Top 7 Best Ski Helmets For Toddlers In 2024

We all know the routine: each year, before the skiing or snowboarding season begins, you start searching through the attic or garage to determine what equipment is necessary to keep your kid safe on the slopes. When you locate it, questions like “How old is this helmet?” go through your mind. Will this helmet really protect my child, as it should? Do I actually need a new one?

We can assist you if you decide that it is time to replace your worn-out helmet. Once you begin the entire purchasing procedure, it might be a difficult chore. 

The helmet industry offers everything from the cheapest helmet that barely passes certification to high-end, feature-packed helmets that are made to provide the maximum level of protection. For every skier, deciding to involve the whole family in their favorite winter sport is thrilling! 

Nevertheless, you must ensure your kids are prepared before they get to the slopes. A ski helmet is arguably the most crucial piece of ski gear, particularly when it comes to dressing up some of the most significant people in your life. We have made a list of the top toddler ski helmets to ensure your young one is as safe and warm as possible.

When choosing a children’s ski helmet, there are several factors to consider. Kids are unique skiers who require more safety, better comfort, and lighter equipment. On this list, you’ll find a variety of possibilities, and after looking through them, we’re convinced you can choose a helmet that both your child and you as a parent will enjoy.

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Choosing a helmet for your child that meets your needs for safety, comfort, and durability can take a lot of time. To ensure you don’t miss anything, we’ve put together a list of the best helmets for your toddler so you don’t have to. As such, here are the best 7 ski helmets for toddlers.

Toddler Ski Helmets Preview Price
Giro Buzz MIPS Best Overall Ski Helmets For Toddlers Check Price
Wildhorn Spire Combo Pack Runner Up Best Ski Helmets For Toddlers Check Price
BERN, Kids Camino Budget Pick Best Ski Helmets For Toddlers Check Price
BeBeFun Toddler and Kids Ski Helmet BeBeFun Toddler and Kids Ski Helmet Check Price
Giro Launch MIPS Combo Pack Youth Giro Launch MIPS Combo Pack Check Price
Giro Spur Combo Pack Giro Spur Combo Pack Check Price
Lucky Bums Toddler Kids Alpine  Lucky Bums Toddler Kids Alpine  Check Price
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1 . Giro Buzz MIPS – Best Overall

  • It comes with integrated MIPSnThe Super Cool Vents keep your toddler comfortablen
  • Expensive for beginners

If you believe that all ski helmets are created equal, you are a novice skier. The Giro Buzz MIPS Kids Helmet is one unique helmet with distinct features that is hard to resist. The Giro Buzz’s futuristic design relieves stress by eliminating the need to keep track of your eyewear. Also, the In-Form Fit System and MIPS technology ensure you are comfortable and safe all day.

Young skiers and snowboarders who spend all day in the park, bumps, or glades will appreciate the Giro Buzz MIPS Helmet. Taking all the necessary precautions to avoid serious injury while developing your abilities is crucial when you’re an adult.

As a market leader, Giro is aware of its importance, and when designing their children’s helmets, they have comfort and practicality in mind above all else. This helmet is a great choice for young skiers because it fits snugly and securely and has a built-in shield to protect your face from the harsh winter weather.

The Super CoolTM vents will keep you comfortable and relaxed on those warm spring days. Using the in-form fit system, you can get a perfect fit in a matter of seconds, even if you’re wearing gloves. Novices, still developing physically, will like this design element because it makes it simple to adapt the size to their changing needs. 

The dial at the helmet’s base can be turned to raise or lower the helmet by up to 6 centimeters, making it more comfortable to wear. This shield and helmet set looks great and offers better protection because they are designed to work together. 

Additionally, MIPS technology has been incorporated into the helmet to lessen the impact of rotational forces on the head in the event of a collision.


  • Age Range: Toddler
  • Brand: Giro
  • Color: 3 colors available 
  • Size: XS (48.5-52cm)
  • Special Feature: Lightweight

Why Is This The Best Ski Helmets For Toddlers In 2024?

The Giro Buzz MIPS Kids Ski Helmet is what we believe to be the top toddler ski helmet. This is a premium choice that offers enhanced impact protection using MIPS technology. It is also cozy and warm while providing your child with the necessary safety.

Each helmet on this page was made with young skiers in mind. They are all highly recommended because they offer great protection from impacts and have other great features that work well in the snow. However, none can match the quality, safety, and uniqueness of the Giro Buzz MIPS Kids Ski helmet.

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2 . Wildhorn Spire Combo Pack – Runner Up

  • 8-color optionnnPremium goggles includednnDial-adjustablennComfortablennAffordable
  • Not suitable for all toddlers 

The Wildhorn Helmet with Goggles is a wonderful option if you are searching for the first helmet for your small child. Due to in-mold technology, the helmet is both lightweight and has a durable construction. The outer PC shell and the high-density EPS foam inside the helmet make it strong and able to absorb shocks from any kind of accident.

Additionally, the helmet includes a high-end pair of goggles with a photochromatic lens that is appropriate for all types of weather. We combined each Spire figure with a pair of high-quality ski goggles on this set of kids’ ski and snowboard helmets. 

The lens on the Yeti is a 57% VLT. Most situations call for this lens (cloudy and sunny). The semi-mirroring makes it easier for parents or instructors to view the young skiers’ eyes. The lens is 100% UV protected and includes anti-scratch and anti-fog coatings. A strap that can be easily adjusted completes the fit.

The excellent ventilation system guarantees optimum airflow and prevents goggles from fogging. A built-in dial at the back makes sure the fit is specific. The two liners that come with the helmet can be changed as your child develops.

When releasing your young shredder into the wild, protection is essential. On the slopes, maintain your confidence and keep your mind in good shape. Modern manufacturing techniques are used to join the EPS foam on the inside and the PC shell on the outside. 

This creates an in-mold design that lets the foam absorb shock from a collision. The design offers protection fit for adults in a youth-specific size.


  • Brand: WildHorn Outfitters
  • Color: Arctic White (Available in 8 colors)
  • Age Range: For toddlers and youth

3 . BERN Kids Camino – Budget Pick

  • Affordable nIt provides adequate comfort nSuitable for toddlersn
  • Issues of quality

The Camino is made to shield your little one’s head from cold stylishly. It uses Zipmold+ technology, which is lighter, thinner, and tapered than conventional in-mold helmets for a snug fit.

Bern’s unique visor shape and interesting look give your young adventurers the coolest look possible with the Camino. You can trust that your child will be safe on the slopes knowing that the Camino has passed both bike and snow safety certifications. 

The Camino is the smallest helmet in the Bern winter collection that uses Zipmold+ and Crankfit technologies to provide a light yet sturdy helmet that will keep your child happy. In addition, it is budget-friendly without jeopardizing its quality. If you don’t have any ski helmets for toddlers in your mind, we do recommend you buy the BERN kids Camino snow helmet.


  • Brand: Bern
  • Color: Grey Flying Tiger
  • Age: Toddlers
  • Size: X-Small/Small

4 . BeBeFun Toddler and Kids Ski Helmet

  • FlexiblennASTM and CE safety-certified
  • Cheap material

The Bebefun Child and Child Ski Helmet is another top-notch toddler ski helmet on our list. While other brands focus on comfort, BeBeFun also pays attention to how it looks and how it is made. It is available in five vibrant, motivating, and appealing designs with great fabric. In fact, the green shade includes a set of goggles that gives you a wonderful look when you wear it on your toddler.

Lowe Milder technology makes the helmet’s ABS shell, which guarantees a tough and durable outside. An extensive, high-density EPS foam layer on the interior cushions impacts and shocks during unfortunate collisions. 

Additionally, it benefits from the in-mold technology, which makes the helmet exceptionally light. Your toddler can comfortably wear it without it being heavy on them.

The Bebefun helmet has exceptional fitting adjustments. The nylon, padded chinstrap guarantees both comfort and a tight fit. The back of the helmet has a twist dial system that further tightens the fit. 

In reality, the helmet comes with goggles that are held in place by a goggle loop that is built into the helmet. The soft and comfortable ear pads that keep your toddler’s head warm round out the luxuries.


  • Brand: BeBeFun
  • Color: Blue (8 colors available)
  • Age Range: 2-6 Years
  • Size: S(50-53cm)

5 . Giro Launch MIPS Combo Pack Youth

  • Fits perfectlynGood sizing systemnVertical tuningnExcellent qualitynCompatibility with goggles nComfortable and lightweightn
  • Varying sizes for some toddlers

In all honesty, our favorite helmets are Giro models. Nearly all of them fit snugly and are incredibly reliable and comfortable to wear.

The in-mold outer shell of this Giro Launch helmet makes it light, and the shock-absorbing foam on the inside makes it a great way to protect your head. The helmet’s In-Form Fit System provides more benefits than the others we’ve reviewed. It makes it easy and quick to change the tight fit of the helmet while wearing gloves. A simple dial system enables fit adjustments of up to 2 inches.

It includes vertical tuning, a distinct option that enables you to change how tilted the helmet is on your head and close the space between it and your goggles. “Seamless compatibility” refers to this effortless connection between the helmet and the lenses. It indicates that the helmet and goggles from Giro are made to operate together.

The super-cold vents let hot, damp, and stale air out of the helmet while letting fresh air in. You can be sure that your child is protected as they receive fresh air instead of choking. The helmet’s interior is soft, making it more pleasant for children to wear.

You may let your child decide because the helmet comes in a wide array of colors—38, to be exact! Afterward, thanks to the colorful design of this helmet, you won’t have any trouble recognizing your little skier!


  • Brand: Giro
  • Color: Matte Black Jelly (Contains over 38 colors)
  • Size: XS (48.5-52 cm)

6 . Giro Spur Combo Pack

  • Comes with gogglesnFlexible designnSuitable for kids and toddlersn
  • Extremely costlynGoggles don’t have a mirrored lensn

You are still ahead of your kids, albeit narrowly. Inevitably, they’ll be laying down first tracks, but the Giro Spur MIPS Helmet will help you relax when they disappear around the next bend. Thanks to the MIPS and a perfect fit design, your kid will be safe and sound as they leave you in the dust. 

Like the other Giro helmet on this list, the Spur comes in a wide variety of vibrant colors that will appeal to energetic young riders. This one is built with an in-mold design instead of a hardshell, which is the fundamental difference between those in our list. 

Complete with a helmet and matching spectacles, Spur features the same technology as Giro’s adult helmets in small and extra-small sizing, making it ideal for hard-charging young groms on the mountain.

A Giro juvenile goggle is a perfect match for the Spur helmet. Anti-fog coating on the lenses of a dual-lens goggle prevents condensation from forming. The helmet’s top Super Cool Vents let the hot air escape, keeping your child cool and comfortable while out on the slopes.


  • Brand: Giro
  • Color: Blue Shreddy Yeti (Available in 10 colors)
  • Size: XS (48.5-52cm)
  • Special Feature: Lightweight

7 . Lucky Bums Toddler Kids Alpine 

  • CE accreditednComfortable and lightnDial adjustments for personalized sizingnEPS liner made with in-mold technologynExcellent for kids and toddlersn
  • The helmet’s front is raised, exposing the foreheadnNot suitable for most of the gogglesn

If your child is just starting to ski, they are more likely than ever to get hurt. To ensure that your child has no difficulty learning the new sport, you, as a parent, should require a ski helmet that is both reliable and simple to use. Lucky Bums Kid Alpine’s durability and robustness are unquestionable because it is a CE-certified helmet.

The inside EPS layer and the incredibly robust shell are welded together by the in-mold construction design. The mixture serves as a shock absorber, preventing your child from experiencing anything other than excitement and delight. Even when the earflaps are taken off, the padding on the chinstrap keeps the helmet from sliding.

The helmet comes in two sizes—extra small/small and medium/large—and is made to offer the best possible fit and comfort. The top of the helmet has numerous air vents that allow plenty of air to travel down its length. 

The doodlebug may also be precisely adjusted to fit the size and shape of your child’s head, owing to the built-in adjustable dial at the back. As you introduce your youngster to skiing and snowboarding with the rest of the family, you can rely on this helmet to keep them safe.

Make careful to measure your child’s head size before placing your order so that you can determine the exact size that will fit. Additionally, the Doodlebug ski helmet does not support a variety of eyewear. Therefore, only purchase the glasses that the Lucky Bums advise.


  • Brand: Lucky Bums
  • Color: Blue
  • Inner Material: Expanded Polystyrene
  • Size: Toddler XS/S (48-50cm) & M/L (50-52cm)

Do Toddlers Need Ski Helmets?

Get a helmet for your child as soon as possible if they are enthusiastic about skiing or have been skiing without one. There is no justification for a kid to go skiing without one. 

People frequently experience some rather serious falls while skiing, especially beginners. Wearing a helmet will protect your child’s developing brain and keep them from getting injuries that could kill them.

If your youngster grows quickly, you may want to look for smaller helmets than adult ones. Children grow quickly, so keep that in mind as well. Sizing is also vital. We strongly advise that they always wear one. It’s a simple item to buy that offers enormous safety.

The first time you take your child skiing is a memorable experience, especially if you are a new parent. Skiing down the mountain with your young children is one of life’s greatest thrills. Your child must have their own ski equipment if this is the case.

The most crucial equipment is a ski helmet, but you will also need skis, gloves, and other apparel. It might be challenging to find quality ski helmets for young children. You obviously want to get your kid the most secure helmet possible. This gear will keep them comfortable while doing things in the mountains and introduce them to skiing and all its joys.

How To Choose The Best Ski Helmets For Toddlers In 2024?

Finding the ideal child’s ski helmet would be simple once you know what to look for in one. The ski helmet’s strength and durability should never be compromised because they are the first line of defense for your youngster in the event of an accident. The helmet must be solidly constructed to withstand any bumps and collisions.

Similar to this, there are several characteristics or features the ski helmets for toddlers should have. You have to put these into consideration when buying a ski helmet. With this knowledge, you can purchase the best product and avoid any regret in the future.


It’s no surprise that skiing isn’t the most affordable hobby you could pick. In addition, when you start doing things for your kids, everything costs more. However, it doesn’t mean that going skiing will cost a fortune! Prices for ski helmets fluctuate widely. If price is a big consideration for you, look for a helmet that is made to last for a long time. 

Understandably, when you want to buy a ski helmet, you have to consider the price. However, everything good is worth investing and spending money for your kids shouldn’t be an issue.

Warmth or Ventilation

The amount of ventilation a helmet delivers and how warm it is are two important factors to bear in mind. These elements are necessary for a high-quality helmet and are relevant all winter long.

A good ski helmet should provide as much warmth as a helmet. The lining of many alternatives is made of fleece or other materials that provide excellent wind and cold protection. Another feature to look for is detachable earpads.

On warm days, ventilation can assist in keeping the air moving and keep you more relaxed. Even though adjustable vents are nice, they may not be easy to find on helmets for kids. Ultimately, it will keep them from being cold because it can help reduce sweating.

Safety Certifications

We understand that you intend to keep your kids safe as a parent, so safety certifications must be a top priority when looking for a toddler’s ski helmet. All helmets must adhere to certain safety requirements.

The best adult helmets on the market now have MIPS technology, which shields from rotational impacts. MIPS is not absolutely necessary for most young children, but if your child is an adventure addict, you might want to think about getting them a helmet with MIPS technology.

The helmet won’t be worth the money if it cracks or breaks after the first fall. It’s a good idea to keep an eye out for MIPS technology, and several of the best ski helmets for toddlers available here include that characteristic.

Additionally, you should ensure that your selected helmet is constructed following recognized safety regulations. This is crucial to confirm that the helmet has undergone enough testing to defend against damaging impacts.

Fit System

A lateral and a forward adjustment are included in the fit system. In addition, the helmet has this handy feature. The helmet you buy for your child should fit them snugly.

If it fits properly, not even the priciest, most rigorously-tested helmet will accomplish its job to its full potential. If it doesn’t fit snugly enough, it could fly off the wearer’s head in a hard collision, leaving them unprotected from injury.

If it’s too tight, you can get a headache and be less able to focus, ruining your skiing experience. Get a measurement around your kid’s head right above the eyebrows to ensure a proper fit. Then, go out and purchase a helmet that is this size or slightly larger.


The helmet’s wearability is also a major consideration. Your kid probably won’t want to wear it for more than a few minutes if it doesn’t fit well or is uncomfortable. Moreover, if a kid isn’t wearing a helmet and decides to play around without protection, that’s a really bad idea.

Making sure you get the right size is crucial to its comfort level. The head size of a growing youngster can fluctuate rapidly, making it more important to pay close attention to sizing.

To ensure the helmet is comfortable for them, you should check to see if it has any padded interiors. Padded chinstraps are preferable to unpadded nylon ones, so keep an eye out for those.


When buying a ski helmet for an adult, weight isn’t a major factor to consider. However, for children, it is! Kids tire on the mountain far more quickly than adults do, but you may help your child avoid this problem by selecting a lightweight helmet. For older kids, weight remains less of a concern.

Weight is an important factor since your toddler won’t require something that is heavy when skiing. Therefore, check the instructions to see if the ski helmet is suitable for your toddler before buying it.


This is still a crucial consideration, even though the product’s appearance may not affect how well it safeguards your child. Many kids dislike wearing helmets, but if you can find one in their favorite color or pattern, it might help.

It shouldn’t be too challenging to discover a helmet that your youngster can’t wait to wear because they come in various styles, patterns, and colors. To help them get thrilled about their new piece of equipment, be sure to ask them what colors they prefer before making a purchase.

Ski Goggles Compatibility

Goggles are a crucial part of your skiing equipment. Without a set of ski goggles, skiers of all ages cannot perform well on the slopes.

Few children’s ski helmets can handle more than one type of ski goggles, unlike full-sized or adult ski helmets that are made to fit practically all types of ski goggles. For this reason, it’s crucial to ensure the ski helmet you choose for your child fits the goggles you already own.

Ski Helmets vs. Snowboard Helmets

“Ski helmets” and “snowboard helmets” are now just called “snow helmets” when they are used for these sports.

Helmets for snowboarding and skiing are functionally equivalent. As a result, selecting a snowboard or ski helmet mostly comes down to personal preference. Both skiing and snowboarding can be done while wearing a helmet.

They have various labels, which may leave you asking why. The answer is simple; marketing! Many companies sell the same helmet for both skiing and snowboarding.

Skiers and snowboarders use the same helmets. Manufacturers call it a “snowboard helmet” and capitalize on consumers’ ignorance by painting graphics on it. When a piece of equipment slides against a surface, it is said to be skiing.

Both helmets have the same mechanics; hence, they are identical. Snow helmets offer head protection, defense from blows, and weather protection. Skiing and snowboarding have nothing new to offer that would change this; this is merely marketing.

What Is MIPS?

Today, major helmet manufacturers provide different models with the best rotational impact protection. With a design based on research, this technology could reduce the number and severity of brain injuries. Conventional helmets are effective at absorbing impacts to the lining. However, the majority of headgear incidents are multi-directional.

The most popular rotational impact protection system for ski helmets in the USA is called Multi-Directional Impact Protection Technology, or MIPS. MIPS makes it possible for your helmet’s hard outer shell and soft inner liner to stretch and move when you get hit. After the impact, the rotational forces are reduced.

Most helmet suppliers either include MIPS as a standard feature or charge a small fee. We support any effort to improve helmets, as their main job is to reduce the severity of brain injuries when they are hit. Remember, it’s one of the most crucial things you can do to guarantee your children’s safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Top Safety Features To Look For In A Ski Helmet For Toddlers?

It is helpful to opt for helmets with adjustable dial sizing. Chinstraps should be secure but not overly so. Despite the temptation, getting a larger helmet for children is not advisable, so they have space to develop in it. Nevertheless, look for one that fits perfectly. The best way to determine the helmet that fits them is to measure their head size before buying it.

How Do You Properly Fit A Ski Helmet On A Toddler?

First, you must use a soft fabric measuring tape to gauge the size of your child’s head. Above the eyebrows, you must measure around the area of the head that is the widest. 

Start measuring by placing the soft measuring tape in the space between the eyebrows, moving the tape around the head until it overlaps, then recording the measurement. Make sure you purchase a helmet that is as near to that measurement as you can when you go to the store or shop online.

How Do You Care For And Maintain A Ski Helmet For Toddlers?

Wipe off all of the hard plastic components with a soft, damp cloth. This portion doesn’t require any soap or cleaners. Regular maintenance can help your helmet last longer, mainly if your toddler uses it frequently.

Can An Adult Wear A Child’s Helmet?

We wouldn’t recommend that an adult wear a child’s helmet even if it fits properly since children’s helmets are less protective than adult helmets.

Helmets for adults are heavier and crash-tested based on the mass of adults, while kids’ or youth helmets are lighter and designed to be worn by children or teenagers with a smaller mass.

Final Thoughts

You should only buy the best ski helmet for toddlers for your child after thorough research, education, and experience. Unless you come across a thoroughly studied review article and buying guide, your chances of finding the right one are little; if you don’t have any, it becomes a daunting task. However, we have laid a foundation for you to choose the best ski helmet for your toddler.

We have selected some of the top ski helmets for kids based on several features, as well as our knowledge and experience. Whatever the situation might be, getting the best ski helmet is a necessity for your toddler, especially when it comes to their safety and comfort.

Therefore, when choosing a helmet, you should consider factors such as safety, comfort, and performance. That means that you should look for helmets that meet safety standards, fit comfortably, and provide the needed performance features.

Buying the best ski helmet, no matter how much it costs, is worth it if you care about your child’s safety and comfort. Making the purchase is entirely up to you. Nevertheless, if you have bought a ski helmet, we would like to know which features you checked before buying. In addition, we would like to know what you think about our list. Do you have a contrary opinion about our list? You can use the comment section to share your opinion. 

So, take the time to choose the right helmet for your child to ensure a safe and enjoyable day on the slopes. Happy skiing!

Mitchelle Lynn