Top 7 Best Suspenders For Ski Pants In 2024

Hello, and welcome to my guide on the best suspenders for ski pants in 2024! As you may or may not know, ski pants can be a pain to keep up with. Especially when you’re skiing or snowboarding down a hill, they tend to ride down and bunch up around your waist. 

But with the right suspenders, that problem is easily solved. Not only do they keep your pants in place, but they also add an extra layer of warmth and insulation around your waist. Plus, they make it much easier to take your pants on and off!

There are several items you can use while skiing. Many different types of entertaining and thrilling equipment are available in addition to the usual bindings, skis, and boots. There are numerous other pieces of equipment in addition to the typical helmets, goggles, and gloves. 

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One item of clothing that receives little attention in the skiing scene is suspenders. These shoulder straps can mean the world when it comes to making sure that your snow pants stay upright as you ski down the mountain.

There are many excellent suspenders for ski trousers available nowadays, however not everyone like wearing them. Although they may appear retro, ski suspenders are useful on the slopes. Since you move around a lot while skiing, your pants may sag or hang too low. 

Although some people prefer belts, they might become slack with repeated use. All day long, suspenders maintain your pants in the desired position. Even though belts are a more comfortable option for some individuals, suspenders are still an excellent way to keep your pants up when skiing. 

After testing dozens of different suspenders over the past few years, I’ve narrowed it down to my top 7 favorites. But before that, for those of you who are new to skiing, let’s take a look at what suspenders are and why you might need them. 

7 Best Suspenders For Ski Pants In 2024

Ski Pant Suspenders Preview Price
Hold-Up Black Ski-Ups Best Overall Suspenders For Ski Pants Check Price
The Carhartt Utility Suspender Runner Up Suspenders For Ski Pants Check Price
The Dakine Hold’em Suspenders The Dakine Hold’em Suspenders Check Price
The Oakley Men’s Suspenders The Oakley Men’s Suspenders Check Price
The Holdup Outdoorsman The Holdup Outdoorsman Check Price
The Arcade Jessup Suspenders The Arcade Jessup Suspenders Check Price
Salomon Brilliant Suspenders Salomon Brilliant Suspenders Check Price

What Are Skiing Suspenders?

Suspenders are used to hold your pants. Using suspenders, which fasten and hold your pants in place, is a perfect approach to avoid any placement issues. No matter how quickly you ski, your pants won’t shift if you keep them fastened to your shoulders. Your pants shouldn’t sag at all once you put on your suspenders. 

Suspenders may also be more comfortable for some skiers than a belt. Although it works well to hold your pants up, wearing a tight belt might be uncomfortable. An alternative is to wear suspenders, which provide you with far more mobility and flexibility. This is especially useful when wearing a chairlift or bulky snow pants.

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Some skiers prefer suspenders over belts for comfort and because they feel the latter does a much worse job of holding pants up than the former. In whichever category you find yourself in, after going through this article, you will be able to change your mindset and go for the best based on our recommendations.

Are Skiing Pant Suspenders Worth It?

The answer is yes. The importance of ski suspenders to a skier’s comfort makes them worth looking for. I always make sure I have the right gear when skiing because I want to have the finest experience possible, and that also includes a respectable pair of suspenders! 

They help to keep pants in place so that accidents can’t happen. After weighing all of these factors, I’ve come up with a list of my top seven picks for the best ski pants suspenders in 2024.

1 . Hold-Up Black Ski-Ups – Best Overall

  • High-quality buildingnSo ComfortablenNon-slip plastic gripsn
  • With gloves on, it can be difficult to adjust

The world’s leading manufacturer of the highest caliber ski pant suspenders for snowboarding trousers is Hold Up. Snow skiers and other outdoor athletes are the main target market for these black ski-up X-back suspenders. 

However, it can also be used for laid-back vacations. The 1 12″ wide, highly durable, and machine-washable black straps are composed of a cotton and poly combination. The straps have gripper clasps made of unique, slip-resistant composite plastic material to securely attach to the waistbands. These gripper clasps hold the belt more tightly the more forcefully you tug on them.

Even under difficult circumstances, the innovative clasps keep the waistbands in place without ripping. When used with the waterproof Gore-tex ski pants, these clamps perform admirably. Due to its extraordinary reliability and durability, it won’t even harm a treasured pair of jeans. 

A cross-shaped patch of brown leather bearing the Hold-Up brand insignia forms an X on the back of these suspenders. The shoulder straps properly fit even on a man who is six feet tall.

The plastic gripper clasp’s equally spaced locking clam keeps the suspenders from slipping or coming undone. While skiing, hiking, bicycling, or partying, the HoldUp Co. suspenders assist in keeping your pants up and tight. Additionally, these ski pant suspenders have a silver metal length adjuster, which makes it simple for me to change the grip to suit my demands.


  • Poly/elastic blend material that can be adjusted from 32″ to 48″ in length.
  • Suspenders are held in place by no-slip clips.
  • Clasp made for smooth fabrics like those found in ski pants.
  • Adjustable length allows you to get the perfect fit.
  • Patented in the United States, the black polymer No-slip Gripper Clasps will not fray even Gore-Tex pants.
  • Hold-up brand logo embossed 1 1/2″ wide by 48″ X-back genuine leather crosspatch.
  • These, like all Holdup Ski-Up style suspenders, come with a 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee and free shipping when you use your Amazon or PayPal account and any Debit/Credit card to check out.
  • The patented plastic Gripper clasp is stronger than traditional steel suspender clips and fits snugly on Gore-Tex smooth water-resistant pants.

Why Is This The Best Ski Suspender In 2024?

Holdup Black Ski-Up Suspenders will be the best option for holding up waterproof winter sports pants in 2024. A flat-finish, elasticized cotton and poly-blend fabric with a dense weave make up these Ski-Up Suspenders. 

Along these lines, they are solid and very appropriate for any colder time of year game. These suspenders are ideally suited for any winter sport you may be interested in, including skiing, snowboarding, sledding, and hockey. 

Because of this, these lovely suspenders are highly recommended. Grab yours now for some fun times.

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2 . The Carhartt Utility Suspender – Runner Up

  • Reputable brandnVery ComfortablenWell SecurednThere are numerous color optionsn
  • Not specifically designed for skiingnMetal clamps have the potential to tear or roughen snow pantsn

Carhartt is a well-known brand that produces high-quality working-class clothing and accessories. They also make excellent ski clothing. These Carhartt Utility Suspenders are an excellent skiing option that will meet the needs of any skier. This is a comfortable and high-quality option available in a variety of colors.

These X-back suspenders improve comfort and prevent imbalance by distributing an equal amount of pressure. The straps’ medium to heavy-duty clamps keep your pants in place even after a long day of work. The shoulder straps are elastic and incredibly sturdy, with plenty of room for movement. 

The suspenders are designed to be easily compatible with the tough flex stretch technology. Metal adjusters on the adjustable straps allow you to tighten or loosen them to your liking. These metal adjusters are suitable for men of all sizes.

The Carhartt logo is imprinted on the X-back cross patch of top-grain leather. The metal clamps dig into your pants and keep them secure without fraying your new expensive ski or dungarees. You can quickly fill your pockets with heavy loads without weighing yourself down.


  • Strong metal clips.
  • Built with Rugged Flex stretch technology for mobility.
  • Carhartt logo embossed into top grain leather back patch.

3 . The Dakine Hold’em Suspenders

  • Reliable brandnBroad strapsnSuperb elasticitynEasy to modifyn
  • When it’s extremely cold, plastic clamps can snap

A wonderful, high-quality option is the Dakine Hold’em Suspenders. These have wide, fully elastic straps with simple adjustment mechanisms. For any skier searching for a simple solution to keep their pants fastened during a demanding day on the mountain, that combination makes them ideal.


  • Dependable suspenders to keep your snow pants in place
  • Straps with elastic are cozy and flexible.
  • Any pair of pants can be attached with sure grip clips.
  • 1.5-inch straps are one-handed adjustable.
  • Number DAK01BF

4 . The Oakley Men’s Suspenders

  • Very simple to usenBuilt with an amazing quality strapnExcellent adjustern
  • The plastic strip easily detaches when force is appliednHooks easily get removed if you bend down n

Your ski or snow trousers will stay put where they belong thanks to the Oakley’s Factory ski pant suspenders. The suspenders’ strong composition of nylon, latex, and polyester provides clients with a smooth and pleasant suspender. With a great fit, the suspenders are remarkably robust and light. 

These suspenders’ PVC components improve the product’s sturdiness and dependability. These suspenders’ gripping fasteners detach relatively readily; however, they are unable to keep the clips hooked while bending down or exerting too much force.

You won’t even notice the suspenders on your body because they don’t feel bulky. Although the product’s appearance and style are quite distinctive, its usability is rather disappointing; as a result, you might want to give it some thought before purchasing. Even though they aren’t the best, they aren’t the worst. I could still use them for informal gatherings or even short walks.

The remarkable length adjustments may snugly suit a person of any build. The Oakley’s suspenders are simple to use with a generous strap length and an amazing quality length adjuster. Still, there is only one disadvantage: the plastic clips are readily detachable under tremendous pressure.


  • Made from a tough mixture of polyester, latex, and nylon.
  • These suspenders include secure fasteners that will assist in keeping ski pants in place.
  • Components made of sturdy PVC give an additional level of dependability.
  • Standard special size type.
  • Product Box Weight: One Pound.

5 . The Holdup Outdoorsman

  • These are the best black HD work suspenders money can buy thanks to the central pin designnIt holds the pants firmly and securelyn
  • Quite expensive nSomewhat lose its firmness when used for some timen

The Hold Up’ Shadow Black Heavy Duty suspenders were created for people like myself who participate in outdoor sports. I tried the Heavy Duty Suspenders because I enjoy skiing a lot, and they have a few outstanding qualities.

Specially designed for outdoor use in demanding situations are the 2-inch heavy-duty cotton-poly blend suspender straps. Since they are produced in the USA with a unique, patented design, the suspenders’ dependability in the market is strengthened. 

These straps are so incredibly comfortable, strong, and elastic that guys of any size may wear them with ease. The straps can be extended to make them fit everyone, from a child to a man, neatly and securely. The straps have a 2′′ width.

The Hold-Up Suspenders Company’s innovative self-design clips, which are guaranteed to be slip- and slide-resistant, have completely changed how I play. Thanks to the needle-sharp center pin, the non-slip Jumbo Hold-Up clips firmly fasten the pants without ripping the fabric. Despite repeated bending or jerky movements, the clips won’t come undone.


  • Cotton-polyester mix that comes with elasticity and a  flat finish
  • Webbing straps may be hand-washed and are made to withstand years of regular use.
  • Black top-grain leather X-back crosspatch with the Holdup logo on it.
  • Free standard shipping and a 30-day, unconditional money-back guarantee
  • Patented Black Jumbo No-Slip Holdup
  • clips that are durable and have a sharp needle
  • A heavy-duty, all-black suspender for outdoor enthusiasts or experienced workers.
  • The only pair of black work suspenders that endure year after year thanks to their improved patented design.

6 . The Arcade Jessup Suspenders

  • Highly elasticnLongevity and resistance to degradationnFlexible and ComfortablenThe dependable clip that doesn’t rip the cloth nA size that fits alln
  • You might occasionally notice that your body isn’t getting tighter

Arcade takes function, toughness, and comfort seriously when it comes to suspenders, just like they do with belts. The Jessup is an improvement on the traditional suspender style. 

The highest performance standards are delivered via heavy-duty stretch webbing and solid equipment. The Jessup has precisely the proper amount of elasticity to move with you, is simple to adjust, holds securely without slipping, and is easy to adjust.

The Jessup holds securely without slipping and is simple to modify. Arcade suspenders are practical, portable, and robust. Arcade suspenders are made to fit perfectly, to be incredibly comfortable, and to have just the correct amount of flexibility to move with you. 

The design of arcade belts ensures that neither you nor your pants will ever fall. Future men’s suspender fashion will be dominated by these practical suspenders.  It is highly recommended that everyone give a try to this wonderful design.


Performance stretch: a stretch that allows your body to move freely while still maintaining a strong grasp

  • Recycled materials: Webbing is constructed of Repreve polyester that is 85% post-consumer recycled.
  • Strong webbing is made of durable materials and won’t degrade over time.
  • No Slip: The metal clips include teeth that are made to hold firmly without tearing the fabric.
  • Conventional 4-point design
  • Height range: 121.9 cm to 207.2 cm (5 ft. 3 in. – 6 ft. 8 in.)

7 . Salomon Brilliant Suspenders

  • WaterproofnBreathabilitynPreventing moisture from entering the jacketn
  • Expensive when compared to othersnThe waist adjuster easily breaks when exerted by an external forcen

Searching for some ski jeans to keep you dry and warm on days with heaps of new snow? Check out the Salomon Brilliant Suspenders Pant for Men. This insulated pant’s two-layer Advanced Skin Dry membrane is completely waterproof and breathable, making it ideal for less-than-ideal weather days. 

A DWR treatment adds a layer of protection to the fabrics, preventing moisture from entering the jacket. The suspenders and movable abdomen help accomplish the ideal fit while the PrimaLoft Dark Eco protection guarantees the entire day’s solace without adding additional mass. 

Due to their four-way stretch and articulated knees, which provide a full range of motion, they are ideal for any activity.

Due to their full range of motion and 4-way stretch, articulated knees are ideal for all winter activities and excursions. The Salomon Brilliant Suspenders Men’s Pant will ensure that your day on the slopes is enjoyable regardless of the weather.


  • Application of AdvancedSkin Dry 20K/20K DWR
  • Four-way stretch
  • Active and healthy
  • Shoulder straps that can be altered
  • The Cordura Fabric
  • Internal air venting system
  • Hem protection for the ski cut
  • Waist adjustment
  • Fabric with the Bluesign label

How To Buy The Top Suspenders For Ski Pants In 2024?

Not sure how to select among the many options? Be sure to keep the following things in mind when you conduct your research.


Always check the elasticity of your suspenders. You can move around easily and comfortably thanks to the elasticity, which also provides stability and strength needed to hold your pants up around your waist. Skiing involves a lot of movement, so it’s important to have suspenders with a little give to account for this.

Clasp/Grip Types

When looking into suspenders for ski trousers, numerous types of clasps and grips should be taken into account. These parts of the equipment are attached to the ends of your suspenders. They provide safe connections for your suspenders and pants. They must, therefore, be reliable, safe, and simple to use. Your best options here are plastic or thin metal.


Get suspenders that will fit your body properly and are long enough. The majority of suspender alternatives may be adjusted to fit the needs of each skier, but you should check to be sure they will fit if you are either short or extremely tall. Make sure they can keep your jeans precisely where you want them to.

Resources & Useful Information

It may take some getting accustomed to if you have never used suspenders with snow pants. Suspenders are more prevalent on the mountain, whereas belts are more common on the street. Always adjust your suspenders before going outside in the cold if you want to wear them. If you’ve never tried them before, that procedure may be challenging.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Material Are Suspenders Made Of?

There is currently a wide variety of non-elastic suspenders made from materials like grosgrain, polypropylene, jacquard, leather, oxford cloth, hand-woven silk, and horsehair.

How Can You Tell If Suspenders Fit Properly?

By starting at the point where the suspenders attach to your back and tracing a line over your shoulders to the point where they attach to the front of your pants, we can determine how long the tape should be. Make careful to perform it with proper posture. Your size is that length in inches.

How Tightly Should Suspenders Be Worn?

Should suspenders be tight? Never let your braces hang free. However, they shouldn’t be too tight as well; they should fit comfortably over your shoulders. Keep in mind that braces aim to keep your pants in a comfortable posture, so make sure the length of the leg sits neatly over your shoe.

Can Suspenders Be Adjusted?

Most leather suspenders have an adjustment that looks like a buckle. They adjust similarly to a belt; all you have to do is unbuckle, move to the desired hole, and fasten.

Are Suspenders Healthy?

Absolutely. Suspenders, commonly referred to as braces, have been demonstrated to enhance posture, boost blood flow to your internal organs, improve circulation to your legs and feet, and minimize back discomfort while preventing your pants from sagging.

What Advantages Come With Wearing Suspenders?

In addition to preventing your pants from falling, suspenders also improve your posture, stimulate blood flow to your lower limbs, and promote blood circulation throughout your body.

What Happened To The Use Of Suspenders?

Suspenders are less popular than belts since almost all pants and shorts have belt loops. That means that wearing a belt is almost mandatory, especially if you wish to tuck your shirt in. Many men would never be seen without a belt around their waist and a shirt tucked in.

How Should Ski Suspenders Be Worn?

Using suspenders requires a little more work than using a belt. After pulling your jeans up, you must fasten the suspenders around your waist and then place them over your shoulders.

Why Are There Braces On Ski Pants?

Simply said, shoulder braces are removable if you don’t want to wear them, and they keep your ski trousers up through their strong straps. By using braces instead of a belt, you may get a more secure fit that won’t slip when your body flexes in various skiing positions.

How Should Suspenders Be Worn?

Your suspenders should fall from your shoulder to your waist in a straight line when they are on. Start at the rear of your pants while fastening button-on suspenders. Pull the suspenders over your shoulders and button them in the front after putting on your pants.

What Are The Names Of The Parts Of The Suspenders?

There are 12 different types of attachments available, including finger clips with a nickel or brass finish, construction clips in black or nickel, trigger snaps, drop clips, leather button-on (also known as mustaches or rabbit ears due to their shape), fabric button-on (also referred to as runner ends), airport clips, and snaps.


Skiing wear can be worn in a variety of ways. You can get away with wearing just about any clothing or accessory as long as you stay warm and dry. Each skier has their personal favorites among the many available goods. The first step is to put on boots and skis. There are countless options for approaching the rest of your clothing afterward.

Those who ski need ski pants and suspenders. This apparel keeps your legs dry while you zip down the mountain and is wind- and water-resistant. There are numerous variations available, but when choosing a new pair, there are a few crucial differences to be aware of.

I am thrilled to express my view about the Hold-up Black Ski Up X Suspenders, which I believe to be the finest in 2024 for a variety of factors. To name just a few of its benefits, there are no-slip clips that secure the suspenders in place, a clasp designed for smooth materials like those found in ski trousers, an adjustable length that lets you find the perfect fit, and so much more.

You might prefer a different set of specifications than the Hold-up Black Ski Up X Suspenders; we’ve also listed others with many more features that will entice you to choose one of my top seven best ski suspenders. I hope you choose at least one of them as your preferred option. Remember to read the above guide on what to look for when purchasing ski pant suspenders.

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