Top 7 Best Snowboard Helmets With Bluetooth [2024]

Many people overuse the phrase “safety first,” but with good reason. A helmet not only prevents catastrophic injuries on the hill, but it also greatly reduces the severity of smaller ones. When you’re wearing a snowboard helmet, what was formerly a concussion or, at most, a nasty headache, becomes something to chuckle about, and those are basically the only good reasons to wear one.

Have you lately developed a liking for snowboarding? Or perhaps you are an experienced snowboarder searching for a helmet that offers more than protection while being worn. Whatever your situation is, you have found the perfect article for you. 

In recent years, technology has advanced to the point that snowboarding helmets offer both protection and enjoyment. This is accomplished by using a Bluetooth feature to link your headgear to your smartphone and maintain contact with your loved ones while you are riding.

Snowboarding is my all-time favorite winter sport, and you can find me on the slopes almost every weekend. Over the past several years, I’ve tried and evaluated a variety of snowboarding equipment, including the best Bluetooth helmet, different winter water reservoirs, and more. 

It can be a lot of fun to listen to music while riding, and Bluetooth-enabled devices also let you talk to other people in the snow. Over the last ten years that I have worked as a snowboarding teacher, I have seen a wide variety of Bluetooth helmets come and go. Additionally, I’ve used a handful of these models and am aware of the qualities a solid choice should have. 

However, considering the abundance of alternatives on the market, how can you choose the finest snowboard helmet with Bluetooth? You don’t have to worry about making this choice alone since we are here to help you examine the best 7 Bluetooth helmets for 2024. Without further ado, let’s begin.

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7 Best Snowboard Helmets With Bluetooth [2024]

Based on current market trends and customer reviews, some possible options for a best overall pick, a runner-up, a budget pick, a premium pick, and three other good picks are:

Snow Helmet Preview Price
The POC Obex Spin Communication Snow Helmet Best Snowboard Helmet With Bluetooth Check Price
The Sena Latitude Snow Helmet The Sena Latitude Snow Helmet - Runner-Up Check Price
The WildHorn Drift Snowboard and Ski Helmet The WildHorn Drift Snowboard and Ski Helmet Check Price
The MOON Bluetooth Snowboarding Helmet The MOON Bluetooth Snowboarding Helmet Check Price
The K2 Diversion Helmet The K2 Diversion Ski Helmet Check Price
The Livall RS1 Bluetooth Smart Snowboarding Helmet The Livall RS1 Bluetooth Smart Snowboarding Helmet Check Price
The Turboske Ski Snowboard Helmet The Turboske Ski Snowboard Helmet Check Price

1 .  The POC Obex Spin Communication Snow Helmet – Best Overall

  • The EPS inner fabric and PC shell provide maximum comfort.nFront vents slide for simple adjustment and protection from the fog.nComes with an inbuilt microphone on an Obex communication headset.nSeamless fit with POC goggles is available.nn
  • Size smaller than usual.nIt does not provide any warmth.nIt’s very weak and prone to breaking.n

The Obex Spin snow helmet has award-winning communication connectivity to keep you linked with the rest of the world, even when riding on rough terrain. This helmet, which includes an integrated headset and mic, automatically connects with your smartphone over wireless Bluetooth and keeps you engaged during the ride. 

Do you enjoy experimenting with various snowboarding riding techniques and desire a helmet that is adaptable enough to meet your needs? If so, the POC Obex Spin snow helmet is your best option. 

Obex Spin is a lightweight, robust shell made of cutting-edge ABS materials that are intended to execute POC’s complete helmet strategy. Furthermore, an EPS liner contributes to comfort and ideal head security, whether traveling quickly uphill or downhill. 

Do you desire the protection of full-face helmets without having to experience their confinement? To make this idea a reality, POC Obex has included sliding vents on the front and rear of the helmet. You can slide these vents open or close depending on the weather outside, so you won’t have to worry about foggy vision. 

Since the majority of recreational skiers struggle to locate the right helmet size for their head shape, Obex Spin has also addressed this problem. Any user may quickly and easily modify this helmet’s shell size without changing the internal pads thanks to its inner size-adjustment mechanism.


  • Complies with ASTM and CE CLASS B safety requirements.
  • System for internal size adjustment for the perfect fit.
  • ABS shell structure that is modern and lightweight.
  • SPIN (shearing pad within) technology, which is patent-pending.
  • Bluetooth wireless technology is supported.

Why Is This The Best Snowboard With Bluetooth In 2024?

The Obex Spin helmet with Bluetooth from POC is the best because the helmet is constructed in layers. There is a cushioned inner layer that is covered by an in-mold EPS liner, which is then covered by a PC shell. 

An ABS shell makes up the exterior layer. Due to the several layers of protection, there is less chance of a catastrophic head injury, and the rider is kept safe. This helmet has a microphone in addition to a built-in earphone.  Consequently, using this helmet for communication is simple. The noises will be audible to you and will be sent to the other end through the microphone.

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2 . The Sena Latitude Snow Helmet – Runner-Up

  • ABS shell structure is both durable and lightweight, allowing for pain-free usage.nBluetooth works at temperatures ranging from -10° to -50°C.nPadding that is removable and washable for a moisture-free inside.nFor maximum comfort, a mesh EPS lining and black velvet cushioning are used.n
  • The sound quality is lacking in bass.nIncorrect sizing.n

How can we conclude a list of the finest snow helmets without naming the most reputable brand in this category? Sena has evolved as one of the most professional names for the manufacturing and selling of high-quality helmets after years of expertise. 

They’ve just introduced the SX latitude snow helmet for beginner and professional skiers, which lives up to this standard. Sena Latitude is an amazing snowboard helmet with a built-in microphone and speakers that combines elegance, comfort, and head security. 

SX latitude’s HD Bluetooth Intercom allows for four-way conversation up to 900 meters in open terrain. Do you have trouble controlling your helmet with your smartphone? If so, you’ll be glad to learn about the Sena Outdoor smartphone app, which allows you to customize settings to your liking. 

Begin by reading the fast instruction on your homepage, and then connect your phone, play music, or listen to radio presets to maximize your riding experience.

Second, the shell of this helmet is made of a long-lasting ABS material that can survive hard winters. Sena SX features an EPS mesh lining and black velvet pads, recognizing the importance of cushioning in snowboard helmets. These serve as an insulator, trapping heat within the helmet and cushioning your head. 

If you don’t take care of a sweaty interior right away, it can become a serious issue no matter what you ride in. Sena’s SX latitude helmet has interior pads that can be removed and washed to keep your helmet dry, clean, and free of moisture. After use, these are simple to clean and maintain.


  • Allows for four-way intercom contact with three other skiers.
  • In open terrain, the transmission range is 900 meters.
  • Bluetooth connectivity with a smartphone is supported.
  • The Sena Outdoor app has customizable options such as radio presets intercom lists, and buddy groups.
  • The Google strap holds spectacles in place.

3 . The WildHorn Drift Snowboard and Ski Helmet Premium Pick

  • Stylish and modern shell in many matte hues.nFor head protection during hard landings, use EPS foam and in-mold padding.nInterior ultra-plush liner for optimal insulation and comfort.nSupports custom-fit head shapes and ski goggles.nHas ear cushions that work with audio systems.n
  • Very expensive.nComes without a storage bag.n

WildHorn has been supplying its clients with nothing but the best for over a decade, staying true to its promise of world-class safety and performance. 

This audio-ready helmet has speaker compartments and detachable ear cushions. Simply connect these ear pads to Bluetooth headphones compatible with helmets to listen to upbeat music as you shred the slopes. 

They fulfilled this condition again by releasing the great Drift snowboard and ski helmet for any dedicated rider. The shell of the WildHorn drift helmet, finished in a sleek and streamlined form and available in various matte colors, skillfully grabs the attention of every fellow skier. 

Instead of continually adjusting the strap of your helmet, its loose fit allows you to float over snow in elegance and comfort. Do you frequently lose track of time while snowboarding on rough terrain, resulting in painful backaches and neck rolls? WildHorn Drift weighs less than a pound and is amazingly light to wear. Also, its three various shell sizes are supported by a fine-tuned adjustment mechanism to allow for micro-adjustments.

Additionally, an FTA knob is utilized to provide an ergonomic and tight fit without requiring you to remove your helmet. Are you sick of having your face drip with perspiration after each skiing trip? If so, you should get this WildHorn snowboard helmet. 

The WildHorn Drift helmet has adjustable vents that may be easily opened or closed depending on the environment and the temperature inside the helmet, in addition to the unique airflow technology. Let’s now shed some light on the well-designed interior of this helmet. Superior head comfort is ensured by the drift’s soft, ultra-plush cushioning. Furthermore, the WildHorn’s insulating lining effectively distributes impacts during unlucky collisions, protecting your brain from potentially fatal damage.


  • Complies with EN1077, F2040, and ASTM safety requirements.
  • Slim shell design that is 25% lighter.
  • A quick micro-adjustment technique for fine-tuning.
  • 13 completely adjustable vents are part of a patented ventilation system with adjustable temperature control.

4 . The MOON Bluetooth Snowboarding Helmet Budget Pick

  • There are 4 distinct sizes offered.nThe helmet may be adjusted using a dial or switch at the rear.nThe cushioning inside the helmet is Coolmax.nIt comes in silver, blue, and black hues.nIt is very cheap when compared to others with the same features.n
  • There is no facility for opening or closing airflow vents.n

The MOON snowboarding helmet is an adult-sized helmet featuring a Bluetooth wireless connection feature. Thanks to the integrated microphone and speakers, you can take calls and play music while snowboarding.  It features an impact-resistant polycarbonate casing that was molded into the product.

For headset mode and hands-free mode, it supports or mandates Bluetooth versions 1.2 and 1.6. An EPS liner serves as protection within the helmet’s interior. 

A Coolmax pad that keeps the inside warm is also included. The back of the helmet contains a goggle attachment point, making it simple to use goggles with a helmet. There are 11 air passages in the ventilation system.It is offered in three distinct colors and four sizes, ranging from 53 cm to 63 cm. It is certified by ASTM.

It features a dial that can be adjusted on the rear so that it fits your head perfectly. Additionally, it incorporates a FidLock magnetic buckle to keep it securely fastened to your head. It has a sizable button that was created specifically for usage while wearing gloves.

5 . The K2 Diversion Helmet

  • Audio system with Bluetooth.nActive Matrix ventilation on both sides.nA system with three adjustment points.n
  • Vents open up far too much.

In contrast to the heavy brain buckets of the past, the K2 Diversion Audio Helmet combines a hybrid design to offer lightweight protection so you can focus on your line. To protect your head in the case of a sudden accident or cartwheel session, this premium helmet meets industry requirements and has passed testing. 

With Diversion’s dual active matrix venting technology, you can regulate airflow with a single touch while keeping the goggles vents open to avoid fogging. The three-point adjustable interface on the 360 K2 Dialed fit system was created with ergonomics in mind. With the turn of a dial, this offers superb on-the-go convenience and maximum fit and adjustability. 

Another feature you’ll like is the washable and removable full-wrap liner system, which wicks away perspiration and offers breathing comfort while you flip and spin in the pipe. There won’t be a space between your goggles and helmet thanks to the Diversion’s universal brim design, which works with the majority of industrial goggles and K2 goggles.

The baseline audio level 3 sound system connects to your phone and plays your music as you shred or chill on the elevator. It makes it simple to stay connected even while you’re climbing steep hills or spinning about in the park since it features built-in headphones and an on-cord mini-mic that connects to your phone or MP3 player.


  • K2’s full-featured ski and snowboard helmet.
  • The hybrid design strikes a mix between lightness, comfort, and toughness.
  • Dynamic Matrix Venting allows for switch-based airflow control.
  • Customized Tech Form Liner with earpads and a detachable neck roll.
  • Three-point adjustment with 360 K2 dials ensures fit.
  • Basic Audio System is comprised.

6 . The Livall RS1 Bluetooth Smart Snowboarding Helmet

  • Stylish and breathablenA microphone that can withstand the windnSOS SignalnPTT Walkie-TalkiesnLoss Prevention AlarmnGPS Voice Guidancen
  • Only fixed usage is intended for walkie-talkies and phone calls.nContinuous phone connection is necessarynMay quickly drain a batterynHaving trouble hearing music when listening to itn

Livall has a reputation for combining technology with essential safety equipment. Skiing and snowboarding are fascinating sports in part because of the inherent danger involved, right? There is only one color available for the RS1. Given the amount of technology it incorporates, White’s unisex design and adjustable fit of 57-61 cm make it relatively light at 750g and useful down to -20 C. So what is the RS1 capable of? 

To use the smart features, you must first download the app and connect your phone to the helmet. Simple and reliable Bluetooth connectivity exists between the helmet and the phone. With gloves on, the button is a reasonable size and easy to press. It has an infinite range but requires a wireless data link from a connected smartphone, which is not always assured. 

You may make and receive calls while on the go, as well as listen to music, audiobooks, podcasts, and navigational instructions, thanks to the built-in speakers and microphone.

This helmet includes a walkie-talkie function that allows sound to travel through clearly. The helmet has a built-in microphone so that you may use it for hands-free conversation. Therefore, users with this helmet may take calls while snowboarding. 

ABS, a robust and long-lasting substance, is coated on the helmet’s exterior shell. Additionally, in-mold EPS layering further lessens the impact of trauma to guarantee the rider’s safety. It is an approved snowboarding helmet for safety. The LIVALL App may be used to match this helmet with users. 

This program also allows you to send SOS calls and track your mileage, travel distance, speed, and GPS location. Your connections will be alerted right away so that assistance may be headed your way.


  • Bluetooth audio and microphone built-in.
  • Two-Way Group Comms.
  • Enabled via iOS/Android App.
  • PTT (Push to Talk) S.O.S. Alert System with one click.
  • Loss Prevention Alarm.
  • 15 Vents.
  • Channels that induce occlusion keep your goggles free.

7 . The Turboske Ski Snowboard Helmet

  • Suitable for winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding.nImpact-absorbing EPS lining provides a strong, lightweight shell.nAudio systems and eyewear with fog protection are both compatible with ear cushions.nPadding of the highest quality that is detachable and cozy.nAffordably priced.n
  • Ear cushions are flimsy and of poor quality.nCould need more insulation, perhaps.n

Let’s speak about the coolest all-around snowboard helmet of 2024 as our last, although by no means the least, topic. Turboske Ski is a remarkable snowboard helmet for both novice and expert snowboarders, and it fully complies with USA ASTM safety regulations. 

The lightweight exterior shell of the Turboske, which is made of an impact-absorbing EPS liner welded to it, can endure any impact that is directed at it. Even whether your head size is unusually large or tiny, the provided size adjustment dial ensures a secure fit.

TurboSke is equipped with an integrated ventilation system and fog-protected vision, making it safe to use on slopes, snow fields, or peaks. This snow helmet includes ear cushions and a detachable inner fleece liner to keep the interior dry and clean in cold weather. 

The Turboske ear pads are compatible with audio and Bluetooth system, allowing you to enjoy listening to your favorite music while taking a leisurely ride up the hill. Additionally, this snow helmet is ideal for use with or without beanies and eyeglasses.


  • Completely assured premium shell construction.
  • Safety requirements ASTM F-2040 are met.
  • Efficient ventilation system that is incorporated and has exhaust ports.
  • Ensure a secure fit on all head sizes and a size-adjustable dial.

How Does A Bluetooth-Enabled Snowboard Helmet Enhance The User’s Experience On The Slopes?

Helmets with Bluetooth can improve concentration. On the slopes, music is frequently listened to for the purpose of tuning in to one’s abilities and technique. You can discover your rhythm and escape your thoughts with the help of music. Some riders like to use music to help them refine their runs.

You may also feel more energized as a result of it. Your whole experience is improved and energized by the music. According to studies, listening to music can reduce the brain’s sensitivity to signals that indicate a desire for sleep. This encourages people to push themselves further than they could otherwise.

Many Olympic competitors listen to music to keep their spirits up while competing, and some regard their music as being just as crucial to their success as their equipment. Using a theme to elevate your performance has the potential to change the game.

Are There Any Potential Downsides Or Drawbacks To Using A Bluetooth-Enabled Snowboard Helmet?

When you use Bluetooth helmets, you’re at risk of hampering one of your senses. No matter how many years of snowboarding expertise, you should constantly be aware of your surroundings. Particularly over the holidays, when you are surrounded by more bombers and yard sales than usual.

It also generates a distinctive experience. Most individuals, if not all of them, visit resorts or the backcountry because they like the sense of escape it offers. Time spent outside has a way of putting things into perspective and calming you down. 

On the hilltop, your issues seem a lot less significant. You’re not unplugged while you listen to music, and that last link to the outside world might make it difficult for you to find tranquility.

How To Buy The Best Snowboard Helmets With Bluetooth In 2024?

After ranking the best seven Bluetooth snowboard helmets, it is time to look at the elements that made them so successful. Before choosing a snow helmet, take into account the following aspects and decide if it is suitable for your desired riding style.

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Audio Quality

A good snowboard helmet should include a built-in speaker that you can connect to your smartphone. This will enable you to take calls and listen to your favorite music. I don’t know about you, but for me, having a good music system is essential. 

It must have acceptable audio quality so that you may wear it for extended periods. You’ll detest hearing vocalists with compromised vocal cords, no doubt about it.

It’s also crucial to consider the device’s built-in microphone, voice control, and design. As it ought to be able to provide noise-free, crystal-clear dialogue. If these built-in technologies have rechargeable batteries, find out how long they last between charges and how long it takes to charge them. 

If  everyone else is also wearing the same kind of helmet, some helmets have an intercom option that allows you to speak to your family or group of friends simultaneously. Being able to keep in touch the entire time might be useful.


If you want your helmet to be solid and secure on your head even when racing at high speeds, you should examine the shell size of a snowboard helmet. Use a tape measure to measure your head before looking at the items on the market, then look for a helmet that suits that size. 

A helmet shouldn’t be too tight or too thin when properly worn. Make sure the snowboard helmet is not fragile by trying it on. Your speed and performance on the board may be slowed by this, and a tight helmet is uncomfortable to wear, leading to hot areas and excessive sweating. 

The locking mechanism also determines how securely the snow helmet fits your head. Choose a buckle style or chin strap method depending on how easily you can lock and release the helmet without choking. An emergency release device helps to instantly unlock the strap in the case of an accident and deflect impacts away from your body.


Helmets for snowboarders ought to endure for a while… We both have had ours for several years, and we don’t intend to buy another one any time soon simply because we like them so much and since we did a great deal of study into them. 

Making sure that the snowboard helmet has Bluetooth is robust is one of the most important considerations. While you want your helmet to survive for several years, you also want to be sure that it is sturdy enough to withstand a few falls (or several times). Make sure you invest in a high-quality, long-lasting helmet that will keep you safe if you fall and last for many years.

Type of Helmet

Choosing the best snow helmet might be challenging given that there are currently more than 10 distinct types of helmets on the market. We advise picking one of these three helmet styles for skiing and snowboarding: The most common and advised form of helmet for snowboarding and skiing is the half shell. 

Half Shell

A half shell helmet covers the region between your head and your ears while providing the ideal combination of head protection and comfort. Additionally, they provide a relaxed, natural sound as you descend. 

Full Shell

As the name implies, full shell helmets cover your face completely. This particular sort of helmet is perfect for snowboarders skilled at tricks or beginners who want the maximum amount of safety as they begin their riding journey. 

Full Face Ski Shell

Mainly used for biking and riding sports, these ski helmets claim to shield your head, face, and jawline from serious injuries. They can also be worn with sunglasses and are occasionally used for snowboarding and skiing.


When choosing the finest snowboard helmet with Bluetooth, comfort is IMPORTANT. Make sure the earpieces are comfortable for you as well. You want the helmet to feel nice on your head (not too heavy or tight).

Safety Certificate 

The only reason to wear a helmet, whether snowboarding, skiing, or riding, is to shield your brain from potentially lethal impacts and wounds. This makes it crucial that you make sure the snowboard helmet you choose is secure enough to wear during terrible situations. 

ASTM and CE are the two most popular safety certifications. When a helmet has a CE mark, it means that it complies with European safety regulations and is acceptable for use across Europe. The ASTM certificate, however, is more difficult to get and certifies that a helmet complies with US safety standards.

Wireless Or Wired Connections

Choosing between a wired or wireless connection between your helmet and smartphone is necessary when purchasing a snowboard helmet with Bluetooth. The audio quality is much higher, and the battery life is more incredible with a connected connection. 

A wireless or Bluetooth connection, however, is significantly more user-friendly and practical. When riding in rough terrain where they cannot take their hands off the steering, most riders choose to use the Bluetooth facility since it offers hands-free and wireless communication.

Unique Features

Make sure you research the various special features available on snowboard helmets and decide which one is most appropriate for you. Ventilation is quite important to me since, after a few hours on the slopes with my helmet on, my head becomes extremely hot. 

If you fit that description, make sure to opt for a helmet with lots of internal ventilation. The finest snowboard helmets with Bluetooth or audio should include capabilities like these, to name just a few!

Frequently Asked Questions About Snowboard Helmets With Bluetooth

What Are The Compatibility And Connectivity Options For These Helmets With Bluetooth Technology?

To eliminate wired connections across short distances, Bluetooth was developed. Numerous items have been produced as a consequence, one of which involves incorporation into motorcycle helmets. 

The usage of media and communication while riding is made possible by Bluetooth technology, which permits a link between the user’s smartphone and helmet. Although practically any helmet may be equipped with a communications platform, numerous manufacturers also provide integrated solutions. You will save time and hassle by selecting a helmet with built-in Bluetooth capabilities rather than having to install an external solution.

Many helmets are now available with Bluetooth technology, allowing you to connect to your smartphone or other devices. This allows you to listen to music, take calls, and access other features while on the slopes. 

The compatibility and connectivity options will vary depending on the model of helmet you choose, so it is important to check the specifications before making a purchase.

Are There Any Specific User Reviews Or Ratings For These Helmets That Can Help In The Decision-Making Process?

Get a snowboard helmet with Bluetooth if you need to be able to communicate with others while riding, make and receive phone calls, listen to music while riding, and get GPS directions while riding. 

If you’re going to need a new helmet anyhow, a lot of Amazon reviews indicate that individuals like listening to music and occasionally conversing while snowboarding.

It is always a good idea to read user reviews and ratings before making a purchase. This can help you to get an idea of the quality of the helmets and how they perform in different conditions. It can also give you an insight into the comfort and protection levels offered by them.

Do These Helmets Have Any Additional Features Such As Built-In Headphones Or A Microphone?

Yes, most helmets come with some built-in features like cheek pads, microphones, shells, vents, visors and so many more.

Can These Helmets Be Customized With Different Colors Or Designs?

You may add whatever style or pattern you like to your helmet to ensure that it coordinates with the rest of your attire or vehicle. 

Are There Any Warranty Or Customer Support Options Available For These Helmets?

Most helmets come with a customer warranty of two years, while others have guarantees of one year.


Investing in a high-quality snowboard helmet with Bluetooth technology can help enhance your snowboarding experience and ensure your safety on the slopes. Bluetooth technology allows you to listen to music, take calls, and access other features while you are snowboarding. 

Additionally, a high-quality helmet will provide better protection and comfort than a lower-quality helmet. For the best snowboard helmet with Bluetooth functionality, I recommend the POC Obex Spin Communication. When you use it, it will transmit high-quality audio and communications while also providing good protection from impacts. 

If you want safe and enjoyable snowboarding, choose smart or audio-ready helmets, as these types will elevate your mood to a new level of riding binge. Plus, any of the other options listed here won’t let you down either.

Knowing fully that you can utilize all of its capabilities hands-free, a Bluetooth helmet unlocks ease whilst commuting. It makes sure that your travels won’t be disrupted or stopped so that you may make or answer calls or listen to music. Furthermore, Bluetooth helmets are not only technologically advanced but also designed to give the rider comfort and safety.

When choosing a helmet, it is important to make sure it fits properly and is comfortable. It is also important to consider personal preferences and needs, such as the type of activity the helmet will be used for, the size and shape of the head, and the desired level of protection. 

Lastly, it is important to check the helmet for safety certifications and to make sure it is in good condition. Happy snowboarding!

Mitchelle Lynn