Top 7 Best Ski Helmets With Audio [2024]

If you want to elevate your skiing experience, purchasing a ski helmet with audio would be a great idea. It is the perfect gear not to settle for. Imagine skiing down mountain slopes with your favorite song blasting through your helmet. So cool, right?

To enjoy the best music experience, you need to invest in high-quality ski helmets with audio technology.  As a music head, I have used a couple of ski helmets with audio, and the ones I will list below for you are some of the best in the market.

I have fallen in love with these models and would vouch for their superior quality and undoubtedly strong performance. It is important to remember that the functionality and quality of the ski helmet you choose is a key determinant of your safety. 

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Please do not overlook this important factor, even though it is not a question of one or the other. These options listed on here will provide you with maximum protection while keeping you entertained.

Ski helmets with audio do not only have to be used to listen to music. Their versatility allows you also to use your ski helmet as a communication tool. Some of the models listed here come with a dedicated button to satisfy your needs and communication preferences.

This is one of their unique selling points, which I highly appreciate. This is because it enhances safety by allowing you to easily communicate with your friends and family while out on the slopes and can always reach out for them when stuck or in danger.

However, the question of which option to settle for can be quite difficult due to the large variety on the market. You may also not be aware of the essential factors to consider while making this purchase. I have provided you with 7 of the best ski helmets with audio that you can purchase.

7 Best Ski Helmets With Audio [2024]

Here are our top picks!

Audio Helmet Preview Pirce
K2 Phase Pro Audio Helmet K2 Phase Pro Audio Helmet Check Price
Coros SafeSound Helmet Coros SafeSound Helmet Check Price
Bern Winter Watts Eps Snow Helmet Bern Winter Watts Eps Snow Helmet Check Price
Salomon Brigade Audio Helmet Salomon Brigade Audio Helmet Check Price
Rev Men’s Ski/Snow Helmet Rev Men's Ski Snow Helmet Check Price
TurboSke Ski Helmet TurboSke Ski Helmet Check Price
Smart4U Ski Helmet Smart4U Ski Helmet Check Price

1 . K2 Phase Pro Audio Helmet – Best Overall

  • Active Matrix ventilationnQuality constructionnLevel 2 Baseline audio systemnASTM and CE certifiednWashable linernStylishnEasy to usenLightweightnDurable and comfortable
  • Audio quality may not be too strong nLacks MIPS

This helmet is one that I always find myself reaching for when I want to enjoy some music in my ski run session. Its low profile features a clean style and a three-point adjustable interface. The interface provides flexibility in terms of fit and customization. 

The K2 Phase Pro audio helmet comes with an Active Matrix ventilation system. 

This technology ensures that you are comfortable by keeping sweat off your forehead. You can make the area around your head cooler with a single click with this amazing ski helmet. Good ventilation is key when considering what ski helmet with audio you should purchase. 

This helmet also comes with detachable speakers. 

The helmet is designed with hard shelling to ensure durability and increase its ability to cushion and protect your head during a collision. It comes with a washable liner to help with sweat and gunk that may collect around the helmet.

It also has a level 2 baseline audio system which comes pre-installed in the unit. It features control options for you to use in connecting your phone. 

This helmet however is not fitted with MIPS technology which is great at absorbing impact during the collision and offers maximum protection. It is easy to use and is a purchase you won’t regret making.

Why Is The K2 Phase Pro Audio Helmet The Best Ski Helmet For Audio In 2024

The K2 Phase Pro Audio helmet boasts superior workmanship and a great fit. Its washable liner is also a huge plus, especially for individuals who sweat a lot. This ski helmet with audio also has excellent sound clarity and is well-priced to provide value for your money.

The K2 Phase Pro Audio helmet features active matrix ventilation that is hard to ignore. This system is helpful in ensuring that you do not sweat while skiing. It allows you to regulate the airflow with a single click.

The helmet’s K2 Dialed fit system is very convenient. It allows you to adjust your helmet to your perfect size by twisting a dial. Its liner has moisture-wicking capabilities, which prevents overheating, and is able to withstand moisture.

2 . Coros SafeSound Helmet – Runner Up

  • Unique audio systemnReliablenEar opening sound systemnErgonomic designnFeatures a smartphone applicationnSOS alarm system
  • Low sound qualitynEarpieces do not have a great fit

As I mentioned earlier, staying alert whilst skiing is very important. You always need to be aware of your surroundings because the mountain slopes hold dangerous ravines that you may get stuck in if you are not careful.

 This helmet has an ear-opening sound system (EOSS) that provides clear sound yet allows you to hear what is happening in your surroundings. It is quite bulky, weighing about 350g compared to a standard road lid. 

The Coros safesound helmet is EN-1078 certified, a standard that is quite important in protecting you during crashes. Answering calls is easy with this helmet. Its built-in microphone is well-placed, ensuring you can communicate even in windy conditions.

This ski helmet has an LED tail light that flashes SOS in Morse code. This is especially helpful if you get stuck on terrain as it can alert scouters around the area. It is also quite easy to use.

It utilizes the Coros App, which is dedicated to helping you monitor route, distance, and speed data. There is an additional SOS alarm you can ping when you are in a life-threatening situation and will alert emergency response teams. This ski helmet is ideal for anyone who places priority on their safety and the safety of those around them.

3 . Bern Winter Watts Eps Snow Helmet – Budget Pick

  • Aesthetically pleasingnHas its own audio slotsnABS/EPS constructionnCompatible with audionASTM, EN1077B as well as EN1078 certifiednHas a great fit
  • Free sizenBulkynQuite pricey

This ski helmet spots the same look as a baseball cap. It has an ASTM certification which means that its design meets standard safety regulations and will help keep you protected in cases of impact, a BOA fitting system, and an EPS/ABS construction. 

It has a tiny slot fitted on the helmet ear pads where you can insert a wireless audio chip.

The helmet features an EPS MIps construction that ensures safety to its users. The outer layer is designed using a lightweight ABS that protects you from crash impacts. It also comes with an inner EPS  layer that helps absorb shock and keep you safe.

The Multi-directional Impact Protection System does an excellent job of protecting your brain during high impact. It also cushions your skull against impact by limiting your head’s rotational movements.

This ski helmet also comes with a premium liner to help control moisture from sweating and other weather elements. This helmet is worth its price and is one of the best ski helmets with audio around.

4 . Salomon Brigade Audio Helmet

  • Superior qualitynDurable nABS injection and EPS linernEffective ventilation systemnAdjustable straps
  • Sounds in some units are not very clear

This audio ski helmet requires no battery and boasts premium sound quality. It has a strong and superior quality build with great performance to match. It comes with an EPS liner and ABS injection for your comfort.

The Salomon Brigade audio ski helmet has a well-constructed ventilation system that ensures enough airflow goes around and through the helmet. This ensures that you do not sweat excessively.

This helmet also comes with a custom dial adjustment system. This helps ensure that your helmet provides a snug fit for your head. The Salomon smart safety concept has also been proven effective in providing a great skull and brain cushion during high-impact collisions.

5 . Rev Men’s Ski/Snow Helmet

  • Audio compatiblenSay bye to sweating while on your skinComplies with ASTM and EN1077 regulationsnGreat ventilation system
  • One size fits all

This helmet features audio-compatible technology and has a fitted slot on its ear pads where you can insert your sd card, Bluetooth, or any other audio modules. 

It is weightless and features a robust ventilation system with 12 vents. 8 of these are adjustable, which is incredible! The ventilation system aims to provide maximum comfort for you as you ski by preventing sweat from dripping from your forehead.

No one enjoys a sweaty forehead while skiing. It has chin padding, an ABS shell, and inner EPS foam. The REV sports ski helmet is also certified by ASTM and EN1077.

6 . TurboSke Ski Helmet

  • Layered protection nDurablenABS Shell and EPS foamnFront and side ventsnCompatible with most audio modules
  • Quite bulky

Choosing this helmet assures you of safety. Its construction is superior, and the outer cap is designed using tough ABS Material while the inner cap is built using high-quality EPS foam. 

It is also EN1077, and ASTM certified. It is designed to handle high-impact activities such as skiing.

The ear pads within this ski helmet are detachable to provide room for installing a Bluetooth module or speaker. It is also compatible with most mini speakers in the market today. This product offers a lifetime refund on its product if you are not satisfied with its performance.

7 . Smart4U Ski Helmet

  • Wide range 4.2 bluetooth connectionnOne year warrantynDedicated call buttonnWaterproofnBuilt in microphonenFeatures ABS shell and EPS layeringnOne year warranty
  • One size fits all

This ski helmet comes with built-in speakers. Unlike most of the helmets that come with speakers, the Smart4U helmet offers clarity and quality sound. It comes with a 4.2 Bluetooth connection and a built-in 35db microphone. With this purchase, you will surely enjoy great sound quality.

You are also able to answer calls with the Smart4U ski helmet. It has a dedicated button for this function. It is a size-fit helmet that features an ABS injection and an EPS layered build.

This helmet comes with a 300mAh battery and IPX7 waterproof coating. It can work perfectly even in extreme temperatures of minus 200C.  

I recommend it as one of the best ski helmets with built-in speakers.

How To Safely Listen To Music When Skiing

The ski helmet you purchase must be fitted with a Bluetooth connection. This means that you can remotely control the ski helmet settings, which will facilitate a hassle-free process.

This type of ski helmet also frees your hands to handle other important tasks, such as controlling your speed with the aid of your ski pole. You must always stay aware of your surroundings, especially when skiing. 

The choice of your ski helmet should, therefore, be able to still allow in sounds from your environment and surroundings. Being alert will ensure you are always ready to make your next decision and stay safe.

Advantages Of Using A Ski Helmet With Audio

The choice of whether you need a ski helmet with the audio or not is quite subjective. Ski helmets with audio offer you quite a number of benefits when skiing. If you have wondered whether these ski helmets are a worthy purchase, this is your sign.

Nurtures Attentive Nature

Listening to music when skiing is the best way to channel your attention on the activity. This will help you perfect your skills and help you gather a nice rhythm when speeding through the snowy mountains.


Music can bring back the spring in your steps. This however depends on the type of music you listen to.  Music is a source of inspiration and motivation to many of us. Ski helmets with audio tend to boost you and help you become more active on your ski runs.

Music also acts as a great music stabilizer, especially during competitions. It will help you streamline your focus on the activity at hand. This will, in turn, help set you apart in terms of performance. 


This ski gear affords you the opportunity to communicate with others. Even better, you can do this remotely and avoid getting cold.  This is because, without the ski helmet, you will have to remove your gloves to pick a call. 

This will leave you bearing the brunt of the low temperatures.

Disadvantages Of Using A Ski Helmet With Audio

Many people have a love-hate relationship with such ski helmets. This is because they believe that using them can easily result in accidents. They are also not a favorite for many because of their bulky nature. 

I will try to highlight the different safety concerns you may have and how to handle and overcome them so that you can enjoy some music as you ski.

Sound Barrier

Listening to skiing while music may seem quite dangerous. This is because you cannot clearly hear what is going around you when music is blasting through your ski helmet. Skiing requires you always to stay alert.

To wade through this challenge, you must keep your music volume at a reasonable range. This will allow you to clearly hear any movements or sounds in your environment. A Bluetooth-powered audio ski helmet will even allow you to pause the music when needed.

Not Ideal For People Who Want To Clear Their Minds 

Music can easily turn into a distraction when you want to seek clarity on something. In order to meet your goals you may need to schedule little time slots in between your skiing section. This will help ensure that you can declutter your mind while still enjoying some of your music.

How To Choose The Best Ski Helmet With Audio In 2024?

Audio Quality

While this is a matter of preference, you should only settle for speakers with great sound quality, whether you prefer neutral tones or some bass.

The system should also be able to filter in ambiance. It should help you to stay alert and hear any sounds resulting from your surroundings.


The Bluetooth module you choose to use should be able to absorb sweat and be scratch resistant. The helmet should be able to provide you with value for your money and last long enough to serve you well.


Your helmet should be easy to use. Ensure that your pick provides comfort and can work well with the helmet structure. The control settings should be easy to access and should not affect you during your ski activities.


The size of your ski helmet should pair well with the form factor of your Bluetooth. If your speaker is tiny, light, and thin, it will be able to easily slide in between your ear and helmet.

If the speaker is too heavy and large, it may irritate your ears and cause discomfort. I advise that you physically go to the store before the purchase to try the helmets on before making your choice.

Safety and MIPS integration 

Your helmet should be able to meet standard regulations on safety for all skiers. MIPS is a relatively new adopted technology that has been created to handle the impact of crashes and prevent head injuries.

This technology allows the inner layer of the helmet to move independently from the outer shell. This works to reduce the impact of a crash by limiting head movement.

Type Of helmet 

There are several types of helmets with audio in the market today. They come in half-shell, full face and full-shell designs.

The full-face helmet provides maximum safety. It takes the semblance of a full-face motorcycle helmet. It covers the whole of your face leaving only your nose and eyes uncovered.

The half shell only covers the top part of your head. The ears are covered using a pair of insulation pads while the rest of your face remains bare. 

The full shell has a similar design to the half shell design, only that the whole of your head is covered.


This factor significantly affects the safety, cost, and weight of a ski helmet. There are three main types of ski helmet construction:

Hybrid – This is the latest trending design and integrates both ABs and In-mold design. If you do not have any budget constraints, this is the ideal type of ski helmet to purchase. It is, however, quite expensive due to the technology invested in product design.

Injection molded – This helmet features a traditional design and the outer shell is designed using ABS and with an EPS layer fitted inside the helmet. It is quite heavy compared to in-mold instruction. They are best suited for casual and beginner skiers.

In-Mold – This helmet utilizes a polycarbonate shell and EPS liner. This contributes to the lightweight design of this helmet. It features a superior design with high-performance ventilation systems.


 Skiing is one of the most fun and thrilling sporting activities you can enjoy. You, however, need to be well-protected when involved in this sport. A great fit is important in ensuring your comfort.

The helmet should feel snug and secure on your head. It should fit like a glove and not move easily around your head. Comfort is key when it comes to skiing.


A good helmet will keep you warm when you are out in the cold. It should also feature a great ventilation system with adjustable vents to ensure it does not overheat.


 Ideally, the bulkier the helmet, the higher the level of protection. However, balance is also key when skiing, and you want a helmet that will not interfere with your overall stability.

Light helmets also have to meet standard safety regulations to be used. All this, however, is a matter of preference. Choose one that you will be comfortable with.


There are a variety of ski helmet designs that come in a variety of colors and designs. Though you are able to choose a stylish ski helmet easily, you should, however pick one that is functional.

I would recommend you go for a neutral colored helmet as it will be able to match any style that you prefer to go with on your skiing run.

Goggle Compatibility

Ski goggles are essential gear when skiing. The helmet and google should seamlessly mesh well together to provide a great fit. I advise you to carry your goggles along when purchasing your ski helmet.

An important feature that your helmet should have is a goggle strap on the helmet. It is typically fitted on the backside. This ensures that the goggles stay in place. 

This feature has ensured that I have kept my ski goggles for longer than I ever have compared to the ski helmets I have used with no goggle strap.

Chin Strap

This is essential in providing a secure fit when skiing.  Fasten the strap to your chin to ensure you stay comfortable on your ski run.    

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need A Ski Helmet?

Yes, you do need a ski helmet. This gear has been known to save countless lives and has been designed to bear high-impact activities. While not using a helmet ski provides you with a lot of freedom, it impedes your safety and leaves you without protection.

Can I Wear My Bike Or Skate Helmet When Skiing?

No, you should not. A skate or ski helmet does not provide the best protection when skiing. First, the bike and skate helmets are not designed to provide the warmth needed during skiing. 

This means you will freeze and even experience frostbite during your ski run if you use a bike or skate helmet. 

The design and shape of the bike or skate helmet are also not able to protect you from the high impact suffered when skiing. I would advise that you do not play cheap and place your head in a vulnerable position.

Are Built-In Speakers A Good Option?

Helmets with built-in built speakers are fun for every skier who loves music. You should, however, ensure that your choice of ski helmet can filter in ambiance so that you can hear what is happening in your surroundings. 

This will significantly increase your safety as you can easily avoid a collision if you know what is happening around you.

Final Thoughts

There are several factors to consider when hunting for the best ski helmet with audio in 2024. Your safety, style, fit, and performance should be the top variables you consider. 

The options listed in this article are reliable and have an excellent value-to-performance ratio. They boast great ventilation systems and superior sound quality that will work to elevate your music experience while skiing. Ensure you have good controls with your choice of ski helmet with audio.

If you have never considered a ski helmet with audio, hopefully, this review will convince you otherwise. Have a thrilling and fun music-filled day on your next ski run!

Mitchelle Lynn