Top 8 Best Mogul Skis For The Season 2024 – Expert Picks

Skiing in itself is such a thrilling activity that sometimes, enjoying it as a hobby may not be enough. If I speak for myself, going out to ski once in a while was fun, but after some time, it wasn’t stimulating enough.

Going to the same ski course and making the same turns was great for practice, but it wasn’t stimulating enough to look forward to each trail. Looking for different ski lodges and undiscovered tracks is also fun at first, but that too becomes boring.

Going out of your way to search for natural ski trails sounds like a fun trip to make, but if you’ve done this before, you would know that most trips end up taking so long to cover that by the time you reach your destination, you end up being so exhausted that it sounds better to go back home. 

If this sounds similar to you, perhaps you have already looked up and are interested in mogul skiing. Mogul skiing is a competition designed to challenge skiers and keep them on their toes at all times.

Below are eight mogul skis rated and analyzed precisely to ensure your next skiing competition ends with an award in your hands!

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8 Best Skis For Moguls In 2024 -Quick Overview

06/06/2024 12:27 am GMT

1. K2 Press Skis 2020 – Men’s – Best Overall


  1. DuraCap Construction
  2. All-Terrain Twin Rocker
  3. Lightweight And Resilient 
  4. Carbon Boost Braid

The 2020 version of the K2 Press Skis is a fantastic pair to grab for beginners in mogul skiing. They’re great if you have experience in skiing but have yet to dip your toes in competitive skiing and aren’t that skilled in professional techniques.

These skis are made with DuraCap Construction, making them durable in design and long-lasting for quite a long time. Aside from that, they’re excellent for mogul skiing as they stay firm for rough trips and tricky maneuvers that a regular snowboard and ski poles would probably not be able to withstand.

These come with twin tip rockers, making them quite appreciable if you like doing special tricks, such as a landing switch.

Personally, one of the best features of these skis is that they’re so light and bendy that making turns is more accessible, and you will not have to worry about breaking them either, allowing you to focus on your skiing moves rather than the condition of your skis.

Although this is a great purchase overall, there are still some features that aren’t that great. For example, the decals on the skis may scratch down, primarily if you use them for mogul skiing, which can be pretty disheartening if you buy a new pair and the sticker peels off right after your first session.

Best Overall
K2 2020 Press Skis (139 cm)
  • Great pair of twin tip skis
  • Light and easy to turn
  • Excel in glades and moguls
  • Edges provide a deep carve
  • Recommended for advanced skiers
  • Decal may scratch with aggressive skiing
  • Slow in powder
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2. Volkl 2020 Kendo 88 Skis – Runner Up


  1. Carbon Tips
  2. Tip And Tail Rocker
  3. Multi-Layer Woodcore
  4. Titanal Frame

If you’re the kind of person that likes to ski for the thrill and feel of the wind whipping in your face and everything moving past you in a colorful blur, these skis might just become your best friend. The Volkl 2020 Kendo 88 Skis are made especially for speed with an edge grip built to impress. 

If you’re more aggressive and agile on the ski trail and are looking for a pair of skis that compliment your personality, give these a try. I took these out for a mogul skiing competition, and every bend and curve that used to intimidate me became more like a challenge rather than a dead-end holding me back.

Mogul skiing competitions usually consist of challenging courses and snow trails with mounts and bumps. These skis could be a significant venture if you participate in competitions regularly. Since these are so lightweight, it’s much easier to make large jumps without feeling like the skis are holding you down or that you made a move too early than you should have. 

However, a detail that I didn’t like about these was that they could be incredibly demanding. It may be difficult to maneuver these with ease and agility if you’re not as aggressive and physically strong.

Runner Up
Volkl 2020 Kendo 88 Skis (170)
  • Fantastic ski for all-mountain use
  • Great on ice and packed snow
  • Flexes nicely in bumps
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Good at high-speed carving
  • Recommended for advanced to expert skiers
  • Innovative design with rocker, camber, and 3D side cut
  • May not perform well in deep powder
  • Not suitable for beginners
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3. Volkl 2019 Kendo 88 Skis – Premium Pick


  1. 90mm Underfoot
  2. Lighter Tip And Tail Working
  3. Edge Grip And Titanal Layer
  4. Rockered And Lighter Tip And Tail

Mogul skis are usually made to power through off-piste and on-piste snowy trails. These skis do not disappoint when it comes to rough terrain, and it is a reasonably versatile set to have in your storage when it comes to making twists and turns.

It is very agile, and the build makes it highly desirable for speedy adventures. It can easily be used for long and short turns and withstand tricks of any kind, making it a steal for mogul skiing.

A feature that might be annoying for some skiers is that it comes with a pretty narrow board. Although this would be pretty helpful in making sharp cuts, it might not be that favorable for freestyle ski trips, which are usually what mogul ski competitions consist of.

Premium Pick
Volkl 2019 Kendo Skis (170)
  • More advanced than expected
  • Good all-around ski for all mountain use
  • Wonderful snow ski
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4. Rossignol Experience 80 Cl Men Skis


  1. All-Terrain Rocker
  2. HD Core
  3. Carbon Insert
  4. Central Sidewall
  5. Air Tip Vas

These skis come with an All-Terrain Rocker, making them a great purchase if you don’t restrict yourself to one condition. It’ll give you the same response in mountainous regions as well as smooth snowy trails. 

With an Air Tip Vas technology, the Rossignol Experience 80 CI Men’s Skis allows the user to ski freely under any dangerous situation without having to worry about hurting themselves or breaking the skis.

These are awesome for a beginner as they come with an HD Core that dampens the vibrations of the skis to let you have a smoother and less wobbly ride. Along with that, it’s pretty easy to maneuver, making it quite commendable for intermediate skiers that aren’t that experienced in controlling a ski.

I had an issue with this product because it comes with an All-terrain rocker; it isn’t that useful for mogul courses since it works well under groomed conditions. This means it probably won’t be that great of a product for advanced skiers who look for a more challenging and freestyle situation.

5. K2 244 Mogul Skis


  1. Aspen Wood Core
  2. Triaxial Fiberglass Braiding
  3. DuraCap Construction
  4. Mogul-Specific Build

If your main reason for buying mogul skis is to dominate mogul competitions and bring home all the awards you can get, your search is over. The K2 244 Mogul Skis are a splendid pair to grab with their mogul-specific build.

These are more robust than regular skis, and their wooden build provides a more firm approach, increasing power and strength for the skier. Along with that, it also allows a better level of flex as compared to traditional skis.

These skis come with an All-Terrain Rocker, allowing you to breeze through various conditions without having to worry about damaging your skis. Additionally, these come with DuraCap Construction which is terrific if you prefer not being particularly aggressive while controlling your skis. These are durable, along with a core that absorbs impact quite quickly, all while being lightweight.

While using these to ski, I found that they aren’t that significant for bigger skiers, which means you will probably have to keep looking if you are someone with a larger than average build. However, these are made with Triaxial Fiberglass Braiding and dense wood, which makes it feel heftier and make the skis feel larger.

K2 244 Mens Skis 163cm
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06/06/2024 12:27 am GMT

6. Rossignol 2020 Hero Mogul Accelere JR Skis


  1. Engineered explicitly For Mogul Skiing
  2. On-Trail Rocker

The Rossignol 2020 Hero Mogul Accelere JR Skis are an excellent snatch for intermediate skiers. They’re specially made for mogul skiing- as depicted by their name- making them great for rougher and more brutal surfaces than piste paths.

If you’re particularly aggressive or are looking for a mogul-specific pair of skis, these skis may be a great choice to make for advanced and intermediate skiers alike. This pair allows you to keep a balanced control of power and mobility while skiing as well!

The addition of an On-Trail Rocker is excellent because it lets the user maneuver and makes themselves in the snow pretty quickly, along with making turning smoother. This feature is also helpful with keeping the skier on powder, all while staying soft and lightweight!

I find it pretty disappointing that these skis don’t come with more considerable size variations, as only skiers with a more petite build would be able to have fun with these.

Along with that, if you take these out on mogul courses or any area with unpredictable twists and turns, you will not be able to keep in control for long since it’s not that great when it comes to making short and sharp turns.

Budget Pick

7. Line 2020 Blend Skis


  1. All Mountain Style
  2. Central Mounting Point
  3. Wide Width
  4. Blunted Tips And Tails

These skis are a great catch regardless of what type of snow you’re dealing with. It performs well on-piste and off-piste paths alike. It is also great for beginners who want the feel of riding in rough terrain without physically being there.

With a broader width, the Line 2020 Blend Skis are a superb option for skiers who prefer a smoother ride, all with a good amount of float. The blunted tips and tails allow users to feel a reduced swing weight, which is especially helpful and handy for doing neat tricks and dodging curves.

These are fantastic for mogul skiing. Since they’re so easy to guide and maneuver, any sort of mogul course thrown at them can be easy to ski through, 

Although this is an excellent purchase for beginners, these skis are not that favorable for a more advanced and experienced audience. It does not allow a lot of speed, which means that the second you start going fast, the skis will wobble with vibration and throw your momentum off.

Line 2020 Blend 178cm Skis
  • Very durable
  • High-quality materials
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8. Rossignol Sky 7 HD Skis 2018


  1. Edge Grip
  2. Accessible
  3. Redesigned Air Tip 2.0
  4. Paulownia Wood core

The Rossignol Sky 7 HD is a remarkable pair of skis to grab for several reasons. If you’re a fan of doing tricks on the snow, this might be the one for you. It’s relatively lightweight, all while being sturdy enough, so you don’t lose your balance and footing.

I took these with me to ski in the woods, and they appeared to be relatively quick and nimble. I made fast turns quickly without feeling like the skis would break or give away with pressure. 

The sidewall construction of these skis is pretty impressive, with a vast layering of core materials. Along with that, this pair is also great when it comes to making sharp and smooth turns, with its excellent wood core providing agility with all while keeping it playful and easy.

In terms of length, it comes on the shorter side, so you might have some trouble handling it if you’re on the larger side. Additionally, if speed is your best friend, Rossignol Sky 7 HD may disappoint since the tip and tail positioning makes the skis wobble and chatter if you pick up speed.

Rossignol Sky 7 HD Skis 2018-180cm
  • Light
  • Maneuverable
  • Floats
  • Good for off-piste
  • Can improve performance
  • Not suitable for early entry carved turns
  • Lacks energy
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What are Mogul Skis, and why do you need them?

Mogul courses are freestyle skiing tracks made for exceptionally skilled skiers. If you’re looking for a change in your routine and want to challenge yourself- which is perhaps why you’ve read the article this far- you should look into buying some mogul skis. 

These skis are a little more complex and tricky to operate than your typical ski poles and snowboard. Mogul skis are built to tackle rough terrain while allowing the user to perform tricks and various moves.

Since regular ski spots are either patted down into smooth snow manually or through everyday use, it might not be that exhilarating to ski anymore, which is when mogul skis come into play.

These skis are built to be under pressure and power through off-piste tracks easily. However, if you are interested in skiing on rocky and unpredictable paths, you must be skilled at it. Since mogul skis are made for demanding trails, it takes a lot of agility and precision to make each turn.

Things To Consider Before Buying Mogul Skis

If you are new to skiing and buying skis, buying mogul skis can be an intimidating process that may take a long time to master. To make sure that none of your money goes to waste and you know exactly what you’re looking for, here are a couple of features you should keep in mind before purchasing a pair of mogul skis:

1. Core Layerings

One of the most important things to look for when buying skis is to make sure they come with a good and sturdy core. A hefty wood core will provide agility on any course you go to and give you the appropriate amount of buckle and flex to ground the skier but not pull them downwards.

An Aspen Wood core would be a great addition if you’re on the shorter side and feel as though any ski you try on seems too large and heavy for you. Aspen creates a lighter ski by reducing its overall weight, all while being durable.

Paulownia-based cores will provide you with an edge, especially when it comes to moguled courses. They create a more robust and sturdier base for skis, allowing you to power through trails quickly. If you’re particularly aggressive in skiing and find yourself breaking skis a little too frequently, I suggest getting a pair that comes with a Paulownia wood core. 

Structured layers are also a great pick. For example, a Carbon Fiber ski is fantastic for agile skiers who prefer a lightweight ski that reduces the load of a wider ski. Titanal layers should be your go-to when it comes to stability and glide speed. 

2. Length of the Ski Board

While the buildup of the skis is essential to note down, it is also crucial to note down the length of the skis. Shorter skis are considerably easier to manage than longer ones, as they will give you a better balance and control, so you’d be able to maneuver them quickly, which is pretty essential for unpredictable and freestyle mogul courses. 

3. Width of the Ski Board

A ski board on the narrower side is advantageous for skiing in mogul and freestyle courses. Mogul Skiing requires the skier to move with agility and think fast to ski through unpredictable and dangerous courses. Skis of the skinnier side are the perfect fit for sharp curves and turns. 

Even if you don’t know what width of a skiboard is perfect for you, due to the rise in fame for mogul skiing, many ski brands are making mogul-specific boards you can easily choose from without worrying about the technicalities. 

4. The flex of the Skis

Aside from the build and profile of your skis, it is also essential that the buckles are sturdy enough to hold you up and ensure that they won’t hold you down.

A guide I always follow is that the buckle should make me feel like the skiboard is an extension of my body rather than a piece of attire. A comfortable flex is also necessary, especially for mogul skis. If you are constantly distracted by your buckle, you will not be able to keep your head in the game and may lose balance or make quick decisions.

The Final Verdict

Buying a mogul ski can be a pretty tricky road to walk through, but if you have considerable experience in skiing usually, you probably already know what suits you best and what does not.

All you need to do is keep your priorities in mind and try asking around for advice from experienced mogul skiers. On top of that, if you are looking to buy your first mogul ski, it is better to go out and search for them physically rather than buying them online for numerous reasons. 

The feel of the material could be unfavorable, the buckle and flex could be too tight or too loose for your feet, or the core and profile could not compliment your build and body type, as well as you thought it could.

Regardless of how much experience you have and how you buy your skis, you will find the best ski for you once you start looking!

Mitchelle Lynn