World’s Cheapest Ski Resort With Almost Everything Free! [2024]

We all know how the prices of ski resorts have been hiking up the past few years. Even the travel, lift tickets, ski equipment, basic food, and training are quite expensive now. Well, that is where skiers decide to give different locations a try where they could find cheap solutions to their problems. So if you are precisely also looking for a very cheap ski resort with premium facilities and environment, we have a place that you would surely love.

Malam Jabba Ski resort is comparatively the cheapest ski resort in the entire world that can offer you a great experience. It is located in Hindukush Mountain Range, KPK, Pakistan. A single day ski pass only costs around $37, while weekly passes can go as high as $100.  

Now you might be wondering how cheap Malam Jabba Ski Resort is and if you can actually afford it. So let’s actually dive into the details of this particular resort, including all the crucial details.

Malam Jabba Ski Resort – World’s Cheapest Ski Resort!

Make sure to go through each section to know better about the resort. Also, do not forget to match your preferences too to know how well it would suit you.

World’s Cheapest Ski Resort
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1. Exact Location

If we talk about the exact location of Malam Jabba Ski Resort, it is based in one of the beautiful provinces of Pakistan. It is located quite near or even considered part of a mesmerizing valley called Swat. As for the site of the resort, it is situated in the Hindu Kush Range, having beautiful views and scenarios.

You probably won’t have to face many difficulties finding the resort, as it is very popular among the locals and the tourists too. Just make sure to actually do your homework and keep everything with you for a better experience.

2. Visa Process

Well, yes, Malam Jabba is quite good and all, but how would you get there? Is it easy to get a visa from Pakistan? Amazingly, yes, it is quite easy to get a visa from Pakistan. All you will have to do is offer your passport, photographs, intent, and few other things to get started with the process. To make things even convenient, you can now apply for a Pakistani Tourist Visa online! You will not have to visit an embassy or office, and everything will be done right from your home.

It does not precisely matter if you are from the US, Europe, or from any region of the world; the process will be convenient for all. You can even apply now and get started with the process. 

3. Atmosphere and Environment

There are some negative perceptions about the environment of Pakistan that create a negative impact on the whole world. It might be partially true, but it is not the case in most of the places of Pakistan. The northern side is considered as the Switzerland of Asia, and it also is a great attraction for tourists.

If we specifically talk about Malam Jabba Ski Resort, you can expect the same environment and atmosphere. Due to being located around the forests and mountains, you will be pleased with the fresh air and clean breezes. 

If you first want to experience those pleasant moments through your screen, along with the beauty, you can take a look at this vlog of European YouTuber. She decided to share her experience with the world and express how impressed she was with the Malam Jabba Ski Resort!

4. Season starting and ending time

The skiing season at Malam Jabba usually starts from the mid of November, and it remains intact till the end of Feb. It is a good idea to remain on the safe side and visit the resort anywhere between the months mentioned. It will make sure that you are provided with the best possible snow to ski on, along with all the other facilities.

5. Lift Ticket Prices

Well, the foremost thing you will have to consider to ski at Malam Jabba Resort is the lift ticket prices. The good thing is, it definitely is quite affordable, and you can spend days there without worrying too much about the costs. 

A lift ticket for a single day costs around $37, with the option to opt for the half-day ticket. As for the half-day lift ticket, you will only have to spend around $25, which will be even more convenient. Besides that, if you are willing to stay for long at the resort and enjoy skiing to its fullest, you can go for weekly passes too. The weekly prices will be even lower, and you can expect to pay anywhere near $100 for the whole week. 

As for the experience, you can feast your eyes with the video below and see yourself how amazing Malam Jabba Ski Resort actually is:

6. Ski Equipment renting and buying

If you do not own ski equipment, including skis, proper clothes, protective gear, and other things, you will have to buy or rent them right from the resort. Renting will cost you cheaper, as you will only have to spend around $10 to get your hands on the required things. If we talk about renting the same equipment at other places of the world, the prices for a single day can go as high as $100.

But if you want to own all the things, you will still have to spend quite a lot in order to get all the crucial things.

7. Other Facilities at Malam Jabba Ski Resort

Aside from skiing, you can also enjoy snow tubing, snow walking and dancing, ice skating, sledding, hiking, and snowboarding. Most of these things will cost you approximately the same as skiing. You can try them all out and see how well different things can be.

8. Travel, food, and stay!

Local transport is super cheap in Pakistan, and you will certainly not have to keep hundreds of dollars for travel. An easy estimate is $10 per 100 kilometers traveled, and considering the size of the country and the areas around the ski resort, you won’t have to travel much.

Other than that, Pakistani cuisines are also one of the best cuisines in the world. If you are a spice lover, it would surely seem like heaven to you. Just make sure to opt for the right restaurants and the popular ones to have a proper taste. If you really want to save a few bucks, you can try street food too.

As for the stay, hotels are also quite affordable in Pakistan. Hotels in cities are even cheaper, but when it comes to the season and tourist locations, the prices might differ a bit. Still, a room for a single night can cost you around $10-$15, depending on the features you have chosen.

9. Locals’ Behavior and Generosity of Pakistanis

If you think that Pakistan is a war-loving country, then you might be wrong. Pakistan is one of the friendliest countries in the current world that you can precisely find. If not on the government level, Pakistani people are unquestionably one of the humblest people from all over the world. The reason why Pakistani people focus on generosity, humbleness, better treatment, and politeness is because of the traditions and the cultures they have been following for centuries.

Not only that, if Pakistani people find out that you are a foreigner who has come to visit the country and enjoy all the exciting things, then you will be treated even better. You won’t really have to pay a dime (in most cases) to buy simple things like food, snacks, or drinks. Some people might even offer you to taste the traditional dishes that might fascinate you even more.

You can take an explanatory look at the video below, and you will see how Pakistanis treat foreigners and how generous they can be:

Overall, Pakistan is a very great country in terms of friendliness and a comfortable atmosphere. So if you have any negative thoughts, you can wash them up by watching the video above.

10. Average trip cost

In the end, the only thing that is remaining is the average cost of the whole trip to Malam Jabba Ski Resort. So how much exactly will you have to spend? Will you have to save $2500-$3000 like American or European resorts in order to enjoy skiing in Pakistan? Definitely not! 

A whole trip of a week would cost you anywhere between $600 and $800. The cost can go below the specified limit or above it, depending on the luxuries you have chosen. But still, the average cost is drastically low as compared to the whole world.

The verdict

So this is all about Malam Jabba Ski Resort. All you have to do is plan your trip and consider what you will have to do. So let the season arrive, so that you can experience one of the best parts of your life, that too through skiing.

Mitchelle Lynn