Why Are Ski Poles Crooked? – Everything You Need To Know

Most snow lovers have a passion for skiing. Every skier either knows everything related to skis or aims to know everything. The winter sport has many elements linked to itself. There are different types of terrains, styles, techniques, equipment, jargon, and many other things that only make sense to skiers. 

The essential thing for a ski activity is the equipment. The best-suiting skis, helmets, clothes, and poles can make a huge difference in your skiing experience. Some skiers prefer using poles, while others do not. For pole-using, beginners often wonder why ski poles are crooked.

Downhill ski poles are crooked to give the skier an aerodynamic position. The bend in the ski poles also protects the skier from gates and helps maintain balance while turning.

Choosing the best-suiting equipment for your skiing activity is essential to your packing. Besides warm and waterproof clothing, you must bring high-quality ski gear to the mountains.

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Read on to learn about ski poles to stay safe on slippery slopes.

History Of Ski Poles

Why Are Ski Poles Crooked

Ski poles date back many decades. You may have believed that ski poles came into being not that long ago. However, that cannot be further from the truth.

The oldest ski poles that anyone has ever found were in Sweden. Upon investigating the ski poles, people found that they were from 3623 BC. Also, there was another incident where researchers found a cave painting with a man holding ski poles back in 4000 BC. How interesting is that!

Scientific Explanation Behind Crooked Ski Poles

When it comes to dangerous winter sports like Downhill skiing, the equipment is crucial for the skier’s safety. Therefore, the designing and making of Downhill skiing gear take intelligence, thoughtfulness, and critical evaluation of the nature of the race.

Downhill skiing is about speed, so the skier’s protection and ease are the top priority. Skiers need high speed to win the race, and here is how the crooked design of ski poles can help them achieve their target:


During a Downhill racing event, a skier needs undivided concentration while racing time on the snowy peak. The skier’s method to gain the most speed is bending their body. The crooked skis help the skier turn with them. 

The skier can quickly bring the crooked skis closer to their body while bending without worrying about dropping them or getting hit by a straight pole. 


When skiers need to stop or slow down, they use their poles to hit the snow and reduce their skiing speed. However, in the case of Downhill skiing, the skier will not need to slow down

The purpose of crooked skis is to help the skier keep them away from the snow platform. Due to their flexible nature, bent ski poles fit perfectly with a skier’s body making the user feel comfortable and protecting them from the gates and falls. 

Mobility and balance

Curved ski poles allow the skier to control the equipment while completely hugging the user’s body. As the Downhill skiing competitions require zooming down the powdery slope, the participants need excellent balance to avoid falling due to high speed

Crooked ski poles also provide mobility to the skier while speeding down the hill.

When Will You Need Crooked Ski Poles?

Not all ski races and terrains require bent ski poles. A skier must have the best-suiting ski equipment for the landscapes and terrains they decide to shred with their outstanding ski skills. You can execute your ski techniques flawlessly with the right skiing equipment.

A crooked set of ski poles is required when you are aiming to take part in a Downhill or Giant Slalom ski race. It does not have to be good competition. Even for fun’s sake, you will need to have crooked ski poles for terrains that hold Downhill and Giant Slalom techniques.

When Will You Need Straight Skis?

Slalom skiing will require you to use straight poles. These types of skiing rely more on the ski poles as they are not speedy races. The terrain of Slalom skiing is less steep and allows you to cruise through the ice with much better control at a reduced speed

For that purpose, it is best to have straight poles to make those sharp and needed turns

Always Pick What Is Comfortable For You

Regarding ski poles, there is no hard and fast rule of which to use and which not to use. Skiing is a sport that requires complete focus. If you have undivided attention, your chances of collision and crashing decrease. 

For optimal focus, you must choose the equipment that makes you feel comfortable and confident and provides complete control over your skis and terrain. Yes, there are preferences for ski poles regarding the type of skiing event. 

However, it will not create difficulty if you use a straight pole for Downhill skiing or a bent pole for Slalom. Choosing whatever works best for you on that slippery mountain slope will be safer.

Top 3 Crooked Ski Poles You Can Buy

Here are our picks for comfortable and reliable crooked ski poles that you can check out for your next skiing trip:

1 . Komperdell National Team Carbon GS Bent Ski Pole

This crooked ski pole will benefit you because of its following quantities:

  • First, it has a racing grip, which makes it sturdy.
  • It comes with a fastening strap, making it nearly impossible to tear away from your hand.
  • The poles include aerodynamically bent carbon.
  • They have a low weight.

2 . Leki WCR 3D Ski Poles

These come in two bends, one slightly more than the other. You can choose as you want. It is a good fit because:

  • It has a trigger 3D grip for better control.
  • It contains a trigger frame strap.
  • It allows you to have an ultrasonic race finish.
  • It uses an airfoil technique to reduce air resistance.

3 . Atomic Redster GS JR Red Poles

This set of ski poles comes in three lengths you can choose from quickly. Here is why they are great gear:

  • They provide extreme aerodynamics in a tuck position.
  • They are super light and made of high-quality aluminum.
  • They have a sturdy fastening strap and grip.
  • The poles have a steel tip for precision and control.
  • It is an excellent set for junior skiers as well.

Final Word

Questioning the equipment before choosing a winter sport hobby is the best thing you can do for yourself. Researching equipment, terrains, techniques, and clothes can help you have the best time on your first skiing trip. 

Before buying anything ski-related, the bottom line should be comfort, confidence, and ease. Whatever you buy should give you complete control and command over your skis, terrain, and body while you show off your skiing skills as you shred that powdery slope. 

Staying safe is fun while skiing!

Mitchelle Lynn