Top 7 Best Kids Ski Harnesses Trainer In 2024

As a parent and a skier, who wouldn’t love to transfer their passion and skill onto their children? And if you are pursuing your passion as a career, you must dream of making your kids follow the same path.

But considering the level of risk, teaching your kid how to ski at a young age might not be a good idea, unless you have a ski harness.

Ski harnesses are designed to keep your child safe and connected with you on the slopes. You can easily teach your little one the basics of skiing without worrying about them getting hurt.

Being connected to them at all times and preventing their fall when required, gives you the peace of mind you need as a parent.

If you want your kids to perfect the art of skiing right from a young age without having them suffer any injuries, get a ski harness right now. Here are some of the best options you should look into when buying a ski harness for your young ones.

7 Best Ski Harnesses For Toddlers In 2024

06/11/2024 03:51 am GMT

1. Lucky Bums Kid’s Ski Training Harness – Best Overall

The Grip N Guide harness manufactured by the Lucky Bums is a perfect supporting gear for kids who are venturing out for the first time on the snow. The harness is rightly equipped to provide safety to your kids and peace to your mind at all times.

The smooth safety handle mounted on the back provides a single-handed easy grip to adjust their stance in case they are getting wobbly during the slide. The padding underneath ensures that it doesn’t hurt even when you pull them up.

The strong web-like strap network offers maximum safety and durability to the harness. The adjustable nature of the straps makes it a versatile training gear for kids from age 2 years to 8 years. The straps offer adequate room, so you won’t have a hard time fitting it over the big puffy jacket of your little one.

Not just that, you can put it on and off in a matter of seconds with the quick-release buckles attached at the end of the straps. Although, with the Grip N Guide harness, you won’t feel the need to put it on and off your kid every time you mount on a chair lift, as it has an extra safety layer.

Before making the purchase make sure that leashes are attached or come separately with the package. In case it isn’t attached with leashes, don’t worry! Lucky Bums are ready to fix any problem you experience.

Best Overall
Lucky Bums Grip N Guide Kid's Ski Training Harness, Red , Ages 2 - 8
  • Great for teaching kids to ski
  • Useful for maintaining control on chair lifts
  • Helps kids get up after falling
  • Easy to use and adjust
  • Useful for introducing kids to the snow
  • Provides support for balance while learning
  • Adjustment may be challenging for some users
  • May not fit snugly for all children
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2. JAPI Kids Ski Shoulder Harness – Runner Up

Have you ever wished to have a handle to control your child’s movement, like the dog life jackets? The JAPI kids ski shoulder harness can help you do just that. It has a simplistic and easy-to-use design that delivers the safety you need for your kids. The harness is made out of hard nylon webbing that is highly durable yet comfortable to wear.

The harness is designed to be worn by kids of ages between 2 – 6 years, thanks to the adjustable shoulder straps. The straps make it easier to be worn on top of thick jackets.

The adaptable leashes attached on both sides make it easier for instructors to train your children while being at a safer distance from them. If your child is just starting, you can shorten the leashes to be close to them, and if they have been training for a while, extend them a few feet.

You can always carry them using the textured handle attached at the back in case of any emergency. The handle also helps in carrying your child and transferring them onto the chairlift single-handedly.

The connection hooks of JAPI kids’ shoulders are made out of plastic and are shoved into the belt attachment assembly. The leashes might not be able to hold heavy loads, which makes them more suitable for younger kids aged 2 – 4 years.

Runner Up
JAPI Kids Ski Shoulder Harness
  • Easy to use and put on
  • Great value for the price
  • Helpful for teaching kids to ski/ride
  • Handle and leash features work well
  • Can be used for toddlers and young children
  • Adjustable and fits different sizes
  • May get twisted and tangled
  • Clasps may slip, causing straps to fall down
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3. Sklon Snowboard and Ski Training Harness – Budget Pick

They feature/accessory-packed Sklon ski training harness is by far the best gear you need to teach your children the art of skiing and be good at it. The harness comes with more than just mere essentials but an additional pole bundle you didn’t even know you needed the most.

Your kids can train with confidence and excel at it knowing that you are right behind them. The Sklon ski harness has adjustable bungee straps that act as shock absorbers. The feature not only facilitates your kids in sliding downhill without hesitating but also promotes a smoother ride for you, too, regardless of you two being connected.

Sklon has kept the safety and security of your kid in mind while designing the harness. It has been lab-tested and has even earned CPSIA accreditation indicating your and your kids’ safety alike.

The shoulder straps, as well as the back of the harness, have adaptable features and can be altered to fit any size. The rightly positioned handles at the back allow easy carrying. Whether you are going uphill through a chairlift or sliding downslope on skis, you will feel safe with your kids on the mountain.

No problem taking sharp turns when coming downhill, thanks to the carefully designed webbing structure alongside the hip belt, which offers better control. For kids who have learned the basics and don’t need to use the leashes anymore, the Sklon ski harness provides an attachable drawstring storage bag at the back.

Having described all the highlighted features of the harness, the additional supplies need some spotlight too. Sklon ski harness presents convenient transportation for your boots, and a ski strap and pole carrier for carrying your extra luggage is a cherry to the top.

Budget Pick
Sklon Snowboard and Ski Training Harness
  • Simple usage
  • Great value for price
  • Durable
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06/11/2024 03:51 am GMT

4. MDXONE Kids Ski Harness Trainer

MDXONE kids’ ski harness has got everything your little ones need for a perfect start. Whether it is safety, versatility, comfort, or durability, the manufacturers have tried to keep everything to the level of perfection.

The harness is examined and approved by the CASI – Canadian association of snowboard instructors, making it one of the best available learn-to-ski harnesses for kids in the market.

The MDXONE is designed to function best with skis as well as snowboards.

The harness introduces a smart leash adjustment mechanism that allows you to control distance effortlessly through a simple touch of a button. The bungee-like retractable leashes act as shock absorbers, preventing any strain from building up on the straps. No strain means a smoother ride for you and your kid.

The backpack attached to the harness has two separate compartments and offers ample storage space for any supplies you want to carry with you. There is another section of Y-shaped straps attached to the backpack that is meant to be tucked under the child’s legs, offering extra support, sturdiness, and comfort for beginner skiers.

You can always remove these straps if you feel your child has gone one step further. Thus, giving your little one a more stylish backpack than his fellow skiers. The removable straps can be stored inside two elastic pouches. Two reinforced handles are attached at the back to provide maximum safety when you carry them up.

MDXONE Kids Ski Harness Trainer
  • Works for snowboarding
  • Great quality
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06/11/2024 04:57 am GMT

5. Got U Ski Harness For Kids

You young kids can now ski with confidence with a Got U ski harness that goes along with other sports such as swimming, biking, skating, etc. Both the shoulder and waist straps are adjustable, making them usable for kids aged 2 – 8 years.

As a parent, you must find it hard running after your kids whenever they run off to somewhere on the track. And telling a 4-year-old to stay put is like talking to a little puppy. But Got U harness can make that possible with its up to 7 feet long additional leashes.

Simply attach the leashes to the waist straps of the harness through easy-clipping and follow your child around by being at a safer distance from them. Got U ski harness could become your kid’s favorite harness as it provides them with space for putting their little gummy bear treats.

The detachable leashes can be removed once your kid has learned how to ski without being shaky. Getting on and off the chair is made safer and easier with the easy handle grip at the back. It helps in lifting your kid with one hand while maintaining your balance.

However, if you are looking for elastic leashes with better flexibility, you might want to look for better options. You’ll also have to be careful about maintaining an equal distance no matter the type of tough track you are on.

Got U Ski Harness For Kids
  • Skiing with a toddler is made easier
  • Pouch for holding treats
  • Enough leash for skiing behind
  • Handle for lifting
  • Simpler to use than higher-priced types
  • Convenient to store
  • Some resistance to using it outside
  • Not 100% effective at preventing running away
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06/11/2024 05:01 am GMT

6. Launch Pad Ski Training Harness For Toddlers

The LaunchPad ski training harness is perfect for those looking for something durable with all the necessary features and is equally lightweight and easy to wear. Despite its simplistic design, the harness is packed with characteristics you would want for your kid’s safety and comfort.

The shoulder straps are adjustable, meaning you can fit them to kids aged between 2 to 8 years old. Leashes are retractable, acting as shock absorbers that help make the ride less rugged and smooth while also allowing you to control your speed through bumpy rocks untethered.

If you are always at your child’s head trying your best not to let them fall, it may prevent them from learning anything. However, having 7 feet long leashes, you can be at an appropriate distance from them so they can learn better with increased confidence and focus.

The highlighted feature of the harness is the speed controlling mechanism which enables you to manage the speed of your child through the curves. From easy lift access for seating your child on the chair lift to carrying them single-handedly, the harness is carefully designed to add convenience to the entire skiing experience for you and your child.

The LaunchPad ski harness consists of a mini pouch fitted at the back. The pouch has enough space to store the leashes when not needed, especially when riding the chairlift. The handle grip attached at the back provides one-handed lifting after a fall on the slopes.

Launch Pad Ski Training Harness For Toddlers
  • Helps build confidence for young skiers
  • Allows parents to guide and control their child's skiing
  • Convenient handle for lifting kids and aiding balance
  • Great for teaching skiing techniques and transitions
  • Effective in helping kids tackle steeper slopes
  • Useful for transitioning to chairlifts and larger mountains
  • Can be adjusted for comfort and ease of use
  • May not fit well with larger or winter jackets
  • Straps across the chest might be too short for some kids
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06/11/2024 05:36 am GMT

7. ZipSeven Kids Ski Harness

Want to get a fine and reliable ski harness for your kid without overspending your budget? Then, a ski harness by ZipSeven could be one of the best options you can have. With its simple and minimalistic design, your kid won’t have a problem wearing it all by themselves.

The durability of the straps is out of the question as they are made out of strong nylon. The 7 feet long leashes are easy to attach and detach with quick-release clippings. If you feel your child has outgrown the need to use leashes, you can remove them effortlessly.

However, if you are looking for a backpack or pouch to put those leashes in, the ZipSeven would disappoint you on that. Moreover, according to the manufacturer, the harness would suit kids aged 2 – 7 years, but given the thick jackets kids wear, the harness doesn’t fit children above 4 or at most 5 years.

The increased length of the leashes allows you to look after your child and keep them safe, regardless of the track or section of the mountain you are on. Apart from skiing and snowboarding, the harness can help your kid learn and excel at other similar sports such as cycling, skating, and skateboarding.

ZipSeven Kids Ski Harness
  • Easy to use for lifting child onto chair
  • Useful for teaching activities like snowboarding
  • Provides a handle for easy grabbing
  • Budget-friendly option
  • Clip-on leads included
  • No storage bag included
  • Straps tend to loosen easily
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06/11/2024 05:41 am GMT

What is Ski Harness?

Ski harnesses make it easier for parents and ski instructors to train children in the safest manner possible. A ski harness resembles a vest worn around the kid’s torso, with web-like leashes stitched at the back that enables the instructor to keep hold of them.

With a ski harness, you can easily teach them the basics like how to control speed, take turns on their way down, and be able to make stops on the slopes while you are in control the entire time.

Are Ski Harnesses Important?

You might as well have heard bad reviews about ski harnesses. Some believe they aren’t the most effective way of teaching a kid to ski.

But the reality is most of them lack the knowledge of using them properly. But once you get the hang of it, you realize how beneficial they are in a child’s training. 

Besides, the biggest factor that hampers kids from learning to ski is not their lack of technique but the fear they have in their minds about skiing. Be it an adult or a child; one can’t learn skiing if they keep that fear alive. All children need is a little confidence in themselves and their gear.

Knowing that they are connected to an adult through a leash, they no longer have to worry about sliding straight down or falling over; thus, they can focus more on learning. And if they do take a fall, the leashes will always help you pull them up without any hassle.

How to Use Ski Harness Correctly?

Ski harnesses for kids have a bad reputation among many skiers and snowboarders, mainly due to their improper usage. So, before we move on to exploring the method of choosing the right harness, first, we must learn the correct way of using a ski harness.

A ski harness can be one of the best sport learning gears out there if used appropriately. Instead of kids, adults ought to be educated more on the subject because they are the ones holding the leash to their success.

If you control or pull the leash every time your child goes off track, there is a high possibility your child will grow accustomed to the skis and start relying on them, eventually slowing down the learning process. As a ski instructor, you should let the kid commit errors and learn from them instead of preventing them from making a mistake altogether.

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Ski Harness for Kids

Whether you go out shopping physically or scroll for the best ski harnesses online, there are a few features you must look out for.

1. Straps

Things like strap material and type play the most significant role in the durability and convenience of a ski harness. Nylon straps are considered to be the most durable, comfortable, and cost-effective compared to other materials.

When it comes to the type of straps, always look for harnesses that have adjustable straps. Adjustable straps indicate the versatility of the harness, allowing it to be used by more than one age group of kids.

2. Lift Handle

A ski harness should have a lift handle attached to the back. It’s one of the basic features you should never compromise on. The handle allows the instructor to lift the kids single-handedly whenever they slip off the snow or fall over a rock.

When boarding the chairlift, instead of carrying your kid from both hands and compromising your posture, you can carry them with a single hand with minimum effort.

3. Leashes

Normally, two types of leashes come with a ski harness; a standard non-elastic one and a flexible one. Bungee-like elastic leashes offer better functionality than other ones.

Apart from helping you control the speed of the kid connected with you, it also acts as a shock absorber allowing both of you to ski seamlessly even through rough spaces.

4. Backpack or Pouch

The importance of having a backpack or pouch at the back of the harness is more likely a personal preference. However, it’s better to have an appropriate space for leashes and hip straps to store when not in use.

Also, your kid might need some space to store his bag of chips. You can go for the one with a backpack or pouch, depending on the need.

Final Words

A ski harness is the best tool one can use to make their kids learn skiing from scratch. So, if you are one of those looking for the perfect gear to make your kids follow the same path as you. There are tons of ski harnesses available in the market.

We’ve compiled the 7 best ski harnesses for kids depending on their functionality, affordability, and customer feedback. To facilitate you select the right one yourself, the buying guide at the end will let you know what things you should look out for in a ski harness. The article is written to ensure there isn’t an ounce of regret associated with your purchase decision.

Mitchelle Lynn