Top 7 Best OTG Ski Goggles 2024 – Goggles That Fit Over Glasses

Do you think your weak sight is a disability and can’t let you enjoy a sport? Well, it can’t keep you from enjoying skiing for long. Thanks to the OTG (over the glasses) goggles, you can outshine at skiing and even make a career out of it, if you have the right passion. Although, the sad part is, most people don’t know what an OTG goggle is.

OTG goggles are designed for people who wear spectacles to enjoy their favorite sport without much hassle. They have a bigger frame that allows you to easily wear glasses underneath.

You wouldn’t want to be sliding down the slope with blurry vision. The OTG goggles do more than just fitting in your standard glasses. They allow ventilation, so your internal glasses won’t get steamed up due to breathing.

“One can always wear contacts while playing” you might say, however, contacts can be irritating and even damaging if worn for too long. Sometimes wearing glasses is the only option when it comes to practicality and affordability as prescription ski goggle inserts can be expensive.

With a plethora of OTG ski goggles circulating in the market, selecting the right one without any prior experience can be difficult. Especially when most of them carry a powerful brand name. We have compiled a list of the 7 best OTG ski goggles and their pros and cons reviewed by bespectacled skiers. So, you can make your decision without any confusion.

7 Best Over The Glasses Ski Goggles In 2024

05/24/2024 05:04 pm GMT

1. Bollé Y6 OTG Snow Goggles – Best Overall

The Bollé Y6 snow goggles are laden with technology offering better durability and comfort than most goggles. These are designed to be worn by beginners to advanced intermediate-level skiers who have a habit of wearing spectacles.

The internal foam lining is carved out at all strategic locations so you can fit in your glasses with ease. The Bollé Y6 goggles are made surprisingly lightweight that won’t tire you out even if you wear them all day.

One of the first things you should make sure of when buying a new pair of goggles is its anti-fog capabilities. The Bollé Y6 is embedded with a P-80+ anti-fog layer on the internal side of the lens. This layer prevents the fog from turning into moisture droplets by dispersing the molecules to the sides.

Thanks to that you can have a clear view down the slope, minimizing the chances of accidents to an absolute low. The flow tech venting system is also installed for the same purpose – reducing the fog from building up on the lens and turning into droplets.  

Bollé Y6 is manufactured in a way that facilitates the installation of an optical clip. This relatively newer technology allows you to press-fit your optical lens onto the goggles in the form of a dual-lens. Optical clip compatibility eliminates the need for wearing separate glasses along with goggles.

Potential Downsides

While the Bollé Y6 comes with multiple functionalities, there are still some downsides to the product. These goggles do not have an interchangeable lens function.

The fitted lens isn’t polarized or has a UV protection coating, meaning you might have to squint your eyes whenever your eyes face the sun while skiing down. The bulky strap is another thing you should keep in mind, but if those aren’t an issue for you, all the best!

Best Overall
Bollé Kids' Y6 OTG Snow Goggles
  • Comfortable with glasses
  • No fogging while biking
  • Keeps you warmer
  • Good price-point
  • Fits over glasses well
  • No distortion from the lens
  • Adjusts well to fit
  • Reflective coating came off when cleaning
  • Small amount of fogging
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2. OutdoorMaster OTG Ski Goggles – Runner Up

If you are an occasional skier who heads to mountains twice or thrice a year, you should check out the Outdoormaster over the glass goggles. Although they are not very tech-friendly compared to modern-day goggles, they are still valued for money.

They comprise all the basic facilities you need as a beginner or intermediate. The thermoplastic and polyurethane frame is designed to fit both youth and adult skiers. The frame holds a dual-layered lens incorporated with an anti-fogging ability on the inner side. This allows you to ski in lower temperatures without having to worry about foggy lenses.

On the other hand, the outer lens is equipped with an ultraviolet protective coating preventing 100% of the UV radiations from reaching inside the goggles, allowing you to see farther down the trail without any UV light damaging your vision. Also, with a 17% visible light transmission, you can see brighter than ever, even under dark cloudy weather.

The Outdoormaster ski goggles are designed to go along with all types of helmets. This universal fit won’t make you spend extra on a separate helmet that fits these goggles. And don’t worry about the color either because this particular set of goggles comes in a wide variety of colors to match your helmet.

To add more to the benefits of the goggles, they come with a lifetime warranty. This makes faultiness not a pressing issue anymore as you can always get another one in exchange if the previous one shows any defects.

Potential Downsides

The Outdoormaster might be the perfect pair for most; however, it still lacks some features you might miss. If you are thinking of skiing somewhere where sunlight occupies most of the day, you might think again about choosing these goggles as they have no polarization effect.

It also lacks a proper venting system to eliminate fog. Also, there is no quick buckle release which might serve as a hurdle for some.

Runner Up
OutdoorMaster OTG Ski Goggles
  • Comfortable fit over eyeglasses
  • Stylish mirrored look
  • Crystal-clear vision in various lighting conditions
  • Affordable price
  • Good for use with helmets
  • Fit for outdoor activities like snowboarding
  • Prevents fogging during outdoor work
  • Appear slightly smaller than expected
  • Not suitable for very sunny conditions
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05/24/2024 05:04 pm GMT

3. HUBO SPORTS Ski Snow Goggles – Budget Pick

The Hubo Sports ski snow goggles are made for advanced-level and professional skiing athletes. They are loaded with all those futuristic features most skiers demand these days. The goggles are encompassed with an ultralight and low-profile frame made up of TPU material.

Being created out of a lightweight material slims the chances of getting broken when changing the frame. The frame is built to adjust on all types of face structures. Talking about lenses, the Hubo Sports have embedded detachable magnetic lenses. This gives you complete control of replacing the lenses while you are on your way to the chalet.

You might think magnetic attachment is weaker and that it may fall off at any time. Well, worry not. The magnets are placed at all the crucial spots that hold the lenses firmly, giving no chance of falling off. 

The goggles come with additional enhancing lenses that provide clear vision during the day and night, allowing you to ski as long as you want without worrying about the darkness of the night.

Apart from being suitable for all helmet types, the goggles also have adjustable straps fitted on the back that add to the safety. This will eliminate little to any chance of falling off while also giving you the freedom to adjust the tightness of the straps to your preference.

The Hubo sports is fitted with more than just a basic anti-fog system. It has also got a hot air ventilation system that keeps the steam from accumulating on the lens. So be ready for a nice clear adventure.

Potential Downsides

The Hubo sports is perfectly manufactured, leaving no room for disadvantages. The structure of the goggles is rather bulky and big, with no cut-out space for the temple area.

Budget Pick
Ski Snow Goggles with Magnetic Interchangeable 2 Lens
  • Great for snowboarding
  • Nice and sturdy case
  • Comes with two lenses and two straps
  • Lenses are easy to pop in and out
  • Clear and comfortable
  • Easy to change the lenses
  • Nighttime lens works well
  • Difficult to adjust straps initially
  • No mention of any other cons
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4. Dragon D3 OTG Ski Goggles

If you never want to leave your spectacles aside, even on the most difficult downslopes, then Dragon D3 should be on your buying list. The best thing about these goggles is their advanced luma lens technology that allows you to see clearly in all types of light conditions.

The base-injected spherical luma lens offers an enhanced vividness that helps you differentiate in the color schemes without any 0 effort. Once you get these fitted, your eyes will feel ultimate relaxation and comfort with a crisp, clear vision. If you purchase these fantastic OTG goggles, you will get two variations in the luma lens (red ion and light rose).

Better visibility means better reflexes meaning you can act faster and better at vital spots. Moreover, the internal layer of the glass lens is coated with advanced anti-fog material for high clarity at all times.

Keeping comfort to the maximum, the Dragon D3 goggles have 3-layer foam fitted at all the corners. The added foam keeps you comforted, not letting you feel the weight of the goggles at all. Apart from the additional foam, the goggles also have a hypoallergenic micro lining that is properly carved for easy spectacle adjustment.

Potential Downsides

The Dragon D3 is focused more on the comfort and visual clarity level that misses some key features that competitors have. For instance, the goggles lack a proper ventilation system to prevent even minute amounts of fog from building up. Moreover, these goggles do not have adjustable straps with a quick anti-lock function.

Dragon DR D3 OTG Bonus Snow Goggles
$150.00 $140.00
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5. VANRORA Over The Glasses Ski Goggles

The Vanrora ski goggles are amongst the highly popular OTG equipped goggles available in the market. The lightweight TPU material is a proper fit to the face structure and prevents the snow from entering in. Swapping lenses is also made easier with this pair of goggles, thanks to the fitted magnets.

You can attach the type of lenses depending upon the conditions you are skiing in. For better security of the lens, a clip is mounted on the sides that hold the lens securely throughout the bumpy slopes.

There are multiple systems in place that help against the fogging effect. In addition to the average anti-fog coating, the double-layered lenses have an external hydrophilic coating on the inner side. To add more protection against the fog and enable you to have a clearer vision, an efficient ventilation system is in place. The system allows enough airflow to prevent the hot air from staying in.

Unlike cylindrical lenses that limit the area of view, spherical lenses provide an enhanced and wider field of vision. Such lenses give you a crystal-clear view free of any distortion regardless of the intensity of light outside.

The polycarbonate lenses are injection molded which makes them scratch resistant. So, there is a high chance the glass will protect your eyes against any sharp object. The double lenses also act as an effective barrier against UV light. Moreover, the REVO coating on the outer end offers a glare-free vision.

Potential Downsides

The Vanrora goggles are one of those OTG goggles that have little to no disadvantages. To count a few, there are no adjustable straps or buckles lock systems. Moreover, if you are planning on fitting an optical clip, you would have to keep searching for a suitable one.

Best Value For Price
VANRORA Ski Goggles
  • Impressive performance for the price
  • No fogging issues
  • Secure lens attachment
  • Compatible with helmets
  • Good range of view
  • Comfortable OTG design
  • Multiple lens color options
  • Limited frame color choices for certain VLT levels
  • Slight bulkiness in frame design
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05/24/2024 05:29 pm GMT

6. Zeal Optics Portal XL Goggles

Most companies are focusing on manufacturing goggles loaded with advanced features, but when it comes to the design and outlook of the goggles, many companies lag, which might make it hard for someone who wants to rock in their ski goggles. If you are one of those, your search ends here!

Because we have shortlisted just the fitting ski goggle for you, manufactured by Zeal Optics, the Portal XL is one of the few OTG ski goggles that provide the most futuristic outlook. Nevertheless, you can do a lot other than just flaunting it to your peers. Yes, this particular ski goggle has quite similar features that match its outlook.

The goggle consists of auto polarized yellow-based lenses that can automatically change their colors concerning the light conditions outside. The lenses are coated with a permashield on the outer surface that protects against scratches hence keeping the lens clean at all times. But the most surprising thing is its easy lens fitting feature.

There is no hard and fast rule to attach your lens to the frame. You simply need to slide in the lens through the rails mounted on each side. Since it requires zero effort, you can swap the lenses anytime, anywhere.

The lens provides 100% UV protection from the sun, thanks to the optimum polarization effect. It can also block almost 95% of HEV (High-energy visible light) that can have damaging effects on your eyes.

Potential Downsides

Despite its state-of-the-art features and modernistic design, owning a Zeal Optic Portal XL can still put you at a disadvantage. The goggles do not have a fully-fledged ventilation system apart from the anti-fog coating. And owing to its futuristic model, it doesn’t fit well with most helmets, which means you might want to purchase an extra helmet too.

Zeal Optics Portal XL
  • Ridiculously good.
  • Comfortable too.
  • Eliminated fogging on my glasses as well.
  • Provides crystal clear visibility.
  • Covered for any day with interchangeable lenses.
  • Generous fit.
  • No bad days with excellent field of view.
  • Lens replacement mechanism can be tricky to master.
  • Initial fit may be too narrow for wider faces.
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7. WYSTAO Ski OTG Goggles

Ever want a one-for-all goggle that can go along with all types of sports while also have enough room for your glasses? Yes? Then these WYSTAO OTG ski goggles are for you. From skiing and snowboarding to dirt biking, they are designed to be worn in almost all outdoor sports, which makes it a good investment if you have the talent for other related sports.

The UV 400 protective lens in the goggles is fixed with the OTG bendable frame. The bendable feature of the frame makes one size perfect for all types of facial structures. Moreover, the added cushioning on all sides enhances the practicality of the goggles.

The padded section provides comfort and acts as a barrier against dust particles, snowflakes, and wind. Once worn, your eyes won’t get the slightest hint of what’s it like outside.

Being bigger and bulkier in size, they use bigger curved lenses. On the other hand, these curved lenses provide a broader view, allowing you to take notice of your surroundings throughout the journey.

The WYSTAO ski goggles can adjust with all types of helmets, thanks to the adjustable head and shoulder straps that always keep the goggles in place.

Potential Downsides

There is no adequate ventilation system installed in the goggles, meaning you should be prepared for some blurry vision. Owing to their large size, there are no temple cutouts. Also, the missing spherical lenses mean you might have difficulty in seeing everything. Lastly, there is no option for changing the lens so you’d have to stick with just one.

Buying Guide for Best OTG ski Goggles

Purchasing the perfect OTG ski goggles requires a certain level of research. Although most blogs shortlist the best features and the disadvantages of a product still, there are certain things you must look out for yourself.

If you are a beginner and want to get the best value for money OTG ski goggles, here is the list of things you should always pay more attention to:

1. Lens

The first thing you should look for when selecting the suitable OTG goggles is the types of lenses it has. Nowadays, most goggles have come with either curved lenses or cylindrical lenses. There is no harm in buying such goggles if you know your skill. But if you are just starting or ski occasionally, you should prefer spherical lenses.

Goggles with curved or cylindrical lenses limit your area of sight, preventing you from seeing the entire picture. Wearing such goggles would only make you more prone to an accident. So make sure you go with spherical lenses during your learning phase.

2. Ventilation

Ventilation is another vital aspect of a ski goggle you should never miss. It doesn’t matter if your goggle has spherical lenses. If it doesn’t have a proper ventilation system or at least an anti-fog coating, it is utterly useless because you wouldn’t want to be risking your life due to blurry vision.

During breathing, the hot air you exhale tends to accumulate on the lens, preventing you from seeing clearly. And if you are wearing spectacles inside, there is a chance you might not see a thing. It is better if you spend some extra bucks on a pair that has properly ventilated.

3. Material

It is essential to know what material your OTG goggles are made of. The weight of your goggles is directly dependent on the material.

Make sure it is manufactured out of something lightweight yet sturdy, so you don’t get irritated or fatigued halfway through your journey. Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) is currently the best material when it comes to manufacturing lightweight goggles.

Final Verdict

We have narrowed down the list to the seven best OTG ski goggles after researching and reviewing several goggles. Each pair of ski goggles is fully described along with its best aspects and potential downsides to help you compare and select the one that matches your requirements.

We have also attached a brief buying guide to educate beginners on “how to select the right OTG ski goggles.” Good luck with your purchase!

Mitchelle Lynn