Top 7 Best Hydration Packs For Skiing In 2024

Do you take your water bottle with you whenever you go out for a ski trip, regardless of how long it is? Does it get annoying having to break your flow right in the middle of a good ski session because you got a little dehydrated?

I used to carry a bottle when I skied, but after realizing the hassle of arranging a bottle holder and having to stop in the middle of a slope to take a sip, I opted out.

For a long time, I couldn’t be bothered to stay hydrated when skiing because I did not want to hold a water bottle or carry its weight when skiing. After all, it messed up my balance.

If this sounds relatable to you, I bet you find yourself having shorter ski trips day by day. Shortage of water will dehydrate and make you weaker, especially considering activities as meticulous as skiing. The constant movement requires you to exert your muscles, and not being hydrated can be a problem.

Instead of buying a water bottle and a holder for it, you should invest in a hydration pack or a hydration bladder to take with you while skiing. Here are a couple of hydration packs reviewed and compared for you to choose from, so you can enjoy your next ski trip completely hydrated!

Best Hydration Packs For Skiing 2024

05/24/2024 08:12 am GMT

1. TETON Sports Ultralight Plus Backpacks – Best Overall


  1. Including Tarp
  2. Fits Your Shape
  3. Durable
  4. Comfortable
  5. Water-Resistant

With about 44 liters to fill, the Teton Sports Ultralight is a fantastic purchase to carry around with you during any long-term ski sessions you go. I took it for a two-day-long trip with me, and I did not need to refill the pack at all! 

It is a pretty good product if you like having a pack that clings to your body without being uncomfortably tight. It fits you regardless of how your body is shaped and will stay comfortable. It comes with compression straps, so it’ll squish whatever you store in your backpack nearer to you.

A feature I like about the Teton Sports Ultralight is that it comes with a tarp in it, meaning it’ll keep you safe and dry in the event of rain. Moreover, the tar also doubles as a poncho with tie-outs attached, so you can wear it as a hood that is big enough to cover you and your pack if you prefer not to stop for rain. 

The hydration pack is also water-resistant, so if you feel like skiing in the rain or snow, you can rest assured that neither your bag nor your accessories will be damaged.

A detail that I found to be pretty troublesome was that this comes in a shorter size, so there is a chance it won’t fit if your torso is a little larger than average. Perhaps the next few packs can satisfy your needs!

Best Overall
TETON Sports Talus 2700 Backpack
  • Construction materials, appears well constructed
  • Pockets/compartments are as advertised
  • Large U-shape zipper for interior access
  • Extra compartment at the top
  • Dual "daisy-chains" for attaching gear
  • Adjustable sleeping pad straps at the bottom
  • Torso length on the shorter side
  • Shoulder strap adjusters pull upward, unconventional
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05/24/2024 08:12 am GMT

2. Jack Wolfskin Adult Kingston – Runner Up


  1. Flexible
  2. SOS Whistle Included
  3. Integrated Rain Cover Included
  4. Recycled Fabric
  5. Well Ventilated
  6. Detachable Waist Belt

This hydration pack is about to become one of your favorite purchases if you’re a big climate buff. It is very sustainable and recyclable, so you know it’s worth the price.

Undoubtedly, one of the most excellent options this pack offers is the SOS whistle- any time you’re stuck or in danger while skiing, you can blow the whistle attached to the pack, and help will be on its way!

The bag comes with a rain cover as well, so you know it won’t stand between you and the thrill of skiing under the rain, but rather shield you and the pack you wear.

The Jack Wolfskin Adult Kingston Pack comes with a pretty excellent ventilation system, and no matter how long my trips have been, I haven’t tasted even a tad bit of stale water. I always get fresh water every time I ski.

This pack is also very flexible and comes with side compression straps so that all the weight of the bag is centered towards your body, which is very helpful when it comes to skiing, as it will not make your balance go askew.

If you go out for a long ski trip, this is an excellent pack for you as it comes with pole lashing straps. Whenever you want to take a short rest or stop to catch your breath, you can easily attach your ski poles to the straps! Along with that, the bag also doubles as a carry-on bag so that you can store extra supplies as well.

However, I was not too fond of this product because it sometimes could be relatively flimsy. Perhaps this is a manufacturing fault, as once while packing, the bag snapped open.

Runner Up
Jack Wolfskin Kingston 16 Pack
  • Sternum strap with SOS whistle
  • Detachable waist belt
  • Trekking pole lashing straps
  • Side compression straps
  • Limited space for a MacBook Air
  • Lack of interior pockets
  • Not suitable for hiking
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3. Source Razor 3L Low Profile Hydration Pack – Budget Pick


  1. Integrated With Ballistic Vest
  2. Closed-Cell Insulation
  3. Storm Push And Pull Valve
  4. Insulated Drinking Tube
  5. Grunge Guard

The Source Razor 3L low-profile hydration pack comes in an ultra-slim design, optimizing traveling in small spaces. A thinner design also means its weight will be closer to your torso than bulkier packs that may hang downwards- so your equilibrium will stay maintained.

The hydration bladder itself holds up to three liters of water, which is more than enough for at least two days’ worth of skiing. The bladder’s drinking tube is covered in an insulated webbed material that gives you cool water no matter how sunny the day is.

A feature that I liked about this pack is that it comes with a grunge guard, a medically approved antibacterial added to the hydration to prevent the growth of bacteria.

Along with that, it’s made of high-quality products, meaning you won’t get a plastic-like taste in your mouth when you drink from the tube. This is very helpful if you go on long ski trips and do not find drinking water available at all times. 

I took this pack with me to an uninhabited area to ski alone. Before going, I was relatively terrified of running out of supplies- especially water- but the grunge guard and capacity of this bladder ensured that I did not run out of fresh cool water.

The drinking tube of this pack comes with a push-pull Storm valve, which is ideal for skiing, as it is made for people to take into extreme weather conditions.

The valve produces an uninhibited water flow, so you don’t have to bite at the tube constantly to drink water. In addition, it also comes with a free flow of water, making it less likely to freeze.

One feature that disappointed me was how the quick disconnect tool for the drinking valve was too loose. You may likely lose the mouthpiece before you even get to drink water from the water bladder.

Budget Pick
Source Razor Hydration Pouch
$107.02 $98.99
  • Seems decent, but not exactly as pictured
  • Not made in China. Good quality
  • Durable, Excellent Build Quality and ZERO funny taste
  • Super easy to mount and unmount on the molle
  • Fits the back of the vest perfectly without wasting space
  • Low profile design
  • Keeps water cold in hot weather
  • Covers up the rear carry handle on a medium-sized vest
  • Color is a little light and has a slight shine to it
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05/24/2024 08:23 am GMT

4. TETON Sports Oasis Hydration Packs


  1. Lightweight And Comfortable
  2. Kink-Free Sip Tube
  3. Notched Foam Stabilizer And Mesh Covering
  4. Bungee Cord System
  5. Two Liter Water Bladder

The Teton Sports Oasis 1100 hydration pack is incredibly robust, making it a fantastic skiing product. As someone constantly falling while skiing, this is great, as no matter how hard you fall, this pack will stay undamaged.

Along with that, it has a lot of space, so you can easily store a variety of essentials for a long ski trip and won’t have to get additional bags for storage. It also comes with a rain cover sewn in, making it easier to ski in rainy and snowy conditions.

The pack comes with about two liters of water storage, which is more than enough to last about a day. It also has comfortable padding all over the chest and shoulders, making it easier to carry for long periods, so if you go on a long ski trip, the weight of this pack will not be a distraction.

A feature I like about this model is that it comes with shock absorption on the chest padding, so no matter how many falls you take, this bag will not let you feel a thing!

However, it doesn’t seem large enough for someone with a larger build, so you should scroll towards the following options. Perhaps you might find something you like!

Best Water Taste
TETON Sports Oasis 18L Hydration Pack
  • Fantastic product that replaced an old backpack
  • High quality and well-made
  • Comes with a hydration bag
  • Super comfortable
  • Multiple well-designed pockets for organization
  • Side pockets fit a water bottle securely
  • Narrow and deep back pocket for specific items, insulated and padded
  • Bungee loop on the front broke within 6 months
  • Front pocket design causes the pack to tip forward when set on the ground
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05/24/2024 08:25 am GMT

5. Vibrelli Hydration Pack & 2L Hydration Water Bladder


  1. High Flow Bite Valve
  2. Taste Free Hydration Bladder
  3. Multiple Storage Options
  4. Comfortable And Lightweight

The Vibrelli Hydration Pack comes with a two-liter water storage, made with medical-grade products to ensure you get a taste-free and freshwater supply. The bite valve of its tube is also leakage and drip-free, along with a unique locking system, so your water does not go to waste.

The pack is also pretty durable, so it doesn’t matter how many times you fall or how bad the fall is; the bag will not disappoint you in terms of quality and durability. The pack is reasonably lightweight and comfortable, meaning no matter how long your trip is, the bag will not be rugged on your shoulders and will regulate most of the weight towards your torso.

A feature that drew me in was the storage capacity of the Vibrelli pack. It comes with mesh storage with cords to pull, allowing you to fit products as large as a parachute jacket inside without stuffing it. It also has pretty large pockets where you can place snacks or supplies such as headlamps for nighttime skiing!

Although, I was a little disappointed when I took this with me to ski and found that drinking water while skiing is a hassle, as the bite valve is very stubborn and requires more effort than usual, making you lose focus of your footing and likely to fall.

Vibrelli Hydration Pack
  • Great for touring and outdoor activities
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Has two compartments for storage
  • Keeps cell phone cool in the zippered compartment
  • Good for short hikes and bike trips
  • Durable and easy to clean
  • Emergency whistle for added safety
  • Difficulty fitting the tube through the pack
  • Initial strong chemical taste in the bladder
  • Water bladder can be challenging to reinsert when filled
  • Small pockets
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6. Source Hydration Bladder WXP


  1. LeakProof Wide Slide Opening
  2. Tube Cover To Block And Insulate UV Light
  3. USMC Miox Filter System
  4. Push-Button Convenience
  5. Weave Tube Cover
  6. Grunge Guard
  7. Low Maintenance

The Source Hydration Bladder comes in a heavy-duty water-resistant bag. The water bladder has a three-liter storage system, enough for ski trips lasting around two days. It comes with a smooth surface, so the water will roll off instead of getting soaked up into the bag if it rains.

The water hose comes with an insulating knit covering to ensure you always receive cool and freshwater regardless of how long your ski trip has been. It has a twist-lock design, allowing free water flow, so you don’t have to exert too much pressure, causing you to get distracted from the snowy trails in front of you.

The USMC Mix filter system, along with the grunge guard, are fantastic additions to the bladder, especially if you’re a bit of a germaphobe and prefer having clean and filtered water with you at all times.

However, I had multiple qualms with the Source Hydration Bladder: how thin the tube is. Although the water is free-flowing, such a narrow tube will make drinking water more time-consuming than it should be. The mouthpiece is relatively leaky, so even if the valve is closed shut, you are likely to lose water due to the flimsiness of the mouthpiece.

Minimalistic Design
Source Hydration Bladder WXP
  • Top end opens up for easy cleaning and drying
  • Smooth surface prevents the bag from getting wet
  • Quick-release mechanism for hose detachment and reattachment
  • Insulated hose stays cooler than other systems
  • Replaceable hose to prevent algae buildup
  • Twist and lock mouthpiece design
  • Dust cover to keep water clean
  • Mouthpiece design may cause water leakage if not closed properly
  • Dust cap on the mouthpiece can be inconvenient to put back on
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7. Outdoor Products Tadpole Hydration Pack


  1. Reliable And Durable
  2. 1.5 Liter Water Reservoir
  3. Storage Space And Pockets
  4. Adjustable Sternum Pocket
  5. Compression Strap
  6. Water-Resistant

If you like to go skiing with your kids and can never find a hydration pack that fits them properly, this might be the one for you. It’s pretty short in size, making it fantastic for toddlers. With 1.5 liters of storage, your kids can easily last an entire day with a freshwater supply.

It comes with a lot of storage space, making it ideal for storing snacks and utilities such as medicine for kids. The addition of compression straps is a splendid function, as you can squish jackets or blankets in this pack easily without making the bag too bulky and deterring your balance.

The bag is lightweight as well, so if you wear it while skiing, your child is likely not to feel the weight or be uncomfortable and distracted during a fun ski trip!

I have an issue with this bag because it comes with a water hose that is too long for kids to drink. This can be a huge distraction, as handling the tube will divert the kids’ attention and likely result in a fall.

Outdoor Products Tadpole Hydration Pack
  • Keeps kids hydrated in hot weather
  • Convenient for carrying snacks and personal items
  • Helps kids stay somewhat independent during outings
  • Good for use at Disney
  • Well-made and spacious
  • Perfect size for kids
  • Comfortable and has the right amount of storage for kids
  • Mouthpiece is not covered, can get dirty
  • Small fill area makes cleaning and drying challenging
  • May leak initially but can be fixed
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Buying Guide – Hydration Packs For Skiing

Here is a guide you can use to buy the perfect hydration pack for you:

What are Hydration Packs And Why Do You Need One For Skiing?

Hydration Packs, also known as Hydration Bladders, are flexible containers of water you can carry around without having to hold them in your hand to drink water.

Hydration Bladders are bags of water that are attached to your body, usually via waist belts and shoulder straps. A tube is attached to the water bag so you can drink water on the go instead of breaking your flow and stopping to drink.

Most tubes come with suction or bite function, which leads to the lesser effort required. Some tubes do have a twist cap function as well.

You will not have to stop to take the water bottle out of your bag and twist the cap to drink it. Now there’s a large tube right next to your neck, and all you have to do is slightly crane your neck!

Skiing is a demanding activity that requires you to stay hydrated at all times. With the amount of muscle exertion you need to have, a water supply must be near you at all times.

While a water bottle may do the same thing a hydration pack does with fewer expenses, a water bottle is more challenging to manage and gets bulkier the more storage it can hold, rather than a hydration pack. 

Along with that, a hydration pack is essentially a bag you can wear with easy access to a water reservoir that rests near you at all times. It is an excellent product to 

Things To Consider When Buying A Hydration Pack

1. Capacity

If you are used to going on ski trips that are likely to last more than a day, you should look into buying hydration packs with a storage capacity of more than three liters. This will last you more than two days, which should be enough time to find a water supply to refill your hydration bladders.

2. Medical Grade Products

Even if you aren’t a germaphobe, a fresh water supply is a requirement for everyone. A hydration pack that builds up mold and algae over time is not the best investment to make, especially if you ski regularly. 

Buying new products every other month is relatively expensive, so you should look into purchasing FDA-approved products with a grunge guard included.

A grunge guard will make sure no bacteria is building up inside your bladder and fight off algae growth as well. Along with that, a well-insulated tubing system with weaved covering will ensure your water is always cool!

3. Overall Storage

A hydration pack with a hydration bladder is a great choice to make, but why not buy hydration packs with external storage? Extra storage is beneficial if you go on longer ski trips such as myself. 

You can add extra blankets and jackets into mesh storage weavings and medical supplies along with skiing products like snow goggles and cameras if you feel like filming your adventure as well. 

4. Weight

A bulky hydration pack that ends up weighing heavier than you expected is an impractical purchase to make, especially if you ski. A large part of skiing is being able to balance yourself and maintaining your center of gravity. 

A hydration pack that does not cling to your torso will most definitely distort your sense of balance and cause you to fall. Ages of practice went down the drain when I bought myself a heavy hydration pack, and it weighed me down, and almost every time I tried skiing down a hill, I ended up falling.

Hydration Packs that come with waist, sternum, and chest straps are the best ones, as they will grip your body and give you more control than a pack that hangs down. In addition, if you have a tendency to overpack, getting mesh weaving will be splendid, as it will flatten and squeeze anything you store inside closer to you.

5. Hose System

A hose system that is large enough to reach your mouth quickly and a mouthpiece and valve that opens easily is essential for a skiing trip.

For example, a valve that requires you to bite onto the tube to get water constantly can be problematic, especially for the cold and extreme weather conditions necessary for skiing. 

A twist push-pull valve is an excellent choice for a colder climate, along with uninhabited free water flow. A storm push-pull valve entails twisting on the mouthpiece and getting free-falling water! This is also a great feature if you fall in muddy snow and need a water supply to wash your hands.

Final Thoughts

It is vital to remember that the first hydration pack you buy will not always be the best. If you are new to purchasing this product, you should consider buying from brands with more customer satisfaction or advice from professionals. 

It would help if you also kept in mind that it is much better to buy hydration packs physically after trying them on instead of buying them online. It is possible to get cheap quality products, or simply ones that aren’t as satisfactory as you thought they seemed.

Mitchelle Lynn