Top 7 Best Snowboard Knee Pads In 2024 

It is quite common to slip and fall when snowboarding. However, no one prepares you for the pain resulting from the impact of your knee with the icy surface.

This is where snowboarding knee pads come in handy; they protect you from the impact a fall on a hard icy surface may cause by cushioning your knee. This helps create a more fun experience when snowboarding.

While knee injuries are more likely to occur in skiing than in snowboarding, snowboarders tend to fall a lot more frequently. This is even more frequent in icy conditions. The resulting impact, especially when landing a jump, can be quite devastating and even result in a broken ACL  hence the need for snowboard knee pads.

There are different types of snowboard knee pads, but the key difference is in the design. There is the hard shell design, soft shell, and hybrid knee pad, which is a combination of soft and hard shell properties.

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The shell usually refers to the exterior cap that offers the first protection on impact. A soft shell is usually made of rubber, foam, or gel. They, however, do not offer the best cushioning on impact.

Hard shells are usually made of carbon, plastic or polyvinyl. They offer high protection against icy surfaces. Hybrid shells integrate hard and soft shells to offer maximum comfort and protection.

Knee pads also differ in terms of the padding material used. There are snowboard knee pads made of foam, rubber, and gel material. Foam padding is the most common type of knee pad. It is made of breathable material that is very comfortable and soft on the skin. However, it is not durable and prone to constant wear and tear.

Gel padding is generally more flexible and durable than foam padding. It is usually used together with foam padding for better performance and protection. Though the best grip, rubber padding may not offer the most protection.

Snowboard knee pads are ideal for anyone who:

  • Wants to try out snowboarding
  • Suffers from any knee issues
  • Wants to try out new tricks on rails and boxes
  • Snowboards on icy terrain.

As an expert snowboard instructor, I have tried and tested quite a number of snowboard knee pads and know what you should look out for when on the hunt for a pair. With a wide range of snowboard knee pads in the market, finding the right one can be quite overwhelming.

7 Best Snowboard Knee Pads In 2024

I have compiled a list of top snowboard knee pad models to help ease your decision-making process. This article will provide you with an in-depth review of the top 7 snowboard knee pads for you to use in 2024.

Snowboard Knee Pads Preview Price
G-Form Pro-X Knee Pads Best Overall Snowboard Knee Pads Check Price
Demon Hyper X D30 V3 Knee Pad Runner Up Snowboard Knee Pad Check Price
TSG Kneepad Budget Pick Snowboard Knee Pads Check Price
G-Form Pro-Rugged Knee Pad G-Form Pro-Rugged Knee Pad Check Price
Triple Eight Undercover Snow Knee Pads Triple Eight Undercover Snow Knee Pads Check Price
SHINYPRO MTB Knee Pads SHINYPRO MTB Knee Pads Check Price
Volleyball Knee Pads Volleyball Knee Pads Check Price

Let’s get started.

1 . G-Form Pro-X Knee Pads – Best Overall

  • High-performancenRPT paddingnLightweightnBreathablenGreat articulation Smartflex TechnologynSilicon grippersnWaterproof
  • Tightness may cause bruising

These knee pads offer excellent snowboarding protection. It utilizes RPT padding, which is designed to harden upon impact. This ensures that the knee paddings protect without being bulky.

The sleeve is designed with a smooth and stretchy material which enhances comfort while ensuring that it stays in place. This knee pad is, however, quite tight on your leg. These knee pads help keep you warm while ensuring you do not overheat and sweat.

The knee pad is fitted with gaps that provide great articulation and ensure great mobility. This is aided by smart flex technology, which enhances leg movements and flexibility when snowboarding. 

They bend quite easily, ensuring that your skin does not chaff or get irritated. The knee pad is fitted with extra side protection, which enhances product value.

You have 5 sizes to choose from with this knee pad model. This ensures that everyone has their needs and preferences met with the G-Form X pro. It is quite breathable and has great moisture-wicking properties that ensure your knee area stays dry. 

Silicon grippers on the sleeve ensure that your knee pad securely stays in place. What I love most about this knee pad are its waterproof capabilities that help keep you warm and dry even during cold conditions.

Why Is The G-Form Pro-X The Best Knee Pad For Snowboarding In 2024?

There are many things to love about the G-Form Pro-X knee pad. However, a few features take the crown and make it the best in the field. Among them are:

  • The smartflex technology provides maximum protection while still boasting a super lightweight form. The lightweight nature provides great mobility and flexibility when snowboarding.
  • These knee pads are also quite versatile and can be used in many sporting activities other than snowboarding. Activities such as soccer, skateboarding, and mountain biking utilize these knee pads for protection.
  • The excellent ventilation and soft foam make these knee pads the most comfortable and secure knee pads on the market.

The G-Form Pro-X knee pads have served me well for years, and I would easily recommend them to friends and family. You can rest assured that buying these knee pads will provide you with value and performance that will last you a while before your next purchase.

2 . Demon Hyper X D30 V3 Knee Pad – Runner Up

  • Superior cushioningnFlexibilitynHigh-qualitynBreathablenAdjustable velcro strapsnDemon warranty
  • Incorrect sizing; go up one sizenTight backstraps nReduced mobility

The Demon Hyper knee pad is perfect for snowboarding. It is designed to provide comfort and features a quality build that makes the knee pad super durable. 

These Demon knee pads use the Kevlar front panel, which offers maximum protection against bruising and features high shock absorption material and design which can offer high impact resistance.

It has dual hook and loop straps, soft interior lining, and extra padding. All this works to make the knee pads very comfortable. This snowboard knee pad is also designed with neoprene mesh lining that makes the knee pads very breathable and well-ventilated. 

The perforated neoprene material protects you from overheating and keeps your skin dry, ensuring the knee pads stay in place and do not slide. Double-bound stitching adorns this knee pad making it highly durable.

The Demon knee pad comes with dual adjustable Velcro straps that keep the knee pad in place while providing great articulation. Great articulation, in turn, provides room for great mobility. 

It comes with a Demon warranty. I highly recommend this to all snowboard enthusiasts, as knee distortion becomes rampant among snowboarders. Your safety should be your utmost priority.

3 . TSG Kneepad – Budget Pick

  • Suitable for all terrainsnPull-over designnLarge PE caps offering great protectionnElastic strapsnHorse shoe shapenEVA foamnHard shell construction
  • Quite bulky

These knee pads utilize hard shell construction and an EPS inner shell which offers maximum protection. EVA cushioning helps absorb great shock and minimizes wear and tear that may arise from frequent impact. Its pre-shaped design provides great mobility.

The horseshoe shape that this knee pad comes with ensures that it does not easily slide up or down while riding. It is fitted with a 360-degree strap which provides a comfortable fit. A pull- over design also provides a secure fit while snowboarding.

The TSG knee pad is also double stitched and fitted with EVA foam that offers maximum cushioning against high impact. An open-back design also works to provide great articulation when riding. These knee pads promise you protection and comfort and are suitable for snowboarding.

4 . G-Form Pro-Rugged Knee Pad

  • WaterproofnSmartflex technologynLightweightnDurablenBreathablenTop grippers
  • Incorrect Sizing

These knee pads are well known for their smartflex technology, which provides you with great mobility while ensuring that it does not compromise on your protection. It is fitted with an adjustable strap, ensuring the knee pads stay securely in place.

Armotex technology also works to make the knee pads more durable. It ensures that they can withstand any wear and tear that may be caused by grazing tree branches and stumps while on the slope.

A double-knit compression fabric ensures that the knee pads offer adequate protection while making them comfortable enough for you to wear. It also features a ventilated breathable layer and soft foam for comfort and works to keep you dry and warm.

It has an extra wide top gripper that helps cushion and distribute pressure on impact. It also offers an adjustable fit which is great for comfort. This purchase is one you are sure to enjoy.

These knee pads are also waterproof and lightweight. The lightweight nature allows you to snowboard freely with maximum flexibility and mobility. This works to elevate your overall snowboarding experience.

5 . Triple Eight Undercover Snow Knee Pads

  • Adjustable Velcro strapsnForm-fittingnSuperior EVA cushioningnReliablenHas a wide range of sizesnDurable
  • Quite bulkynStraps are not easy to maximize

These pads are well known and reputed for the great fit they provide to snowboarders. You do not have to worry about how these pads will sit on your knees. Triple Eight knee pads will provide superior cushioning that guarantees your safety on the terrain.

The excellent cushioning that this model boasts of is provided by EVA cushioning. This model is very reliable and effective in resisting impact. The pads take a natural form-fitting that hugs your legs well to ensure the knee pads stay securely in place.

Two Velcro straps are fitted at the top and bottom of your knee to provide an even better fit. The knee pads are, however, quite bulky and can be challenging to wear under a base layer. There are multiple sizes available to cater to every fit.

These knee pads offer you excellent performance and durability. They are also very easy to use. You can use these knee pads with any primary shell, and you are sure to enjoy maximum protection and comfort.

These triple eight knee pads are made for all ages and offer more than just front knee protection. The sides are also designed to cushion you against impact, providing extra value for your money.

6 . SHINYPRO MTB Knee Pads

  • Shock absorption propertiesnNon-slip hook and loop adjusternGreat ventilationnStrong buckle closure systemnReliablenComfortable
  • Quite pricey

These knee pads are designed using shock-absorbing material, which helps protect you against high impact when snowboarding. The soft padding becomes hard on impact and can withstand harsh weather conditions.

It features a non-slip hook, loop adjuster, and a strong buckle closure system to ensure that your knee pad stays in place. The knee pads utilize several layers of padding to ensure that you are well-protected and comfortable.

An open mesh design adorns this model, ensuring great ventilation. This allows for adequate air circulation, which ensures that it does not overheat. Overheating is quite irritating because it increases the friction level causing discomfort.

The sweat also causes the knee pads to slide up and down constantly. The moisture-wicking properties of the breathable material, however, help to keep your knee dry.

7 . Volleyball Knee Pads

  • Great cushioningnBreathable fabricnErgonomic design.nVery soft inner liningnUnisexnSecure gripnFlexible
  • Slides down quite a bit

These knee pads utilize a dual-layer Thailand NBR cushion which offers superb protection against maximum impact. The fabric used to make the knee pads is bamboo nylon yarn which is highly breathable and serves to make the knee pads very comfortable.

The breathable material ensures that you do not overheat by providing enough air circulation in your knee area. This keeps your skin dry creating an anti-sliding effect. This ensures that the knee pads stay in place for ultimate protection.

It features an ergonomic design that enhances mobility while ensuring that it excels in both protection and comfort. The inner layer of the sleeve is covered using an extra soft lining that protects your skin from bruising and chaffing.

The Volleyball knee pads feature a unisex design that is made of excellent design and  meets the necessary regulations. It utilizes a pull-on closure for a secure grip. These knee pads are very flexible and sure to provide excellent value and performance.

How To Choose The Best Knee Pads For Snowboarding In 2024


This is the most important feature to look at while purchasing a snowboard knee pad. If making the purchase online, I advise that you measure your leg first and compare it to the size chart provided by the brand to get the best fit.

If you are visiting a physical store, ensure you try out the knee pads and have a feel of the fit they offer. Feel the fabric used and gauge whether it will provide you with enough comfort while snowboarding. A knee pad with a poor fit will have you disrupting your snowboard ride due to discomfort. I advise that you do not compromise on this.


The knee pads you purchase should offer enough comfort for you to be able to spend extended time snowboarding. Knee pads that do not offer enough comfort will limit your snowboarding experience.

I highly recommend choosing knee pads that are made of stretchy material that fits securely on your leg while still ensuring that it is not too tight. A tight knee pad may cause you discomfort by causing chaffing and bruising of your skin. This can be quite painful.


A great knee pad is sure to be well-ventilated and made of breathable material that allows for great air circulation. Synthetic materials tend to generally dry up much quicker. I would also advise that you check the product description before purchase to ensure that the model you choose is breathable.

Snowboarding is a vigorous activity, and even though it is a winter sport, a lot of heat is generated by your body. A breathable material will help keep your skin dry by ensuring you do not overheat. This works to also protect your skin from irritation.

Padding Material

This is essential in choosing the most comfortable knee cap design for you. There are many types of materials, such as foam, cushioning, plastic fiber, rubber, and plastic. This padding material is fitted in between the outer shell and the inner layer of the knee pad.

You must choose the one that offers maximum protection depending on how aggressive you are in the field. If you love challenges such as backcountry snowboarding, the knee pad you choose should be made of high-quality padding material.

This aspect is especially crucial for beginners as they are more prone to suffering frequent falls as they try and learn new moves and tricks on the snow-filled terrain.

It is also important that you choose materials that are not bulky and will not limit your mobility. Lightweight padding materials are still able to offer maximum protection. Bulky padding material may be irritating for some.


Cushioning entails the external part of the shell. It can also be made from carbon fiber, rubber, or D30. It works to protect your knees and help to distribute the pressure after impact. The lining should be soft and comfortable on the skin to avoid chafing.

Shin Protection 

Most, if not all, premium knee pads come with a form of shin protection. Shin protection ensures that your lower leg area is fully protected. This boosts your confidence on the slopes and helps you take your snowboarding experience a notch higher.

Closure design 

There are two main categories of closures. This is the sleeve and strap design. The strap design features Velcro closures. They are typically strapped around the mid-thigh area.


This is a crucial factor to consider taking into account how expensive snowboarding gear can be. You need to purchase an accessory or gear that is able to provide you with value for your money by being able to serve you for an extended period of time before you need to make a new purchase.  The cost-to-benefit ratio should always be reasonable. 


Adjustable Velcro straps are a great feature to have on your snowboard knee pads. They are quite versatile and ensure that your knee pads do not slide up and down since they are able to securely hold them in place.

Weight And Length 

Bulky knee pads can be quite irritating. However, most lightweight knee pads compromise on protection. It is essential that you find a sweet spot between the two that will ensure you are comfortable while still enjoying maximum protection.

The knee pad should also be ideally long enough to be able to stay securely strapped in place. Long knee pads also ensure that your shin is also well protected and provide greater leg support while snowboarding.


While this is not a crucial factor to consider, finding a multi-purpose knee pad significantly cuts down on the cost. This is because you do not have to purchase other knee pads to support other functions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Different Types Of Snowboard Knee Pads Available?

Snowboarding knee pads come in three different categories. These are the hard shell knee pad, soft shell, and hybrid knee pad. These knee pads differ in the way they are designed. The hard shell is typically made of hard materials such as carbon fiber and plastic.

The soft shell is characterized by materials such as rubber, gel or foam padding, It is generally more perceptible to impact compared to the other two. Hybrid knee pads integrate both hard shell and soft shell properties in their design.

What Is The Price Range For Snowboard Knee Pads, And Is It Worth Spending More For A Higher-Quality Knee Pad?

Snowboard knee pads vary in price. You can find them for as little as $30 to as high as $100. It all depends on the brand, quality, performance, and value it offers. Considering that this purchase can save you from severe injuries that could put a stop to your active lifestyle. I believe that purchasing knee pads is a worthy investment.

A higher-priced knee pad typically reflects on the durability and quality of the model. It is more beneficial to buy a $100 knee pad that will serve you years than to buy cheap knee pads frequently. Over time, this will prove more expensive than a one-time costly purchase.

Are There Any Tips Or Tricks For Getting The Most Out Of My Snowboard Knee Pads?

Always clean and maintain your knee pads properly after a ride to ensure that they are able to serve you longer. You can use mild soap and water for this. 

Also, ensure that you do not over-exert these knee bands for maximum protection. For this, you also need to ensure that you purchase the right fit because the wrong fit will limit protection.

It is also important that you always do some warm-up exercises before your snowboard ride. This will help to stretch and prepare your muscles for the sport. The fluidity in conjunction with the knee pads will work to ensure maximum protection.

It is crucial that you always stay aware of your snowboarding terrain. This will allow you to be well prepared and avoid any obstacles or dangerous terrain. Lack of caution while snowboarding may cause even a premium snowboarding knee pad to suffer rapid wear and tear which will prove costly. Taking better care of them will help serve you longer.

How Long Does It Take To Get Used To Snowboarding Knee Pads?

It definitely feels a little weird wearing knee pads during the first few days. You won’t even remember their presence after three days of using them. However, if you are not an avid snowboarder, you will feel the same way every time you put them on.

Final Thoughts

Safety is always paramount whether you are an expert or beginner snowboard enthusiast on the slope. Snowboarding is an extremely intense sport that requires a high level of protection because any impact may cause a bone fracture or worse a lifelong health condition.

My top choice for the best snowboarding knee pad is the G-Form Pro X model. However, the Demon Hyper X D30 comes in a close second due to its durability and high-impact resistance properties.

The TSG Kneepad is the best budget pick. I love this model because it is very versatile and applicable to all terrains. It is well-priced in comparison to performance and I highly recommend it to anyone working with a budget. The G-Form Pro Rugged knee pad smart flex and Armotex technology make it one of the best in the market.

The triple eight undercover knee pad is a fan favorite for many due to its slim form. Its adjustable straps also work to provide a secure fit which is essential to any snowboarding knee pad.

Having the right knee pads will protect you from injuries and are sure to enhance your comfort and confidence in the sport. As a snowboard instructor, I have realized that the number of knee distortions is gradually on the rise. It is important that you protect yourself because consistent stress on your knee can result in a health condition such as osteoporosis.

Though this is a detailed review, further research on snowboard knee pads is key to enabling you to settle on the most suitable option for you. You can, however, never regret purchasing any model from this list because I have personally tried them out.

It is my hope that this review has provided you with valuable options for keeping your knees protected. Try and use your knee pads often to ensure you never have to suffer through the pain of a knee injury. I hope you get to enjoy snowboarding more with this purchase.

Mitchelle Lynn