Top 7 Best Snowboard Stomp Pads In 2024

Snowboard stamps are an often overlooked gear by most snowboarders. This is especially so amongst expert riders. However, this gear comes in handy for amateur riders. They are designed to provide great grip and traction for your snowboarding boots when trying to learn new tricks on the slope.

Stomp pads come in different shapes, designs, and sizes to meet your needs and preferences. I recommend placing them at the center of your snowboard for greater board control. They can, however, also be attached just before your back foot binding area.

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The need for a snowboard stomp pad also depends on your board design. If your snowboard is glossy, a snowboard stamp will greatly help stability and control.

However, with the emergence of textured snowboard surfaces, you do not necessarily need a snowboard stamp if that is the snowboard design you settle for. It can, however, still come in handy in scraping snow from your snowboarding boots, even when using textured boards.

Commonly referred to as deck grips or traction pads, snowboard stomp pads come in the form of a grippy sticker attached to your snowboard’s top surface. There are 4 distinct types of snowboard stamps in the market. These include:

Foam Stomp Pad – These stomp pads are very affordable and are preferred by many because you are able to cut and shape them to your liking. The material used is also very easy to cut through, making it an easy-to-use option. These pads also help to provide you with great stability when riding.

Rubber Stomp Pads – These stomp pads are easily accessible and are perfect for landing jumps and learning tricks on rails and boxes. This is because they are highly flexible due to the rubber material used. Rubber stomp pads are usually quite durable.

Metal Studded Stomp Pads – These are the best type of stomp pads in the market, in my opinion. They feature a tall profile, and the studs are individually placed. This ensures that they do not impact the board’s flex. You can also place the studs according to the design that works best for you.

Skate rails – These come in the form of two thin rails that you place right next to your detachable foot bindings. They provide sufficient traction for snowboarding and are a great alternative to stomp pads.

As a snowboard instructor, there are a few factors I advise my students to look at before making a stomp pad purchase. Critically looking at the traction, material, size, and pricing will help you settle for the best choice of stomp pads for you.

Selecting the right choice of stomp pad will help protect you from slips and falls on the icy slope, which may cause injuries. They also help you to enjoy your snowboarding experience better. You are sure to find yourself snowboarding for extended periods with this accessory.

With lots of stomp pads in the market, it may be hard selecting the right stomp pad for yourself. Using the criteria outlined above, I have developed a list of the top 7 stomp pads I have tried and tested that provide excellent performance while snowboarding in 2024. 

7 Best Snowboard Stomp Pads In 2024

I hope this will help you make a more informed choice when purchasing.

Snowboard Stomp Pads Preview Price
Dakine Modular Mat Stomp Pad Best Overall Snowboard Stomp Pad Check Price
XCMAN 4 Layer-Cone Studs Runner Up Snowboard Stomp Pads Check Price
One Ball Jay Game Boy Stomp Pad Best Design Snowboard Stomp Pads Check Price
Dakine Spike Stomp Pad Dakine Spike Stomp Pad Check Price
Burton Split Mat Stomp Pad Burton Split Mat Stomp Pad Check Price
Dakine Pyramid Stomp Pad Dakine Pyramid Stomp Pad Check Price
Rhino Valley Snowboard Stomp Pad Rhino Valley Snowboard Stomp Pad Check Price

Do Snowboarders Still Use Stomp Pads? 

Yes, stomp pads are still in use. I have a love-hate relationship with this snowboarding accessory. But love or hate them, they offer excellent performance in providing extra traction for your snowboard.

Stomp pads are more helpful for beginners since they are yet to master all snowboarding skills, such as one-footed riding; they also come in handy in backcountry terrain most frequented by expert snowboarders. They help to get rid of the heavy snow build-up on your shoes in deep powder conditions.

Choosing whether to use a stomp pad is, however, fully a matter of preference, especially with the development of textured boards which can provide better grip. I, however, always recommend that one use them where possible due to the high intensity and vigorous movements that snowboarding comes with.

What Do Stomp Pads Do On A Snowboard?

There are several benefits that you get to enjoy when you choose to use stomp pads. Some of these include:


Stomp pads are very helpful when chair lifting. It helps to provide a great grip when trying to get off the lift and move to the side of the trail. They also provide extra stability while riding and performing box and rail tricks.

Snow Scraping

It can be quite challenging to scrape off snow with your mittens or gloves on. Clipping your snowboarding boots into your bindings when they are full of snow is not recommended. Stomp pads are useful for scraping the snow out of your boots without removing your gloves in these harsh winter conditions.


Moving around a flat surface or a mountain requires you to ride using one foot. It is easy to fall and slip when making this move. Stomp pads provide the necessary support and traction to avoid falling and injuring yourself while moving on these flat surfaces.


Given that most stomp pads allow you to choose how you place and shape them, they provide you with a chance to design your snowboard uniquely.  Stomp pads are affordable, so you can play around with different shapes and patterns whenever you feel the need to.

With this in mind, I hope you will be more open to using stomp pads while snowboarding and understand their importance in this winter sport.

1 . Dakine Modular Mat Stomp Pad – Best Overall

  • Comes with a scraping barnDurablenEco-friendlynDoes not affect the board’s flexnWide variety of optionsnCan be customizednModular designn
  • Features a low profile that easily gets congested with snownCan be challenging to line up the modular sectionsn

This stomp pad is made of plastic material and is a great option for backcountry snowboarders. This is because it includes a scraping bar mounted at the center to help you get rid of any ice that may have stuck to your boots before riding.

It comes in different patterns and colors to suit your style. This modular is sustainable since it is made using eco-friendly material. It utilizes a peel-and-stick adhesive during placement. Though I love it in black, it also comes in a clear version which helps maintain your board’s graphics.

In order to get maximum holding power from this stomp pad after attachment, ensure that you apply heat to both sides of the stomp pad. This helps it to stick better on your board, providing better traction and grip while snowboarding.

2 . XCMAN 4 Layer-Cone Studs – Runner Up

  • Anodic oxidation treatmentn3M adhesives for perfect gripnHigh-qualitynAllows for customization nExcellent tractionn
  • Cleaning pad that comes with package could ruin your board’s graphic

This stomp pad is made of aluminum material, and its surface is treated to avoid oxidation. It utilizes 3M adhesives to ensure it firmly sticks to your board. The raised ridges on the metal studs provide excellent traction and help you to scrap the snow off your boots.

This stomp pad is quite large, providing enough grid for your board while still ensuring it fits perfectly.  This stomp pad provides a great grip to ensure you stay on your board while maintaining a high-quality profile.

The XCMAN 4 Layer-Cone Stud stomp pad has 9 configurable pieces you can customize according to your needs and preference. This stomp pad is your best bet if you need maximum traction on your next ride on the slopes.

3 . One Ball Jay Game Boy Stomp Pad – Best Design

  • Stylish designnVersatilenProvides great tractionnLightweightnSpikes are well polished to avoid tearing into clothingnPressure sensitive adhesivenEasy to apply and usen
  • Has a relatively lower quality build than other models in this review

This stomp pad is made of rubber material and features a retro design that I love. One Ball Jay Game stomp pad provides you with the extra traction required in snowboarding, such as chairlifts. This stomp pad is lightweight in design and features 7mm which works to provide an excellent grip for your boots.

The spikes are designed with a smooth finish to ensure that they do not catch onto your clothes or mittens and end up tearing them. It is a fan favorite for gaming enthusiasts. This model is very easy to apply and use.

The stomp pad utilizes a pressure-sensitive adhesive that keeps the stomp pad in place no matter the top design of your board surface. Ensure that your board is clean, dry, and warm before placing the stomp pad. Leave it to cure for at least 12 hours before your first use.

4 . Dakine Spike Stomp Pad

  • ValuenMolded spike patternnCan be customizednTall profile is great for snow scrapingn2-year warrantynEasy to usen
  • None so far

This stomp pad is made from 100% TPU and features a molded spike pattern that provides maximum traction when chairlifting. It is designed in sections you can cut and place or design according to your needs and preference.

It utilizes peel-and-stick adhesives for attachment. It features a tall profile because of the design of the spikes. This helps to scrape snow off your boots that build up in deep powder conditions. 

This product also features a 2-year warranty in case of manufacturer defect, providing value for your money. Ensure you clean and dry the board’s surface well. Heat the board’s surface before placing your stomp pad to ensure maximum holding strength.

5 . Burton Split Mat Stomp Pad

  • Reputable brand nCan be customizednStylishnComes with peel and stick adhesivesn1-year warrantyn
  • Plastic material does not allow for great flexibility

Burton is a well-trusted and reputable brand that has invested in over 40 years of winter sports gear innovation. This two-piece stomp mat is made of plastic material. The Burton split mat allows you to customize it in accordance with your foot positioning. 

 It boasts quite a stylish look with dimensional four-point stars, which adds grip in case of snow build-up. The Burton slip mat features 3M peel-and-stick adhesives that provide a perfect hold for the stomp pad. It also comes with a 1-year warranty.

6 . Dakine Pyramid Stomp Pad

  • Easy to apply studsnComes with adhesivesnDurablenNano charcoal moisture absorbernThe studs do not occupy too much spacen2-year warrantyn
  • Limited color options

This stomp pad is made of 100% zinc and aluminum alloy. This material gives it a glossy finish. 9 studs come fitted in the pack. Each stud has an adhesive stuck on it  which makes the stomp pad really easy to apply on your snowboard.

You can get as creative as you like with this stomp pad. It is very durable and has great adherence to the board’s surface. They do not occupy too much room on your board which is something many snowboarding enthusiasts appreciate.

This stomp pad also features a charcoal-based moisture-absorbing layer for your snowboard boots. The stomp pad is offered in chrome, brass, or black finishing. This stomp pad model also features a 2-year warranty.

7 . Rhino Valley Snowboard Stomp Pad

  • Large size nGreat tractionnRaised bumps can scrape snow offnHigh-quality materialnCold and frost resistantnDurablenSelf-adhesiven
  • Limits customizationnMay affect board’s flexn

This stomp pad features a large gear pattern design. This design increases the contact area between the stomp pad and your snowboarding boots. It also comes with a 3D bump design that maximizes traction while snowboarding.

The raised bumps also scrape off snow buildup from your boots and enhance your stability and control when chairlifting or performing tricks. The stomp pad is made of high-grade PVC material resistant to cold and frost. They are durable and do not easily break, even in extreme winter conditions.

The Rhino Valley is self-adhesive and easy to install. You should, however, ensure that you leave it to cure for at least 24 hours after sticking it to the board to begin using it. These stomp pads enhance your safety and elevate your snowboarding experience.

How To Choose The Best Stomp Pads For Snowboarding In 2024

You have decided to purchase snowboarding stomp pads but are clueless on how to go about it? Below are some of the factors I advise you to consider before making a stomp pad purchase.


A stomp pad offers good grip and traction to your snowboard. It is necessary to use if you are a beginner and are using a glossy snowboard. It boosts your confidence on the slope as you are sure that you will not easily slide and fall.

Rubber stomp pads are the most suitable option if you want to enjoy flexibility while snowboarding. Foam pads, on the other hand, tend to keep their form even in extreme temperatures.

Stomp pads generally work to enhance the safety of your runs. Whether you are using a button lift or chairlift, they are sure to provide you with great stability and control when snowboarding.


Snowboard stomp pads make for one of the most affordable snowboarding gear on the market. However, foam stomp pads are the cheapest in the market and are the best option if you are working with a constrained budget.


Rubber stomp pads are typically the largest stomp pads in the market. Metal studs, however, come in handy when you cannot find rubber or foam stomp pads. 

This is because they are so small, you can individually place them and ensure they correctly fit into your board frame. They are a great option for creative-minded individuals and anyone who wants to personalize and customize their board.


The material you choose is wholly a matter of preference. If you are a regular backcountry snowboarding enthusiast, a rubber stomp pad is a perfect fit due to the deep powder conditions on that terrain.

If you are seeking out stomp pads with a low profile, foam stomp pads are the ideal choice.  Metal pads are great for snowboarders who love to stay trendy and in style. Whatever design you choose to settle for, each material can offer different benefits in your snowboarding experience in terms of style and performance.


With the increase of global warming effects and the negative impact it has on our icy slopes, we must consume and use products that are eco-friendly and sustainable.

There are a number of snowboard stomp pads in the market that are made of recyclable materials such as cork and algae biomass. The cork stomp pads are waterproof and highly durable hence you do not lose out on the quality. I highly recommend seeking out sustainable stomp pads whenever you can.


Foam stomp pads are the best option for any snowboarder who loves to have a unique snowboard. This is because, unlike rubber or metal stomp pads, you can cut foam stomp pads into whatever shape you find.

Clear stomp pads are on the market for anyone who still wants to show off their snowboard graphics and cruise in style. Metal studs are also a unique option for creative snowboarders. 

The colors, shapes, and patterns you choose for your snowboard stomp pads can also match your board design. You can customize your snowboard in a way that speaks to your personality.

Installation, Removal, and Maintenance

The following steps will guide you on how to install your stomp pad:

  • Ensure that the area you want to place your stomp pad is dry and clean. If you place the stomp pad on a dirty surface, it will have very poor adherence to the board and will fall out before long.
  • Heat up the board surface using a hairdryer to help melt the adhesive and make the stomp pad stick better.
  • Peel away the adhesive. I also recommend applying moderate heat to the adhesive to help it stick better.
  • Place the stomp pads in the desired area. Ensure it is between the bindings and press down firmly for about 30 seconds.
  • Let it cure for at least 24 hours before use.

Over time, a stomp pad may require removal for replacement or to suit any other need. The following steps will guide you on how best to remove the stomp pad:

  • Use a plastic scraper to remove the deck grip from the board’s surface.
  • If there is any sticky residue adhesive left behind, soak it with an adhesive remover and leave for about 3-5 minutes.
  • Use a wet microfiber towel to wipe away the adhesive.
  • Dry the surface well and apply a new traction pad or leave as desired.

Another easy way to remove a stomp pad is by applying moderate heat on the adhesive using a blow dryer or heat gun. This will cause the adhesive to melt, making it easy to lift and remove the stomp pad.

Stomp pads can quickly get damaged in extreme weather conditions. I have highlighted a few tips and tricks to help you take good care of these accessories so you can enjoy value for your money.

  • Always clean your stomp pad using a mild soap and water solution after every session. This will help remove the dirt accumulated on your ride that could affect the quality of your stomp pad.
  • Find a cool and dry place to store away your stomp pad when not in use. This is because they are usually affected by extreme weather conditions.
  • Always check your stomp pad for any damage, such as cracks, before you go snowboarding. In case of damage, ensure you replace it immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Should Stomp Pads Be Placed?

These traction pads can be placed on two specific positions on your board. You can place the stomp pad in the middle of your board or near the rear binding. The distance between your rear binding and the stomp pad placement should be about half the width of your snowboarding boot.

Placement of the stomp pad near your rear binding allows you to ride with one foot, especially on flat surfaces or sharp corners. Correct placement offers you maximum control while riding. The area you choose to place your body depends on your needs and preference.

Can You Make Your Own Stomp Pad?

When working with a tight budget, it may be difficult to purchase a stomp pad. However, the good news is that you can make yourself a stomp pad by using grip tape. All you have to do is cut it into thin stripes and attach it to your snowboard. Voila! You have a stomp pad.

This is, however, a short-term means of gaining traction while snowboarding. I would advise you to invest in a good stomp pad as it will surely serve you for longer. All the models I have listed in this review guarantee you good service and value for your money.

Are There Any Additional Accessories Or Tools That Can Be Used With The Stomp Pads To Enhance Their Effectiveness?

Not really; stomp pads are an effective accessory on their own and are sure to provide you with stability, control, and good traction while snowboarding.


The stomp pad models I have reviewed in this article have great features that serve to elevate your overall snowboarding experience. I highly recommend that you try them out.

My top pick is the Dakine Modular stomp pad which I love for its durability, customization options, and the central scraper it comes with. The scraper is essential, especially when snowboarding in deep powder conditions. However, unlike the Dakine studs, it gets easily congested with snow due to its low profile.

The XCMAN is treated to avoid oxidation. This, in turn, makes it more durable. However, the cleaning pad that comes with the product is very harsh and destroys the board’s graphics.

 The One ball Jay game stomp pad takes the crown for the most stylish design in this review. It is also very lightweight hence does not affect your board’s flex. Its quality is, however, not as high as the Dakine Modular stomp pad.

The Dakine’s spike stomp pad has a tall profile which comes in handy in scraping snow from your boots. The Dakine pyramid studs utilize a nano charcoal moisture absorbing technology which ensures that you stay warm and dry. 

It is, however, very limited in its color options or finishes, unlike its counterpart, the Dakine modular stomp pad, which has a number of options for you to choose from.

The best feature of the rhino valley stomp pad is its resistance to cold and frost, which makes it very suitable for snowboarding. These stomp pads, however, can be customized, unlike other models on this list.

Cleaning your stomp pads after every use is key to having them serve you for years to come. You should also keep them in a cool and dry area as they are easily affected by extreme weather conditions and temperature fluctuations.

I hope that this review has provided you with a wealth of information that will make the decision-making process of which stomp pad to purchase easier.  A stomp pad provides stability and control on slopes, resulting in increased safety. The models in this review are sure to meet your needs!

Mitchelle Lynn