging.

The dragon brand has invested in highly enhanced durability technology, ensuring that your goggles can resist impact and protect you. The Dragon brand provides amazing customer service. You can wear these goggles over your glasses.

What are Ski Goggles?

Ski goggles are part of the skiing gear that is essential in ensuring that your eyes are protected and safe while skiing. Ski goggles protect you from the harsh mountain UV light and the cold wind.

This gear also greatly enhances your vision and protects you as you speed down steep mountain slopes.

What Are The Benefits Of Ski Goggles?

If you are a beginner in this sport, you may question the need for ski goggles. Some of the reasons why you need ski goggles include:


Good visibility is essential when skiing or snowboarding. Ski goggles are fitted with specialized lenses that help reduce the glare from the snow as it reflects sunlight. 

This equipment ensures that you do not need to struggle against harsh sunlight, especially on sunny days.

Eye Protection

Ski goggles shield your eyes from different weather elements, such as incoming debris. Unlike sunglasses, goggles also stay on your face in situations where sunglasses would come off. 

Ski goggles also protect your eyes against harmful UV rays and irritation from the cold weather.

High Contrast

Contrast helps you easily notice ice patches and bumps on the slopes. Different lens colors on ski goggles, such as brown or amber, help to enhance contrast. It helps you to clearly see the difference between shadows and objects when skiing.

Brown lenses are the most preferred colored lenses as they help to easily filter the blue light and provide you with a clearer vision to identify items on your path and surrounding more easily.

On the other hand, I have found rose-colored lenses as the best fit during cloudy days.


The chances of you getting frostbite on your face while skiing is high. Ski goggles protect you from this by ensuring your face is not exposed. The foam padding on the goggles helps ensure that you stay warm.


Ski goggles provide a great fit when used together with a ski helmet. They can tightly fit on your face ensuring that you are comfortable when skiing.

How To Choose The Best Ski Goggle For Skiing In 2024

The choice of which ski goggles to buy can be a difficult one, given the wide variety in the market. However, you should watch out for this when you are on the hunt for new ski goggles:


A great fit is essential for skiers. Ski goggles come in small, medium, and large sizes only. You will be able to find low bridge options and slightly narrow frames for women. You want to ensure that the fit is secure while ensuring that you are still comfortable.

How you feel on your nose and eyes is a great pointer on whether you should go a size up or down when trying to find the best fit. A good fit will also ensure that you stay warm while skiing.

Anti-Fog Features

If you are an experienced skier, then you understand the need for ski goggles with an anti-fog coating. This technology ensures that you can ski for as long as possible while enjoying clarity.

In order to maintain this feature, it is important to take care of the coating and ensure that it does not wear out. To achieve this, you should always let your goggles air dry except when they are soiled and need a good cleaning.

Lens shape

Ski goggle lenses come in different shapes. You need to have great peripheral vision when skiing, and spherical lenses perfectly cater to this need. They also reduce the glare from the snow, making your stay outdoors more enjoyable.

However, some people prefer cylindrical lenses due to their low-profile design. To get the best of these two worlds, I recommend that you get the toric shaped lens which is now trending. You will, however, need to spend some more coins on this.

Field of View

The greater the visibility, the safer you are when skiing down mountain slopes. Modern designs are made to ensure better clarity and improved peripheral vision.

Foam Padding

Quality padding is essential for all skiers. Low-quality paddings make for a smelly pair of goggles and will easily allow in moisture which will affect your visual clarity.

Quality padding will provide you with great comfort. Great padding also ensures you are well protected during sudden impacts.

OTG Technology

There is quite a number of OTG goggles that I have listed in this article. These goggles are designed to allow you to wear your prescription glasses under the goggles.

It is important to note that not all OTG glasses will be a great fit for your glasses. You should therefore ensure you try them on first before purchase. Most glasses, however, fit under OTG goggles.

However, your ski goggles will surely gather fog because glasses do not have anti fog coating. You can settle for prescription inserts or contact lenses to wade through this issue. Overall, the fog build-up is a small price to pay for the comfort you are sure to enjoy with your glasses on while skill.

Helmet Compatibility

Finding a helmet well suited to your ski goggles is essential in ensuring comfort. A ski goggle incompatible with your helmet will leave a wide gap between your helmet and goggles and is not ideal for skiers.

While you may not be able to try out your gear before purchase, it is important that you buy both sets from the same brand to ensure a great match.

Optical Quality

This is one of the most important features to look out for when making a ski goggle purchase. ChromaPop lenses are one not to miss out on in 2024. It provides HD-like clarity that is undoubtedly unmatched and has amazing contrast and definition.

On the other hand, the Prizm lens offers great visual detailing though it does not have a natural feel. Vivid technology commonly applied in Giro goggles also provides an awesome experience. There are many optical qualities that you can choose depending on your preferences.

Frameless or framed design

The choice between these two highly depends on your individual style, preference, and comfort. However, many prefer the frameless design as it offers a more sleek and stylish appearance.

Lens design

There are different lens designs on the ski goggle market, ranging from mirrored to polarized lenses. These technologies are designed to protect you from harsh weather conditions.

Mirrored lenses boast a reflective coating that allows for low light to ensure that the glare is reduced. They help you glide with ease through the brightest weather conditions.

Polarized ski goggles protect your eyes from soreness and irritation by blocking horizontal light. They are, however, highly-priced and should be avoided if working with a budget.

Photochromic lenses automatically adjust with varying light conditions. This is a great option if your goggles do not utilize magnetic conditions. They provide a wide visual light transmission range which all skiers appreciate.

UV protection and VLT 

The amount of light that the lens allows into the goggles is what is referred to as visible light transmission. This metric is measured in percentages. The best VLT on a very sunny day stands at about 10%, while it should be at least 50% during cloudy weather.


Good ventilation helps eliminate the chances of fog build up in your goggles. The best goggles have both anti fog mechanisms and robust ventilation systems. Great ventilation works to ensure that there is great airflow on your goggles.

The shape and size of the vents are specific for each goggle. You must be careful when settling for a given pair of google to ensure that your helmet does not block any vents.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Stop My Ski Goggles From Fogging?

You must clear your vents from any snow or dirt that may have clogged them.

Avoid using glass cleaners on your google as they are harsh and contain compounds such as ammonia which will corrode the anti-fog coating on the goggles.

Avoid resting your goggles on your forehead.

Stop wiping your goggles excessively. Simply leave them to air dry to get rid of moisture and only wipe them when significant dirt has piled up on the goggles.

How Do I Clean My Ski Goggles?

I advise that you clean your goggles with lukewarm water and dab gently on them to remove excess moisture and leave it to air dry.

 If it is still sticky from sweat, you can use a lint-free microfiber towel to clean it. Keep off any abrasive cleaning materials, such as paper towels and glass cleaners.

Do I Need Prescription Ski Goggles When I Only Ski In Good Weather?

Most, if not all, ski accidents are caused by poor visibility. You must wear your glasses even in good weather because your vision will be greatly limited without them.

It will make it challenging for you to accurately estimate the distance, speed, and other objects, which will be dangerous for you and even other skiers within your surroundings.

Do I Need A Nose Guard While Skiing?

Most people have a love-hate relationship with this accessory. This guard protects your nose from the harsh sun and frostbite. While I like to have my noseguard with me, not all people value this item.

I, however, advise that you use a nose guard as it can also protect you when you accidentally hit low-lying branches.

How Can I Get Rid Of Scratches On My Lenses?

Unfortunately, you cannot remove scratches from your lens. The good news is they are easy to replace. You should be careful with these goggles and tuck them away in a safety box.

Final Thoughts

If you are on the hunt for a budget-friendly ski, google; there is a huge variety in the market that will meet your needs and preferences. Using any budget goggles from this list will help provide you with a financial cushion while providing you with quality performance.

Some of these goggles come with a 1-year warranty and feature superior features similar to some high-end ski goggles, which will cost you hundreds of dollars. Make a smart move and purchase one of these budget ski goggles for your next skiing vacation!

Mitchelle Lynn