Why Is Skiing So Expensive? 4 Ways To Ski On Budget

There are thousands of things you can enjoy in this world, but as soon as the money gets involved, the whole scenario changes. The simple thing is, there is a tiny portion of enthusiasts that are willing to spend thousands of dollars in fulfilling their thrills. And unfortunately, the same case goes with skiing. Skiing has become quite expensive, and that is what is bothering millions of people from all over the world.

Skiing has become expensive due to several reasons that include buying the right equipment, i.e., skis, poles, clothing, boots, helmet, protectors, and various other things. Not only that, but the cost of travel and stay to the suitable locations have drastically increased too.  

Let’s take a brief and extensive look at all the things and see why skiing can cost you quite much and how you can ski at relatively lower prices. 

5 Reasons Why Skiing Can Cost You A Lot Of Money!

Make sure to consider all the points and determine which things are going to consume most of your money!

Why Is Skiing So Expensive

1. The Gear!

If we take a look at the ski gear, it definitely is the thing that costs you the most money. If you are willing to buy your own equipment, you will have to buy the skis, poles, and protective gear too. Skis can cost you anywhere between half a grand to way more than that. If we talk about the poles, they can be bought for a roughly reasonable price, but all the things combined can indeed develop a hefty bill.

Besides that, if you are not planning to compromise on your safety, you will have to buy the best goggles and other protective gear too. Compromising on this aspect won’t really be a good idea, because it concerns your health and safety.

2. Clothes and wearables

Can you really expect to go ski without any proper clothes according to the situation? Probably not! The temperatures around skiing areas can be freezing cold. Not only that, but skiing can make it even worse due to the quick movements. That is why you have to buy proper clothes including jackets, mufflers, t-shirts, pants, hats, socks, gloves, and a few other things. One thing to note here is that all of these things should be compatible with intense cold and can cost you relatively higher.

Other than that, you also have to get your hands on proper boots and even heated socks if you want. So keeping all these critical things in mind, the clothing is quite expensive too.

3. Travel and Staying costs

Until or unless you live in the mountains from where you can jump and go for a ski ride, you will have to pay for travel and stays. It also depends on your location, where you live, and how much you will have to travel. You will, of course, have to pay a reasonable fee for traveling long distances as compared to short trips.

As for the resorts, hotels, and food, you will again have to take your wallet out to get the things sorted.

4. Lift tickets

Lift tickets can be a lot heftier than you think. The reason why lift tickets are so expensive in 2021 is that they offer multiple things at a single price. You usually get a resort, skiing equipment, clothing, and even food for the whole day or the time period you have chosen. 

As all the only things have been expensive all along, it is pretty apparent that the lift tickets would be costly too. But, still, it is a good option rather than spending separately that might cost you a little more.

5. Ski lessons

If you really think you can just go around and start skiing without any type of problems, then you are definitely wrong. skiing requires expertise, experience, skills, and focus in order to succeed. If you precisely want to learn it professionally, you will have to consult a professional. And well, skiing lessons can be pretty costly.

The reason why skiing lessons can be so expensive is that skiing is a unique sport. It indeed is not very popular like other sports, including football or basketball. The lesson demand can also vary from time to time, and that is what makes the whole thing expensive. 

Is skiing really only for rich people, or is there a way to save money?

If we take a look at all the things included in skiing, it definitely seems to be a sport for rich people. Downhill skiing can be even expensive, and all the price hikes have made even the basic rides troublesome.

Not only that, there are even specific resorts and paths developed for rich people to ski and enjoy the moments. If we talk about where the billionaires ski along with celebrities and other wealthy people, most of the resorts are located in Europe. Those resorts undoubtedly offer to outclass services, and those services can only be afforded by those rich people.

But does it mean you should give up on your dream? No! There are some ways to make skiing cheaper, and let’s know how to do that!

How to save money and make skiing affordable?

Skiing can definitely be worth saving money for if you could follow all the things mentioned below!

1. Do not buy; instead, rent!

If you don’t really want to spend thousands of dollars buying everything related to skiing, you can simply rent them. Renting the gear and equipment will surely save you a lot of money, and you will be able to enjoy the sport with fewer hassles.

2. Do not overspend on clothes

Do note that you are skiing for your own enjoyment, not to impress others with your looks. So it is better not to go with expensive brands to buy shiny jackets and other stuff. Just keep the things on a budget, and you will be able to save a lot of money.

3. Opt for cheap options

Instead of using first-class traveling options, you can go with economic tickets and save a lot of money for traveling. The same case can be implemented for the resort you are staying in. You can go with the cheapest option, do not spend massively on food, and you will be good to go.

4. Go for all-in-one options, if available

If you are opting for the all-in-one options through your resort, you will be provided with the food, stay, rented equipment, and few other things. On average, a ski trip can cost you more than $200. You can bring it even lower if you opt for the suitable options at the right time.


1. Is skiing the most expensive sport?

A- No, skiing is not the most expensive sport in the world. There are other sports that outperform skiing in terms of expense. But there is no denying that skiing is “one of the” most expensive sports you can be attracted to.

2. How much is a day of skiing?

A- You can expect to pay anywhere between $100-$200 for a single day of skiing. It also depends on the location you are skiing in, the rent, the resort, and the other services.

3. Is skiing a luxury sport?

A- Skiing can be considered a luxury sport due to its nature and the costs involved. But if you can follow the tips mentioned above, you can easily save a lot of money and make it affordable.

4. Is skiing a waste of money?

A- Definitely not! Everything you are an enthusiast about can never be a waste of money as long as you are enjoying it. But indeed, if you are spending on skiing rather than the current needs, you might find skiing a burden on your pocket. 

5. Is it cheaper to buy skis or rent?

A- In most cases, it is cheaper to rent skis. If you are not actually a frequent skier, you will undoubtedly consider renting a ski a more feasible option than buying a complete set. Besides that, you will have to spend a couple of hundred bucks to get your hands on a pair of skis.


Conclusively, there is no doubt that skiing is expensive. But the thing is, it can be made affordable if you are willing to do some research and spend your time finding the best things. So consider all the things and see how you can fulfill your craze for skiing without going bankrupt.

Mitchelle Lynn