Top 7 Best Suspenders For Snow Pants In 2024

Have you ever been stressed about a new snow pant purchase that does not fit quite right or the constant need to keep tagging at your snow pants as you ski or snowboard? I have been there more times than I would like to admit. Like all of us, you might be tempted to return that snow pant or tuck it away in storage.

But hold that thought. Snow pants suspenders are here to save the day!

Skiing is one of the most high-intensity winter sports. The constant body movements and the strong winds pushing against you may cause your snow pants to sag or hang too low for your liking. This may be quite uncomfortable and irritating. You can fix this problem once and for all by simply purchasing a pair of high-quality suspenders. 

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While suspenders are not the most coveted piece of ski gear for most people, they do a great job holding up your snow pants firmly in place and avoiding awkward stares while on your ski run. Suspenders help you enjoy your time out in the snow.

This article will provide insight into the benefits of snow pant suspenders, who they are best suited for, and the top 7 suspenders for snow pants in 2024. I hope this information will help improve your overall comfort while skiing and elevate your snow pants experience.

7 Best Suspenders For Snow Pants In 2024

Snowpant Suspender Preview Price
Holdup Ski-Ups Suspenders Holdup Ski-Ups Suspenders Check Price
Carhartt Men’s Utility Suspender Carhartt Men's Utility Suspender Check Price
Decalen Y-shape Suspenders Decalen Y-shape Suspenders Check Price
Dakine Hold’em Suspenders Dakine Hold'em Suspenders Check Price
Oakley Factory Suspenders Oakley Factory Suspenders Check Price
Decalen X-Style Men’s Suspenders Decalen X-Style Men's Suspenders Check Price
Holdup Suspender 2” Wide Black X-Back Holdup Suspender 2'' Wide Black X-Back Check Price

What Is A Snow Suspender?

These are relatively wide straps of equal measure, often designed with stretchy material and fitted with adjustments to help provide you with the correct fit. They help provide a secure and upright hold on your snow pants once you clip them.

Snow suspenders are attached to the back and front of your snow pants. They run up your back and down over your chest area to finally be clipped and secured on your snow pants at the waist.

While there are regular suspenders designed for regular use, they are not well suited for the job. Snow suspenders are designed in a way that they can withstand the constant body movements you make when indulging in any type of winter sport but most especially skiing and snowboarding.

This is not the case with regular suspenders which focus mainly on enhancing your look and style.

Why Use Snow Pant Suspenders

There are a lot of benefits that come with using suspenders. Here are some of them:

Ensure That You Stay Warm 

Falling or rolling down a piste or ski terrain is common when skiing. When this happens, it is quite easy for ice and snow to find their way into your snow pants through the waist due to your jacket moving around.

Snow pants suspenders ensure this does not happen by stopping your jacket from sliding up your back. It will be difficult for snow to find its way into your body once this happens. This way, you are sure to stay warm despite falling on snow.

You no longer have to fidget with your pants – Skiing involves a lot of movements, body posture, and varying speed. All these increase the chances of your clothes bunching up and your snow pants hanging too low.

Snow pant suspenders will ensure your clothes do not keep moving around as you ski. They not only hold up your pants securely but also keep your shirt and jacket in place.

A Great Alternative To Bibs

Bibs are designed to satisfy multiple needs and functions under one clothing. They are typically fitted with suspenders and waterproof to help you better combat the cold and prevent moisture from getting into your snow pants.

For some people, however, the bib section of your snow pants can be quite warm and can result in overheating and discomfort. The fact that they are irremovable does not help, and you may just have to do away with them. 

Suspenders, however, are a great breathable, removable, and convenient option for your snowboarding needs.

Help Improve Body Posture

Great posture is essential for every skier. It helps strengthen your muscles and avoid injury. Snow pant suspenders help you develop and maintain good body posture by keeping your back straight.

Your suspender straps should always appear straight and taut if well attached and you have a good body posture. This means that you will easily be able to notice if you have the right body posture and, if not easily identify and work on it.

Add Some Style

Ski clothing is highly influenced by fashion. Most ski gears come in a variety of designs and color options to be able to match your style. It is not any different for the snow pant suspenders.

Suspenders provide more accessories to play with your style and look good while out in the cold. Suspenders come in a  variety of patterns, colors, and designs. It can help you easily coordinate your style whenever you need it.

1 . Holdup Ski-Ups Suspenders 

  • Premium qualitynVery comfortable even for long durationsnNo-slip claspsnReputable brandnWashable strapsnColorfast materialnStrong and gentle on the snow pants despite tight grip
  • Can be quite a challenge to adjust with gloves onnLimited color options

The Holdup brand boasts great repute and is well known for its premium and high-quality suspenders. These ski suspenders are great for any snow sport. They are designed from a cotton poly blend which is very comfortable on your shoulders. The suspenders are also washable. 

They come fitted with patented no-slip grippers that fit more tightly the more you pull on them. They do not cause any damage to your ski pants. They, nevertheless, come in limited color options. You can find them in blue, red, black and tan only.

The straps also feature a metal length adjuster and are colorfast, so you do not have to worry about them fading or running. This is my personal best snow suspender of all time. If you are looking to get suspenders with quality material and a set that provides value, then the holdup ski-ups are the best suspenders for you.

Why Are The Holdup Ski-Ups Suspenders The Best Suspenders For Your Snow Pants In 2024?

The patented clasps of the Holdup suspenders are a great feature that promises you that your pants won’t get loose, even under high-intensity movements. You can rely on the clasps to keep your snow pants in top-notch quality despite their firm grip.

Another feature that I love about these suspenders is how much comfort they offer. You can ski for hours on end with no discomfort using the Holdup ski-up suspenders. They are versatile and can be worn with other types of clothing, such as jeans, to meet your fashion needs.

I also appreciate the price of the suspenders compared to their performance and quality. Whether you are on the hunt for a budget suspender or one with premium quality, the Holdup suspenders cater to both your needs. It is definitely a purchase I recommend.

2 . Carhartt Men’s Utility Suspender

  • Reputable brandnGreat color optionsnSecurenDurable nAdjustable straps
  • They are not specifically designed for snow pants

I love the range of color options that these suspenders come with. If you love fashion and like to stay stylish, then this suspender is your best bet.

They do a great job of holding your snow pants in place, and the  X-back ensures your comfort. This is done by evenly distributing the pressure you bear as you ski or perform any activity.

The heavy-duty clasps it comes with can firmly hold your pants in place for long durations and are durable despite harsh weather conditions. The suspender straps feature rugged flex stretch technology and are made using an elastic material. This offers you flexibility and ensures that the straps are long-lasting.

The Carhartt suspender straps are fitted with metal adjusters for you to use whenever you need more wiggle room or want a tight fit. 

Carhartt is a global brand that is well-known and trusted for its high-quality standards. Whether you carry around ski straps, cameras, or personal items in your pockets, be sure that the Carhartt suspender has your back. It is sturdy and able to bear the weight while still ensuring a secure fit for your snow pants.

3 . Decalen Y-shape Suspenders

  • Quality materialnComfortable and elastic fabricnRobust metal clipsnModern looknUnique designnAdjustable strapsnAffordable pricing
  • One size fits allnGrows less elastic with time

These suspenders are made of premium material and elastic fabric, giving them a modern look. The Decalen suspender is a one-size-fits-all but its adjustable length helps ensure that most people are able to enjoy a decent fitting.

The Decalen Y-shape suspenders are reliable and provide a secure hold for your snow pants. The Y-shape provides a unique design that stands out and is great for improving your posture. The strap length can easily be adjusted to improve flexibility and comfort. 

It is fitted with very strong metal clips, which assure you that the suspenders will hold your pants in place even under vigorous activity. Despite their tight grip, they do not damage the material of your snow pants.

They are also very comfortable and do not dig into your skin. You can purchase these suspenders for $17 currently. 

4 . Dakine Hold’em Suspenders

  • Trusted brandnElastic strapsnAdjustablenWide straps for comfortnSecure gripn2-year warranty
  • Plastic claps are very fragile and may easily break when exposed to the cold

These snow pant suspenders are made from polyester and polyurethane material. The straps are elastic, making them comfortable on your shoulders. The model’s grip clips ensure secure attachment to your snow pants.

These suspenders come with 4 clips to provide a secure grip even when making strenuous movements. Even better, the suspenders come with a two-year warranty to protect you from malfunctioning or product defect.

This model is perfect for skiing and snowboarding. They are made of high-quality materials and components that assure you of value for your money. Dakine Hold’em suspenders are a true representation of both functionality and style that you should not miss out on. 

5 . Oakley Factory Suspenders

  • Great designnLightweightnWashable strapsnAdjustable
  • Clasps tend to come off quite easily

These suspenders are excellently constructed using latex, polyester, and nylon material. It is lightweight and made with strong material to provide a great fit. The model is fitted with fasteners that are easy to remove.

The Oakley suspenders are also fitted with PVC components that give the suspenders a boost in terms of performance. These suspenders are also adjustable, making them a great fit for all body sizes. The adjusters are made of high-quality material, making them durable and reliable.

The Oakley straps are washable and help enhance mobility, positively impacting your winter sports activities. The only challenge with these suspenders is their plastic clips that tend to unhook quite easily. This could be quite irritating. Other than this, however, the Oakley suspenders are great suspenders to have in your arsenal.

6 . Decalen X-Style Men’s Suspenders

  • Adjustable materialsnHigh-quality materialnEasy to clean and maintainnOne size fits allnFitted with durable clasps
  • The adjusters can be quite flimsy

This suspender is suitable for those who love fashion and like to have different looks for their ski clothing. It comes with two fully adjustable straps at the front. They can fit anyone regardless of size.

The fasteners are quite strong and are made of metal making them durable. They are designed to ensure that they do not fray your pants. They, however, provide a great fit. These suspenders speak to the quality and are one I can repeatedly purchase with no regrets.

The suspenders come fitted with three clasps, one at the back and two at the front. The material used makes it easy to clean and maintain. The Decalen X-style suspender is made of high-quality polyester material that offers you value for your money.

7 . Holdup Suspender 2” Wide Black X-Back

  • High qualitynTrusted brandnComfortable materialnSecure and strongnDurablen
  • More suitable for people with broad shoulders

If you are aiming for premium-quality suspenders, this model is your best bet. These suspenders are made with a blend of cotton and polyester material, making them breathable, durable, and comfortable.

The suspender straps are flexible and stretchy but should not be fragile. These suspenders can hold your snow pants firmly in place even when you are overworking them, bearing a lot of weight, or making too much movement.

Genuine leather adorns the back of the suspenders giving it a great and unique look that is preferred by many. The model’s straps are quite wide, making for a comfortable fit. I would, however, recommend these suspenders to you if you have broad shoulders, or else they may not offer the perfect fit.

How To Choose The Best Suspenders For Your Snow Pants In 2024

There is a very wide market of snow pants suspenders in the market today. To have an easy decision-making process, you will need to narrow your choices to the suspenders best suited for you, depending on your needs and preferences. 

You should carefully consider the factors I have listed below before making a purchase.


There are many adjustable suspender options in the market, as seen on the models listed in this review. However, not all of them are designed this way.

 Therefore, you must carefully check the product dimensions if you are not physically purchasing your suspenders from a store. If buying them physically, I recommend you try them on before purchasing.

The right length of suspenders will ensure that they stay where they are designed to be and provide a comfortable fit for you. There are suspenders in the market to suit all body sizes; you just have to look through the models available carefully.


A great suspender should hold your snow pants upright without letting go. You should not have to keep adjusting the straps every so often. Having to fidget with the suspenders every time may become irritating over some time. 

Having suspenders that have a snug fit on your body will ensure you stay comfortable. They will also help you avoid any shoulder pains resulting from poorly fitting suspenders. You can wear right-fitting suspenders for long durations with maximum comfort.


There are two main snow pant suspenders in the market today, X-style back-shaped suspenders and Y-shaped suspenders. Whichever style of suspender you purchase should help provide the necessary back support needed in order to avoid back injury and improve posture.

If you are on the hunt for suspenders that you will only typically use when snowboarding, the Y-shaped suspenders provide just enough support. However, X-shaped suspenders provide more support and are best suited for heavy-duty work and strenuous movements.

Fabric Used 

The material used to make your suspenders should be breathable and elastic to provide a comfortable fit. Elasticity provides more flexibility and makes it easier to move around.

Snowboarding involves a lot of movement, and it is important to purchase suspenders that will improve your performance. Elastic suspenders will also ensure that you are comfortable, helping you enjoy the sport more.


Just as there are a lot of suspenders for snow pants in the market, the make and quality also differ greatly. You need to ensure that the purchase you make is of premium quality. This will help ensure that it can serve you for a longer duration of time and provide you with value for your money.


Suspenders have different types of clips used for the locking system. You can choose snow pants with buttons, alligator clips, or metal clasps to hold your snow pants. Buttons and belt clips tend to work well under pressure and are more durable compared to alligator clips.

It is important that you carefully consider the option to buy to make the right purchase. If you are a casual snowboard enthusiast, the alligator clips might work well. I, however, recommend the belt clips or buttons to avoid making constant repurchases, which will be more costly.

Clasps Used 

There are different grip designs for snow pant suspenders. These attachments help firmly secure your snow pants to the suspenders to prevent them from sagging. The clasps are usually made of metal or plastic material.

Metal clasps are usually stronger and more durable compared to plastic grips. They, however, might start rusting if they are not resistant to weather elements. The plastic clasps are also very fragile and can easily break once exposed to cold. I, therefore, advise that you pick snow pant suspenders with metal clasps for durability purposes.


Your suspenders should be easy to clean and maintain. It is, therefore, advantageous if the choice you make comes with washable straps that are also colorfast to avoid running. This will help maintain their vibrant look and maintain cleanliness.


Suspenders come in varying width dimensions. Thin suspenders are more suitable for skiers who also like accessories and clothing that appeal to individual styles.

Thicker suspenders, on the other hand, are more functional. The choice of the suspenders you buy will be highly influenced by personal preference.

It is important to remember that you will have to give yourself time to get used to the feel of a suspender if you have never used it before. Always ensure that you adjust the suspenders to the right length before you go outside. This is because some are difficult to adjust with gloves on. You do not want to be forced to remove your gloves once you are out in the cold.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Correct Fit For My Suspenders?

Your suspenders should not be too tight or too loose. Suspenders with a correct fit allow you freedom of movement and flexibility while still feeling snug and comfortable. Purchasing suspenders fitted with adjusters to help you easily achieve the level of comfort you desire.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Wearing Suspenders?

Suspenders, whether X-shaped or Y-style, are great at improving your back posture. This helps you avoid back injuries that may result from your vigorous body movements while snowboarding or skiing.

Are All Suspenders A- One -Size- Fits- All?

No, suspenders come in different sizes. Their length can, however, be adjusted depending on the model. There are one size fits all models. These suspenders come in one size but have been designed to fit most body shapes and sizes. As a consumer, you do not get any sizing option with this type of design.

What Are The Differences Between Snow Pant Suspenders And Braces?

Some people love to refer to button suspenders as braces. Albert Thurston, the original inventor of button suspenders, coined the name, and they became widely known as braces in England, where he hails from. They are, however in modern times referred to as suspenders.

Final Thoughts

Purchasing suspenders for your snow pants is a worthy investment. Suspenders are a great alternative for anyone uncomfortable wearing a belt. There are divergent views and preferences on suspenders for snow pants. They are, however, a good accessory to have when skiing or snowboarding. 

Using suspenders for your snow pants is essential if you do not have well-fitting snow pants. Suspenders offer great support and comfort, which help you enjoy your time out on the snow better. I have been using suspenders for my snow pants for years now, and I do not see myself stopping any time soon.

Getting suspenders for your snow pants will bring a new dimension to your winter sporting activities and elevate your snowboarding experience. Enjoy superior longevity with the suspender models I have listed in this review. I recommend that you purchase any model listed above and try it out.

Color-coordinating suspenders with your favorite snow pants will also be a fun activity to look at. Ever thought of grabbing a pair? I hope this review is a nudge in the right direction to help you make that purchase today. Happy snowboarding!

Mitchelle Lynn