Gloves Vs. Mittens: Which One Should You Choose For Skiing?

Yes, it can be really frustrating to choose the right ski clothing to protect you from the cold. There are literally many things that you have to keep in check in order to get complete protection. It is simply because you cannot enjoy skiing if you are shivering from the cold. But there is another hassle that might confuse you when it comes to clothing. And that is the decision between gloves and mittens.

Do you know what the difference between them is and which one would work best for you? Probably not! Well, that is what we will check out later in this article and evaluate how one could be better than the other. 

What actually are gloves and mittens?

Before we move on and see which one could offer a better experience while skiing, it is better to know what they actually are.

Gloves Vs. Mittens


There might not be anyone in the entire world who does not know what gloves look like. They are simple to hand warmers made up of thick material to warm your hands realistically. But the actual difference between them comes in the design. 

In gloves, your fingers are separated with each section in the gloves, and this is what makes the gloves entirely different. Due to their grip, many skiers prefer to go with gloves. It is really easy just to grab anything and use them up due to the separated fingers, and that is what everyone wants.


Now you might actually be thinking about what mittens are. Mittens offer pretty much the same experience, but the difference comes in their design. But there are few crucial factors that can affect that warm experience. Mittens come with a closed design, meaning they do not offer separate sections for the fingers, unlike the gloves. Only your thumb gets the separate section, and the remaining four fingers are included in one.

The utter benefit of having four fingers at a single place is that the blood circulation remains good enough to keep the hands warm. You can also quickly move them and produce traction yourself for a better experience. 

What are the factors that count in gloves and mittens!

Finally, this is where we will compare the most important features and see which one of them is leading the category. So make sure to go through each of them if you want to decide on any one of them.

1. The warmness

Why do you want to wear gloves or mittens? To protect yourself from the cold, right? Well, which one is good for a warmer experience? The thing is, this whole factor depends on the quality of material used in the gloves or mittens. If the material is good enough, both will offer a great and warmer experience to the users. 

But in terms of the design, mittens are a little warmer than the gloves as you get better circulation. But indeed, the difference is not enough to disregard gloves as a whole.

2. Protection from injuries!

What will happen if you fall down while skiing? Will your gloves or mittens be able to protect you from injuries? Well, again, the whole thing depends on the material used in both of them. But as mittens keep all the fingers in the same place, they can offer reliable protection if you fall directly on your hands. The danger of hurting your fingers will reduce drastically as compared to gloves.

But this is a scenario that happens once in a blue moon, so you do not really have to worry about taking precautions for it.

3. Easiness

This is where gloves win, no matter what. But do you know why that is? This is because of the structure of gloves. As gloves separate all your fingers, it becomes automatically easy to hold down the things. Even if we talk about skiing, you get a better grip holding down the pole as compared to the mittens.

Besides that, what would you do if you had to use your phone? It would be very troublesome while wearing mittens because of the big surface. On the other hand, the separated finger will be able to help you use your phone with ease. 

In terms of wearing experience, yes, mittens win as you do not have to adjust your fingers. Meanwhile, gloves would require you to check if your fingers have been placed in the right portion or not.

4. Waterproofing 

Waterproofing is another critical factor that matters a lot when it comes to mittens and gloves. If your gloves or mittens are not waterproof, the snow will melt and make your gloves or mittens wet. That wetness will make your hands even colder, and your hands will start freezing in no time.

So the waterproofing factor is quite essential, but it does not depend on mittens or gloves. It solely depends on the combination of materials used in them to make them waterproof.

5. Artificial Heating

Have you ever heard of electric heated gloves or mittens? Well, it definitely is a thing now. But again, it is not dependent on any type, and both mittens and gloves can offer you artificial heating. You will just have to look out if the pair you are buying is electrically heated or not, and you will be good to go. But do note that you will have to go through the hassle of charging the batteries or replacing them during your rides to enjoy the perks of artificial heating. 

Which one should you finally pick between gloves or mittens?

In the end, no one can be considered a winner between both of the two because of pretty much the same benefits. But your preferences might make one of them good for your needs, and that is what you will have to evaluate. You will have to see if you want easiness or perfect blood circulation. You will also have to see how comfortable you are with both of them. And of course, this is how you will have to choose the best pick.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between gloves and mittens?

A- Gloves offer separate sections for your fingers and the thumb, whereas mittens have one section for all the fingers. This is the only factor that makes mittens very different from gloves. Besides that, mittens have a separate section for the thumb for each hand.

2. What are the warmest gloves or mittens?

A- Mittens and gloves both offer quite a great and warm experience to the users. But as for the warmest experience, the whole scenario depends on the material used in the gloves. If it is good enough, both of the things will be able to offer the warmest experience.

3. Should gloves be tight or loose?

A- It is always a good idea to get a pair of gloves that are loose for your hands. The tight gloves will make the whole experience uncomfortable, and the blood circulation will also be affected due to it. So it is better to make sure how tight your gloves are. 

4. Is it hard to ski with mittens?

A- It can be quite difficult to ski with mittens at the start as you will have to get yourself familiar with the grip. But once you get the experience, the mittens will not create any hurdles to affect your ski rides at any point. 

5. Do ski gloves lose their warmth?

A- If the ski gloves are really old and have been washed many times, then yes, they can lose their warmth. This is because the insides will start to tear apart, even if not apparent. The material will begin creating a gap, and this is what exterminates the warmth of the gloves. 


So these are some of the actual factors that affect both gloves and mittens. So start checking out your preferences and see which one suits you the best in every possible way.

Mitchelle Lynn