Top 7 Best Ski Hats – Stay Warm On Cold Days (2024)

Most people find it exciting and enjoyable to plan a ski vacation. However, selecting the perfect gear to keep you safe in the snowy hills is a big challenge. After all, you don’t want to lose your feet to cold or frostbite, so you have to consider it. 

You also don’t want to wear clothes that can exacerbate the cold. The clothing should be as warm as possible, irrespective of the temperature outside. A ski hat is one crucial component that can keep you warm as you enjoy an incredible adventure.

A ski hat’s purpose is to keep your ears warm and prevent frostbite. These hats are made of materials that relentlessly resist harsh weather conditions. The materials include wool and acrylic yarn, which are lighter on the body and better at retaining heat.

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Top 7 Best Ski Hats 2024

With several ski hats on the market, it is hard for you to make a choice. One thing we know is that these options can make your head spin. What is the best place to start? We’ve compiled a list of the top 7 ski hats that you should consider as the year begins. Consider purchasing a new ski hat as one of your new year’s resolutions. 

Ski Hat Preview Price
Mountain Hardwear Dome Perignon Best Overall Skiing Hat Check Price
Smartwool Straightline Hat Best Stylish Skiing Hat Check Price
Trooper Winter Ski Hat Best Windproof Skiing Hat Check Price
Carhartt Knit Cuffed Beanie Budget Pick Skiing Hat Check Price
Under Armour Blank Storm Ski Hat Best Men's Skiing Hat Check Price
LCZTN Women’s Ski Hat Best Female's Breathable Skiing Hat Check Price
Winter Trapper Trooper Ski Hat Best Unisex Skiing Hat Check Price

1 . Mountain Hardwear Dome Perignon – Overall Best

  • Warm and comfortablennExcellent ventilationnnCan keep up with the usennIt has fast-drying technologynnHelmet compatiblen
  • Not very stretchy

Mountain Hardware is a well-known brand that has been making high-quality winter hats for a long time. You might consider this brand if you’re looking for a ski hat. Due to its quality, it occupies the top spot on our list of the best ski hats. Its wind-blocking fleece construction is designed perfectly to keep your head warm.

The fleece is airy and dries rapidly, meaning you can wash it and get it ready to use immediately. This is a fantastic, sturdy, toasty ski hat for winter and spring skiing. While several ski hats don’t protect the ear, this is different from the Mountain Hardwear Dome. It sufficiently protects your ears.

Why Is This The Best Ski Hat In 2024?

The Dome Perignon is one of the best options for an all-purpose ski hat. This fashionable alternative is comfortable, warm, and durable enough to shield your head from the snow and wind. The fleece lining is quite comfortable, and the fabric dries very rapidly.

The Dome Perignon also has a modern look, making it great for skiers who like the simple design. It is perfect for people who don’t get enough insulation from their regular clothing because it fits easily under a helmet. It is also very breathable and strong.

However, since the windproof fabric doesn’t stretch, choosing the right size is important. The hat is warm overall without being overly bulky, which is the major reason we decide it’s the best ski hat. It occasionally feels stiff, and we believe it can look a little nicer.


  • Dimensions: ‎10.87 x 7.32 x 2.01 inches
  • Manufacturer:‎ Mountain Hardwear
  • Color: black and light storm

2 . Smartwool Straightline Hat – Best Stylish 

  • Great insulationnnIt comes with an interior headband linernnSuitable for all activitiesnnAcrylic/Merino constructionnnAvailable in different colorsn
  • The size doesn’t fit everyone

Whether cycling, hiking or running, you must be dressed as best as possible. One of nature’s most technologically advanced fibers, merino wool is perfect for high-performance clothing. 

The natural breathability, moisture-wicking, and odor-resistance of the outfit make it an excellent choice for setting up camp after a strenuous day. Everything appears better when you are comfortable with the ski hat you wear.

The Smartwool Straightline is one of the finest ski hats on the market. The striped pattern and merino wool/acrylic material make this hat look fun and stylish in a way that other hats can’t. Merino fibers are nature’s most advanced and high-performance fibers. Its complex structure makes it very soft against your skin, helps keep your body temperature stable, and keeps its good looks over time.

It is warm, rough, and built in a way that makes it light and strong. Remarkably, you can wear it on sunny days and cloudy evenings. It’s one hat that serves two purposes. The stripes on the outside make it stand out, while the small ribbon is fun to touch. 

There are also several different color patterns to choose from. The tough, breathable fabric can handle rough weather, but it’s also light enough for days when the sky is clear, or the sun is shining. This is a good choice if you love snowboarding in different kinds of weather.


  • Dimensions: 12 x 9 x 2 inches
  • Manufacturer: Smartwool

3 . Trooper Winter Ski Hat – Best Windproof

  • AffordablennAvailable in different colorsnnBreathable and roomynnSoft and lightweightnnOversized cuffs and fluffy collarn
  • Poor mask positioning

If you haven’t seen these trapper hats while skiing, you may be skiing in the wrong location. Those who live or go to the highest mountains with the coldest weather are more likely to wear these ski hats. Why? These windproof, extra-insulating ski hats protect the head and face warmly and comfortably. 

Warm faux fur is used during its construction. The hat also features a windproof mask. With the ski hat, you won’t have any problems because it is waterproof, breathable, anti-static, and windproof. 

There are additional creative techniques to maintain optimum blood circulation and head-wide airflow. The ski hat doesn’t feel heavy at all, despite what it might look like, and the mask is fully adjustable and detachable. You can also wear the ear covers downward for increased heat.

Overall, the Tropper Winter Ski hat is an excellent hat to wear while participating in outdoor sports like snowshoeing, skating, skiing, sledding, hiking, and camping. However, the only drawback we find is the size. You may find the mask positioned oddly because of the different sizes. 

4 . Carhartt Knit Cuffed Beanie – Budget Pick

  • Warm and stretchynnBreathable and lightweightnnAcrylic knitnnDurablennAvailable in different colorsn
  • It cannot withstand extreme weathern

It’s no surprise that we suggest this product because the brand has long-assembled warm hats that meet your winter needs. The coldest ski cap they have is made of a fabric that is stretchy and flexible enough to fit your head while still letting enough air in. It is built to be lightweight and slim fit.

The ski traveling hat can be worn on snowy ski hills during the cold winter months. It might look awkward, but don’t let its slim appearance fool you. Your head and ears will stay warm as they last a long time.

Budget-conscious skiers might have a look at the Carhartt Knit Cuffed Beanie. Thanks to the acrylic fabric and the plush fleece inside, this alternative to the Mountain Hardwear Dome Perignon hat is affordable and wonderfully soft. It comes with an elastic that makes it highly flexible.

It is also an alternative to the Smartwool Straightline hat, as it uses soft fabric to keep you comfortable no matter how severe the weather. Furthermore, the hat is fashionable as it can match any outfit you decide to wear. Lastly, the Carhartt ski hat comes in different colors and is strong enough to last through the harsh winter.

5 . Under Armour Blank Storm Ski Hat – Best Men’s Hat

  • Flexible hatnnMinimalist designnnSuitable for all weathernnLightweightn
  • Itchy sewn logonnIssues when worn under a helmet

The Under Armour Blank Storm is the perfect hat for men who love a simple style. The only thing on the hat is the logo. In addition to having a clean appearance, it is also very warm and feels good on the head. The fabric is very soft and warm, and the inside is covered with a material that keeps heat inside.

This is one of the best stand-alone alternatives for folks who really need year-round protection, even though it’s not perfect for helmets. Even though the design is simple and only shows the Under Armour logo, it is eye-catching and offers the comfort and warmth you would expect from a high-quality hat.

If you don’t like stressing yourself with washing items with your hands, the hat is suitable for machine washing without affecting its quality. In addition, it is 100% polyester, making it worth buying. While several distinct features separate it from other brands, you might feel itchy when wearing it. Under a helmet, this ski hat is difficult to wear.

Overall, the Under Armour black storm ski hat is made to make you feel comfortable while you go about your normal activities.


  • Dimensions: 12.0 ” L X 8.0 ” W X 4.0 “H
  • Fabric Type: Polyester

6 . LCZTN Women’s Ski Hat – Best Breathable Female’s Hat

  • Fleece-lined scarf and hatnnProvides additional protectionnnBreathable and spacious nnDesigned with a fluffy pom-pomnn100% Acrylicn
  • Hand wash onlynnSize issues

Who doesn’t like getting something that looks great? We thought we’d love it if your preferred hat came with a free scarf. The ski hat is crafted with a soft polyester liner that will keep you comfortable and warm on cold days when you’re out on snowy trails.

It is a double hat made from 100% acrylic fabric that will keep your head warm. It fits almost any size and shape. The warm scarf keeps the air moving in the same direction and gives you more insulation to shield your face and neck. The hat is made of the best-elasticized acrylic stitch and has the highest material quality.

The cap top comes with an adorable fur ball. This same fur is soft and thick, so it goes well with other trendy pieces. The hat has two layers, and the inside is lined with soft polyester to keep you warm at all times. The wool interior of the scarf and hat makes a significant difference in keeping cold and wind at bay. It keeps your head, ears, and neck warm from all sides. 

7 . Winter Trapper Trooper Ski Hat – Best Unisex Hat

  • AffordablennVersatilennHighly durablennYou can wear it in different waysnnKnitted exteriornnFleece lining
  • Poor designnnIt doesn’t fit people with a bigger head

This is the one for you if you’re a skier who requires a sturdy hat. It can be worn in several ways, giving you flexibility. Even though not everyone will like the style, it’s challenging to find a more suitable ski hat, especially if you want complete protection from the cold.

This one-of-a-kind model isn’t just well-made; it also covers your whole head, neck, ears, and face. Due to this, it is very versatile and can be worn in several manners. The fleece inside and fabric outside are both very strong. A reflective strip crosses the hat’s back, which has a lovely, simple aesthetic.

You can take off the facemask, and the flaps on the outside of the ears can be buckled up or down to fit different situations. The Winter Trooper Ski Hat is water-resistant and weatherproof; the thermoelectric furry liner keeps your neck, chin, and ears warm in the best possible way.

The scarf with the facemask can be removed from the hat and worn separately. Two valves make it easy to breathe. In addition, it works very well to keep you from breathing dirty air when the weather is terrible.

Unlike most hats with facemasks, this trapper hat has a larger space for glasses, so you won’t feel like you’re being squeezed. It is ideal for winter sports and other activities like skiing, snowboarding, hiking, and riding a motorcycle.


  • Color: brown, black, and navy blue
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Material: polyester
  • Season: Winter and autumn
  • Weight: 10oz

What Is A Ski Hat?

Ski hats are warm, comfortable caps people wear during the winter. It can come with an optional fold. They can be plain or have tassels, pom-poms, and buttons to make them look more attractive. 

Since there are various ski hats, their names are interchangeably used. For instance, some refer to ski hats as tossie caps, skullcaps, knit caps, and beanies. Ultimately, it’s up to you what works for you.

Do You Need A Ski Hat?

There are several options available nowadays for skiers who want the added “comfort” that comes with wearing a hat under their helmet, whether they decide to wear one or not. Moreover, people who decide to wear hats are just as stylish and may even feel more comfortable wearing them.

The most important thing to remember is that a ski hat must not make it impossible for your helmet to fit comfortably. You should be able to wear a helmet when your head is covered since you want something to keep you warm.

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Who Should Buy A Ski Hat?

Everyone who skis in the winter needs a good hat. As simple as a hat looks, it can help you stay warm, keep the breeze off your skin, and guard your ears against the cold. You can also select several brands and designs that suit your appearance and taste. 

Even though some ski hats are lightweight, they are most effective for skiers who ride in bad weather. The additional protection keeps your ears and head very warm. That will always be useful, but it is particularly crucial when blocking the wind.

What Types Of Hats Can Be Found?

There are several ways to keep your head warm, depending on where you are and how cold it is. You won’t need the same design if you ski with or without a helmet, in windy or calm conditions, in extreme cold or extreme heat, and so on. 

Listed below are the typical kinds of ski hats that people use:

Skull hat

The skull hat is an extremely light, thin, and comfortable headgear that anyone can wear. It offers additional heat insulation; most people wear it under a helmet, as they are made from elastane. The choice of elastane is because it offers higher elasticity than polyester and other synthetic fabrics. These materials keep your head warm and remove moisture. Besides this, they dry quickly and are simple to clean. 

Traditional Winter Hat

Winter hats come in different styles, materials, and thicknesses. You can wear the thinner types under a helmet, while the thicker ones can keep you warm whether you’re skiing or not. This kind of hat has the most beautiful designs, with pom-poms and lots of different shapes, colors, and other details.


In the spring, when weather conditions are moderate, headbands are helpful. These bands protect your ears from the cold and partially shield your forehead. You should not wear one in the winter because it will keep you too chilly.

We understand that keeping your head warm can be the difference between having fun and getting hit by extremely cold weather while skiing. While out on the slopes, wearing a thin layer underneath your ski hat will protect and keep everyone dry and warm. 

How To Choose The Best Ski Hat In 2024

Get your things together, buckle up, and go for the mountains! A ski hat is required for winter mountain trips. It would help if you had high-quality ski hats, which are necessary to keep you warm throughout the chilly winters. Ski hats are necessary to maintain body heat and guard against frostbite on the ears. 

These hats are specifically made with wind-resistant fabric. They are made from wool and acrylic yarns since they are lighter and retain heat better. When looking for the perfect ski hat, we consider its breathability, elasticity, quality, fit, material, and comfort.


Choosing the proper fabric or material for the ski hat is vital. Avoid wearing hats made of cotton because they absorb and hold onto water, eliminating any possibility of heating. Instead, choose warmer, moisture-wicking, and flexible fabrics like polyester, fleece, or knit wool.

How a hat works depends on what it’s made of. Wool, fleece, and polyester are the best materials for protecting your head because they keep you warm and let your head breathe. Even when they get wet, they still keep your body heat trapped.

Moreover, wool and polyester are two materials that dry quickly. They will dry up overnight if you hang them on a shelf or hook them inside. Most wool and polyester clothes are also able to move sweat to the outside, where it can drain away. Avoid wearing cotton wool or other fabrics on your head when participating in snow sports. Yarns don’t dry away water; instead, they soak it up and keep it.

Fit and Elasticity

Additionally, fit and elasticity are crucial. Fit refers to how well your head and ears are covered by the hat while still allowing for some ventilation. If someone has a larger size, it must be expandable. Elasticity mostly refers to the hat’s ability to stretch. Most ski caps and winter hats are available in universal sizes, indicating that practically everyone can wear them. 


Of course, you don’t have to sacrifice quality over quantity or price. Look for lightweight, vegan, ultra-soft hats made of 100% acrylic or polyester.


Breathability is essential for any clothes, regardless of what you want to use them for. Whatever you wear, it should always make you feel relaxed and comfortable. Hats or cotton ski caps should also have some kind of ventilation to help you keep your body temperature at a healthy level.


Comfort should always take precedence over style because it is a matter of personal preference. Look for a ski hat that is not only stylish but made from premium materials. The hat must comfortably fit you and maintain airflow in the areas it covers.


Of course, you want a ski cap that is appropriate for the weather conditions. Wear a hat suitable for the temperature if it’s somewhere cool but not too cold. If it’s below zero, you must wear something that covers your face, ears, and neck. 

Depending on the temperature, you should choose the right ski cap since the shape and thickness might vary.


Ski caps don’t have to be strictly functional. They may be stylish as well. With some shopping technical expertise, you can find comfortable hats that match your gloves, neck gaiters, and ski parkas.

Some skiers utilize their headgear to make the slopes more entertaining. While riding the lift, you might see someone make a turn below while wearing a hat with a teddy bear head or pigtails. 


The main purpose of a hat is to keep you warm. While a thick one can keep you warm, it is also conceivable to wear two hats simultaneously, much like how you would layer a jacket. To add further insulation, you can strengthen your hat with balaclavas or skullcaps; thin hats go nicely with thick knit hats. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does A Ski Hat Cause Hair Loss?

No, wearing a typical ski hat won’t result in hair loss. However, a hat that is too tight might strain and twist your hair, causing bald spots to appear on your scalp. It is advised to put on snug-fitting ski hats.

Can I Ski With Just A Ski Hat On?

Ski hats have good insulation and are made to keep you warm and protect you from strong winds. Since a ski hat is weather-based, other hats can be less effective. However, it’s usually best to add a helmet for safety reasons.

Why Are Pom Poms On Ski Hats?

The inspiration behind the ski hats came from French sailors. These sailors wore hats to protect their heads against the low ceilings on the ship. As time progressed, most sailors decided to add a pom-pom to their hats.

Is It Okay To Wear A Ski Hat Underneath A Helmet?

It will depend on the particular ski hat you choose. You can put a turtleneck or a tight ski beanie hat underneath your helmet. If the beanie is a little loose, you might need to pull the edge to fix the grip before using a helmet.

What Is The Use Of A Ski Hat?

A lovely ski hat will safeguard you by protecting your head, ears, and neck. It will keep you warm if you intend to stay in subzero temperatures areas. Your level of cold tolerance will determine if you need it, but covering your ears and head when you are in a snowy environment will prevent frostbite.


A nice ski hat is quite helpful. You need clothing that protects your skin from the icy winds and frigid mountains while you tackle challenging runs. This is what a ski hat does for your ears and head, providing your outfit with yet another essential layer of defense.

When purchasing a ski hat, you should choose one that suits your skiing style and the environment. While a few skiers will choose a lighter design with a little more insulation, others require thicker headgear with lots of added functionality.

The designs mentioned above in this write-up have distinct features. You can choose any of the best ski hats in 2024 and have a wonderful time skiing.

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