What Is A Magic Carpet Lift In Skiing? [Explained]

Are you a beginner who is trying to explore skiing and many of its aspects? Have you not ski before in your entire life? Are you wondering if you can ever ski just like the professionals? If yes, then you might have heard about using magic carpets. Many skiers suggest magic carpets to first-time skiers and tell them to practice on them. But the question is, what actually it is? What does a magic carpet do and why should beginners use it?

Magic carpet lift is a simple conveyor belt having a particular length that is integrated into the snow. Magic belts are easier to use as they allow the skiers to have a smooth and effortless experience with their skis. That is why magic belts are commonly used for first-time skiers or even kids.

You might still have many questions roaming around your mind making you go mad, so let me explain some crucial aspects in detail. Make sure to read everything briefly to understand how things work.

What is a magic carpet lift in skiing?

As I have stated earlier, magic carpet lifts do not really offer something very extraordinary, and they are quite simple too. You just have to step up on the carpet provided, balance yourself, and then try to keep your posture correct throughout the ride.

If we talk about the belt in the magic carpet lift, it is a usual conveyor belt, made of rubber or any other material to support your weight and offer you a smooth experience. Due to its durability, you can easily stand on it without facing any hurdles.

Do note that there are different types of magic carpet lifts that you can find in different ski resorts. Not only that, but magic carpets also come in different lengths that might affect your experience. If you are thinking about what those different types of magic carpet lifts are, then let’s check them out!

What is a magic carpet lift in skiing?

Different types of magic carpet lifts!

Following are the different types of magic carpets lifts that you should know about!

1. Short Magic Carpet Lifts

This is the type of magic carpet lift that would probably be suitable only for children aging 8-15. Do you know why that is? It is solely because of the length. Short magic carpet lifts are really short when it comes to their lengths, having a range between 30-40 ft and that is why only children can enjoy that much shorter rides.

If you are over 18, I would recommend you to check the other types and see if they are feasible for you. And yes, remember that most short magic carpet lifts do not come with a rail. So you might try to learn how to balance yourself with skis on a magic carpet, that too, without any type of support. After that, you can simply move on to further levels.

2. Railed Magic Carpet Lifts

These are the magic carpet lifts that would be suitable for the skiers who are looking forward to enjoying long rides in a wider area. If you still don’t know how to balance yourself while skiing, then don’t worry, as these magic carpet lifts come with rails. 

You can either go down without holding the rails, but if you want a kind of support, you can simply hold the rails and then ski down. But holding skis is not really an idle thing for any person who wants to ski on snow.

You will have to learn how to balance yourself and rails won’t really help you to do so. If we talk about the length of the railed magic carpet lifts, then they are stretched through the whole mountains for the skiers to ski on.

3.Tunnel Magic Carpet Lifts

If you are looking for a very different environment to ski on, then tunnel magic carpet lifts are for you. Just like their name suggests, tunnel magic carpet lifts offer a big tunnel to cover you on your whole ride. It is not really necessary that you would have to go through an underground tunnel, but some ski resorts might offer you ground-level tunnels having a glass or PVC-made tunnel on top of you.

And yes, tunnel magic carpet lifts are quite great in length too. You can try them out to change the same skiing style and try a new thing.

How do you ride a magic carpet ski?  

Following are some of the steps that can help you ride on a magic carpet lift!

1. Wear your equipment and ready the skis

Make sure to prepare everything including your clothing and protective gear. It will ensure that you will not face injuries even if you fall. After wearing everything, make sure your skis are good to go and everything is perfect and in the best condition.

2. Wear your skis (Near the magic carpet lift)

If you are a beginner, then I would suggest you wear the skis right around the magic carpet lift. This will allow you not to ski any further to reach the carpet and you will be right there after wearing them.

3. Balance yourself and hop onto the lift

Now you will have to correct your posture even before stepping up on the lift. So balance yourself, and when you are sure that you are balanced, hop onto the lift.

4. Keep your posture corrected

This might be the hardest part for some, but it really can be very easy. All you will have to do is keep your posture corrected throughout the lift until you reach the area to ski. If it is really hard for you to balance your skis, the only option left for you would be to hold down the rails. If there are no rails available, you will have to be courageous and do your best to keep yourself balanced. 

How much does a magic carpet ski lift cost?

Finally, how much would you really have to pay to ride on a magic carpet ski lift? Well, the price of magic carpet ski lifts range from resorts to resorts, but you can expect to pay anywhere between $20 and $50. Do note that you might get the prices cheaper off-season or when there are fewer skiers at the resort. And yes, locations also play a critical role in defining the price. 

The verdict!

So this is how magic carpet lift works when it comes to skiing. If you have ever been on a stairlift, just remember that magic carpets work in the same way. The only difference is that you have skis under you rather than the fancy shoes. 

Mitchelle Lynn