Best Ski Resorts In New York For Beginners

New York is a place that attracts everybody from around the world. Regardless of where you live, the USA or elsewhere, you likely have New York on your travel wish list. New York is famous for its fun and sightseeing opportunities. However, the most significant thing about the state is its fantastic ski resorts, especially for beginners. So, here is a list of the best ski resorts in New York for beginners.

There are seven ski resorts worth visiting in New York: Hunter Mountain, Windham Mountain, Holiday Valley, Whiteface, Titus Mountain, Gore Mountain, and Greek Peak.

These are the perfect ski resorts if you are new to skiing and are anxious about where to spend your novice years practicing your skills.

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Read on to learn all about these excellent ski resorts in New York!

Hunter Mountain

Best Ski Resorts In New York For Beginners
Hunter Mountain Characteristics
Summit elevation3200ft
Skiable area320 acres

It is a beautiful resort and one of the most popular in the area. Huner Mountain became famous due to the latest snowmaking technologies and the variety of terrains it offers its visitors. The resort has multiple landscapes that are perfect for each level of skier

When you go to the mountain as a beginner, you will get a chance to learn more about the sport by observing an expert skier at the resort. Furthermore, the resort has a summit elevation of 3200ft with a skiable terrain of 320 acres.

The Skiing Experience

The skiing facilities and experience are comfortable and smooth on Hunter Mountain. The resort offers thirteen lifts, including the Snowlight Express, that you can ride to the tippy top to enjoy your view coming downhill. 

Ski Lessons

Ski lessons are available to take advantage of and learn from experienced ski instructors. In addition, the place offers group and private ski lessons both.

Other Activities

Apart from the mountain’s great terrains, you can participate in other fun activities like snow tubing, snowmobile rides, and snowshoeing experiences. The snowy hill also has a variety of delicious food you can grab when hungry, like pizza, burger, BBQ, sushi, etc.

Windham Mountain

Windham Mountain Characteristics
Summit elevation3100ft
Skiable area385 acres

The resort is famous for its wide variety of activities and the versatility of terrains. Windham Mountain has a perfect balance of skiable areas for beginners, intermediate, and advanced skiers. 

Plus, you can expect even snow at the mountain as the resort can make 97% of the snow that you can ski. The mountain has a summit elevation of 3100ft with a skiable area of 285 acres.

The Skiing Experience

It is perfect for beginners as the resort has a dedicated beginner’s terrain at the base. Once you have gained confidence in your skills, you can ride any eleven lifts to take you to the top. The resort has green and blue areas you can ski through according to your abilities. 

Ski Lessons

The resort follows old-fashioned rules where beginners and their families come first. The resort has a school dedicated to teaching kids skiing, Windham Mountain Kids. In addition, they offer private and group lessons.

Other Activities

Windham Mountain has plenty of snow activities that you can enjoy and food that you can eat. The resort has on-hill accommodation areas for visitors as well. 

Holiday Valley

Holiday Valley Characteristics
Summit elevation2250ft
Skiable area290 acres

It is one of the resorts with the most revisits. Holiday Valley connects to major state cities, such as Cleveland, Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Toronto, and Ontario. The resort offers plenty of things for your comfort, skiing and staying. 

The mountain has a summit elevation of 2250ft with an area of 290 acres.

The Skiing Experience

The resort has specific terrains near the Happy Valley Lodge for beginners and kids. Other than that, there are plenty of high-traffic spots that the resort ensures are slow areas to keep kids and beginners safe from collisions. 

Once you master your skill at the base, you can use one of the thirteen lifts to go to better green or blue terrains.

Ski Lessons

The resort offers skiing lessons to kids and adults. They have PSIA and AASI-certified ski instructors who will teach you and your family the best skills. You can choose private, semi-private, and group lessons per your preference. 

Other Activities

The resort has a rollercoaster, Sky Flyer Mountain Coaster. It gives you a tour of snowy wildlife around the mountain. In addition, the resort also offers snowshoeing and cross-country skiing. 


Whiteface Characteristics
Summit elevation3650ft
Skiable area299 acres

The lovely resort sits near Lake Placid and has a breathtaking view. Whiteface has the forests of Sentinel Range and McKenzie mountain. The area has a lot of history of skiing as it has hosted two Olympics. The mountain has a summit elevation of 4650ft with a skiable area of 299 acres.

The Skiing Experience

The best part about the resort is a dedicated chairlift just for beginners. It will familiarize you with less crowd and getting off and on the lift. In addition, the resort has eight shorter green terrains for beginners. 

Once you have enough practice, you can turn towards other green and blue terrains that run down the forest to the base. They have eleven lifts to provide ease to their visitors. 

Ski Lessons

The resort provides lessons for kids in their Bear Den Learning center. They have highly-trained instructors that teach group, private and semi-private lessons. 

Other Activities

There are plenty of things to try other than skiing at Whiteface. You can try their bobsleigh track and the Olympic museum. There is also the option of dog sledding and the village at Lake Placid. 

Titus Mountain

Titus Mountain Characteristics
Summit elevation2025ft
Skiable area200 acres

Titus Mountain is near Pittsburgh and Vermont, in Malone. Their website has friendly beginners guide for you to get around the resort, First Timer Guide. The mountain has a summit elevation of 2025ft with an area of 200 acres.

The Skiing Experience

The skiing area for beginners is at the base of the lodge. The resort has many green terrains for your to practice before you reach blue terrains. Titus has ten lifts, including a magic carpet, to help beginners get to the top once they are ready. 

Ski Lessons

All the ski instructors at Titus have PSIA and AASI certifications. You will be in safe hands and learning the most valuable skiing skills at the resort at reasonable prices. The design of the skiing area has crucial details, significantly to help beginners. 

Other Activities

The resort has comfortable slopeside cabins that ensure the privacy and comfort of a home for visitors. 

Gore Mountain

Gore Mountain Characteristics
Summit elevation3600ft
Skiable area448 acres

The resort has plenty of trees that allow you to ski with a gorgeous view. In addition, Gore Mountain has three beginner terrains to mix and match if you get bored with one. The mountain has a summit elevation of 3600ft with a skiable area of 448 acres.

The Skiing Experience

The resort has plenty of options for a beginner skier regarding lifts and terrains. There are three terrains you can ski on as your ability increases. In addition, the resort has 14 lifts divided among the terrains to transport you to the top. Once you have mastered your basic techniques, you can explore the blue terrains on the mountain.

Ski Lessons

The resort has a well-trained staff to teach you and the kids all the necessary skiing techniques and the proper way to handle the equipment. In addition, they have multiple packages and offers regarding skiing lessons. 

Other Activities

The resort has over 110 trails to stretch your skiing adventure to a week. Then, after a well-skied day, you can return to highly-equipped lodges waiting for you to sleep and rest. Of course, the resort also has plenty of food options for you to devour. 

Greek Peak

Greek Peak Characteristics
Summit elevation2100ft
Skiable area220 acres

Greek Peak is a smaller ski resort as compared to others in New York. However, the resort is full of fun stuff to do on your skiing trip. Greek Peak has over 50 trails for you to ride and explore. The mountain has a summit elevation of 2100ft with a skiable area of 220 acres.

The Skiing Experience

Out of all the 50 trails at Greek Peak, 20 are perfect for beginners. The resort has eight lifts spread out that take the skier to the top, so they can choose a blue or green terrain to get back to the base.

Ski Lessons

The resort has a unique terrain for lessons. You can choose from private, family group, or mixed group lessons. It is best to take advice from the resort skiing school to select your perfect skiing lesson program. The unique terrain helps skiers learn basic maneuvers quicker than usual. 

Other Activities

The resort has a beautiful Lodge, Hope Lake Lodge, that you can go to once you are tired and done for the day. In addition, you have plenty of dining options, including the famous Carvers Steakhouse and Trax Pub and Grill

Final Word

New York is a scenic beauty for skiing trips. You weigh your skiing options and the view on a ski trip. The excitement of sliding down a powdery slope with the perfect view hits differently. 

If you are a beginner skier and love gorgeous landscapes, these seven ski resorts in New York will be excellent places to begin your skiing journey!

Mitchelle Lynn