What To Wear At A Ski Resort When Not Skiing

Going to the mountains does not mean you have to ski down a dangerous-looking slope. On the contrary, you can go on a skiing trip without having to ski and enjoy the weather with the fantastic view. However, if you decide not to ski, you might need clarification about what to wear. 

The weather will be harsh, and the snow will make it unbearable for you to enjoy if you do not pack warm clothes. As a skier, it is easier to know what to wear on a ski trip but not otherwise. So, what to wear at a ski resort when not skiing?

Nonskiers need ski or snow clothes in the mountains, as the weather will be harsh and snowy. Therefore, if you want to have a relaxing time, you should pack plenty of layers of waterproof and weatherproof clothing.

A chilly atmosphere can ruin your whole mood if you are not wearing appropriate clothes. Your mind and body will focus on fighting the cold rather than having fun. You need warm clothing to enjoy your skiing trip without skiing. Read on to learn more about what to wear as a nonskier.

Pack Layers For The Snow

Even if you decide not to ski, you will still have snow exposure while you watch your peers slay those powdery slopes. You will need protection from the harsh wind and bright snow as a preventive measure for cold and frostbite. Packing plenty of layers to wear on the snowy peak is wise. Here is what you need as a nonskier watcher:

Ski or Snow Jacket

Be sure to pack a ski jacket for your trip. Out on the snow, you will need an insulated and waterproof jacket to keep the brutal weather out. You can choose from plenty of options and stay warm on your trip. 

Even if you do not want to ski, you can always ride the chair lift or cheer your friends from the side. A warm, weatherproof ski jacket will keep you comfortable and enhance your joy.

Ski Pants

Pack a pair of ski pants to go with your ski jacket. Just as your torso needs protection from the chilly wind, your legs will need some weatherproofing too. 

If you decide to go up the mountain to enjoy the scenic views in casual warm pants, your legs will freeze in half a gondola ride. So, buy waterproof ski pants for complete snow protection.

Base layers

In regular winters, you do not wear a jacket alone with pants and call it a day. It is the same case with ski clothes. You must pack a base layer with your ski jacket and pants. 

It is best to carry a breathable but warm long sleeves shirt, leggings, and a half sleeves shirt in case it gets warm. The base layer will help you contain your body heat and help you out while sweating


With your jacket and base layers, your hands will have no protection from the weather. You will need durable and weatherproof gloves or mittens to guard your hands against the cold. 

If your hands stay numb on your trip, you will not enjoy holding a warm cup of coffee in your partner’s hand. Hence, pack a nice pair of gloves for your nonskiing trip.

Neck Gaiter

Most people get sick during the windy season because they do not give importance to covering their necks. Your neck is sensitive and has plenty of nerves that harsh weather can disturb. 

Buy a neck gaiter instead of a scarf for better coverage and prevention from the cold wind on the mountain. You can use the gaiter to cover your face when you feel like it and warm your breath too.


Let’s remember your noggin! You must wear a warm hat under your ski jacket’s hood. Wear your hat all the time to protect your head from cold and wind.

What Shoes To Bring On A Ski Trip?

You cannot wear your regular boots up on the mountain. You will end up with cold and wet feet with sores and blisters. It is best to pack snow boots or hiking boots for your ease. 

These boots must be waterproof, weatherproof, durable, and comfortable. Perfect boots will complete your whole look. 

Ski Resort Casual Attire

When on vacation, you will not stick to the snowy peak. It would help if you packed clothes for the casual hangouts you will enjoy with your friends and people you meet at the resort. 

Wearing ski clothes can be uncomfortable and unfitting for you in such situations. Imagine dancing at a bar in ski clothes, eesh!

You can pack your favorite winter clothes as evening dresses for your trip. Use your base layers under your casual wear to block out the wind. You will look chic while staying away from catching a cold.

Remember To Protect Your Face From The Weather

Mountains have a crisp and transparent atmosphere. The oxygen levels are low, which makes the surrounding air dry and the sunshine ten times harder. Keep a good sunscreen and a softening moisturizer to keep your skin fresh, vitalized, and soft.

The harsh wind can make your skin sore and create blisters. It will be painful for you, and the gaiter can only help you half the way. The gaiter will keep the cold out, but your skin will still receive damage if you do not use sunscreen and moisturizer to give it an extra protective layer.

Final Word

You are good to go with the list mentioned above. But, of course, you should rely on more than what you read. Every individual has their own needs and wants. Pack anything you believe you will need during your ski trip. 

However, pack everything listed above as you will surely need them. You should try skiing once you get there, after all!

Mitchelle Lynn