How to Ski Moguls Like A Pro? [Top 5 Tips]

If you think that you can simply choose the best pair of skis and go out in the mountains to enjoy your ride fully, then you might be wrong! The case is quite different in skiing because of the hurdles involved! The path you have chosen might have consequences that you would really want to practice on first. But of course, the professionals tend to make them look easy, but primarily, they really are not! In the same pattern, there are moguls that can create even bigger problems for you. 

To ski Moguls professionally, you will have to enhance your skiing skills and learn the art of balancing, controlling, and posture in order to ride through them. The learning process can be easy and hard at the same time, depending on your determination. 

To give you a complete overview of how things can be easier, let me open up the things for you. You will just have to keep the essential tips and tricks in mind, and you will learn how to ski moguls. But before, let’s understand what moguls actually are!

What are moguls, and why can they be dangerous?

In the simplest words possible, moguls are the piles of snow formed within the skiing path. Or you can also call them snow bumps that can make your ride a little adventurous. 

But do you really think those moguls would be enjoyable for you if you don’t know how to tackle them? If not, then you can seriously injure yourself and break your bones. The reason why moguls can be seriously dangerous is that they can occur continuously. Controlling your body for a single bump might be easy, but it definitely is not for multiple bumps. That is why you will have to learn how to ski moguls in order to avoid consequences like these. 

How to Ski Moguls

Top five tips to ski moguls with ease and efficiency!

Grab a coffee if you want to; just make sure to go through all of the tips to have a better understanding of all the things.

1. Balancing is the key!

I might have stated this in my previous articles, and I am saying it again, if you have learned the art of balancing in skiing, you have already learnt half of the sport. Balancing is the primary key in skiing, and it can really make your experience better. But the question is, how would you balance your body when you are exposed to moguls right in front of you? Well, no worries! Here are some tips that might really help you out:

  • Your hands can play a very crucial role in balancing your body. So make sure to always use your hand when you are skiing on moguls. Even if you have poles in your hands, make sure to maintain them accordingly. And of course, do not put all of your weight on one point, and distribute it equally for the best possible balancing.
  • Another great thing that can have a significant impact on your balance is flexibility. If your body is flexible, it will be able to react to the situation more quickly. If it is not, then you won’t be able to balance your body correctly. So make sure you have exercised properly before going on the ride, or be ready to face some trouble. 

As for the balancing on moguls, these two tips will indeed work out for you. So make sure to actually keep them in mind whenever going for a ride.

I also recommend you to watch this video as many times as possible to understand the whole mogul’s scenario along with its factors:

2. Maintain your speed

Yes, I know, all skiers want thrills and a fantastic experience that they would always remember. But if you are a beginner or don’t have experience skiing moguls, then never ever think of going at full speed on them. Moguls can actually be relatively easy to pass if you know how to slow down your ski and how to pick up speed again. 

You can surely use the poles to balance your speed and act according to the situation. But again, you will have to balance yourself too, so make sure to keep that in mind while controlling.

3. Use your precise movement to avoid moguls

Oh, yes, why not just avoid the moguls and keep the things simple and plain, right? That is what you might be thinking, and well, it is understandable. But the thing is, you can only implement this tip in your skiing journey if you have enough experience. To ski around the moguls, you will require some intense skills and flexibility to move quickly. You won’t have time to decide where you should turn for an easy experience. You will have to make a decision within seconds to get all the things done in the proper manner.

And do note that you might also face a whole herd of moguls on your path, so the more moguls there are, the more difficult it will be for you to ski. 

4. Use the right equipment!

If you are specifically going for a path that is bumpy and contains a lot of moguls, then you might consider some special equipment for your ride. The first basic thing is, you will have to get your hands on the poles. Poles will help you throughout your way in multiple aspects. You can control your speed through them, maintain your balance, or change directions quickly.

Aside from that, you can also look out for shorter skis. Longer skis tend to interfere with the moguls and get in your way while passing them. But the shorter ones are limited as for their size and can work really great with the moguls. 

And last but not very least, make sure that the safety equipment you use is compatible enough. Keep in mind that you will have to bend your knees and hands while skiing through the bumps; that is why safety equipment can interfere with your reflexes. 

5. Correct your posture accordingly

One particular and crucial thing to note here is that you will not have to maintain a single posture throughout your ride. You will have to keep changing it according to the situation to get the best results. Many people recommend bending the knees and keeping their whole body compact to better ride through the moguls. Well, it definitely is an effective way, but that is what you will have to decide.

You will have to practice on a plain path and see how you change your posture at different angles. That is how you will understand the basics, and that is where you will be able to move through the moguls efficiently. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you need poles to ski moguls?

A- Yes, poles are definitely required to ski moguls to avoid the hurdles and consequences. If you decide not to use poles while riding through the moguls, you will face difficulties maintaining your balance and taking sharp turns. So it is better not to take the risk and use poles where needed.

2. What type of skis are best for moguls?

A- Shorter skis are usually recommended for moguls. But do note that the preferences can vary from skier to skier. Many skiers also prefer to go with the more giant skis due to their weight and balance, and some go for shorter ones for easy riding. 

3. Are moguls hard to ski?

A- Yes, if you have just started skiing, no, if you know how to balance your body and keep your posture maintained accordingly. Moguls can be tricky sometimes, and that is why beginners take them as something very difficult. But once you get a grip on them, they can be very fun and interesting.

4. Are moguls bad for knees?

A- Moguls can be pretty dangerous for your knees if you don’t know how to maintain your stance. Many skiers face knee injuries while skiing moguls and the primary reason behind them is their stance. So to avoid knee injuries, make sure to practice a lot before going full-on mode.

5. Do skiers create moguls?

A- Certainly, skiers themselves are the culprits behind creating the vast bumps and moguls. That is where they also start facing trouble passing them. The thing is, as soon as they ride through a particular path, they push some snow behind them through the ski and the pole; that is what creates the snow piles. And over time, that pile turns into the moguls.


Nothing is really easy; you will have to work hard on everything you want to achieve. So if you want to get better at skiing moguls, you will have to practice and enhance your skills. It might take you weeks before you get hold of everything, but it will be worth it in the end. 

Mitchelle Lynn