Top 7 Best Toddler Ski Jackets In 2024

We all want our kids protected and comfortable when they storm out of the house during winter. The right ski jacket will help you achieve this. Ski jackets are designed with unique features that will help keep your toddler warm and cozy even when skiing outside.

Finding the right jacket for your kids can be overwhelming, and children can be very picky and fussy about what they want to wear. Though kids quickly outgrow their clothes, this is a worthy investment that will help your toddler grow to love skiing and improve their skills. 

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I have scoured the internet, read reviews, and even visited physical stores to find the best ski jacket models for my toddlers to outline the top 7 models in the market for you to consider to enjoy value, durability, and performance.

Let’s dive in!

Top 7 Best Toddler Ski Jackets In 2024

Toddler Ski Jackets Preview Price
Columbia Boys Bugaboo Ii Fleece Interchange Jacket Best Overall Toddler Ski Jackets Check Price
Spyder Boys’ Mini Leader Ski Jacket Runner Up Best Toddler Ski Jackets Check Price
Wantdo Boy’s Waterproof Ski Jacket Budget Pick Best Toddler Ski Jackets Check Price
Obermeyer Boy’s Super G Ski Jacket Premium Pick Best Toddler Ski Jackets Check Price
GEMYSE Boy’s Waterproof Ski Jacket GEMYSE Boy's Waterproof Ski Jacket Check Price
MOERDENG Kid’s Waterproof Ski Jacket MOERDENG Kid's Waterproof Ski Jacket Check Price
Under Armour Baby Girls’ Big ColdGear Max Altitude Ski Jacket Under Armour Baby Girls' Big ColdGear Max Altitude Ski Jacket (1) Check Price

What Kind Of Jacket Is Best For Skiing For Toddlers?

The 3-in-1 jacket is the best type of ski jacket to get for your kid. This is because it combines three layers of protection and insulation, ensuring that your kid enjoys all-around protection even in harsh winter conditions.

Another great feature of this jacket is that you can always switch things up by either dressing it down during warmer weather by removing the insulation or wearing all layers to provide maximum warmth to your toddler.

Types Of Ski Jackets Available In The Market

Ski jackets come in varying shapes and sizes and are equipped with different features to make them efficient and effective. They can be divided into three different categories:

Shell Jackets 

This jacket is designed to be windproof, waterproof, and breathable. They come in two variants, the hard shell and the soft shell. The hard shell lacks insulation and cannot keep you or your toddler warm.

If you choose to purchase this kind of jacket, you will need to ensure that your toddler wears a warm coat underneath to help keep him warm and comfortable.

It is a very good option for people who love to ski. It allows flexibility since you can always change the inner layer to suit the prevailing weather conditions. 

On the other hand, the soft shell comes with a fleece lining to help keep your toddler warm and is more diverse in function.

Insulated Jackets 

Insulated jackets are made from either down or synthetic filling. Down insulation is perfect for arid and extreme snow situations because it gets heated up very fast. However, they are also hard to dry and quite bulky.

Though not as warm, synthetic insulation is lightweight and enhances mobility. The choice of which ski jacket to use for your toddler will ultimately depend on the weather conditions in your area and personal preference.

3-in-1 Jackets 

This combines the insulated and the shell ski jacket. The beauty of this type of ski jacket is you can always remove the insulating layer when the temperature rises. This is my favorite type of ski jacket.

1 . Columbia Boys Bugaboo Ii Fleece Interchange Jacket – Best Overall 

  • Omni-technOmni-heatnWaterproofnBreathablenComes with a hoodnAdjustable cuffsnZippered and fleece-lined pocketsnReflective designnExtended fit
  • Quite priceynFragile fleece materialnIncorrect Sizing – purchase one size downnn

This jacket is made from a blend of 100% nylon and polyester. It features Omni-tech and Omni-heat technology. Omni-tech ensures that the jacket is waterproof and breathable. This keeps your toddler dry and comfortable no matter the freezing temperatures outside.

Omni-heat technology ensures that your child stays warm while any moisture from overheating is wicked away using the breathable layer. It is a classic three-in-one design that I love for my toddlers.

This Columbia fleece jacket comes with a taffeta-lined hood which can easily be removed or adjusted for added warmth and comfort, depending on the temperature fluctuations. 

It also has goggle pockets, adjustable cuffs, and fleece-lined and zippered pockets for ultimate comfort. They are also equipped with a reflective design for added security for your toddler.

Ski jackets can be quite expensive, and what I love most about this model is its ability to grow with your toddler. This is because it is designed with an extended fit on the arms, which can accommodate their growing arms, ultimately providing you with value for money. This is a ski jacket I would recommend to every parent.

Why Is The Columbia Boys Bugaboo Ii Fleece Interchange Jacket The Best Ski Jacket For Toddlers In 2024?

Columbia is a well-known and trusted brand regarding ski-related clothing and gear. This interchange ski jacket is great for kids because it can provide three times more protection compared to insulated or shell ski jackets. 

This is because it is made with three layers, all working to ensure that the jacket performs well by ensuring it is waterproof, breathable, and insulated. This ski jacket will last years due to its extended fit, saving you money.

For the quality, value, and performance it provides, this model is well-priced compared to other high-end premium jackets. Its additional features also go a long way to making it a fan favorite for most toddlers. Suffice to say; you will not regret this purchase!

2 . Spyder Boys’ Mini Leader Ski Jacket – Runner Up

  • Breathable materialnBright-colored optionsnWaterproofnInsulated nWaterproof chestnPocket zippersnDurablenHigh-quality buildnStylishnCritically taped seamsnRemovable hoodnLifetime warranty
  • Not all kids love the color optionsnSeams are not fully tapedn

The spyder Leader jacket is quite a masterpiece in the ski world.  It is a high-quality jacket that will offer you peace of mind even when your kids choose to ski all day long during winter. 

It is designed with 140g of 3M Thinsulate material which is sure to keep your kids warm and cozy.

The jacket’s outer layer is lined with Splyon material and has a durable water-repellent membrane that makes the ski jacket waterproof. Its seams are also critically taped to ensure that all snow, cold, and moisture is blocked out and your child remains warm and dry.

The Spyder jackets come in bright colors, which makes them a fan favorite for many children. The coat comes with adjustable sleeves that are able to cater to your toddler’s growth with an extended room of 1.5”. 

Its highly breathable material ensures your toddler does not overheat and that any moisture from excessive sweat is wicked away. This helps to ensure that your toddler stays dry. 

The 10k/10k material is snowproof and utilizes comfortable fabric. It has a hood compatible with helmets and can be removed whenever needed. This is an additional feature that helps to enhance your child’s safety. 

The Spyder ski jacket comes with hand and chest pocket zippers that are waterproof and ensure that any items fitted into your pockets stay dry. Its quality build is able to withstand wear and tear, considering how toddlers are so playful.

It’s perfect for kids who love to stay fashionable. This jacket will keep your toddlers warm and cozy through harsh winter conditions. Do not delay in making this purchase. Purchasing the Spyder Leader ski jacket is a great and worthwhile investment that will guarantee a fun experience for your toddler.

3 . Wantdo Boy’s Waterproof Ski Jacket – Budget Pick

  • Thumb-hole glovenQuality buildnDurablenWindproofnWaterproofnInsulatednEasy to usenSoft and warm lining
  • Fleece lining not breathable enough nFleece lining not warm enoughnArms can be too longnSizing issuesn

This jacket is excellently constructed to achieve great insulation properties. The outer shell is 10000 mm waterproof to ensure your child stays warm, dry, and comfortable. 

It’s lined with thick fleece that is soft and comfortable on the skin.  The fleece lining works to enhance insulation and keep your child warm.

The jacket is windproof and is fitted with adjustable cuffs for you to tighten or loosen depending on the prevailing weather conditions. Their elastic nature also helps keep the snow and cold out. It also provides room for movement for your toddler, which is essential in skiing.

It is fitted with functional pockets that can help keep your child’s hands warm. This thermal jacket is user-friendly and simple for your toddler to use. The built-in snow skirt it comes with ensures that the jacket seamlessly integrates with the pants and helps enhance the warmth.

The Wantdo jacket is also fitted with a detachable hood which helps safeguard your toddler from the cold wind and freezing temperatures. It is also fitted with snap buttons that help lock the warmth inside.

4 . Obermeyer Boy’s Super G Ski Jacket – Premium Pick

  • WaterproofnInsulatednFleece lined collarnHydroBlock Sports TechnologynComes with a compassnFitted with an interior wind guardnDetachable hoodnReflective logo
  • The waterproof layer is very thin

The super G ski jacket is designed to keep your toddler going all day without you having to worry about them growing cold. It is lightly waterproof and fitted with Epic loft insulation. The collar is lined with fleece for added warmth and safety.

The jacket utilizes HydroBlock Sports technology to help keep your child warm. It has a tactical edge because it comes with a compass, interior pockets to fill in with treats for your toddlers, and a sleeve pocket, which always comes in handy.

The model comes with an extended fit which provides value as your kid can use it for an extended time even as he grows. It also comes with a removable hood and ear warmers which offer extra warmth to your toddlers during extreme winter conditions.

The jacket is fitted with a fleece lining for extra comfort. It also helps in heat retention. The model comes in a regular fit and a reflective logo which helps you easily find your toddler in case he lingers out longer in the dark or gets stuck on a ski terrain.

The Obermeyer ski jacket is fitted with a resistant powder skirt which equips your toddler for deep powder skiing areas. The compass accessory is perfect for keeping your toddler busy between ski runs. It is also fitted with an interior wind guard to protect your child from sudden wind gusts while on the slope.

5 . GEMYSE Boy’s Waterproof Ski Jacket

  • DurabilitynWindproofnWaterproofnLined with fleecenLightweightnWaterproof zippers nQuick dryingn
  • Lacks vent holes for added warmth

This jacket is ideal for all indoor and outdoor winter activities. The outer shell is excellently crafted to achieve durability and withstand wear and tear. The inner layer is made of thick and soft fleece to ensure warmth and comfort for your toddler.

The fleece lining is breathable and lightweight, a bonus for toddlers because most tend to complain when a jacket breaks up. The reinforced stitching also improves durability.

The GEMYSE jacket features a water-repellent coating and waterproof zippers to keep your toddler warm and dry. This coat is also windproof and comes with adjustable cuffs, a detachable fleece hood, and velcro closure. These features help to maximize the windproof effect.

It is a very practical winter jacket with many pockets you can fill with treats and other important essential items. The material used can bear extra weight whenever needed. This jacket is also quick-drying, meaning you do not have to worry about your child getting wet or cold.

6 . MOERDENG Kid’s Waterproof Ski Jacket

  • Soft fleece liningnWaterproofnInsulatednDetachable hoodnFully tapednZippered hand pocketsnCompatible with helmetsnWindproof
  • Does not offer a slim fit design

This unisex toddler ski jacket is designed with moisture-absorbing silk lining and 240g of insulation to provide warmth and comfort. The model ensures that your child stays warm while remaining relatively lightweight.

It is designed with a water-repellent coating that ensures your toddler’s body stays dry while skiing. The shell is breathable and wicks away moisture, ensuring your kid’s comfort. It comes in a perfect length that allows your kid to enjoy great mobility while skiing while still ensuring that moisture and cold air do not gain entry.

It comes with a detachable hood with a loop and hook, ensuring that the hood fits your toddler’s head. It also comes with an adjustable snow skirt to prevent wind and snow from getting into your toddler’s body.

The MOERDENG jacket is well-made and crafted with reinforced stitching to improve the jacket’s durability. The hood is compatible with all types of helmets, which is a bonus for your kids’ safety.

The seams on this jacket are fully taped to ensure there are zero chances of any moisture and cold seeping in. The zipper hand pockets provide secure storage for any items that may be essential for your kids.

7 . Under Armour Baby Girls’ Big ColdGear Max Altitude Ski Jacket

  • WarmnComfortablenInsulatednWaterproofnExtended fitnColdgear cuffsnFully taped seams
  • Limited style options

This ski jacket utilizes stormproof technology to repel water while ensuring that the material remains breathable. It is also fitted with cold gear cuffs to help block the cold and snow out.

It is 100% waterproof and is designed with fully taped seams and windproof construction. This helps to protect your toddler from the harsh weather elements that come with the winter season. This jacket is, however, only available in one color option.

It is fitted with a 3M Thinsulate that is thin but still delivers a warm and comfortable feel. It also provides a 2” room of growth, which adds additional value for your money. Your girls are sure to love this model and enjoy skiing more.

How To Choose The Best Toddler Ski Jacket For Skiing In 2024

We all know how incredibly frustrating toddlers can be when they get cold on the slope. There are some key features to look out for when on the hunt for a ski jacket for your toddler. 

These features will help you purchase ski jackets to ensure your toddler stays warm and comfortable on your family ski runs. These essential factors include:


Your kids must stay warm and dry when outside during the winter season. Your kids’ jackets should be able to keep them warm and provide them with great-quality insulation. 

Your kids should remain active even during the winter, as it is good for their overall health. A jacket with great insulation can block out the cold wind and snow.

Ease of Use

Young kids can be fussy and quickly get frustrated if putting on any kind of clothing takes too much time. You need to find a easy and simple jacket to put on and remove to avoid too much hassle as you try to get ready.


Young toddlers don’t know much about style or trending fashion. Older kids, however, may be keen on them, and you must choose something they like. 

We all have had cases where an item is barely used because the kids do not like it. That is usually a waste of money which I recommend you avoid. Considering how expensive ski gear can be, it is important that we only make worthwhile purchases.


If the jacket you purchase for your toddler does not provide a great fit, they are likely to refuse to wear it. You should choose a ski jacket which they can wear with no discomfort over a long period of time.


The primary objective of purchasing a ski jacket for your toddler is to ensure they stay warm. It is, therefore, important that you get coats that are well-insulated to help block away the cold. Ensure that the inner lining is thick to help maintain and increase warmth.


A ski jacket that offers great mobility is key for toddlers, especially because of how fast they grow. The perfect choice for a ski jacket provides room for movement, which is essential when skiing because this sport requires a lot of movement.

Additional features

Different brands strive to push the bar in the design and make of ski jackets. These features aim to provide additional value from removable hoodies to adjustable cuffs and goggle pockets to zippered pockets.


It is important that the ski jacket you select for your kids is breathable. This ensures that any excess moisture on the skin caused by overheating is wicked away.

Frostbite can be quite frustrating, and excessive sweat can freeze on your toddler’s skin, causing so much discomfort. This is something that a breathable ski jacket can handle and help you avoid.


Ski jackets can be quite pricey, even for toddlers. You want a coat that is excellently crafted for superb performance. 

Critically taped seams and fully taped seams are great options for jackets as they can ensure that moisture does not seep in. The material used on the jacket should also be able to withstand constant use and wear and tear.


You can purchase a decent and quality ski jacket for your toddler at a fair price. Kids grow up fairly fast, and it would not be smart to purchase an expensive ski jacket that will soon stop being functional.

I would recommend that you check on website updates often for any sales in order to enjoy some flash sales on good quality ski jackets. Take your time to carefully consider the ski jackets I have listed in this review to make a valuable purchase that is worth the investment.

What To Avoid When Teaching Your Toddlers How To Ski?

While you might be excited to have your toddler join you on your many family ski trips, there are things you should avoid in the learning process. We’ve listed them down below:

You should not ski with your child between your legs. This is because it takes away from what you are trying to teach them.  They should learn to be independent and ski on their own.

You must also avoid the technicalities and understand that your toddler is still a child. They can still not mentally understand a lot of stuff, so using technical ski jargon will only confuse them. This may make them too nervous and avoid playing the game altogether. Try and use simple terms to understand and make the learning process fun.

Do not try to teach your kids how to ski if you are not an expert or advanced skier. You may teach your kid a wrong move that may prove disastrous when on the slope. I advise that you enroll them in ski lessons if you doubt your expertise.

Lastly, you should use a leash to control your toddler’s movements when teaching them how to ski. Use the leash on the handle when they have learned how to stop and turn when on the skis.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should Ski Jackets Be Tight Or Loose?

Your toddler’s ski jacket should feel snug on their body but not so tight it hinders their mobility. 
If the jacket is too large, it will easily allow cold air through the bottom of the sleeve, making your toddler cold and discomfited.

The type of jacket you choose will also highly influence your sizing options. If you pick out an insulated ski jacket, there will be no need for extra room for layering up as it can provide the warmth needed.

A shell jacket will, however, need you to make room for additional cloth layers to provide room while still ensuring it provides room for flexibility and easy movements. This is because skiing is a highly intense activity typically involving vigorous body movements.

The best way to achieve a great fit for your ski jacket is to try it on while wearing at least one layer of added insulation. If your toddler can comfortably reach their arms overhead with your jacket fastened, this is the perfect fit for them.

How Do You Ski With A Toddler?

Looking forward to a family ski outing that is fun and exciting? Here are some handy tips to help ensure that you and your toddler have fun.

Be prepared and equipped with the right gear for you and your toddler. This will ensure their safety and comfort. You must try out everything to ensure it is the right fit and works properly for ease of use.

Talk to your toddler about what to expect on the ski trip. You can even have them watch some videos of the sport. Have them look forward to the adventure to be more open to the experience. This will reduce the pressure on your side and help them enjoy the activity more.

Signing your toddlers up for some ski lessons will also come in handy in ensuring that you have a great time on the slopes. This is because your child will be already equipped with the basic skills needed so that they can enjoy their time in the snow and learn the sport much more quickly.

Can A Three-Year-Old Ski?

Yes, a three-year-old can start skiing. Starting your kids early will help them learn more quickly, unlike starting them out on the sport when they are older.

This is because they tend to overcomplicate the moves due to overthinking. If your child is interested in skiing, 3 years is the ideal age to start them out.

Can A Two-Year-Old Ski?

While toddlers can be introduced to skiing as soon as they can walk and turn, two years may not be the most suitable age to start them out. This is because skiing is a demanding mental and physical activity, and your young one may be unable to cope with the strain.

I recommend you wait until he gets to 3 years to start him out on the sport. After all, you want your child to enjoy the activity, not loathe it.

How Long Should A 2-Year-Old Play In The Snow?

Toddlers generally tend to have a challenging time handling temperature fluctuations and regulating their bodies. This is because of their smaller body frames which allow more heat to escape from their bodies.

Your toddler can stay and play on the snow for 30 minutes. However, this should be in temperatures above -150 F. Please ensure that you do not allow them out if the temperatures are lower.

However, you must always check with them by asking and feeling the temperature at the back of their neck. This will help to ensure that they stay warm and comfortable and decide whether they can stay out and play in the snow or if they need to come back in.

Final Thoughts

While skiing with your child can be a great experience, it can also be challenging since they are not well experienced and can get very fussy when exposed to cold. Keeping them warm means fewer complaints and more fun while playing in the snow.

Therefore, you must find them the right ski gear and ensure you do not overlook the ski jacket’s quality, warmth, and design to ensure that they stay warm and comfortable.

The Columbia Boys Bugaboo Ii Fleece Interchange Jacket is my top pick in this review. All the ski jackets listed in this review will help keep your toddler warm, dry, and comfortable as you enjoy some time in the mountains.

Looking out for sales, making purchases in off seasons, and choosing jackets that offer an extended fit will help you save on cash. Ski jackets are a worthwhile investment that your toddler will enjoy and appreciate once the winter season comes along.

Finally, when deciding about skiing equipment for your children, it is important to consult with ski experts or other parents who have experience in the sport to ensure that you are making the best choice for your family.

Mitchelle Lynn