Top 8 Best Ski Edge Sharpeners In 2024 – Sharp Ski Edges At Home

An adventurous sport such as skiing or snowboarding can only be enjoyed if your skis are working fine. Even the slightest deformity or dullness of the skis can make you lose control and balance on the mountain and the results can be disastrous. 

To prevent any ugly circumstances from happening, you should keep your skis properly tuned everytime you are heading out on the mountains. Skis tend to get bland with the passage of time and need to be sharpened timely to have the best experience possible.

There are plenty of sports gear tuning shops out there to get your skis or snowboards fixed. However, most ski enthusiasts wouldn’t mind mending their skis at home. Not only would it save your money, but it will also keep you satisfied at the top when you know you have tuned it yourself.

8 Best Ski Edge Sharpeners In 2024

We have compiled some of the best ski edge sharpeners available in the market. Each sharpener is reviewed in detail to guide you about the pros and cons of each product. Some of the best options available for you are;

06/06/2024 01:51 am GMT

1. Swix Evo Side Electric Ski Edge Sharpener – Best Overall

The Swix Evo side edge power tuner cuts out the best electric ski edge sharpener. The sharpener was designed and developed by world-class ski experts for world-class skiers. It is not the one you should miss if you consider yourself a ski fanatic. It requires minimal manual effort being an electric ski edge sharpener. Meaning from now on, you won’t sweat much while mending your skis.

The Swix Evo comes with a massive price tag that you might think is not a value-for-money tool. However, Considering the time, effort, and money you pour in for every maintenance episode at your local workshop, this can be a fine investment. Not to mention, the performance, durability, and control it offers are on another level than other respective tuners.

The ERGO design with the addition of an adjustable bevel makes it a relatively easier edge tuning machine to operate. The adjustable setting ranges from 0 to 5 degrees (or 85* to 90*), allowing you to sharpen through the slope effortlessly.

SwEvoevo is fitted with a highly durable diamond disc. If done rightfully, you can sharpen up to 50 skis until it gives up. You can always install a newer one thanks to the disc replacement function, making it an extremely durable tuner. There is a high chance for you to get fed up with the Evo Before it does.

The edge sharpener provides such a fine finish; professional skiers love to have. However, the Swix Evo can do damage if you are not careful. Although it’s a powered tuner still requires human attention for maneuvering it through just the right places. Otherwise, it might grind way more than required, damaging your skis further instead of maintaining them.

Our Pick
Swix TA3012 New EVO Pro Edge Tuner
  • Works well for snowboards
  • Time saver for quick sharpening
  • Fast and consistent sharpening
  • Easy to use
  • Arrived early
  • Good quality
  • Lightweight
  • Expensive replacement discs
  • Requires additional discs for proper sharpening
  • Not suitable for on-the-go use
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06/06/2024 01:51 am GMT

2. Toko Edge Tuner Pro – Runner Up

If you are looking for a tuner that can last for a while, the Toko edge tuner pro can match the description. This high-quality ski sharpener comes with an 80 mm ICECUT metal file particularly designed to straighten your out-of-order ski and snowboard edges.

The ergonomic and small side makes it carriable to almost everywhere alongside your luggage. The tetra steel roller set fitted inside allows skis to slide effortlessly. Moreover, they prevent your skis from any edge filings at moments you are not careful enough.

The Toko edge tuner allows file replacements and can fit both steel and diamond file stones with a standard 6 mm thickness. The sharpener allows ski angle adjustments up to 5 degrees, but that’s not the whole part. In case you are a beginner in the field and don’t know what angle your ski is set at, the sharpener can help you figure that out.

The recommended way to do that is to set your ski at the lowest angle and check whether it messes up the marking on edge. If not, move the angle one step and continue doing it until you find the one that removes the markings. That’s the angle your ski edge is fixed at.

All things discussed, the sharpener also has a slight downside to it. The tuner is only capable of mending the sides of the ski or snowboard and doesn’t provide the same function for the top and bottom parts. This is why some skiers think it unnecessarily expensive, as you would have to get another ski sharpener for the bottom edges.

Runner Up
Edge Tuner Pro by Toko
  • Easy to use
  • Accurate
  • Portable
  • Highly recommended
  • Makes short work of a quality edge filing
  • The bearings do a perfect job of preventing filings from being ground into the base
  • Simple to swap out between a file or a diamond stone as needed
  • Base plate moves
  • Expensive for what it does
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06/06/2024 01:54 am GMT

3. Swix North Pocket Ski and Snowboard Tuner – Budget Pick

Want to enjoy your favorite sport throughout the entire season without fearing rough skis? If yes, make sure you take the Swix North pocket ski tuner with you. With its all-in-one feature, the tuner would suffice your tuning needs while on tour. Despite the small and compact design, this ski sharpener has a 2×2 model that can prove pretty useful in the mountains.

The 2×2 design gives you a 2- and 3-degree bevel movement on each side. This means you can easily sharpen the side edges of your ski or snowboards on either of the mentioned angles. Also, unlike other sharpeners, the North pocket tuners are effective in mending the base edge of the ski between the angles 0.5- and 1-degree.

The North Pocket promotes a super-easy way of tuning the edges with a medium-coarse file fitted in it. The adjustable bevel facilitates a smooth roll-up so you can focus on the base and edges while moving the file. As for the front and base areas, you can simply flip the side of your ski (as both sides have different bevel angles, namely 0.5 and 1 degree) to get the file on both sides last longer.

Budget Pick
Swix North Pocket All In One Ski & Snowboard Edge Tool
  • Good pocket edger
  • Easy to use
  • Can sharpen both sides of edges
  • Diamond part may not be fixed well
  • May move during edging
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06/06/2024 02:14 am GMT

4. Swix Phantom Edger Pro

The Swix Phantom edger is a small-sized, sleek, and widely durable ski edge mending tool that supports a wide variety of files or stones to fit in up to a 5 mm thickness. Therefore, allowing you to install the type of file according to the kind of sharpening you want to have. Normally, 80 mm steel and diamond files are recommended.

Being designed to facilitate advanced-intermediate and professional skiers and snowboarders, the Phantom edger offers an adjustable bevel. The bevel allows 5 different degrees of settings varying from 0 to 5 degrees or, in other terms, 85 – 90 degrees. And the best part about the bevel is that it can be adjusted with a dial mounted at the top of the edger.

The Swix Phantom sharpener comes with installed moveable rollers that provide a smoother movement through the file by the length of your ski. This is preferably easier to use, even if you have no prior experience with a ski edger. You just need to set the angle of your ski edge and start sharpening.

Even though they are made of plastic and are lightweight, they are highly durable and have equal strength to grip and clamp down your ski or snowboards in either position.

Swix Phantom Edger Pro Side Edge Tool
$59.00 $44.69
  • Great tool for a quick edge tune
  • Confidence in sharpening edges
  • Adjustable clamp-on vises enhance usability
  • Effective for sharpening skis
  • Easy to use
  • Heavy-duty rubber band for brake support
  • Works well with included file or diamond stones
  • Not suitable for base bevel
  • File guide may press shavings into the base
Buy Now
06/06/2024 02:14 am GMT

5. XCMAN Ski Snowboard Side Bevel Edge Tuner

Most skiers often want to carry a tuner by their side to sharpen their skis after at the end of each day to prepare their gear for the next day. The XCMAN ski edge tuner is perfect for you if you are looking for a small, durable, and multi-functional sharpener at an affordable price. The tool can sharp ski edges with 4 different angles varying between 87 to 90 degrees.

Suppose you are one of those who haven’t had the chance to use an edge tuner before and therefore do not know the angle of their bevel angle. This multi-functional sharpener can help you find that too. The rule of the thumb is to simply place the ski at each angle to see which one is the perfect fit.

When it comes to sharpening the edges, the XCMAN bevel edge tuner offers the smoothest way possible. Once you place the ski above the file at the same angle, slide down to the whole length of the ski a couple of times for better tuning. You can also visit the company’s YouTube channel for better insight.

However, the tuner fails to keep up with some types of files in terms of file compatibility. So, if you prefer using the diamond file, it is better to select any other tool.

XCMAN Ski & Snowboard Side Bevel File Guide Edge Tuner Tool
  • Works great and easy to use
  • Favorite edge tool. No flex or slipping.
  • Makes the edges sharp for quick touch-ups
  • Well-built and tough
  • Super good tool for skis/snowboard with adjustable angles
  • Efficient in sharpening ski edges
  • Good value for the money
  • Inconsistent file angle due to flexible file holder
  • Instructions could be clearer
  • May require some knowledge to use effectively
Buy Now
06/06/2024 02:14 am GMT

6. RaceWax Edge Care Kit Base

RaceWax provides an all-encompassing ski edge care kit with everything you need for an improved sharpening. You can tune both sides along with the base edges of your ski and snowboard. The metal file installed inside offers an equal tuning of the edges.

The metal file itself supports 3 different diamond stones and an extra gummy stone. As for the 3 diamond stones, each one has a different function in edge sharpening. The black stone – coarsest of all, is meant for light cutting. The bluestone is used for honing the edges with precise sharpness. The smoothest of the lot, the red stone, is used to deliver smoothness to the ski edges. The gummy stone helps in prepping the ski edge and deburring it at the end.

The RaceWax edge care kit base can tune various skis and snowboards thanks to its adjustable bevels. The beveled opening varies between 85 – 90 degrees with 0.5-degree increments in between. Meaning you can sharpen almost all types of ski edges and angles with this kit base.

In case you have planned a ski trip after a long time and have forgotten the angle your ski is set to, this bevel is designed to help you with that. Add a sharp marking on the edge of the ski and set it to the tuner at the lowest angle. Now keep moving up by 0.5 degrees until you find the angle of your ski edge. You can always go through some tutorial videos in case you have any confusion left.

Complete Edge Care Kit Base-Side Ski Edge Tool +3 Diamonds +Gumi Stone
  • Great build quality, durable
  • Comes with a variety of useful tools
  • Easy to learn and use
  • Produces sharp edges on skis and snowboards
  • Multiple-angle options for edge tuning
  • Can maintain both side and base edges
  • Versatile and convenient for at-home ski tuning
  • May leave slight streaks on the base of skis
  • Switching between the three stones can be time-consuming
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7. Dakine Mini Edge Tuner

Forgot to touch up your ski edges while at the chattel or the hotel? Don’t worry. The Dakini mini edge tuner is designed to fit into your pocket and be available for use whenever necessary (even on the hills). Being made out of hard plastic makes it durable enough not to break unless you lose it yourself.

The Dakine mini edge tuner can work from either side with similar efficiency. Considering a degree increment, the bevel of the tuner can mend ski edges at two angles of about 0 and 2 degrees. With Magnatraction compatibility, the tuner offers better friction preventing it from slipping off.

This might be your only choice at the hills, but you might sense some issues if you are just preparing your skis at home. The ultra-small size makes it difficult to keep it affixed on the ski edge. Therefore, you need to be highly cautious while edging to get a smooth finish.

Dakine Mini Edge Tuner - Green, One Size
$12.00 $10.50
  • Great for normal boards, 5/5 stars
  • Very economical and easy to use
  • Does a great job for the money
  • Ergonomic design
  • Took all of the burrs out of my edges
  • Perfect for Lib Tech magnatraction boards
  • Mediocre for Magne-traction boards, 2.5/5 stars
  • File moves around inside the housing
  • A bit too small for easy use
Buy Now
06/06/2024 02:32 am GMT

8. WSD Ski Snowboard Edge Sharpener

If you are looking for a sharp and portable edge tuner that can get the job done any time you need, the WSD ski sharpener can be the one viewing its high affordability. With the 88- and 90-degree bevel adaptability, you can sharpen two types of skis and snowboards.

A dual-edged file – coarse and smooth, is fitted into the plastic holder. The holder is carved with an arrow that indicates the right direction of placing the ski. You can use the coarse side first for rough sharpening and then smoothen it over with the opposite side to have a finer finish.

The file is not truly fixed to the holder and can slide in and out, allowing you to determine how much the file is shown. Eliminating the need to adjust it with a PTEX.

Remember to be careful while using the WSD ski edge tuner. The sharpener needs to be held carefully to tune the edges at the right angle. A slight carelessness can mess up the edges instead of refining them.

WSD Ski Snowboard Edge Sharpener
  • Nice edge tool
  • It works for removing burrs and rust
  • Can be used on both skis and snowboards
  • Adjustable file for different angles
  • Reasonably priced
  • Repurposed for other tasks like chainsaw bars
  • Effective when used correctly
  • No directional arrow for filing
  • File may not stay securely in the handle
Buy Now
06/06/2024 02:36 am GMT

Buying Guide for Ski Edge Sharpeners

Being able to tune your skis requires no lengthy guides or any practical training. Nor do you have to be a professional skier to do the job better. However, you still need some insight into the edge sharpeners and how they work. This would not only enable you to buy the right tuning tool for your skis but will also help you learn the process too.

The following part of the article briefly explains what you should look for when buying a ski edge sharpener.

1. Files

When shopping for a ski edge tuner, focus your attention on the type of files installed in it. Normally, more than one file is used for a proper sharpening of a ski edge. The quality and finesse of a file depend upon the TPCM – teeth per centimeter. The higher the TPCM value is, the better the file will function. There are three different types of files;

Tradition Files – These are meant to be used initially to make the first few cuts. Their TPCM value varies between 10 to 12, which is why they tend to leave a rough surface.

Second Cut Files – Their TPCM value reaches up to 16, providing them finer teeth. These are used after the traditional files and provide a better finish than traditional files.

Fine Cut Files – With a TPCM value of 20, they provide the finest finish on the surface. If you plan on using diamond stones, you can skip fine cut files.

2. Stones

Diamond stones are meant for the same job as files but have a lot more clean and fine finish than stones. The quality of their finish is measured by grit value that varies from 100 (coarse) to 1000 (smooth). The golden rule is to start with a stone that has small grit value and move your way up.

Gummy Stones are available in two different types. Soft stones are used to clear the thin layer of surface rust. In comparison, hard gummy stones are applied to remove the abrasions and burs.

3. Bevel Adjustment Angle

When looking for a ski edger that is more versatile, make sure you look for one that comes with an adjustable angle. Most edge tuners allow bevel adjustment from 0 to 5 degrees. At a glance, it might look like nothing; however, it can still support a wide range of skis and snowboards. If used the proper way, they can make a notable difference to your skiing experience.


If you are a skier, you can’t deny the importance of ski edge sharpeners and how they affect your skiing experience. Dull ski edges won’t let you be in control no matter how much a ski master you are. You must have the edges sharpened if you want to get the best out of the sport.

You only need some basic knowledge about ski tuning and a quality tuner to go. Luckily for you, we have composed a list of some of the best ski edge sharpeners reviewed by industry experts. The article enlists their features, advantages, and disadvantages to help you choose the best.

The buying guide at the end is written to educate you about the important aspect you should look for when making the purchase. Get yours now, and enjoy skiing better than ever!

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