Top 7 Best Headphones For Snowboarding In 2024

Snowboarding has become one of the most sought-after sports in recent times. With the increase in its popularity, the lookout for various types of equipment has also started.

Great music can be a stress reliever. Listening to our favorite beat on a good snowboarding day can take the experience to the next level. It can help immensely in helping us receive phone calls without taking our gloves out. 

It has the unique capability to make better use of our time. However, while using headphones, there should be a certain level of consciousness as it can lead us to miss important announcements and instructions.  Using headphones can be easy, but choosing a particular model can be tough. 

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There are hundreds of headphones in the market with a ton of functionality. However, do all of them qualify for being the best headphones? No! 

Some specific factors make a headphone the best for snowboarding. Factors such as water resistance, voice assistance, lightweight, and a long battery backup are some of those factors that make a great headphone for snowboarding. 

Not choosing the perfect headphones can cause a headache. For example, headphones that do not fit our ears properly might fall off while riding, and headphones without proper buttons (or void of voice assistance) might require us to take our gloves off.

7 Best Headphones For Snowboarding In 2024

Having considered every factor into consideration, these are my Top 7 Best Headphones For Snowboarding.

Snowboarding Headphones Preview Price
Bose QuietComfort 35 II Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Best Overall Headphones For Snowboarding Check Price
Plantronics 207120- 21 Backbeat Pro 2 Special Edition Runner Up Headphones For Snowboarding Check Price
Sony WH-1000XM5 Wireless Headphone Premium Pick Headphones For Snowboarding Check Price
Sennheiser Momentum in-Ear Buds Budget Pick Headphones For Snowboarding Check Price
Bowers & Wilkins PX ANC Headphones Bowers & Wilkins PX ANC Headphones Check Price
Jabra Elite Active 65t Earbuds Jabra Elite Active 65t Earbuds Check Price
Soundcore Anker Spirit X2 Wireless Earphones Soundcore Anker Spirit X2 Wireless Earphones Check Price

Can You Wear Headphones While Snowboarding?

We can absolutely wear headphones while snowboarding. It is ubiquitous among snowboarders to wear a headphone. The issue that might arise is that we might get cut off from our surroundings. 

That can cause errors in terms of communication. There is a hear-through technology that some headphones employ that stops noise cancellation when we initiate a conversation.

What Headphones Are Good For Snowboarding?

The headphones that are good for snowboarding need to have certain features. Standard headphones would not deliver the comfort that high-quality headphones could deliver. Typically, headphones with water-resistant capability, lightweight, and voice assistant could prove helpful. 

1 . Bose QuietComfort 35 II Wireless Bluetooth Headphones – Best Overall

  • Great active noise cancellationnThree different levels of Noise cancellationnIPX4 water-resistant nUp to 20 hours of battery backupnAction button for google assistant and Alexan
  • Expensive

The Bose QuietComfort 35 II Wireless Headphone is my overall best pick in this list. These are the absolute best when it comes to all-around performance. I have been using the previous Bose QuietComfort 35 for a long time, and the moment these came out, I knew I had to try. 

They are comfy for everyday snowboarding and a lot more. 

The major update Bose brings to these is the previously absent Action Button. It allows us snowboarders instant access to millions of songs and playlists with built-in support for Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. 

This makes it convenient for us to search for our favorite track without taking our phones out. 

Not only tracks, but after snowboarding, if, for example, we also want to go to the nearest restaurant, we can issue simple commands such as “What are some of the best restaurants nearby?” That makes for an excellent addition to an already fantastic headphone.

The prominent feature of the earphones remains the same. It has excellent noise cancellation, is highly comfortable, and has a battery life that can last up to 20 hours.

When it comes to noise cancellation, it was beyond compare. Although the Platronics 207120-21 Backbeat Pro 2 supported excellent noise cancellation, I have chosen the Bose QuietComfort as the best, considering the overall performance and build. It comes equipped with a noise-rejecting dual-microphone system for clear sound. 

It provides three levels of active noise cancellation. The dual microphone system significantly improves voice pickup, an annoyance I faced with many other headphones. 

Even when receiving calls, it can muffle the environmental noise, such as wind and crowd so that the caller can listen to us more easily and clearly. On top of that, the headphones allow us to listen to our voices as we speak, so we don’t need to raise our voices.

The one thing we, as snowboarders, consider while buying any gear is the level of waterproofing it provides. The Bose QuietComfort II comes with an IPX4 water-resistant rating, allowing the headphones to keep going until we decide it’s time to stop! The weight of the headphone is about 235.3 grams. 

There should not be any complaints with respect to the audio quality. It was perfectly capable of delivering the best audio experience. The clarity was crips and also provided an adequate base. It comes in with volume-optimized EQ, ensuring that the clarity is intact even at higher volume levels. 

The icing on the cake is the Bose connect app. It can be utilized to perform every function. For a start, it can connect the phone to the headphones using Bluetooth.  

It can be used to activate voice assistance, control noise cancellation levels, or receive future updates. Bose QuietComfort provides the Bose AR experience, which Bose calls an innovative, audio-only augmented reality experience. 

The headphones’ battery lasts about 20 hours, which is quite reasonable for me. Overall, the balance experience that these headphones provide can truly be appreciated. 

Why Is Bose Quietcomfort 35 Ii Wireless Bluetooth Headphone The Best For Snowboarding In 2024?

Some of the reasons why I believe these headphones deserve to be the top-rated headphone for snowboarders are mentioned above. These headphones provide an overall experience that no other headphones can provide. 

Don’t get me wrong, the other headphones from Sony and Platronics are also fantastic, as we will see later. But, the range of functionalities these Bose headphones cover is simply outstanding. 

The audio quality and noise cancellation make these headphones the perfect snowboarding partner we all want. The introduction of the “Action” button for launching Google Assistant or Alexa gives a whole new dimension to these headphones.

The battery provides up to 15 hours of non-stop playback for us to enjoy our favorite playlist. And when the battery runs out of charge-just, a 15-minute charge- can give us up to 2.5 hours of playback. 

What’s more- when we run out of charge and don’t have the power to charge, we can continue listening to our favorite music by plugging in the cable.

2 . Plantronics 207120- 21 Backbeat Pro 2 Special Edition – Runner Up

  • Great Noise cancellationnExcellent Audio-balancenIntegrated smart controlsnUp to 24 hours of battery lifen
  • A bit heavy

The other alternative which I feel is fantastic for the task is the Platronics 207120-21 Backbeat pro 2 SE. These are the headphones that provide great audio quality. They deliver a very rich experience with the right balance of highs and lows, a great base, and mid-tones that just sounds natural. 

If there was any competitor for the Bose QuietComfort II, it had to be the Plantronics Backbeat Pro 2 SE. 

The design elements of these headphones are super-elegant. It comes in a plush grey-colored design. The ear cups are carefully constructed with grey matte plastic on the outside, and the inner part is manufactured using a plush grey leatherette. To further the comfort of the ears, it consists of memory foam.

It comes with active noise cancellation, which can be switched on and off as required. So, whenever we need to discuss anything with our partner, we can simply switch it off and confer. It’s that simple! 

The battery performance in the Plantronics Backbeat is slightly better than the Bose QuietComfort. It can provide up to 24 hours of non-stop playback. It provides us with the functionality of cable connection as well in addition to recharging it. 

These functionalities make the Backbeat Pro 2 one of the best in the market. It supports Bluetooth v 4.0 and has a range of about 100 meters (Which is incredible).

The Plantronics Backbeat comes with all the common features that we expect of such high-end headphones. It has a dedicated button to receive or ignore calls in the right ear. The power button can pair with any device of our choice. 

There are utility tools even on the left side of the headphones. Apart from the NFC chip,  It supports the all-important motion sensor, which stops the music playback as we remove the headphones. 

It houses the three important buttons for our music playback. The middle button allows us to play/pause the playback. At the same time, the right and left buttons allow us to skip forward or backward on the track, respectively.

The Backbeat shines in all the critical departments. The overall call quality is excellent, thanks to the Nose cancellation.  Moreover, looking at the user reviews, it can be clearly asserted that the Platronics Backbeat is a perfect headphone with impressive looks and functionalities and delivers on those with absolute perfection and finesse.

3 . Sony WH-1000XM5 Wireless Headphone – Premium Pick

  • Great noise cancellationnExcellent sound qualitynA ton of smart and adaptive functionalitynBetter voice call nThe speak-to-chat feature is greatn
  • ExpensivenBulkynThe design could have been better for the pricen

Sony devices are known worldwide for their impeccable audio quality. If there are any headphones I can confidently vouch for, it has to be the Sony WH-1000XM5. This new Sony WH-1000XM5 has a brand-new design and a totally new look.  

It comes with a sturdy design with a robust build quality. The mic inlets look classic, the headband is thinner, and the ear cups come with better memory foam for enhanced comfort. Overall, there is not much to complain about regarding the build quality.

The one aspect that Sony headphones have been leading in is noise cancellation technology. These headphones provide industry-leading noise cancellation thanks to the two-processor control, HD noise cancellation, and integrated processor. These, in combination with the eight microphones present, deliver impeccable noise cancellation. The surprising thing is that there are multiple mechanisms that work to provide us with better noise cancellation. 

The special 30 mm driver and the carbon fiber build enhance our overall music listening experience by reducing ambient noise and improving sound clarity in high-frequency areas. Adaptive sound control works like a charm in these headphones. The headphones automatically sense our movements and adjust accordingly to the environment.

Regarding the productivity aspect of these headphones, they feel custom-made for outdoor activities like snowboarding. Sometimes I just want to communicate things to my partners or discuss important guidelines during snowboarding. 

To do that, I had to stop the music and start the conversation again. Not anymore. The Sony WH-1000Xm5 comes in with Speak-to-chat features, which automatically stop playing the music as soon as we start to have a conversation. This utilizes advanced audio signal processing to recognize our voice. The music starts playing again once the conversation ceases. 

The headphones’ sensors help the music stop immediately as soon as it is taken off our heads and also start playing once we wear it back.  Other features like ‘Quick tap’ for resuming our favorite Spotify playlist, excellent call quality, built-in google assistant and Alexa, and an overall compact design makes these headphones a perfect choice for a snowboarder. 

What’s more, it comes packed with a high 30 hours of battery life to last us our long trip. In a hurry, 3 minutes of charge can give us enough juice to last 3 hours. 

These headphones are highly adaptive and versatile. They can be a perfect companion for any snowboarder who would love their headphones to do much of the work. 

However, we need also to compare it with other competitors while considering these headphones as they don’t come cheap. 

4 . Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 in-Ear Buds – Budget Pick

  • Affordable compared to other optionsn28-hour playtimenIPX4 ratednGreat Noise cancellationnGood audio outputnLightweightnSmart pausen
  • Not fully waterproof nNo customizable EQnThe charging case feels a little bulkyn

Under the budget segment, I feel the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 earphones are the perfect pick. Incredibly, Sennheiser has been able to build this product at such a price point. 

It delivers an all-around high-quality stereo performance while at the same time maintaining a minimal design. At 5.60 ounces, they are incredibly lightweight and fit well in the ear. It is undoubtedly a head-turner.

This can be an absolute gem for avid music lovers. The Sennheiser provides crystal-clear audio with a deep base, natural mids, and clear, precise trebles. Whether we listen to rock music, pop, or acoustics, this has us all covered.  For providing such good quality audio experience, it comes equipped with Sennheiser’s unique 7 mm dynamic earbud audio driver.

To increase the experience, it comes with superior active noise-cancellation technology. For the noise cancellation to work correctly, we should remember that the right-sized earbud needs to be worn.  Wearing a small earbud that does not fit our ears could affect the noise cancellation and dampen the overall experience.

Sennheiser provides their Smart control app, which lets us customize our own sound experience. The impressive 28-hour playtime (7 hours without the case) allows us to get lost in our adventure while the earbuds keep delivering unparalleled performance. 

Like all other high-end headphones, it comes with voice control features. Voice assistant allows us to have better control over our earbuds while the ‘Smart pause’ senses whether to start or stop playing the music. The other thing which might be extremely useful for snowboarders is the smart gesture controls available on the earbuds. It gives us direct and painless control over the volume, music, and phone calls.

The last thing we, as snowboarders want is for our earbuds not to be adequately immune to water and snow. It wouldn’t be wrong to assert that the Sennheiser earbud complies with most of these issues. 

The IPX4-rated Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 makes no compromise when it comes to safety, comfort, and quality. These features, coupled with the affordable pricing, make these earphones the best to buy.

5 . Bowers & Wilkins PX ANC Headphones

  • Great sound qualitynExcellent noise cancelingnGood battery lifenSmart pause and play functionn
  • It needs to get used to; in the beginning, long-term usage can cause some stressnBluetooth can be grumpyn

The next headphone I want to highlight is the Bowers & Wilkins PX ANC Headphones. Bower & Wilkins is an established brand when it comes to high-end headphones. They have some of the most exotic and highly expensive headphones that are out there. 

The PX Headphones, however, are reasonably priced and could be a great alternative to the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 in-Ear Buds. 

This Bowers & Wilkins Headphone comes in a simple yet elegant over-the-ear design. The ear cups are manufactured using high-quality foamed leather. The headphones have adjustable arms to fit the ears perfectly.

The headphone supports active noise cancellation that adapts to provide the perfect sound in any kind of environment. 

The PX comes in with the high-end drives found on the expensive P9 headphones. It provides a high-quality stereo experience with great acoustics, balanced mids, and decent bass.  These headphones are built for extended usage. The 22-hour-long battery backup ensures that we never compromise our entertainment while we are on our epic trail.

Bowers and Wilkins PX headphones have many utility features to increase productivity. The entire operation of the headphone can be accurately synced using the Dedicated Bowers & Wilkins app. 

It can be used to install the latest firmware to customize the headphones. The headphones have additional features, such as a smart pause and play feature.

One of the downsides to the Bowers and Wilkins PX headphones is the long-term listening comfort. Although the sound clarity was terrific, many reviews pointed out that they caused a sore spot to develop when listening for a long time. Another problem we might face with these headphones is Bluetooth pairing. It can give us quite a bit of a headache connecting it with a new device.

The Bowers and Wilkins PX are perfect headphones with excellent performance all around. From sound quality, design, and functionality to impressive battery life, it ticks all the boxes and deserves to be on this list.

6 . Jabra Elite Active 65t Earbuds

  • Good quality silicon ear tipsnHear through technology works wellnIP56 ratingnGood audio outputn
  • Bass was found lackingnAudio latency on some occasionsn

These Jabra Elite Active 65t Earbuds can be another good choice for snowboarding. They provide excellent playback quality with custom controls and good battery life.  These earbuds can be placed into any situation and would come out victorious. 

They have a sturdy, colorful design that looks very fresh. 

The earbuds come with silicon tips (they call them the EarGels!) that are pretty comfortable to wear and could provide adequate insolation. They are designed very ergonomically; they do not fall while we engage in any activity. The earphones come in with the Jabra Plus app, which allows complete customization and personalization of the earbuds. We can personalize it according to our tastes and need.

The audio output from the earbuds is second to none. I have personally used one of my friend’s earbuds, and they provided me with an excellent experience. The call quality on these earbuds was also good. No audio drop was experienced thanks to the Jabra’s 3rd generation true wireless stability. The incredible 4-microphone set-up provides crystal clear audio quality wherever we work.

The battery on this earbud is decent. It can quickly provide up to 15 hours of battery life on a single charge- up to 5 hours without the case. The charging case was pocket friendly and could easily fit into my pocket.

One of the standout features of this earbud is the ‘HearThrough’ technology, which effortlessly sifts all the noise from the surroundings whenever we need it. 

It also supports the auto pause function, which stops the play when the earbud is taken out of our ear. It is equipped with IP56 dust and sweat rating, making it ideal for snowboarding. 

7 . Soundcore Anker Spirit X2 Wireless Earphones

  • Great bassnIP68 ratingnGood connectivityn
  • Noise cancellation could have been better

The Soundcore Anker Spirit X2 Wireless Earphones are the last earphones on our list. I have chosen these because of the extreme bass that it provides. Soundocre markets these as earphones with 100% more bass. It is inspired by the technology found in high-end speakers. The BassUp technology places an acoustic chamber behind the diver that helps it deliver such a powerful bass. 

The build of these earphones is such that it serves snowboarding in a remarkable way. The extra-flex ear tips that it provides and the hooks allow the earphones to sit in the ear without much issue throughout our activity. 

The earphones come in with an impressive 36-hour playtime and up to 9 hours on a single charge without the case. It comes in with an IP68 rating, which makes it one of the best on the list. 

The sweat guard technology ensures that our earphones are safe while we enjoy our wonderful trail. The hydrophobic coating and the submarine structure ensure that it lasts longer than other earphones. 

The call quality on these earphones is excellent. The noise reduction technology greatly reduces the ambient noise, allowing a better experience. The connectivity powered by Qualcomm aptX audio technology delivers exceptional audio quality over the Bluetooth connection.

These can be a good choice to consider looking at the overall features, particularly the waterproofing.

How To Choose The Best Headphones For Snowboarding In 2024?

Deciding on the best headphones can be a tricky process. We need to understand the nuances of the various products while at the same time striking a balance between features, durability, and safety.


The most important thing, perhaps, when it comes to the best snowboarding headphones is our budget. We should make the list of features based on the amount of money we are ready to spend on it. 

The most expensive ones come with many features, like better active noise cancellation, water-resistant ratings, better connectivity, and features like smart pause and hear-through technology, among others. 

Battery Life

Battery life is another important feature when it comes to good snowboarding headphones. We do not want the battery to become dead while in the middle of our trail. The headphones/ earphones we have listed above provide more than an adequate battery life to last us the full day. 

Generally, I have found out that anything above 6-7 hours of battery backup works fine most of the time. Additionally, many headphones, like the Sony WH-1000XM5, support quick charging. So, even that can be an option to consider.


Even if the battery of the product last more than 10 hours but causes stress while wearing it for longer, that becomes an issue. We should always look for headphones/earphones that feel comfy and, at the same time, do not cause strain to our ears while wearing them for long. 

Our ear’s shape should be kept in focus while deciding on the best earphones. Moreover, the earphones’ grip should also be adequate so that it does not fall apart while snowboarding.

Noise Cancellation

This can be a debatable topic for some, but I always went ahead with the best noise-canceling headphones available in the market. The noise cancellation provides us with the best possible sound and music listening experience, whether we are in the confines of our room or riding away tricks in the park. 

The tradeoff can be that we would be cut off from our surroundings, which might lead us to issues while communicating. 

While that can be true, with the recent noise cancellation models like the Jabra elite 65t, we get the option of ‘hear through’ features, which allows us to restrict noise cancellation while we are conversing.  


Water resistance can be a big deal when it comes to snowboarding headphones. Before the ‘thunder strikes once,’ we must take precautionary measures for our device. 

I would want at least an IPX4-rated headphone/earphone so that I feel comfortable taking that to take it out on the trail. This will ensure that our device is safe from all the externalities, such as rain and snow.

Additional Features

We can look for additional features when choosing our snowboarding headphones/earphones. Our earphones/headphones must have a proper control mechanism for shuffling our playlist, turning on-off active noise-cancellation, receiving a call, etc. 

It should be responding even with our gloves on. A bonus has earphones that can be plugged in when the battery dies.

There are headphones, like the Sennheiser, that allow smart control feature: to control the functions of the headphones with the help of voice assistance. 

There are both provisions of google assistance as well as Alexa. These adaptability features really help a lot when it comes to improving our user experience and comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Do You Keep Your Phone While Snowboarding?

First of all, while snowboarding, we should get a sturdy and waterproof case for our phones.
We can keep our phones in our chest pockets. More importantly, we should not put our phone in our pant pockets as our hip and butt is the first thing we will fall on. Another thing we can do is to bring along a ziplock bag.

Can I Listen To Music While Snowboarding?

We can, and it is common for riders to have their headphones on while Snowboarding.  But we must also be aware of our surroundings. We might miss some messages or instructions while keeping our headphones on.

What Are Snowboarders Listening To?

I know snowboarders listen to music genres like heavy rock, hip-hop, and pre-classical music. The professionals lean more toward pop and hip-hop music.

Is It Safe To Snowboard With Airpods?

It is safe to snowboard with AirPods because they are small, low profile, and fit perfectly without any issues.

Do Snowboarders Listen To Music While Snowboarding?

Yes, they do listen to music while snowboarding. Music calms everything down and energizes riders to push themselves even further.


The Bose QuietComfort was my best recommendation; it provides excellent active noise cancellation, has the very important IPX4 water-resistant rating, and comes with a new voice assistant for better usability. 

The above article has looked at some of my favorite choices. I have also given a very elaborate guide to buying the best snowboarding headphone. The factors like sound quality, durability, comfort, and wireless capability should be considered when buying new headphones for snowboarding.

I have also provided the Amazon best buy link, where the products can be easily purchased. I encourage our readers to test the above-listed earphones/headphone and share their valuable experiences with us. 

I hope that everyone reading this article enjoys their time snowboarding. However, we should always keep in mind our safety, and for that, we should keep an eye on our surroundings and play safe. 

Mitchelle Lynn