Top 7 Best GoPro Mounts For Skiing In 2024

Skiing is a fun, exciting, and beautiful sport for you to enjoy. And what’s better than the skiing experience? Being able to capture those exciting and thrilling moments on camera in order to revisit them later. Right? 

A GoPro mount will help you capture these moments beautifully while keeping your hands free to enjoy the moment. GoPro mounts aid you in perfectly positioning your camera and freeing your hands to ensure the images are captured with the control settings you desire.

These mounts will help you appear to be a GoPro expert even when you are not. GoPros are great for recording extreme sports and are well known for taking awesome shots on the slopes.

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However, this camera is not stable enough to stand on its own and requires support hence the need for a GoPro mount.

A mount is essential when you want to capture images on the GoPro while you are in action. It provides incredible immersive footage captured when you are in motion. There are many GoPro mount options in the market. This makes finding a suitable option quite challenging.

GoPro mounts are a great accessory for any individual who loves to record while skiing.

The models listed below are great for all skiers. I have provided a range of options suitable for both amateurs and experts. GoPros are easy to use and will help you capture insane images and videos from all angles with a wide point of view

I have tried and tested a few GoPro mounts in my 6 years of skiing and snowboarding on the mountains. This article will highlight some of the best GoPro mounts that I have come across while sporting. Let us take our skiing experience a notch higher with these GoPro mounts.

7 Best GoPro Mounts For Skiing In 2024

GoPro Mount Preview Price
GoPro Performance Chest Mount GoPro Performance Chest Mount Check Price
GoPro Helmet Front and Side Mount GoPro Helmet Front and Side Mount Check Price
GoPro Suction Cup Mount GoPro Suction Cup Mount Check Price
GoPro Ski Pole Mount GoPro Ski Pole Mount Check Price
GoPro Head Strap With Quickclip GoPro Head Strap With Quickclip Check Price
Sametop Head Strap Mount Sametop Head Strap Mount Check Price
GoPro Hero GoPro Hero Check Price

1 . GoPro Performance Chest Mount – Best Overall

  • StablenUtilises padded and breathable materialnAdjustable to every body shape and sizenQuick release bucklenSuperior constructionnResists impactnIncredible point of view
  • Quite bulkynTakes some time to set up

This is one of the most underrated mounts in the market, but no other mount can compete with it on the power this gear holds. It offers great stability, and its adjustable straps make it suitable for adults of all sizes.

This mount promises you comfort and an unmatched shooting experience due to its incredible viewing angle. It is attached to your chest, and the camera is mounted at the center of your chest.

The mount’s construction is of superior quality. Its straps are designed to provide comfort using padding and breathable material.

It also features a three-prong strap and a swift buckle release to help you easily mount and detach your GoPro. The GoPro chest mount does not affect your skiing journey due to its placement on your body which does not shift even on bumpy mountain terrains. 

This is my preferred mount because of its lightweight and flexible construction.

2 . GoPro Helmet Front and Side Mount – Runner Up

  • Features a strong adhesive nVersatilenAffordablenVarious angles for image capturing
  • Challenging to learnnCan be hard to stabilize in deep powder conditions

This GoPro helmet front and side mount boasts a unique design that ensures that, unlike most mounts which are stationary, it can provide you with a variety of shots. This is because it comes with an arm for enhanced flexibility and versatility.

The mount also features a strong adhesive that can prove difficult to move. This is advantageous to all skiers as the need for a stable platform to shoot on is key. You can remove the adhesive by using a hair dryer to blow hot air on its surface for transfer to other surfaces.

Although it is designed to be mounted at the front, this GoPro mount can also be placed on the side or the top of your helmet. Helmet mounts help you capture an accurate first-person point of view when skiing. Viewing your footage this way allows you to see what your eyes see as you view it.

After using this mount, I can assure you that your GoPro will not fall off when skiing due to its strong adhesive grip at its base. This mount is also very easy to operate. It is built to last and currently retails at $25.

3 . GoPro Suction Cup Mount – Budget Pick

  • Compatible with all GoPro camerasnSecure attachment on skisnQuite affordablenDurable
  • Needs to be well placed to ensure that deep powder doesn’t block the camera’s view

This GoPro mount is compatible with all GoPro cameras. It is designed to be mounted on the ski and is very portable and affordable. It is quite easy to attach and detach using a locking mechanism. 

This mount utilizes vibration control technology that ensures you are able to capture smooth footage as you ski.

This mount comes with an industrial-strength suction cup, ensuring it does not fall even at speeds above 100 miles per hour. I am yet to see it falling off my ski board. This is a purchase that you will not regret.

4 . GoPro Ski Pole Mount

  • Rotating base allows for more angles nVersatilenHinged non-slip designnGreat stability nRobust mounting buckle design nEasy change in positioningnDurable
  • Only works with poles within a range of 0.55mm to 1.55mm diametern

This mount is very useful for capturing quality ski videos. It features a non-slip design for added stability and boasts incredible superior quality and performance. Its base rotates to allow you to enjoy multiple shooting angles.

The GoPro mounts feature a mounting buckle that helps you to switch positions easily. The GoPro mount base also enhances versatility in its functions. Because of its attachment to your ski pole, you can use your ski pole as a selfie stick to help you record at unique angles.

The pole mount is also very steady and stays in place even when speeding through mountain slopes at high speed. It is lightweight and features anti-corrosive qualities. These features make this mount one of the best GoPro mounts I have used when skiing. I vouch for it and its high-quality performance.

5 . GoPro Head Strap With Quickclip

  • The head strap is strong and elasticnSteadynExtendable arm for capturing great shotsnEasily interchangeablenWell priced
  • Not too stylishnDifficult to position on your helmet when not in usenThe strap can be uncomfortable at times

This mount is suitable for any skier looking for convenience. It is compatible with all GoPro cameras and provides a first-person viewing angle. 

The straps on the GoPro head strap are constructed with thick material and ensure there is no moisture build-up. It has always remained stable when I have suffered a fall when skiing.

The head straps are fitted with a rubber material to enhance stability and a secure fit. Unlike the GoPro helmet mount, this model allows for flexibility, and you can easily move it across different surfaces. It is also very affordable and easy to use.

6 . Sametop Head Strap Mount

  • AdjustablenWaterproofnVery affordable nHas a stable basenIdeal for all sizesnCompatible with all GoPro cameras
  • Not suitable for heavy impact skiers

This is the best budget GoPro on this list and is mounted on any area on the top, sides, or front of your helmet. It can be used with skiers of different body shapes and sizes because it is adjustable. 

It is great for anyone on a budget who wants to enjoy and record casual ski content. It is compatible with all GoPro cameras.

Its straps are made of nylon and fitted with rubber to enhance stability and provide a secure fit. This GoPro mount provides a first-person point of view, allowing you to correct any angles to ensure smooth and vivid shoots.

Its buckles are made to last by use of polycarbonate. The mount is also waterproof and anti-corrosive to ensure you enjoy value for your money. I noted a few differences between this mount and the GoPro head strap with the quick clip listed above.

The design is quite different, and the same top head strap mount is much more affordable. It is ideal for beginners and casual skiers who do not engage in high-impact activities because the mount can easily fall off when sporting.

Retailing at $10, this GoPro mount features superior performance and is one I recommend for every ski amateur. It is ideal for hands-free filming and quite a worthy purchase.

7 . GoPro Hero

  • Compatible with GoPro cameras and othersnIndustrial strength adhesivenWell priced in relation to its performancen2 Mountsn
  • Not suitable for beginners

I can confidently say that this mount is a beast when handling high-impact activities. This is because of the strong adhesive that keeps it glued to the surface you position it on. This kit comes with both a flat and curved mount, making it worth your coins.

The Taisioner GoPro kit allows you enough room and flexibility to adjust its position on many helmet surfaces. It comes with 3M stickers, which provide convenience when a replacement is needed. I highly recommend it for recording your ski shots.

Who Should Use A GoPro Ski Mount?

A GoPro mount is ideal for anyone who:

  • Loves to ski and wants to record as they ski down sloppy mountains.
  • Is interested in photography and enjoys skiing. The GoPro mount will provide you with a great foundation to start on.
  • Is a ski amateur and loves to create content. This is because they are easy to use and set up

How Many Types Of Gopro Mounts Are Available In The Market?

GoPro body mounts –  These mounts offer the safest option for skiers. They cover chest and wrist mounts and feature a superior quality design, ensuring that they stay securely held in place. This means that your GoPro camera will also be well-secured.

GoPro helmet mounts – These mounts are not the best at capturing steady and smooth images.

Ski GoPro mounts – These are designed to be mounted on your ski. However, in order to remain steady, the mounting pads should be fitted away from the cold slopes. The adhesive needs to be warmed up so you can stick it on your surface of choice properly.

Tripod mounts – This mount is designed to connect the tripod to the GoPro. This mount guarantees you smooth video capture for your skiing escapades. 

Pole mounts – This mount is attached to your ski pole, and the GoPro can face different angles with this mount. It allows you to take selfies and capture great shots of your surroundings and other skiers.

Is A Gopro Mount Worth It?

Yes, a GoPro mount is worth it for every adventure seeker on the mountain slopes. A GoPro mount provides several benefits that I will highlight below: 

Recording – A GoPro mount will help you record your journey through the snowy mountain tops for memory’s sake. 

Their steady nature also ensures accuracy in your footage, unlike when you try to hold your camera as you ski. No one likes shaky footage.

Points of vantage – A mount enables you to capture different points of view as you ski. They have a variety of settings that will ensure you maximize your skiing journey. 

You can regulate your mount’s height to ensure your camera has a wide field of view to capture amazing moments.

I will provide you with the best GoPro mount options for you to use when skiing in 2024. If you have been wondering whether you need to invest in a GoPro mount, this is your sign. Make that smart move and purchase a GoPro mount today.

What are The Advantages of Using a GoPro Mount?

A GoPro is a must-have gear for every avid skier who loves to capture moments when solo or with friends— using a GoPro instead of taking videos by hand while skiing has many advantages. Let’s dive in.

  • It lets you capture your favorite activity and share realistic and immersive footage with your friends and family.
  • It allows you to capture fantastic moments no matter where you are or what speed you are moving at.
  • You can easily use your GoPro mount as a makeshift selfie sticks with a single click.
  • Anti-vibration capabilities on the mount ensure you enjoy skiing without worrying about the camera falling off or getting shaky footage.

How To Choose The Best Gopro Mount For Skiing In 2024

There are quite a number of options of GoPro mounts in the market today. You might be overwhelmed by the many choices you have around. Here are the most important things to look out for when you hunt for a suitable GoPro mount.


Some mounts could be better at handling high-impact activities. You must look at the strength of the adhesive used by the mount. So far, I have noted that industrial suction adhesives provide the best grip for your GoPro.

Premium adhesives ensure that the mount will stay in place no matter the bumps you meet on the terrain or the speed.


GoPros have great reputation and are widely known for the quality of their builds. You should ensure that this quality is in tandem with the mount quality and performance. Your mount should be waterproof and be able to resist impact.

I advise that you make purchases from well-known and reputed brands. This will assure you value for your money as you can use the GoPro mount for a longer time frame.


A mount with poor stability will do you no good. Shaky footage will have you regretting your purchase. 

It is, therefore, important that you choose a stable mount that can stay in place no matter the conditions of the terrain. A great mount will have a supportive base that will provide stability as you ski.

Ease of Use

Skiing is a fun-filled sport. It is important that your choice of mount allows you to enjoy your time out in the snow without worrying over your GoPro settings. A good mount will be easy and simple to set up.


All the GoPro mounts I have listed are compatible with all GoPro cameras. All you have to do if you have an old GoPro model is purchase a housing unit with mounting fingers.

Recording angle 

Your recording angle dictates your camera’s point of view as you record. You should choose a mount that offers the best viewing angle depending on the shot you want to create.

Mounting Position 

The decision on where to position your mount will determine where you place your GoPro camera and what your recording angle will be.

your mounting position must be comfortable enough for you to easily use the mount, especially when skiing on a long terrain.

What Is The Best Way To Stick The GoPro Helmet Mount?

The steps I have provided below will help you easily attach your adhesive to your helmet to ensure that your camera does not fall off after mounting.

  • Ensure that your surface is clean. I recommend using rubbing alcohol to clean the surface on which you want to mount your GoPro. This will remove any grime, dust or moisture to prevent poor adherence of the GoPro mount to the surface. If you do not have to rub alcohol, you can opt for distilled water or wipes to clean the surface.
  • The next step is to rip away the adhesive covering. Find any sharp object such as a razor to help make this process easy for you.
  • You should then use a lighter to heat up the adhesive until you notice it melting a little. you should then stick the mount on your desired location. 
  • Be careful with this step because you cannot remove this mount later on. Replacing it will be the only viable solution.
  • Now that the mount is safely secured, you can fit in your GoPro and be ready to create fantastic shots of your skiing escapades.

How Do I Use A GoPro While Skiing?

Properly mounting your GoPro is the first step in using your GoPro when skiing. Taking shots at different angles is the key to creating fantastic shots. This will be great if you use both a flat and curved mount. 

However, you can always move your camera to different positions if you do not have different mounts. I would also advise you to take a similar spot and shoot a couple of times to ensure continuity in your footage even after editing.

When capturing footage of fellow skiers, you will obtain better shots at a closer range so that they can appear larger in size on the camera frame. This can be challenging if the skier moves at higher speeds.

The trick is to choose a terrain that is not too bumpy and let them know that they should keep the speed at a moderate pace. Move to the front and side of the skier whenever you can. You will love the shots that you take.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Should I Mount My Gopro When Using A Ski Helmet?

You can mount your GoPro on the sides, front and top of your helmet. I, however, advise that you mount your GoPro on the front of your helmet. This will provide you with the best viewing angle when shooting.

Mounting your camera at the front also helps to overcome wind resistance compared to when it is on the sides or at the top of your helmet. However, the best place to mount your GoPro when using a full face helmet is on the chin.

Are GoPro Mounts Similar?

No, GoPro mounts come with different features, builds, and quality. They are designed to go on different surfaces, with some having a rotational base and others spotting a fixed base. These GoPro mounts also employ different setup, performance, and functionality technologies.

How Do I GoPro With A Ski Pole?

You can turn your ski pole into a makeshift selfie stick at any time. I have gotten amazing shots using my ski pole. The tip is to spin the ski pole around your body slowly. This provides an incredible sweeping view of you as you ski.

Mounting your GoPro on the ski pole also allows you to take great shots of other skiers. It helps you create amazing shots and footage with friends and family.

How Do I Ensure My Gopro Stays Warm While Skiing?

Keeping your GoPro warm ensures that your battery life stays longer. Placing your GoPro camera in your jacket’s innermost pocket fitted with a few hand warmers will help you achieve this.

Your GoPro is sure to go off due to the negative temperatures out in the snow. Also, ensure that you only bring your GoPro out when you are ready to ski.

Wrapping Up

The choice of which GoPro to purchase is almost as important as what GoPro mount you should buy. Mounting your camera is the best way to create beautiful and unique shots.

There are quite a number of GoPro mounts in the market at the moment, but the options I have outlined above will offer you the best performance, durability, stability, and value for your money.

To decide which GoPro will better suit your needs, read carefully through the guide above to make the best choice.

I hope that this article has provided you with clear insights on the best GoPro mounts for 2024 and answered some of the questions you might have had. Now, go ahead and make that purchase. Cheers to capturing beautiful moments and creating fantastic memories!

Mitchelle Lynn