Why Are Ski Lift Tickets So Expensive? Top 3 Reasons

With every single day passed, skiing is becoming an expensive sport going out of the range of a casual person. All the things that are involved in making skiing better are so costly that you might have to save money for a whole year in order to get them. It has definitely impacted most of the skiers, but the ones who have passion for it, are still going. But the question here is, why are lift tickets so expensive nowadays? Is there any specific reason?

The reason why lift tickets are so expensive is due to the demand, popularity, and limited locations. Skiing is a seasonal sport and is being enjoyed in winters only. Due to this, resorts get flooded with skiers, no matter the location, and that is what increases the lift ticket prices. 

To understand things better, let’s take a brief look at the details and consider the possibilities that might have affected the price of lift tickets!

Top three reasons behind the price hikes of Ski lift tickets!

Why Are Ski Lift Tickets So Expensive

Here are the top three reasons that have played a crucial role in hiking the price of lift tickets. So let’s check what they are!

1. Demand and popularity

One of the reasons why ski lift tickets are so expensive is that the demand has been increasing quite a lot. As soon as people were introduced to the sport, they started exploring the opportunities to enjoy it. There is a simple rule in the current era, anything that is being demanded will be bought, no matter the price. The same case is with skiing as it is being demanded by thousands of people from all over the world. 

In fact, skiers travel from other cities or even countries to ski at the best locations just to fulfill their thrills. So isn’t it pretty obvious why lift tickets have become so expensive?

2. Limited locations

The thing is, unlike many other sports, skiing cannot be done anywhere without any problems. It requires a freezing location covered with snow in order to ski through them. That is where the limitations come in. People try to find the best possible locations that could offer them the best ski tracks. Not only that, but because of these limited locations, the price of lift tickets automatically increases.

3. Maintenance and management

Just so you know, lift tickets are usually provided by the different resorts. Now it is the responsibility of resorts to arrange proper tracks for the skiers, manage the tracks, and design them for the best experience. Not only that, but some resorts also offer professional tracks too with ramps and similar things for a thrilling experience. So the complete maintenance and management of the tracks, along with all the other things, require expense. 

Besides that, the resort might also offer you other services in the lift tickets in order to make the package look good, but of course, it increases the price too. 

What types of lift tickets are there, and which one should you pick?

There are usually three different types of lift tickets that you can get your hands on. Let’s have a look at all of them and see which one would serve you the best.

1. Day pass

Just like its name suggests, a day pass is for the skiers who just want to explore the sport for a single day. But also note that the day passes are the most expensive ones and you will have to spend quite a lot of money for a single day. Single-day passes allow you to ski for a whole day without any restrictions. But as soon as the day ends, so do your adventurous rides. 

2. Weekly pass

Weekly passes are the ones that can offer you slight discounts, and they can also be suitable for regular skiers. Weekly passes also give you a lot of time to explore the sport and learn new tricks and techniques. If you are willing to pursue skiing as a professional or simply want to grow, weekly passes will work best for you.

3. Season pass

If you are explicitly traveling from a different country or a far stretched place, and you can actually spend your whole season at a single location, season passes would be a good pick. Season passes are what offer the best discounts for the customers. You can also get other resort benefits from the season passes, but they are undoubtedly heavy on your pockets.

Average prices of different lift tickets in 2023

If we talk about the average prices of different types of lift tickets in 2023, you can check them below:

  • Day pass: The price of single-day passes range from location to location. But you can actually expect to pay anywhere between $60-$100 for just a single day, depending on the location and circumstances.
  • Weekly pass: Weekly passes are definitely quite expensive, and you will have to spend an average of $300 to get your hands on them. You can also try to look for discounts and offers in order to reduce the price.
  • Season pass: Well, you are getting months of skiing experience, and that is why this pass is massively expensive. On average, season passes are being sold for anywhere between $1000 and $1500. So if you have saved up that much money, you can surely try exploring the opportunity.

Now you will have to decide, according to your preferences, which pass is best for you. 

Should you really consider spending that much on skiing?

Anything you are enthusiastic about is worth spending on. If you really have a passion for skiing, if you get relaxation and thrills while skiing, not only that, but if it refreshes your entire body, then yes, you should consider spending money on skiing. 

But the thing is, you should do research and try to find cheaper solutions. If you cannot find cheap lift tickets, you can try to save money in other aspects. Those aspects might be the equipment, clothes, food, travel, stay, and other things. 

The best way to avoid spending heavily on lift tickets!

If you just do not want to spend that much on lift tickets, then there is a solution that you might like. That solution is to go backcountry skiing and enjoy a seamless experience without any restrictions.

Backcountry skiing can be defined as skiing in an area that does not come under the jurisdiction of any resort. You are precisely free to do whatever you want, and of course, there will be no one to care about you. You will have to spend $0 on lift tickets, and well, isn’t it what you want?

Just do note that there can be some dangers involved in backcountry skiing. The paths will be untouched, you will have to hike all the way to the top of the mountains, and of course, there can be obstacles in your way. So it is better to first find a good location with a suitable path, and then go on a ride with your friends.


1. How much do ski trips cost?

A- If we talk about whole ski trips, they can cost you anywhere around $2000-$3000. This also depends on the location from where you are traveling, the type of resort you have chosen, the luxuries you want, and the number of days you want to ski. 

2. How many days should I ski?

A- If you want to get hold of the sport and learn all the things and scenarios, you should at least ski for three days. If you are actually planning to ski for a single day and think you will be able to enjoy it fully, then no, it is not the case. You will first have to get experience and then enjoy the upcoming days.

3. When’s the best time to go skiing?

A- Ski season usually starts from November and goes till April. Different locations have different snow levels, and that is what decides when the season lasts. You can also visit the resorts anywhere between these months to enjoy skiing to its fullest.

4. Why is skiing so expensive?

A- Lift tickets, travel costs, equipment, gear, clothes, and few other things are what make skiing expensive. It does not precisely matter if you are renting or buying your own gear; you will still have to spend quite a lot in order to have the whole experience of skiing.

5. How much does a beginner ski set cost?

A- Beginner ski sets can cost you around $600-$800, depending on the brand you have chosen. Not only that, but the number of things you are buying along with the clothing, protective gear, goggles, and other things.


It is an undeniable fact that lift tickets have become very expensive. You will yourself have to explore the options and see which type of lift ticket is best for you. If you implement things in the proper manner, you will even be able to save some bucks in the end.

Mitchelle Lynn