8 Types Of Skis: Which One Should You Buy?

If you are planning to buy a ski, then you would have definitely come across its different types? So have you ever considered what aspects make those types different from each other? What if a particular type would work best than the other one? Well, if you have not considered this factor, you will have to do so from now on.

But how would you know which type is the best for you? Well, don’t worry, as I am going to discuss all the important types. That is where you can evaluate which type is best for you.

Different types of skis you should keep in mind when buying one!

types of skis

These are all the different types of skis that you should keep in mind when planning to buy one. So consider them all, check their properties, and then decide on a particular one.

1. Beginner Skis/Standard Snowblades

The reason for keeping this type of ski is quite simple, as these types of skis are suitable for beginners. Beginner skis or standard snow blades come in different sizes and thicknesses. You can go with any size according to your size and preferences and start skiing.

Beginner skis will let you learn the basics of skiing, how the turning is done, how to cope up with speed, how to take sharp turns, how to ride moguls, and much more. So consider this option before moving too forward.

2. Racing Skis

If you are actually the type of person who likes to ski at a fast rate, then racing skis would definitely please you a lot. Do note that the racing skis are really different from the standard skis. They are longer in length and quite low in width. That is what makes them very fast and pleasant to ride on.

But if you think that you can start your journey right with the racing skis, then it might be a very bad idea. You should probably go with the standard skis first, get the experience, and then move forward to the next level. 

3. Powder Skis

If you are really planning to ski at a place where the thickness of snow is unusually high, you will need powder skis. Powder skis are specifically designed in a way that they offer a stable and sturdy experience while you ski on thick snow. 

As for the design of the powder skis, they come with wide waists and rockers that are deep enough to give a comfortable experience. 

4. All Mountain Skis

All-mountain skis are the skis that work relatively well within all places of the good. So it does not precisely matter in what shape the mountain is or where you want to ski; all-mountain skis will make your experience better. 

But there is one major con to all-mountain skis, and that is they come in a single size. This means that you will not be able to get a personalized size that can actually ruin your experience. But still, it is worth a try. So check them out and see how well you can perform.

5. Freestyle/Freeride Skis

This is the stage where you would love to freestyle. But do you really think you will be able to do it with just the simple beginner skis? No! If you have watched videos of skiers showcasing their skills by performing stunts, you will notice that they use very low width. This width allows the users to jump with ease while skiing, take sharp turns, and raise the tips just as they want.

If we talk about the freeride skis, they are pretty much the same as the freestyle skis; that is why most of the skiers do not really consider them different at all. So make sure not to confuse yourself between the two and go with the one that is actually the best.

6. Mogul Skis

Just like the name suggests, mogul skis are specifically designed for bumpy paths that can be quite tricky for anyone to ride on. Not only that, to ride on moguls, you should have quick reflexes and skills to turn with ease. It can be quite difficult with the other skis as they might not respond to what you are trying to do.

But the case is quite different with the mogul skis. Mogul skis interact with your feet a lot better, and the response rate is quite efficient too. Meaning, you will not have to face the trouble of delay or using overpower to take turns, avoid the moguls, or simply ride over them.

7. Backcountry Skis

While backcountry skiing is considered too dangerous, there still are thousands of skiers who take the risk and enjoy their adventure. So, of course, you would also need a specific type of skis for backcountry skiing because of the unusual paths, bumps, and other factors.

One thing to note here is that backcountry skis come in two variants, narrow waist, and wide waist. So whatever your preferences are, you can opt for the best pair that is seemingly the best for your needs.

8. Carving skis

Carving skis are the skis that are really easy to turn. That is probably why they are named after their best feature. Well, carving skis are very thin too. You might not be able to ski on deep snow very well with these skis, but the other factors are quite great.

You will be able to take sharp turns, that too with natural effects. If you are going with these, make sure that they are suitable for you and your weight.

Which ski type is best for you? 

Well, we have finally discussed all the common ski types, and now you might be wondering which ski type you should go with. Don’t worry; it is quite usual to get confused when you are provided with so many options.

So what you will have to do here is, grab a cup of coffee and think of what you are going to do when you go on a ski trip. Are you a first-time skier? If yes, then you should go for beginner skis. If you have been skiing for years, you can go with the rest of the options. But wait, the thing does not end here.

If you are planning to ride fast and want to show off your skills, freestyle, racing, and mogul skis are best for you. If you are planning to just enjoy standard rides, all-mountain and powder skis are what you would consider. 

Lastly, if you want to face some dangers, backcountry and carving skis are the ones that can offer you thrills. So all you have to do is check out your preferences and see how things go. 

The verdict!

Everything comes with its own benefits and disadvantages. So if you think that a single pair of skis will be able to fulfill all types of thrills, then that is not going to happen. You will have to invest in different types if you want to get the full experience of different aspects involved in skiing. Rest is, of course, dependent on you, so make a decision and make your skiing experience better than ever.

Mitchelle Lynn