Top 7 Best Budget Snowboard Goggles In 2024

The weather can be unpredictable, especially on the slopes. Even though afternoons may swiftly become gloomy and rainy, mornings can be lovely and bright. Snow goggles are essential to your snowboarding equipment since they can spoil your entire day. 

Every skill level and price range may find great snowboarding goggles. Interchangeable lenses rule the top end of the market, with technologies that get quicker and easier every year. 

Goggles for snowboarding are continually advancing in technology. The frames are getting wider. Lenses are getting bigger, clearer, more robust, and more curved to improve your field of vision and lessen glare. Quick-change systems, which are very popular, enable the capacity to switch lenses in response to changing circumstances. Goggles are an expensive as well as inexpensive item that provide excellent performance. 

Over the years, I’ve tried a lot of different goggles, and I’ve also used a lot of budget-friendly options that were good choices. As a snowboarding instructor, whenever I see a student wearing unfamiliar goggles, I always inquire about them.

Goggles serve a variety of uses. In higher-quality lenses, this is accomplished by lowering glare and providing UV protection. The first is improving color contrasts to help you detect depth when the light is “plain” (a shadowless appearance from daylight scattered by fog). 

The second reason is to shield your eyes from the wind in your face, an inescapable and unpleasant byproduct of traveling down a groomer at 40 mph (or even 15 mph). If you snowboard in the Pacific Northwest, as I do, the third piece of advice is to protect your eyes from the snow and rain. 

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If you need help with vision correction in addition to your goggles, you have a few alternatives. I wear contact lenses when skiing since they provide a better depth perception than glasses and don’t require as much head movement for peripheral vision. Prescription goggles are also offered if you’re not a contacts person.

Additionally, certain goggles designs are developed expressly to fit spectacles. Tiny perforations on the foam of these goggles keep the edges of the glasses in place. Spherical goggle lenses complement eyeglasses the best since they create less glare.

7 Best Budget Snowboard Goggles In 2024

In this article, you can find my top pick for the top 7 best snowboard goggles. You can find all that you need in snowboard goggles in these seven models.

Snowboard Goggles Preview Price
The Giro Method Goggles Best Overall Budget Snowboard Goggles Check Price
The OutdoorMaster Snow Goggles Runner Up Budget Snowboard Goggles Check Price
The OutdoorMaster Snow Goggles Budget Pick Snowboard Goggles Check Price
The Zionor Lagopus Goggles The Zionor Lagopus Goggles Check Price
Smith’s Frontier Goggles Smith's Frontier Goggles Check Price
The Smith Range Goggles The Smith Range Goggles Check Price
The Zeal Portal Goggles The Zeal Portal Goggles Check Price

What Factors Should Be Considered When Choosing Budget Snowboard Goggles?

A decent pair of goggles is an essential piece of snowboarding equipment. “You don’t know what you’re missing until you try something better,” as the saying goes, is especially relevant in this particular case. When you eventually acquire a new pair, you’ll wonder why it took you so long. 

When choosing budget snowboard goggles, factors to consider include lens quality, fit, ventilation, anti-fog coating, and UV protection. It is also essential to ensure the goggles are compatible with your helmet and provide the features you need for your riding style.

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Are The Top 7 Budget Snowboard Goggles Compatible With Helmets And Other Snowboard Gear?

Yes, the top 7 budget snowboard goggles are compatible with helmets and other snowboard gear. That means that helmets and snowboard gear can be worn comfortably and securely with them.

Let’s dive into the selection! 

1 . The Giro Method Goggles – Best Overall

  • Zeiss VIVID lensnExcellent peripheral visionnDo not readily fognThe lens is long-lasting (hard to scratch)nStrap system modificationnThe sticky silicone strap secures your helmetnSystem for quickly changing lensesnA variety of frame colors and lens selections are available.n
  • It is tough to adjust the silicone strap

The first pair of goggles on our list, the Giro Method Goggles, starts at just over $100 and are reasonably priced with lots of features. The Giro Method Goggles are among the least expensive snowboard goggles available because of their high-quality Giro VIVID lenses. 

Because it is neither too tight nor too loose, the Giro fits well. It is ideal for most head sizes because it is in the medium to the average size range. Additionally, the larger frame’s triple-layer foam cushioning eliminates pressure areas where air may enter and guarantees a secure fit. It is not particularly adjustable but yet offers sufficient comfort.

The “Slash Seal” technology on the Giro snowboard goggles enables you to set your lenses on a shelf that seals up, restricting movement and providing an incredibly secure fit. Giro’s lens-changing process is more complex than that of other magnetic goggles. 

Because of this, you won’t have to worry about your lenses popping out or dropping out even if you tumble while snowboarding. We found it difficult to accurately tell where the lens begins and finishes because you can only view the inner lens. Therefore, you must know exactly where to change lenses if necessary; otherwise, you will be forced sometimes.

However, the only concern is if you spend a lot of time outside in the snow. The lens technology’s VIVID Onyx and Infrared cylindrical lenses give clarity and a broader view range. Peripheral vision is also severely affected. Also, we discovered that the Giro was considerably less prone to fog up, indicating that the ventilation mechanism is operating well.

Overall, the Giro Method Goggles are an excellent choice for someone new to snowboarding. The Giro Method is a terrific pair of affordable snowboard goggles to invest in since they are durable, have high optical quality, are reasonably priced, and have a trendy, clean look.


  • View Expansion Technology
  • Cylindrical Injection Molded Lens
  • Lens Interchange System for Slash Seals
  • Zeiss VIVID Lens
  • Two vivid Zeiss lenses are included
  • Fog-Resistant Coating
  • Vent Technology by EVAK
  • Strap Compatibility
  • Face Foam with Three Layers and Microfleece Facing
  • Compatibility with all Giro helmets is seamless.

Why Is It The Best Budget Snowboard Goggle In 2024?

The Giro method goggles have two colorful lenses and good peripheral vision, two traits that many more costly goggles lack. This makes it the best goggle on the market. It also possesses unbelievable endurance and fog resistance for such an inexpensive goggle. It is our top choice; therefore, we advise you to try it.

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2 . The OutdoorMaster Snow Goggles – Runner Up

  • Large-field toric lensesnSystem for magnetically changing lensesnConsists of a second lensn
  • Lens quality is not as excellent as premium goggles.

The OutdoorMaster Snow Goggles from this year are a superb pair of ski goggles at a fantastic price. Since their release, the OutdoorMaster goggles have offered excellent value and more functionality than anybody anticipated in $80 snowboard goggles. 

To expand on it, The View has modern toric lenses with a larger field of vision and improved anti-fog ventilation. These goggles’ toric lens combines the most advantageous aspects of spherical and cylindrical lenses. They are, therefore, less distorted than spherical or cylindrical lenses and have a larger field of vision. 

On sunny days, polarized glasses lessen glare. They offer complete UV400 protection for your eyes. 

These goggles still have the OutdoorMaster magnetic lens switch mechanism. You can quickly switch lenses while still wearing your goggles. Included with the goggles are two lenses and a protective case for the third lens. 

The goggles come in a range of lens, frame, and strap colors. Each pair of goggles comes with a protective case that may be used to keep the extra lens. The snowboard goggle is excellent, affordable, and functional.


  • Great Field of Vision Oric Lens
  • Ventilation & anti-fog Coating
  • Professional Polarized lens

3 . The OutdoorMaster Goggles – Budget Pick

  • Excellent value for the moneynAn effective OTG design for glassesnVarious colors for the strap, lenses, and framesnAnti-fog capabilitiesn
  • There are no silicone beads on the strapnLens quality is inferior to better gogglesn

The OutdoorMaster Ski Goggles are an excellent, trustworthy, and reasonably priced alternative for OTG goggles. Outdoor Master is recognized for creating high-end ski goggles at substantially lower prices than Smith or Oakley. 

These goggles are somewhat smaller in size. They are appropriate for medium and smaller-sized heads. There are guidelines for the sizes of glasses that will fit in them. 5.35 x 1.65 x 1.65 in. They will not fit bigger prescription glasses. 

They feature enough airflow to keep fogging at bay even on the wettest of ski days. The frames are pleasant to wear, thanks to the superb foam cushioning. Their anti-fog effectiveness is marginally better without glasses than with them.

One of the most affordable ski goggles on the market is the OutdoorMaster OTG. Last winter, I noticed a lot of OutdoorMaster ski goggles on the local hills. These goggles may be the best option for you if you’re looking for a low-cost option that can be worn with or without glasses. 

The OutdoorMaster OTG Goggles, which cost less than $50, may be one of the best budget snowboard goggles available! With over 25 lens tint colors and styles to choose from, it’s no surprise that the OutdoorMaster made our list as a highly practical yet fashionable alternative. 

The OutdoorMaster’s selling point is that they, like the Zionors, are OTG goggles that can be worn over glasses. This implies that they may be worn with the prescription lenses below.

The OutdoorMaster has spherical polycarbonate lenses that give higher visual clarity than cylindrical lenses. An anti-fog coating, 100% UV protection, and universal helmet compatibility are additional significant characteristics. However, there are no polarized or photochromic lens choices. 

But the OutdoorMaster have interchangeable lenses, so if the need arises, it’s simple to swap them in and out. Overall, we think the OutdoorMaster OTG is a wonderful product since it has a lot of useful functions, is durable, and is reasonably priced.


  • Both men and women can use this
  • Can be used over glasses with prescriptions
  • Various color variations are available
  • Adaptable headgear

4 . The Zionor Lagopus Goggles

  • Reliable bandnAnti-scratchnProtection against UV raysnA TPU frame that resists impactsn
  • Some prescription eyewear might not fit over them

The large spherical lenses of the Zionor Lagopus Snowboard Goggles feature UV light protection technology and an anti-fog coating. The Zionor is one of the best goggles on the market because it has lenses that last a long time, is comfortable to wear, and has great peripheral vision. 

The Zionor Lagopus has a ventilation system that works well on these medium-sized goggles because it has three layers of foam cushioning. In addition, the lenses are scratch-resistant so that they will remain clean and neat even after all of your falls in the snow. 

The “clear vision on the slope when snowboarding” that Zionor snowboard goggles give is well-advertised because it’s true! This means that the eyes are entirely sheltered from the harsh alpine environment, ensuring superb peripheral vision. 

Zionor advertises its snowboard goggles as offering a “crystal vision on the hill when skiing and snowboarding.” This means that the eyes are entirely sheltered from the harsh alpine environment, ensuring superb peripheral vision. It includes a long, comfy, and adjustable strap that will help you keep your goggles in place over your helmet.

The Zionor are also built as OTG goggles, which means that they are put over your spectacles and provide optimum vision when used with small to medium-sized prescription glasses. The Zionor Lagopus is an excellent choice to bring snowboarding since it offers UV protection of up to UV400, visible light transmission choices for various weather situations, and mirrored lenses with a clear coating.


  • Offers complete eye protection
  • Braided strap with high density
  • OTG and helmet-compatible
  • Intelligent ventilation system

5 . Smith’s Frontier Goggles

  • Low pricenAn effective lens in flat lightnA broad field of visionnFashionable cylindrical lens designnGreat effort against fognLong-lasting designnMicrofibre bag is included for cleaning and storingn
  • Unchangeable lensesnOnly one layer of face foamn

Smith’s entry-level pair of goggles are called the Frontiers. Never be deceived by a low price. Still performing well against fog are their excellent lenses. They are not ChromaPop lenses in the strictest sense. They still have distinctive yellowish/orange color filtering when seen from the inside. 

On days with little light, they operate quite effectively. Simple goggles with cylindrical, non-swappable lenses are the Frontier. No sophisticated magnetic or other lens-swapping mechanisms exist. 

With two pairs, you might be prepared for practically any circumstance for the cost. With plenty of airflow and a Smith Fog-X anti-fog coating, the lens will remain fog-free when climbing a mountain.

For those looking for decent flat light performance in a reasonably priced durable goggle, the Smith Frontier ski goggles are a wonderfully affordable alternative.


  • The anti-fog coating prevents fogging and moisture
  • Popular cylindrical shape provides excellent peripheral vision
  • Numerous different facial profiles are supported with Responsive Fit
  • An unimpeded vision is ensured via airflow ventilation
  • A wide strap that is adjustable and lined with silicone provides further security
  • For people with a flatter nose bridge, Asian Fit is accessible
  • For small to medium-sized heads

6 . The Smith Range Goggles

  • Affordable pricenA broad field of visionnOffered in Low Bridge Fit for broad or high cheekbones or lower nose bridgesn
  • Does not come with an extra lensnNo quick-switch lens technologyn

Almost everything about snowboarding is costly, from equipment to lift tickets, so we love discovering excellent discounts. The Smith Range is just that and costs less than a third of what we recommend. The tunnel effect that many inexpensive models have is diminished by the big frame and good sight from edge to edge of this goggle (the women’s Drift has a medium fit). 

You also receive enhancements like Smith’s tried-and-true anti-fog coating and multi-layer foam cushioning that improves comfort. The low-profile cylindrical lens of the Range is enclosed by the whole frame, giving it a pleasantly conventional appearance.

In exchange for the Range’s affordable price, what do you give up? There is only one lens provided, therefore, you cannot adjust the hue according to the weather. Your clarity and accuracy are also noticeably less accurate than those of the I/O Mag since you lack Smith’s ChromaPop lens technology. 

These concessions aren’t significant if you only travel out a few times a year or schedule your vacations around excellent weather. However, the pricier model will be more useful for people who spend a lot of time on the hill, especially off-trail and in severe weather. 

For even more economical options from Smith that have a medium fit but need some sacrifices in terms of, check out their $50 unisex Frontier and women’s Vogue.

These goggles are simple, flexible, and pleasant in the end. The broad strap is simple to slip and adjust. The silicone strip inside the goggles helped them stay in place on the rear of our helmet. The universal colored lens RC36, which transmits 36% of visible light, was put to the test. 

Although there are sixteen different lens choices available for this goggle, the lens performs a great job of minimizing glare in all lighting circumstances and just slightly increasing contrast.


  • Best for a set of all-purpose goggles if money is tight
  • One lens
  • Frame Dimensions: Big
  • Cylindrically shaped lens

7 . The Zeal Portal Goggles

  • Optical devices of high caliber and performance (with polarized lens option)nFor the best peripheral vision, use a frame without a rimnUse of the Rail Lock System to facilitate lens changesnHead straps are available in a fun assortment of colorsnAnti-fog (even with a facemask on as per COVID standards) (even with facemask on as per COVID regulations)nFits a helmet and has a non-slip gripn
  • This specific style is not appropriate for tiny faces because it is u0022one size fits mostu0022nThere is no recycling involved in the manufacturenLarge lenses and dense foam cushioning provide little strain on the nose and facen

The Zeal Portal Goggles are the first frameless pair of glasses on our list. They have roughly 20 distinct color and style options. The Zeal Portal comprises a medium-sized frame and two big, polarized photochromic spherical lenses. 

This suggests that they will be more effective in filtering light in situations where the sun is excessively bright. We loved donning these goggles, especially the “slider” lens-changing mechanism that resembled a rail slider. 

By lining up the sliders on both sides of the lenses for easy removal, you must slide your desired frames in and out to change the lenses. Although it must be done at an angle, it is rapid and precise. It is still competitively priced, even if it is slower than magnetic switching. 

Because it is a little less flexible than the other snowboard goggles on our list, if your facial shape is not suitable for this frameless goggle, you can have difficulties getting used to it. Because the lens-switching function of the Zeal Portals demands firm sliders, this circumstance is brought about by the slider lock system.

The Zeal Portal boasts dual lenses, strong peripheral vision, and a sliding rail lock mechanism that makes it simple to take out and install snowboard lenses, which are reasons why we enjoy it. A good or terrible investment for the price depends on the frame’s lack of flexibility and susceptibility to scratches.


  • Snow goggles for bell-to-bell shredding
  • Your peripheral vision is improved with a spherical lens
  • The glare is lessened by using polarized lenses
  • Technology to combat fog keeps everything visible
  • Your field of vision is increased by the rimless design
  • Silicone grips firmly fasten your goggles

How To Choose The Best Budget Goggles For Snowboarding In 2024?

Choosing snowboarding goggles requires consideration of several factors. Take a look!


Unlike your hand-me-down pair from the early 1990s, the best lenses don’t distort, cloud, or color the background; They give the impression that you are watching television with high definition. 

In addition to some degree of frame breathability and cushioning, your lenses should also include some kind of fog resistance to prevent fogging and causing disruption to your day.

Certain lens technologies are designed for difficult or unpredictable settings outside the Prizm, Vivid, and ChromaPop lens families. On bright, sunny days, mirrored lenses are quite useful. A reflective coating on the lens’ outermost layer lowers glare by letting less light through. 

Most mirrored lens selections are designed to be utilized in the brightest lighting. An additional sort of lens technology is polarized lenses. Although polarized glasses were first created for use on water, by reducing powerful bursts of horizontal light, they can also aid in reducing eye strain on sunny days.


The snowboard goggles’ fit is very important. Everybody has a different facial shape. Ski goggles can come in different shapes. What puts one individual at ease might not do the same for another. Don’t be concerned if the snowboard goggles you select don’t fit you properly when you get them. 

It’s unlikely that this form is ideal for you. Send them back after trying a different pair. Your ski goggles should have a tight, comfortable fit. So that they don’t move around, you want them to be adequately snug. Goggles with triple-layer foam will be more comfortable than those with double or single foam. 

The three layers of foam are designed to feel strong against your skin while simultaneously being supple and silky.


Large goggles that enclose the entire face offer the widest area of vision. Smaller choices have a narrower field of view, making it challenging to observe your inferior and lateral fields without rotating your head. However, the field of view is likewise narrower for smaller selections. 

Additionally, lenses come in two basic shapes: spherical and cylindrical. Beginners typically use the cylindrical, which means that they are flat vertically but curve over your face horizontally. 

Although it is easier and less expensive to manufacture this shape, it may impair peripheral vision and cause some distortion at the top and bottom of the lens, as well as more glare. Often, while the price is the primary factor in choosing a cylindrical lens, some individuals also prefer the way it appears since it contrasts with the bug-eye appearance of many contemporary spherical lenses. 

Notably, a change in the market over the past several years has been brought about by premium and mid-range companies introducing goggles with cylindrical lenses.

On the other hand, Spherical lenses denote that the lens bends horizontally and vertically, which is still common in high-end goggles. The curvature is designed to resemble the shape of your eyeball and improve your field of vision and optics. 

While the distinctions between lens types are less prominent today than they formerly were, we have found that this is often true when employed, especially in peripheral vision. Spherical lenses certainly give the goggle a higher profile because of their bubble-like form, but the personal choice is pointless.


Men’s goggles come in various sizes, shapes, and designs. On the other hand, women’s and kids’ goggles feature a smaller and narrower frame that better fits their comparatively smaller face frames. 

Additionally, children’s goggles feature simpler lenses and more impact-resistant frames, providing greater resilience against collisions.

Changeable Lens System

In most cases, goggles come with two lenses, one for bright days and one for overcast days. The most contemporary and effective goggles incorporate magnetic quick-change lens systems that make it simple to swap between lenses in a flash. With more affordable goggles, you can swap out the lenses. 

However, if your hands are numb from the snow falling, they might be difficult to control quickly and dangerous to attempt on a lift. Depending on the goggles type and manufacturer, changing the lenses might be quite simple or extremely complicated. 

The conventional method entails gently ripping the frame sometimes when you slide or snap it away from the old lens to install the new one. It is a tedious and time-consuming process that can be frustrating, especially when rejoining the lens around the nasal bridge. 

If you get goggles with a single lens or simply want to alter the hue periodically, they could still be functional.

Visual Light Transmission

Visual light transmission is the quantity of light that enters your eyes through the lens (VLT). A lens with a lighter tint and a greater VLT is the ideal option for low-light conditions, such as when it is cloudy or snowing heavily. 

When it’s sunny outside, and you need protection for your eyes, a lens with a darker tint has a lower VLT. We won’t get into the specifications of the lenses here because every set of goggles comes with a variety of lens colors and the choice of having them polarized or not. 

It’s advisable to choose a frame that you like in terms of shape, size, and style before deciding on a color for the frame and lenses.

Airflow And Fogging

It doesn’t matter whether your goggles are entirely cloudy, regardless of the type of lenses you’re wearing. The first approach to minimizing this issue is to select a double lens (note: This feature is offered in every single model that reached our list)

Next, think about how the frame is made: Snow goggles include three ventilation areas: the top, the bottom, and the sides. The more air that flows through, the less fogging will happen. 

Check the goggles you’re thinking about first because each pair has a different vent size and shape. To ensure that it doesn’t obstruct your vents, try it on while wearing your ski helmet. 

Wearing goggles the whole ski day and avoiding overdressing, which will cause your face and head to perspire more, are other techniques to prevent fogging. The heat and perspiration that originate from your forehead will make your goggles foggy if you move them closer to them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are The Budget Snowboard Goggles Easy To Clean And Maintain?

The answer is – yes. We have some very basic advice for maintaining your goggles. Nowadays, the majority of goggles come with a bag and cloth, or at the very least, a microfibre bag that doubles as cloth. How practical is that?u003cbru003eu003cbru003eTo maintain your goggles in top condition, store them in the included goggle bag. Use the included cleaning cloth or bag to wipe your goggles off since it’s possible for common textiles like cotton to leave micro-scratches on them. Your goggles may be u0022cleanedu0022 with a variety of products. u003cbru003eu003cbru003eThe majority of ski goggles are hydrophobic and oleophobic; thus, these remedies might not be effective. Water, oil, and grime cannot penetrate the surface because of the very smooth exterior layer. There is hence no need for a cleaning agent. Any fingerprints, smudges, or water droplets may be easily removed by using the microfiber cleaning cloth or bag.u003cbru003e

Are There Any Additional Tips Or Recommendations For Using And Caring For Budget Snowboard Goggles?

You should take good care of your snowboard goggles because a decent pair costs money. You may increase the longevity of your goggles by taking proper care of them. Here is a quick guide to maintaining your goggles:u003cbru003eu003cbru003eWhen not in use, be sure you keep your goggles in a case or pouch. Portions of the eyewear are readily damaged by the majority of heavy snowboard equipment.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eIt is not advised to clean your lenses with a paper towel or other similar material since doing so will scratch them.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eOnly use a specialized microfiber cloth on the exterior of the lens to clean it. Never try to apply pressure on the surface firmly.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eThe interior of your lens is coated with an anti-fogging film that can easily scratch off, so avoid touching it.u003cbru003eIf it’s necessary to remove excess water from the inner lenses, begin by shaking them off. Then, use microfiber cloths to wipe away any stray drips softly.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eWhen you’re through wearing your goggles, let them hang in a warm location away from any sources of direct light; do not place them atop a heater.

Final Thoughts

We are certain that we have gathered the most affordable snowboard goggles with the greatest special characteristics that will shield you from poor lighting, provide the needed UV protection, and be a fantastic fit on your face, regardless of whether you’re in bright, sunny weather or a cloudy, dark one. 

Similar to an excellent musical accompaniment, decent snowboard goggle supports the purpose. The Giro Method snowboard goggles, in our view, are the finest overall on our list because they are straightforward, effectively complete their intended function, offer decent features at a reasonable to moderate price, and provide exceptional performance.

The others are fantastic as well, but it all comes down to what you want, what feels nice, and which goggles will transform your performance on the field from excellent to amazing. 

Budget snowboard goggles can help snowboarders save money without compromising on quality. They are designed to provide the same features and performance as more expensive goggles, such as lens quality, fit, ventilation, anti-fog coating, and UV protection. Additionally, they are compatible with helmets and other snowboard gear, so you can get the features you need without breaking the bank.

Finally, I  encourage you to try out the recommended budget snowboard goggles and share your feedback and experiences in the comment section below. As a result, we can all learn from each other and make informed choices when choosing snowboard goggles.

Mitchelle Lynn