Should Skis Be Taller Than You? [Ski Size Chart]

If you are an amateur or a regular skier who is trying to find a good pair of skis, you might be wondering if your skis should be taller than you? Is it just a myth, or does this aspect really matter when it comes to skiing? Well, we all know there are different ski sizes that you can opt for. It can also be very confusing to pick the right size. So what should you do in that scenario? Should you go for skis taller than you?

Professional and experienced skiers usually go with skis taller than their heights. But as for the regular or inexperienced ones, it is better to go with skis just a few centimeters shorter than their height. Most professionals recommend getting skis that are tall enough to reach your chin.

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These are just basic insights, and we will have to look further and beyond what it seems to be usual. Only then will we precisely be able to know how tall of the skis you should actually buy. So make sure to read the whole article, and you will be able to get your question answered!

Tall Skis vs. Short Skis – A Brief Comparison

Let’s proceed with comparing the tall skis and short skis. We will determine what advantages and disadvantages both of the sizes can offer. So let’s get started!

Should Skis Be Taller Than You

1. Tall Skis

If you are planning to buy taller skis than your height, then do note that you will have to be experienced enough. You will have to know how to handle a taller ski so that you won’t get injured during your rides. If we take a look at the advantages of the tall skis, they are listed below:

  • Tall skis are way faster than the short skis
  • Tall skis are tended for aggressive skiers
  • The floating power of tall skis is quite great
  • Stability of skiing becomes better

Well, these were some of the benefits of taller skis. If you take a look at them, you would know that these benefits can only be enjoyed by an experienced skier. If we talk about the negative points of tall skis, they are mentioned below:

  • The radius of tall skis is relatively bigger
  • Tall skis come with enormous weight
  • It is very hard to handle tall skis
  • Great strength is required to turn the taller skis

Now you will have to check both of the aspects above and see what you can handle and what you cannot.

2. Short Skis

Now it is time to examine the shorter skis and see what they have got. Taking a look at the advantages of the shorter skis, you will get:

  • Convenient and sharper turns
  • Low energy requirements
  • Better and steady movements
  • Easy controlling
  • Good for freestyling

So this was it for the advantages, and probably you would have noticed that shorter skis work better for beginner skiers. Well, let’s move towards the disadvantages and see what you will have to face!

  • Shorter skis are relatively slower
  • Traction with snow is less
  • Cannot support heavy people due to sinking issues

This was pretty much it with the disadvantages of the shorter skis. The simple thing is, both of them can be suitable if your scenario matches any of the properties mentioned above. So start digging now and find out what you actually want.

Tall Skis: Why do professionals use them?

As I have stated above, professional and experienced skiers tend to go with taller skis. But do you know why that is? It is simply because they can get more speed and floating power above the snow. This drastically increases the thrills and offers a premium skiing experience. But of course, it is not very easy to reach that particular level. 

You will have to practice a lot in order to understand the dynamics of skiing. Besides that, taller skis are aggressive too. You just do not mind anything in your way and speed through your path, enjoying the thrills. So if you can handle all that, you might want to try out taller skis.

Which ski size would be best for you? Ski Size Chart

We have finally arrived at the moment where you could know which ski size would be best for you. To make things easier to understand, we have built a ski size chart just for you so that you can know which size to go with. Remember that this ski size chart is suitable for all genders, so do not confuse yourself with finding other charts.

Your Height (Ft. and In.)Your Height (Cm.) (Estimate)Recommended Ski Height (Cm.)
4’<122 or lesser110-125
6’4”192 or above185-200

So this is the chart you should be looking at when figuring out the right size of your ski. But do note that the given chart is just an estimate. So there might be a point where you would not be able to find the sizes mentioned good enough. So it is better to check your preferences too and see how experienced you are. After that, you can actually pick a ski within the size ranges mentioned above. 

Is it good to opt for taller skis right from the start?

Definitely not! If you are just starting your skiing journey, you should opt for the shorter skis that are considerably shorter than your height. Shorter skis will help you learn how to control a ski, how to divide your strength, how to handle, and how to turn effectively. After learning all the major aspects and getting experience, you can plan to buy a taller ski for your experience. But make sure not to opt for a taller ski right from the start to avoid injuries and hurdles.


1. Is it bad if your skis are taller than you?

A- It is certainly not bad to have skis taller than you; it is just not recommended for beginners. Beginners should opt for smaller skis in order to learn and enhance their skills within the skiing domain and see how things are done.

2. Can skis be too short?

A- If you are choosing a ski that is too short for your height, you will not be able to ski potentially. Your weight will not be able to divide properly, resulting in an unbalanced experience. So it is better to check out the ski size chart and opt for a proper size according to your height.

3. Is it easier to ski with shorter skis?

A- While it is very easy to make turns and even sharp turns with shorter skis, there is the stability factor too. Shorter skis are not as stable as taller skis and might create problems on a bumpy path. You will also have to look out for moguls during your rides.

4. How does weight affect ski length?

A- Weight is another great factor that affects the ski length. If you are heavy, you will have to go for a ski that is taller. Taller skis will help you support your weight easily, and there will be no sinking problems. If you are not that heavy, shorter skis will do the job too.

5. How do you tell if your skis are too short?

A- If you feel your turns are not sharp and it is also becoming harder to control your ski, and that is where you would know your skis are too short. Not only that but your actual load will not be supported if your skis are too short.


In the end, the whole thing depends on your experience. If you can evaluate how good you are at skiing, you will be able to know how tall the ski should be. So do not stress out; just check the ski size chart, and you will be good to go.

Mitchelle Lynn