17 Types Of Skiing Events: The Breakdown!

If you think that skiing is only limited to fun and casual adventure, then no, you are quite wrong here. Just like countless professional sports in the world, skiing is also a professional sport that is being played all over the world. All of the significant skiing events are held in the winter Olympics, and that is where you can see how professional players perform and how they compete with each other.

But have you ever wondered what types of events are there when it comes to skiing? Are there simple races between the people, or are there hurdles to go through the path to win? Well, that is precisely why I am here to discuss the different types of skiing events and see what professional skiing events include. So let’s have a complete breakdown and evaluate the things further.

How many categories are there in skiing events?

Before we move on and check out what are the events, it is essential to know what the root categories of those events are. So here are the five root categories that include all the professional skiing events.

  1. Alpine
  2. Freestyle
  3. Cross Country
  4. Ski Jumping
  5. Nordic

Now each of these categories includes different events, and that is what we are going to discuss now!

The events included in Alpine Skiing!

Following are the events that are included in alpine skiing:

.1. Downhill skiing

Downhill skiing is unquestionably one of the most popular types of skiing, and that is why it is also included in the alpine skiing category. All of the racers or skiers simply have to go down the hill at an incredible speed to compete and win the race. Do note that the elevation of downhill skiing is relatively high, and skiers only get one chance to cross the whole path.

2. Slalom

Slalom is the event where skiers have to showcase their turning abilities. There are around 50 gates on the path that the skiers have to doge and make their way out till the end. But due to the compaction and complexity, the racers are divided into two paths so that it won’t be difficult for them to dodge the gates. 

3.Giant Slalom

Just like its name suggests, this event is exactly the same as the slalom; it just includes more gates and a wider path. Wider path allows the skiers to ski at a very high speed, and that is what makes it very difficult for them to dodge the gates anywhere on the path.

4. Super G

As I have stated earlier, downhill skiing includes quite high racing speeds, whereas slalom includes gates to doge. Well, if we talk about Super G, it is the perfect combo of them both. Skiers have to dodge the gates and make crazy turns on the downhill course. It can be challenging to make sharp turns and avoid the obstacles during the whole path.  

The events included in Freestyle Skiing!

Following are some of the events included in freestyle skiing!

1. Aerials:

Have you ever dreamed of performing acrobatic jumps while skiing? Well, aerials are what allow you to do so. You have to perform the best possible acrobatic jumps and make sure to keep everything perfect for getting good scores.

2. Mogul

Mogul is simply a bumpy ride where you can jump and avoid the moguls as per your likings and preferences. Check our Guide “How To Ski Moguls Like A Pro

3. Ski Cross

Ski cross is definitely one of the most fun ski events as you have to pass the man-made obstacles and reach the finish line first to win.

4. Slopestyle

This is where things start getting messy. Skiers have to go through the rails, bumps, pipes, boxes, jumps, and much more in order to win this event.

5. Halfpipe

Skiers simply have to launch on the half pipes and have to offer the best techniques and landing style in order to get the most points and win.

The events included in Cross Country Skiing!

Cross country skiing includes only a few events, and they are mentioned below!

1. Team and Individual Sprint:

Skiers simply have to race for the finish line in order to win. As for the team sprints, the team has to complete multiple laps. They have to do it before any other team does to get the victory.

2. Relay races

Relay races require the skiers to complete a track and pass on the responsibility to another teammate. This goes on till the finish line is reached.

The events included in Ski Jumping!

Ski jumping includes three events, and they are as follows:

1. Individual jump:

Skiers have to jump over 90m hills and make the most significant possible jump in order to win.

2. Individual significant jump:

In this event, skiers have to jump over the 120m hill and make the longest jump to win.

3. Team jump:

This event includes multiple team members, and they have to jump over a big hill. In the end, the actual aggregate of all the team members is counted.

The events included in Nordic!

Nordic events are usually a mixture of previous events we have seen before. So let’s check what they have got!

1. Casual Hill Gunderson:

Skiers have to jump over the 90m hill and then continue racing towards the finish line in order to win.

2. Large Hill Gunderson:

Skiers have to jump over the 120m hill and then again race to the finish line.

3. Team Hill Gunderson:

Yes, in this event, a whole team has to jump over the 120m hill. After that, they have to race to the finish line in order to win.

Do skiing events only happen in the Olympics?

No, ski events also take place by the country’s organizations. But indeed, they are not really recognized by the whole world. In short, the events that actually get the light from the international media where the entire world takes part is the Olympics.

The Verdict!

If you actually want to pursue your career as a skier, then you would surely want to take a look at all the events again. Some of them might seem really hard, but the practice is what you would need. So understand them, determine their mechanics, and see what you can do!

Mitchelle Lynn