Top 7 Best Snowmobile Gloves In 2024

Riding our snowmobile can be an exciting adventure. It can sometimes be very testing whether it is our first ride or our hundredth. Riding it is not the only challenge that we will have to face. 

The most difficult challenge will be to face harsh cold conditions. Although I enjoy the challenge of winter and mountain activities, I do not enjoy the cold getting under my skin. Among all the essential gear like jackets, helmets, and boots, proper snowmobiling gloves are something that I do not take for granted. 

Over the years, I have had the experience of trying different gloves ranging from the cheapest to the most expensive. I’ve also tried the newer heating gloves (Which I absolutely love). One thing I have noticed is that there has been a significant increase in the number of people getting interested in snowmobiling. 

Thus, there has also been an increase in the number of varieties that gloves come in. Our choice has become saturated. Even trying to comprehend some of the intricate aspects is now quite difficult, let alone trying to decide.

With all that experience I have garnered over the years and a lot of research, I have compiled the Top 7 Best Snowmobile Gloves in 2024. 

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7 Best Snowmobile Gloves In 2024

Snowmobile Gloves Preview Price
Castle X Epic-G1 Men’s Snowmobile Gloves Best Overall Snowmobile Gloves Check Price
Castle X Platform Men’s Snowmobile Gloves Runner Up Snowmobile Gloves Check Price
Skydeer Suede Leather Gloves Budget Pick Snowmobile Gloves Check Price
509 Range Gloves Premium Pick Snowmobile Gloves Check Price
Fly Racing Aurora Snow Glove Fly Racing Aurora Snow Gloves Check Price
Castle X Platform Mitt Gloves Castle X Platform Mitt Gloves Check Price
Kemimoto Heated Gloves Kemimoto Heated Gloves Check Price

Factors Considered For Ranking The Gloves In The List

While deciding on the Top 7 Snowmobile gloves, I kept a lot of things in mind. The most important criterion while deciding was the material quality. The most important aspects for keeping our hands warm are the outer and inner insulation, multiple layering, waterproofing, and the glove extension to our jackets.  

These aspects were diligently kept in mind while deciding the best Snowmobiling glove. Riders’ comfort was also kept in mind, with a particular focus on the finger, knuckle, and palm support. Finally, the gloves’ price and value were also considered when deciding the Top 7 Best Snowmobiling Gloves.

Based on current market trends and customer reviews, some possible options for a best overall pick, a runner-up, a budget pick, a premium pick, and three other good picks are:

How Can We Keep Our Hands Warm During Snowmobiling?

This is a significant concern for any first-time riders. Even for professionals, this is an important consideration. There are a number of ways in which we can keep ourselves warm. The traditional way to keep our hands warm is to opt for suitable gloves with top-notch insulation.  That will undoubtedly help us tremendously to keep our hands warm. However, there are times when we want more! 

There are a lot of sleds today that come in with electrically heated grips. They provide a significant bit of comfort but also come with their shortcomings. Firstly, they can’t be used when the snowmobile is not operating. Secondly, they take time to provide heat and also become less effective in colder conditions. And lastly, we are doomed if the functionality malfunctions in any way. 

The better way to look for much more effective heating is to opt for a better heating glove. These gloves mentioned below have been the most effective in providing that extra heating. 

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Are Mittens Or Gloves Better For Snowmobiling?

Mittens usually tend to keep the hands much warmer. They’re also designed differently. Unlike Gloves, mittens do not have separate chambers for different fingers. That helps it mobilize the warmth and thereby helps provide better insulation. 

However, one of their significant downsides is that it dramatically reduces our fingers’ mobility. This is a big thing when we consider it in terms of snowmobiling. Snowmobiling requires us to be active, and we need our fingers often while driving, using our smartphones, or even taking off our helmets. Thus, when it comes to snowmobiling, gloves are a better option.

Let’s move on to the List! 

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1 . Castle X Epic-G1 Men’s Snowmobile Gloves – Best Overall 

  • Great water resistancennExcellent insulationsnnGood Grip in snow nnExcellent long-term user experiencennHighly durablen
  • Padding on the palm and knuckle could impede movements

When it comes to the perfect balance between affordability, performance, and durability, The Castle X Epic-G1 gloves stand out. We will fall in love with these gloves as soon as we wear them. The first thing that stood out for me was the overall feel and texture of the gloves. That has made me fall in love with these pairs of gloves. 

These gloves are not the most expensive available in the market, but they sure are one of the most comfortable and have a ton of functionalities to make our next trip truly memorable. 

The Castle X Epic-G1 snowmobile gloves are made using high-tenacity dobby nylon, giving them outstanding durability. The material is strong and what’s really impressive is the 3M Thinsulate water resistance insulated coating. This will ensure that we do not worry about the weather conditions during our activity. 

For added protection, there is a provision for a synthetic hand grip that ensures that we can hold on to any handles or tools properly. It provides high-quality traction that makes it easy for us to hold on to the handle during our adventure. The presence of molded Neoprene reinforcement panels on fingers helps the gloves’ overall grip. 

The Castle X Epic-G1 also comes in with their in-house Hipora windproof, waterproof, breathable full membrane inserts. It gives the gloves all the necessary features that are needed to combat bad weather conditions and thereby protects us from the incessant cold. 

During my usage, I have never felt that the inserts are in any way inadequate. They do their work diligently and come in really handy. However, it must be mentioned that there is still much room for improvement in this department. The outer surface has a DWR (durable water resistant) coating that repels the moisture, thereby preventing them from entering the gloves.

The most important thing which matters when it comes to such safety equipment is the level of comfort that it can provide. These gloves have stood the test during my moderate to high usage and provided great comfort. The presence of a pre-curved finger support, padded knuckle panel, and a super comfortable Bemberg lining provide that added extra bit of comfort. 

Why Are The Castle X Epic-G1 Men’s Gloves The Best Snowmobile Gloves In 2024?

In our pursuit of finding the best snowmobile gloves of 2024, these pairs from Castle X really stood out. There are many reasons to rate the Castle G1 as the best gloves. 

The one thing which has really impressed me was the material used. It was soft and had adequate paddings, making it comfortable to wear. The presence of an extra layer of coating, which made it water-resistant as well as wind-resistant, was also appreciable. I found the Hipora and the DWR coating extremely practical. 

The other thing which I liked about these gloves is their grip. Nowhere does it let us down. After going through several reviews and my personal experience, I can say that the grip is good enough to hold on to not just the handle of the snowmobile but also any other thing, such as small tools, mobile phones, etc.

Budget plays a vital role while deciding the best investment. One thing which makes the Castle X Epic-G1 gloves the best is the price at which they are able to provide these features. When we look at the overall price, the features, and, most importantly, its implementations, these gloves stand out as the best snowmobile gloves we can get in 2024.

2 . Castle X Platform Men’s Snowmobile Gloves – Runner Up

  • Dobby nylon provides good build qualitynnGood warmth thanks to ColdShield insulationnnValue for moneynnVelcro adjustable strapsn
  •  It could feel a bit stiff to some

The runners-up for the best snowmobile gloves also go to the brand that many of us love. The Castle X platform gloves are another alternative for those who want something more affordable. The gloves, however, come in with an attractive design profile and are comfortable to wear. 

The gloves are made using the same high-quality Dobby nylon shell as the Castle X Epic-G1. That gives it a solid build with a great feel to it.  The glove comes in with ColdShield insulation that keeps the hand nice and cozy. The soft-foam protection in the fingers and knuckles gives added comfort. 

To ensure that we don’t have any difficulty grabbing hold of either the handle of the snowmobile or anything else, we are provided the much-needed synthetic non-slip reinforced palm and thumb support. They ensure that our hands have a firm grip which is quite essential. There is a provision for a shock cord adjustable gauntlet. To ensure that the glove fits our hand correctly and does not come off during our ride, it is equipped with  Velcro adjustable wrist closure.

It is chosen as the second best on this list because of the balance between the price, various features, and functionalities it provides. If we are looking for the trust and value that Castle X provides but perhaps don’t want to spend a lot for it, then this can be our perfect choice. This has all the bare minimum features we look for in a good snowmobile glove. 

3 . Skydeer Suede Leather Gloves – Budget Pick

  • Extremely affordablenMultiple layers provide good insulationnWaterproofnSuede leather maden
  • Durability can be an issue with rough and heavy usagenThe finishing could have been bettern

When selecting the most affordable glove, selecting the one that gives the maximum comfort and support is important. The Skydeer suede leather gloves are the perfect gloves when it comes to affordability. It comes equipped with all the minimum requirements we look for when picking a good pair of gloves. 

The Skydeer leather gloves are made using the 3M Scotchgard genuine deerskin suede. It provides them with a very premium-looking look. The suede is soft, safe, and has adequate side padding for a comfortable experience. The Impact and vibration absorption capacity of these gloves are good. Premium Leather Suede has exceptional abrasion resistance and is naturally soft.  This glove is more comfortable, warmer, and dependable compared to other similar products available on the market at this price point. 

The 3M Thinsulate insulation ensures that the gloves feel warm yet remain highly lightweight.  It has good breathability and allows moisture to escape easily. The skydeer suede glove can fight off icy conditions. There are multiple layers to combat hash conditions. There is a Waterproof deerskin suede leather, followed by the waterproof bladder, Thinsulate insulation, breathable waterproof layer, and a thermal jersey socked lining.

It comes well equipped with essential functions, like waterproofing. The Waterproof bladder inside is perfect for cold weather conditions and is suitable for all kinds of winter activity, including snowmobiling.  

For utility, it comes in with a Zip pocket for storage which also has an air-activated warmer inside that allows us to enjoy the extreme cold weather. It has an adjustable pull strap and knitted inner cuff to fit perfectly. Moreover, the glove is so well engineered that it adapts to the human palm, provides a superior fitting, and does not feel clunky.

4 . 509 Range Gloves – Premium Pick

  • Excellent material and build qualitynHighly durablenGreat waterproofingnKeeps the hands warm in harsh conditionsn
  • ExpensivenNot lightweightn

These are the best gloves if we do not have a budget constraint and want the best premium experience. The 509 Range is known for its quality and high-end build. These gloves are no exceptions. These are meant to be pushed to the limits. These are designed to help us stay comfortable for a longer duration while giving us a premium build and feel. 

It is made using top-grain goat leather. This supports the best quality leather among all our reviewed products. It not only looks classy but also works wonders. Be prepared to answer questions about the gloves! It can surely raise some eyebrows. With the money we are repaying, it sure comes well-equipped with some of the best functionality. It has an excellent grip which marks sure that we can hold on to important things easily. 

The Hipora membrane lining combined with the 5TECH technology on the gloves makes them waterproof and, at the same time, provides the required breathability to the gloves. The fit of these gloves is excellent with the provisions of pre-curved fingers. These make sure that the snowmobile is perfectly held. Moreover, it has a durable oil tack, and double-stitched laser etched leather palm. 

The 509 Range Gloves come well insulated with Thinsulate technology. It has 400gm on the back and 100 gm on the palm. This keeps our hands nice and warm throughout our activity in the harshest of conditions. The extended gauntlet cuff, speed cinch, and shear lock closure make it fit easily around the wrist.

5 . Fly Racing Aurora Snow Glove

  • Great material and build qualitynIt comes with a lot of adjustability features for the perfect fitnAdequate warming nWaterproof and windproofnSmartphone compatiblenReflective panels for safetyn
  • Expensive

The Fly Racing Aurora Snow gloves are another excellent choice when it comes to snowmobiling gloves. These are premium gloves that come well-equipped with all the necessary features. 

These fit absolutely well in the hands and have a strap that ensures it remains in their place for a long time. The Clinch cord cuff can be tightened additionally for extra protection.

It is manufactured using high-grade genuine leather. Additional leather strips between the thumb and index finger provide added reinforcement in the high-use area. The extended neoprene cuff eliminates exposed areas between the gloves and jacket for added protection. 

The excellent quality thin 20g Thinsulate in the palm allows for the added functionality of easy touchscreen compatibility. We should not confuse the thin Thinsulate for lesser effectivity. The gloves are great for keeping the hands warm in testing conditions. 

The Hipora waterproof and windproof membrane keeps us dry and safe throughout our activity. The Aurora Snow gloves also have excellent breathability. 

An impressive function of the Fly Racing Aurora snow glove is the high-visibility reflective panels on the gloves. These reflectors provide additional security and offer much-needed visibility in challenging conditions.

6 . Castle X Platform Mitt Gloves

  • Premium material and build qualitynTouchscreen CompatiblenGood insulation for warmthnReflectors for additional safetyn
  • Nil

The Castle X platform 3-Finger is an excellent choice for all of us who want a more flexible glove with great versatility. It is made using very high-quality leather, which feels very premium and is good for increasing its longevity. It has added padding on the fingers and knuckles for additional protection and comfort. 

This is one of Castle’s finest products with great warmth and dexterity. The overall combination of leather and synthetic material gives the glove the longevity and flexibility we all deserve.

The glove is equipped with a Ven-Tex 3.0 water-resistant, wind-resistant coating to keep us dry. The fully insulated Castle ColdShield cold weather layer ensures that our fingers are kept adequately warm(180g on top of hand/120g palm). 

A thin ColdShield layer over the palm makes it easier for our hands to work. It also gives the gloves touchscreen compatibility, allowing us to use our smartphone without removing gloves in hard conditions. 

The Castle X Platform 3-Finger supports a great aesthetic appeal with astutely designed 3M Scotchlite reflectors. It not only improves the appearance but also provides increased protection.

The gloves have an extended cuff that eliminates exposed areas between gloves and jackets. It has a shock cord gauntlet and ladder lock wrist strap for custom fit and added adjustability. All these functionalities, along with its pricing, make for an exciting product.

7 . Kemimoto Heated Gloves

  • Excellent heating nGood battery backupnWaterproofingnTouchscreen capabilityn
  • The material is not leathernOnce the battery dies, the warming might not be goodn

If we want a glove that provides the best in terms of heating, we should look no further. These heated gloves ensure that our hands are kept warm in the most difficult of conditions. They come in with a rechargeable 2500mAh battery that we can keep on charge overnight. 

These snowmobile gloves can keep our hands warm and dry in the chilly winter. It has a substantial heating area that extends across the entire back of the hand and all fingers, making it perfect for people with Raynaud’s syndrome and preventing hand freezing.

These are made using a high-quality polyester layer on the outside and a cotton layer on the inside. They come with a waterproof and windproof coating which  keeps the hands warm, flexible, and comfortable all the time. 

The Kemimoto heated gloves come in with a ton of adjustability features. The heated gloves provide sufficient heat at a low range of 104-113° F for 8 hrs, a medium range of 122-131° F for 6 hrs, and 140-149° F for 4 hrs. Moreover, if we have a snowmobile with an inbuilt plug, we do not even need to worry about the charge. The gloves heat up the hands quickly. 

The gloves have excellent touchscreen capability as well as a good grip. So, we don’t have to worry about taking off our gloves while using our phones or anything else. Overall, I found these Snowmobile gloves to be an excellent addition to outdoor activities and are ideal for people with poor blood circulation.

How To Choose The Best Snowmobile Gloves In 2024?

Picking a snowmobile glove can be challenging. That is why I have mentioned the most important things we should remember while buying our next gloves.


The first thing we should look for while buying a glove is the material with which it is built. The material is a determining factor when it comes to the overall finishing, flexibility, and durability of the glove. The materials also determine the glove’s price (which we will discuss separately). 

Most snowmobile gloves are made using polyester, rubber, or leather. The leather which is most notably used is cow leather and goat leather. There are also gloves made of a combination of leather and plastic. The material which I recommend is leather because of its durability plus the aesthetic value that it brings.

Waterproofing And Windproofing

This should be a primary consideration when purchasing a snowmobiling glove. Waterproofing is crucial to keep our hands warm and protected from hazardous cold situations. Our enjoyment can be impacted by poor waterproofing. 

There are different kinds of waterproofing material available to choose from. Some materials like Hipora (Castle X G1), Thinsulate, and Ven-Tex do a pretty good job at waterproofing. Gor-Tex is another excellent choice for such material.

Multiple Layers

Another thing we should look for while buying our glove is the kind of additional support that it provides. There should be some sort of additional layers underneath the primary material. We should look for gloves that can cover our fingers, knuckles, and palm well.  

This provides us with a better riding experience and protects us from any kind of unwarranted impact. The gloves like 509 Range Gloves that provide better inner insulation also help warm our hands.

Variety Of Straps 

We should always look for gloves that fit well on our hands. We must ensure that it does not hang or become loose to wear. That can significantly affect our snowmobiling experience. 

Some gloves provide tons of adjustability options. We have discussed several of those having cord gauntlet or adjustable wrist straps for added comfort and fit in this article.


The ultimate reason why we should choose to wear a glove is to prevent our hands from freezing. This is the most important thing which we should look for in a glove. There can be many reasons that can affect the warming capability of a glove.

Firstly, the material and added insulation support significantly impact the warming capability of the glove.  Premium gloves like the 509 Range Gloves or the Castle X G1 provide better warming because the leather material (with water-resistant coating) does not allow much wind and water to pass through. 

Secondly, the thickness of the material matters. Obviously, the more the thickness of the glove, the more the warmth. However, that may not provide better mobility. A thinned glove with better insulation works fine for someone like me who likes to get actively involved.

Finally, the adjustability functions also play a significant role in providing warmth. For example, gloves with an extended cuff that eliminates exposed areas between gloves and jackets protect the skin from getting exposed. 


We only get the value for our product only when it is durable. While buying our gloves, we should look for those made of good quality material, preferably leather. Alternatively, we can regularly treat our gloves with a waterproofing coating to increase their durability.


Having that extra bit of protection is important. These reflectors provide higher visibility and can come in handy during extreme conditions.


We should also consider the price of the gloves while deciding. The most expensive ones have a diminishing return. For me, the best ones are those that provide a balanced performance and warming with great comfort. 

At the same time, we must also understand that buying a glove that is too cheap will also lead to a considerable decline in quality and finishing, ultimately affecting its durability.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Should Snowmobile Gloves Fit?

The snowmobile gloves should decently fit the hands. It allows them to stay in their place for long stretches. At the same time, it should not restrict our free movement and should feel comfortable. 
We should have balanced padding on the palm and fingers. Too much padding can also turn out to result in restricted movement.

Are Heated Gloves Worth The Money?

We have already touched on the point that the primary function of a good glove is to keep our hands warm. And heated gloves are the best when it comes to keeping it warm. 

While riding, it is quite natural for the cold winter winds to make our hands chilly. Heated gloves can keep our hands warm while riding and thus are an extremely useful accessory. The only problem is that using it for longer will surely eat up much of that juice. Thus, if we want the heated gloves to last longer, we need to use them occasionally or look for a snowmobile that has the functionality where we can plug in the glove while riding.

How Do I Know The Size Of My Snowmobile Gloves? 

We should measure our wrist and make sure that it fits appropriately- not too tight or loose.

Should My Snowmobile Gloves Be Waterproof? 

Yes, we should always buy gloves that provide the best waterproofing. Those gloves that do not have waterproofing let water and snow go in quickly, affecting our riding experience.


We have discussed many essential things in this article apart from the Top 7 best snowmobile gloves. 

The priority has been choosing a glove that can provide maximum warmth in freezing temperatures. We have also looked at other factors like waterproofing, inner insulation, and multi-layered gloves. They matter a lot when it comes to providing the required warmth. From a buyer’s perspective, however, the one thing that should not be compromised is the comfort and overall fit of the product.

I hope you find the best fit for you!

Mitchelle Lynn