Top 7 Best Snowboard Wrist Guards In 2024

Are you a winter sports enthusiast? If so, you must also be concerned about keeping your body safe before hitting the slopes. Appropriate snowboarding gear can help you prevent the consequences of a painful and dangerous injury. 

One such must-have snowboarding gear is snowboard wrist guards. Every person’s first response when they are about to fall is to outstretch their hands, which puts tremendous pressure on their arms and wrists. In such circumstances, a wrist guard can absorb the shock and save you from sustaining painful injuries. But, with a plethora of wrist guards available on the market, it can be challenging to find the right pair. 

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To help you pick the right pair of wrist guards, we have researched the market and listed the top seven snowboard wrist guards here. We have also highlighted each product’s features, pros, and cons to assist you in making an informed decision. 

Along with it, we have also mentioned the most significant features that you must consider before making a purchase. Read the article to learn more about snowboard wrist guards and everything related.

7 Best Snowboard Wrist Guards In 2024

Snowboard Wrist Guards Preview Price
Level Fly Snowboard Mittens with Wrist Guards Best Overall Snowboard Wrist Guards Check Price
Dakine Unisex Wristguard Gloves Runner Up Snowboard Wrist Guards Check Price
Devembr Ski Gloves Waterproof Budget Pick Snowboard Wrist Guards Check Price
Level Half Pipe GTX Gloves Premium Pick Snowboard Wrist Guards Check Price
Dakine Women’s Wristguard Gloves Dakine Women's Wristguard Gloves Check Price
LEVEL Fly Snowboard Gloves With Wrist Guards LEVEL Fly Snowboard Gloves with Wrist Guards Check Price
Devembr Advanced Ski Gloves  Devembr Advanced Ski Gloves Check Price

Risk Factors Involved With Not Wearing Wrist Guards

Wrist injuries are the most common injuries in snowboarding, skating, and other winter sports. These can be extremely painful and may take longer to heal. Some injuries might also leave you with some mobility issues. The best way to deal with wrist injuries is to avoid them in the first place. 

However, as a snowboarder or skier, whether experienced or novice, you are likely to suffer from a few falls on the slopes now and then. Moreover, hitting the deck at speed can even break your wrist. While you cannot prevent falls, you can be prepared for them by investing in a good pair of snowboard wrist guards. 

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They wrap around the wrist well, absorb the shock, and protect your joint and bones. Without a wrist guard, you can suffer from impact injuries. Wearing a wrist guard while snowboarding is important as it reduces peak impact forces and protects you from severe injuries.

What The Numbers Say About Snowboarding Injuries

Snowboarding and skiing are premier alpine sports whose popularity has increased dramatically over the past decade. But as the popularity graphic of these sports has changed over the years, so has the injury graph. Winter sports players can experience a wide array of musculoskeletal injuries, but some injuries are more common due to the specific injury mechanism unique to snowboarding. 

The percentage of snowboarding-related injuries to the upper extremities is rising. By far, the wrist is the most common site of snowboarding injuries among adults. As per some research, wrist injuries account for 15- 28% of all injuries. Children and novice snowboarders and skiers are significantly more likely to get injured.  

Brief Overview Of The Criteria Used For Selecting The Top 7 Wrist Guards 

After sorting through dozens of snowboard wrist guards available on the market, we selected the best wrist guards based on a few factors. We assessed each wrist guard based on the materials, flexibility, comfort, support, price, durability, style, and ease of use. 

We evaluated the top 7 best snowboard wrist guards using the following criteria:

  • Protection: Any snowboard wrist guard’s primary goal is protection against wrist injuries. We considered the wrist protection design and its effectiveness in preventing injuries as a criterion. 
  • Warmth: The basic purpose of a snowboard glove with a wrist guard is to keep your hands warm while in the mountains. So, we evaluated all the gloves with wrist guards based on insulation technologies. 
  • Dry: Dry technology is extremely important in keeping your hands dry. So, we tested all brands to see how they perform in cold and wet conditions. 
  • Durability: Snowboard wrist guards that last only one season are definitely not great. We tested each product to check if they can withstand abuse and abrasion and are durable enough to last multiple seasons. 
  • Flexibility: A good wrist guard protects you against injuries and lets you move your hands freely. We assessed all the wrist guards for ease of movement. 
  • Price: Another factor we considered in evaluating wrist guards was the price. We selected brands that offered the most advanced features yet at an affordable price. 

Common Mistakes To Avoid When Using Snowboard Wrist Guards

The most common mistake to avoid when using snowboard wrist guards is to wear them too tightly. The wrist guards should feel snug without any gapping. Another mistake is that the snowboarders often wear them incorrectly, the plastic loop or shell loop does not sit on the palm’s heel, and the Velcro fasteners do not meet their mates either in the middle or the end of the material. 

Also, some snowboarders wear snowboard wristguards too high on the wrist, which should go just about where you tie your watch. Another common mistake snowboarders make is buying cheap wrist guards that lack features or are made of cheap materials.

Let’s dive right into the wristguards we’ve picked for you today! 

1 . Level Fly Snowboard Mittens With Wrist Guards – Best Overall

  • BioMex wrist guard protectionnMembra-Therm Plus technologynRemovable knitted brush linernKevlar-Reinforced PalmsnPlush nose wipe materialsnBuilt-in goggle lens cleanernStorm leashesnMoist air exchangernGauntlet cuff to keep snow outnLasts many seasonsn
  • Expensive

On top of our list are the Fly Snowboard Mittens with Wrist Guards from the brand Level. They offer great value for money as they are made of high-quality materials and proven BioMex protection, Membra-Therm Plus technology, Kevlar-Reinforced Palms, and removable knitted brush liner.

Level’s BioMex wrist protection system has proven effective. The Biomex Protection wrist guards are built right into the mittens for proven protection from wrist injuries. The swallowtail design of these snowboard mittens with wrist guards supports three axes. 

The Membra-Therm Plus Technology used in making these wrist guards enhances the warmth by keeping your hands dry. These gloves have a water-resistant shell fabric. This technology makes the mittens with wrist guards water-resistant, windproof, and breathable. 

The Kevlar-Palm material is an innovative textured and long-lasting material that improves the durability of gloves so they last multiple seasons. Moreover, the interior liner is a five-finger glove style. Also, the liner can be removed for easy cleaning, inspection, and faster drying. 

The Level Fly snowboard mittens with wrist guard have a better grip and have many additional features like plush nose wipe material, gauntlet cuff, built-in goggle lens cleaner, storm leashes, and moist air exchanger. The air vent on the top of the hand allows the sweat/moisture to escape inside the gloves.

Why Are Level Fly Snowboard Mittens With Wrist Guards The Best Product For The Wrist Protection In 2024?

Level has developed these snowboard mittens with wrist guards to protect the wrists no matter which way a snowboarder falls. These mittens are uniquely effective in preventing wrist injuries. They feature a proven BioMex design and removable liners that offer higher resistance and advanced comfort. 

Level Fly Snowboard mittens with wrist guards are made of high-quality materials and proven BioMex protection, Membra-Therm Plus technology, Kevlar-Reinforced Palms, and removable knitted brush liner. 

They have a better grip and have many additional features like plush nose wipe material, gauntlet cuff, built-in goggle lens cleaner, storm leashes, and a moist air exchanger. 

In addition, the swallowtail design of these snowboard mittens with wrist guards provides support across three axes. Snowboarders can easily keep their hands warm while wearing these mittens by keeping them dry. 

Level is known for manufacturing mittens with wrist guards with leading BioMex technology that is proven more effective in reducing wrist injuries than splints and flexible wrist supports. All these technologies and features make the mittens with wrist guards better than other snowboarding wrist guards. 

2 . Dakine Unisex Wristguard Gloves – Runner Up

  • Feature-rich designnSuperior hand warmthnQuality fabrics and insulationnGauntlet length DWR treated shellnDK Dry waterproof insertnHigh-loft synthetic insulationnRemovable rigid nylon plates in the backhand and palmnMinimum impact on your range of motionnAdjustable hook and loop wrist strapn
  • The interiors might get damp after a while

Second on our list are Unisex Wristguard gloves from Dakine that are feature-rich in design. Dakine is well-known for creating trusted equipment for the ride of your life. These gloves offer superior hand warmth through proper fit and construction. 

The Dakine wristguard gloves are made of high-quality fabrics and superior insulation technology. The insert of these gloves is made from DK Dry, the palm from rubbertec, and the removable liner for rigid nylon support on the wrist.

Dakine’s wristguard gloves are designed to reduce the impact on your range of motion. They are also ideal for minimizing the impact on your wrist from a gnarly wipeout. The unisex wristguard gloves combine the cold protection of a DWR-treated cuff-length shell, a waterproof DK DRY liner, and high-loft synthetic insulation. 

The removable rigid nylon plates in the backhand and palm provide added protection from wrist injuries. The gloves have a 300g fleece lining, cuff closure, and one-hand cinch gauntlet. The Dakine’s unisex wristguard gloves are designed with an adjustable hook and loop wrist strap, a removable wrist leash, and rigid nylon support on the back and palm.


  • Fabric Type- 53% Recycled Polyester, 34% Polyester, 11% Non- P-PVC, 2% Goat Leather
  • Sizes- Multiple
  • Care Instruction- Hand Wash Only

3 . Devembr Ski Gloves Waterproof – Budget Pick

  • 3M Thinsulate insulationnTouch screen technologynWrist protectionnWaterproof and windproof shellnAnti-slip rubbernDetachable wrist guardnZipper pocketnVelcro wrist strapnConvenient and practical designnGreat dexterityn
  • Sizing issues – company does offer replacement/refund

devembr Ski Gloves are third on our list. The highly-rated ski gloves keep hands and fingers warm on the slopes. devembr ski gloves and snowboard gloves tend to reduce the chances of a wrist injury. 

These gloves from devembr are warm and durable yet light in weight. These will help you keep your hands warm even when it is freezing.

The gloves from this brand are padded with C40 3M Thinsulate insulation and are thick enough to provide maximum warmth even in extremely cold weather. The gloves come with a detachable pair of wrist guards. The palm of the glove is reinforced with premium PU leather to protect against abrasion and ensures durability. 

Snowboarders can easily adjust the tightness of the gloves as per their wrist using the drawstring closure and adjustable straps. It also helps in preventing cold air from entering. In addition, the waterproof insert keeps moisture from entering and allows the evaporation of sweat. 

The gloves offer excellent dexterity as an anti-slip rubber is specially added to the part between the thumb and index finger to enhance grip. In addition, the gloves have a very convenient and practical design. 

The touchscreen finger design of the glove makes it highly convenient to use the mobile while playing winter sports. So, you are no more required to take off your gloves and freeze your fingers to use your phone. The zipper pocket on the back of gloves gives you a little space to secure your belongings, such as cash, lift pass, and keys. 


  • Material: Faux Leather, Rubber
  • Size: Multiple
  • Hand Orientation: Ambidextrous
  • Closure Type: Drawstring
  • Style: Modern
  • Suggested Users: Unisex- Adult

4 . Level Half Pipe GTX Gloves – Premium Pick

  • BioMex u0022Plusu0022 wrist protectionnGoreTex Dry technologynLevel Thermo-Plus rating of 3000nKevlar Palm materialnKnitted brush interior linernThe plush nose wipe materialnGoggle Lens cleanernStorm leashnAir exchanger ventsnGauntlet style cuffnEnhanced wrist protectionn
  • The price factors

Fourth on our list is another pair of snowboard-protected gloves from the brand Level. Level Half Pipe GTX Snowboard Protective Gloves combine the best protection of the Level fly gloves, waterproof GoreTex dry technology, and proven wrist protection of BioMex “Plus” wrist guards. 

These gloves provide you with proven wrist protection and offer the benefits of a fully integrated liner/guard/ shell system. They have all the crucial advanced features to prevent snowboard wrist injuries. 

The BioMex Plus wrist protection is the improvised version of the proven, effective BioMex wrist protection system. BioMex Plus features dual-density guards that offer higher resistance and advanced comfort. This system is proven more effective in minimizing snowboard wrist injuries.

Level utilizes industry-leading GoreTex Dry Technology to keep your hands warm by keeping you dry. This technology makes the gloves durably waterproof, windproof, and highly breathable. The Level Half Pipe gloves are made from Kevlar-Palm material. It is a textured and long-lasting material that enhances the glove’s durability, making these gloves last for multiple seasons. 

The interior liner is removable to ensure faster drying, easier cleaning, and inspection. The Plush material on the thumb’s side makes for a handy nose wipe while on the trail or lift. 

There is also a goggle lens cleaner on the side of the index finger. It is a strip of material that comes in handy to wipe the moisture away from your goggles. You can easily keep the gloves attached to your child after they remove them with the help of a nylon cord with a plastic cinch mechanism that is attached to the inside cuff. 

The gloves also have an air vent mechanism on the top of the hand to allow moisture/sweat to escape from the inside. Since these gloves have a gauntlet-style cuff, they can fit over their coat sleeve. They also have adjustable powder cuffs to keep the snow out. 


  • Material: Kevlar
  • Size: Medium (8.0 in)
  • Style: Modern
  • Closure Type: Hook
  • Color: Black

5 . Dakine Women’s Wristguard Gloves

  • Feature-rich designnSuperior quality fabrics and high-loft synthetic insulationnGauntlet length DWR treated shellnDK DRY waterproof and breathable insert (100% polyurethane)nRemovable rigid nylon plates for added protectionnRemovable wrist leashnAdjustable hook and loop wrist strapn
  • Not touchscreen compatible

Dakine’s women-specifically designed gloves have attained the fifth position on our top 7 list. These are the perfect mid-range snowboarding gloves. Dakine has designed these wristguard gloves to provide maximum protection and, at the same time, maintain a great range of motion. 

These wristguard gloves reduce the impact on your motion range while minimizing the impact on your wrist caused by friction. The gloves feature a DWR-treated shell, high loft synthetic insulation, and DK Dry waterproof insert to keep your hands warm and dry. 

Moreover, the removable rigid nylon plates in the palm and backhand provide snowboarders added protection against any nasty falls. Additionally, the gloves are designed with a one-hand cinch gauntlet, a removable wrist leash for added convenience, and an adjustable hook and loop wrist strap for a secure fit. 

Furthermore, what makes these wrist guard gloves a perfect choice for women snowboarders is the lining that is made with 300g fleece which gives extra warmth and comfort. Dakine’s feature-rich design, quality fabrics, high-loft synthetic insulation, proper fit, and construction ensure you get superior hand warmth.


  • Material- Nylon
  • Color- Hoxton
  • Hand Orientation- Ambidextrous
  • Closure Type- Hook and Loop
  • Style- Modern

6 . LEVEL Fly Snowboard Gloves With Wrist Guards

  • BioMex wrist guardsnMembra-Therm Plus technologynKevlar palmsnInterior liner- knitted brushnNose wipe-plush materialnGoggle lens cleanernAir exchange ventsnStorm leashnGauntlet style cuffn
  • Expensive but longlasting

The stylish yet super warm Fly Snowboard gloves with wrist guards from Level are in the sixth position. These are made with a patented BioMex wrist guard to dramatically reduce the wrist injury risk. The wrist guards can be easily removed from the glove. 

The Thermo-liner offers superior warmth and can be removed for ease of wear in all types of weather. The snowboard gloves with wrist guard have a moisture-wicking Membra- Therm membrane that keeps the snowboarders dry in even the most humid conditions. 

Level’s unique breathable system is water-resistant. It wipes away the moisture from the skin and transports it out of the gloves. 

7 . Devembr Advanced Ski Gloves 

  • Wrist and palm protectionnSuper warm design with removal linernTouchscreen compatibilitynGreat dexteritynWaterproof and windproofn
  • Sizing issues – company offers replacement/refund

The super warm advanced ski gloves from devembr are seventh on our list because they have proven effective in protecting the wrist and palm. These gloves tend to minimize the chances of a wrist injury. 

The premium Kevlar reinforced palm is specially designed for frequent snowboarders and skiers to protect them against abrasion and ensure durability. 

The gloves from devembr are padded with C40 3M Thinsulate insulation. The fleece lining provides additional warmth, but the lightweight ensures faster drying and easier cleaning. Snowboarders can easily adjust the tightness of the glove and prevent cold air from entering with the help of drawstring closure and adjustable wrist straps. 

The gloves have anti-slip rubber to enhance the grip. The waterproof insert wicks moisture away. In addition, the zipper pocket on the back provides you with some space to keep your small belongings secure.


  • Material- Rubber
  • Color- Black
  • Hand Orientation- Left
  • Closure Type- Drawstring, Hook and Loop, Zipper
  • Style- Modern

Buying Guide: How To Choose The Best Snowboard Wrist Guards In 2024?

A good pair of snowboard wrist guards should have the following features:


Wrist guards should feature the latest technologies that allow for free movement of hand without being too restrictive. Materials like nylon and polyester are robust yet flexible to enable you to control your gear comfortably. 

Wrist guards made with polyester and mesh keep your hands cool as they allow better airflow for maximum breathability. When buying a wrist guard, you should ensure that the stitching is durable enough to withstand harsh conditions and rough use.


Splints are the hard protective material that stabilizes your wrist. Therefore, the material should be robust enough to survive accidental falls. The guard must extend to the wrists and beyond as it guarantees better protection.


Prefer wrist guards with extra padding or cushioning in the palm area as it absorbs the shock and provides maximum comfort. Choose wrist guards with strategically placed cushioning, so they do not make the wrist guards bulky.


Buy wrist guards that fit you snuggly. They shouldn’t be very tight as they may restrict hand movement. Neither should they be loose, as it can cause friction and affect your control. Wrist guards should have straps, allowing you to adjust the size for a more comfortable fit. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Any Additional Safety Precautions Or Gear That Should Be Used In Conjunction With Snowboard Wrist Guards?

You should wear additional gear, such as helmets, goggles, knee pads, elbow pads, etc., to ensure safety while on the slopes. Moreover, snowboarders should learn how to fall properly to avoid wrist injuries.

What Are The Top Brands That Offer High-Quality Snowboard Wrist Guards?

The top three brands offering superior quality snowboard wrist guards include Level, Dakine, and devember.

How Do I Properly Fit And Adjust Snowboard Wrist Guards For Maximum Protection And Comfort?

You must buy perfect-size snowboard gloves with a wrist guard. Also, you should ensure the wrist guard fits you snuggly. You can ensure a proper fit by adjusting the gloves using drawstrings or velcro straps.

Are Snowboard Wrist Guards Worth It?

Many people are hesitant to buy snowboard wrist guards as they do not know whether they are worth it. The fact is that multiple injuries can occur when you are on the slopes, and wearing a wrist guard can help you avoid those injuries by absorbing the shock from an impact. 

Suppose you use wrist guards made of durable materials and wear them correctly. In that case, you get an extra layer of protection without worrying about a fracture, sprain, or any other damage. However, selecting the right size and type of wrist guard for your activity is important to ensure it is properly fitted. 

How Do Snowboard Wrist Guards Protect Against Wrist Injuries?

Snowboard wrist guards can be very helpful in protecting against wrist injuries. The wrist guards work by absorbing the shock of an impact, reducing the likelihood of a sprain or fracture. 
The front and back of wrist guards are molded with nylon or plastic plates that absorb the impacts’ shocks and limit the wrist’s range of motion so that it does not bend too backward and helps the wrist slide along the floor in case you fall. 

A properly fitted wrist guard provides an extra layer of protection and structural stability to enjoy your favorite winter sports without worrying about bone damage or sprains. 

Final Thoughts

Without a robust pair of snowboard wrist guards, you will likely suffer from impact injuries on the wrist. A good pair of snowboard wrist guards wrap around the wrist well, softens the impact force, and protect your joint and bones. 

It is imperative to wear a wrist guard while snowboarding because it reduces peak impact forces by absorbing the shock and protects your wrist from severe injuries.

To choose the best wrist guard for your snowboarding or skiing needs, you must consider materials, flexibility and fit, style, designed purpose, price, durability, quality, warranty, specifications, and brand value. 

Although we have listed the top 7 snowboard wrist guards after thorough scrutiny, we recommend you try out different wrist guards and compare their performance and comfort before making a final purchase decision to choose the best wrist guards according to your needs and preferences. 

Customer Feedback And Ratings For The Top 7 Wrist Guards

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