6 Trouble-Free Ways To Remove Rust From Ski Edges

Rusty ski edges can unquestionably ruin your skiing experience. The thing is, when the season ends, or even during the season, the moisture starts entering the edges of the ski. This results in rusting, and that is where the actual problem starts. That rust keeps on increasing and makes your ski unable to use. That is why it is essential to treat the rusting before it gets worse and come up with a solution.

Well, do you know how to remove rust from the ski edges? Probably not! That is why I am here with the detailed step-by-step guide to remove rust from ski edges and make it new like before. So let’s get right into it and see how you can remove rust from ski edges!

How To Remove Rust From Ski Edges – A Step-By-Step Guide

Before moving forward, do note that you might have to get your hands on after-market products. So be ready to invest a little to save you from spending a great deal on new skis.

1. Get a brass brush or gummy stone!

The first thing that you will have to do to remove rust from ski edges is to get a brass brush or gummy stone. It is effortless to find both of them, and you can visit any hardware shop to get these. Not only that, but if you have a ski tuning kit, it would definitely have a gummy stone that you can use without any problems.

2.Start scraping off the edges

As now you have got your hands on a gummy stone or a brass brush, you will have to start scraping the edges. The scrapping will remove the rust from the edges, and you will have new and shiny skin. But do note that the more you scrap, the more your ski will get shorter. So it is better to keep this aspect in mind and only scrap that layer that is needed.

If the scraping is done very often, the ski height might reduce, and you would really not want that to happen.

3. Give ski edges a proper shape!

Yes, the ski edges are curved, so it is undoubtedly not a great idea to make them flat. When you are scrapping the edges, make sure that the edges are still round and you are not making them plain. You will have to do the same to the whole part and not just the front of the edges to get the best possible results. 

4. Remove the particles from the edges

It is best to use a very soft cloth and remove all the dust particles from the edges of the ski. After scrapping, skis tend to have many little particles, and they should be removed if you want a smooth experience. Some skiers also dip the edges in water in order to remove them, but a soft cloth is safer and a reliable option to go with.

5. Use the wax!

The final thing that you will have to do is use wax and apply it to the edges of your ski. Again, if you have a ski tuning kit, you will get it with the kit. Otherwise, you will have to buy it from a store. It does not matter what wax you choose; make sure that it is durable, reliable, and can work great with the material of your ski.

Wax will protect your ski from extra rusting and will also offer it protection. You will not have to worry about rusting until the next season as the wax will be there to protect it!

6. Continue the journey!

Right after the wax has dried out, you can continue your journey of skiing if the season is still going on. If not, you can put it safely and wait for the new season to enjoy what you love the most.

How to keep your skis safe from rusting?

Well, the procedure mentioned above can definitely remove rust from ski edges, but does that mean you don’t have to take precautions? Definitely not! It is better to keep your skis safe from rusting so that you don’t have to use different methods to get it removed.

You can take a look at the aspects mentioned below to keep your skis safe from rusting:

  • After the skiing session, make sure to clean your ski with a dry cloth. Use another cloth if the first one gets wet, and make sure to wipe out the edges properly.
  • Do not keep the skis in a wet bag, as it will increase the chances of rusting drastically.
  • Store the skis in a dry location if being put for a longer-term. Rust tends to develop if a particular thing is stored at a moisturized place. 
  • Get your skis tuned every now and then to increase reliability and durability.
  • Use wax to protect it from water even while skiing.

These are just some of the basic things you can learn and implement. So make sure to follow them, and you will be able to avoid massive rusting on your skis.


1. Is rust on your ski edges bad?

A- Yes, rusting on your ski edges is quite bad. If your ski edges have turned yellow, you might even want to get started with the removal process right away. If the action is not taken accordingly, the ski edges will break down eventually.

2. Can surface rust be removed?

A- Surface rust can also be removed just like the edges rust. You will have to get a scuff pad or any other suitable material to get started with the scraping process. If the process goes smoothly, your ski will be good to go again without any troubles.

3. What is a gummy stone used for?

A- Gummy stone is usually used for sharpening the edges of the skis. As we are talking about the rust removal here, gummy stone can also be used to remove rust quite easily. You just have to rub it on the edges and the rust will reduce in no time.

4. Can I use WD-40 on skis?

A- You can surely use WD-40 on skis, but it is not the best way to remove rust. The reason why WD-40 might not work really well is that it might moisturize and enter the ski base and edges and make the situation even worse.

5. Should I wax my skis before using them?

A- Using wax on skis is always recommended before using them because of the benefits. Wax can protect your ski from rust, moisture, and it also offers ultra-protection, durability, and reliability for the longer term.

The verdict!

It does not really require any type of rocket science to remove rust from the skis. So relax, get the needed accessories and equipment, and give your skis a look you want! Just make sure to implement the safety precautions, too, for your own cause. 

Mitchelle Lynn