Tyrolia Attack 13 – The Ultimate Review Guide

You want a ski binding to be reliable and give you confidence when skiing. You are putting your knees at risk when you press a button in a pair of ski bindings and oscillate your skis at high angles. This is how you get that addicting feeling of going from one turn’s peak to the next.

Due to this reason, the people who make ski bindings must keep researching and coming up with new methods to keep that frustratingly weak joint as secure as possible and let us ski (almost) worry-free. Tyrolia is trying to make a reliable and safe ski binding that reduces ACL stress by over 50%.

In other words, what is the binding, and how does Tyrolia make claims about such matters? Well, the heels of the Protector Attack 12 have both side-to-side and up-and-down releases to safeguard your knees. 

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Except for the Look Pivot, standard alpine bindings only have a vertical update in the heels. If you fall in the wrong direction, this can be exceedingly terrible for your ACL. By putting the heel on what looks like a turntable, Tyrolia has given it functional movement in both directions.

This 30-degree rotation and 7 mm of side-to-side movement help when you backslap off a drop or twist to the back in other ways. This helps when you fall and hurt your knee ligaments, and it also lets you use a lower DIN level in your foot and heel, which gives you a more consistent feel. 

After this short introduction, and without further ado, let’s begin with the ultimate review guide on Tyrolia Attack 13.

Tyrolia Protector Attack 13 Build

  • High energy transfer efficiency, resulting in quick and powerful turnsnLightweight construction, making it easier to maneuver and reduce fatiguenVersatile design, suitable for a variety of skiing styles and terrain typesnGood value for the price, offering a combination of performance and affordabilitynGood stability and precision, allowing for better control and confidence on the slopes
  • Some users may find the heelpiece prone to release in certain high-stress situationsnSome may find the interface between the bindings and skis to be less durable over timenA limited range of adjustability may not be suitable for all skiers, especially those with unique boot sizesnSome users may find the step-in mechanism to be stiff or difficult to usenMay not be compatible with all types of skis and boot types.

The entire binding is crafted from sturdy metal. Due to the extraordinarily tough frame, you can confidently face the mountain and enjoy skiing. 

With all the safety features built into this binding, we assume that many skiers will be pleased to shoulder the additional weight. This beefed-up design does result in a heavy weight of 1,450 grams for each binding. 

Furthermore, the heels and the toes can be customized in various ways. The binding is flexible enough to suit sole boot lengths ranging from 259mm to 386mm. With the heel and toe adjustments, you may also change where you want to install your skis without drilling the binding again.

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Who Is The Tyrolia Protector Attack 13 Designed For?

When we tested the Protector Attack bindings, we were particularly thrilled with how they rode. Knowing that you have an additional layer of built-in knee protection in the event of an uncomfortable fall gave us a lot of confidence. 

The stronger structure also gave us more confidence to push the bindings as far as we could without worrying too much that they would break, even though the jury was still out on how long they will last. Overall, the Tyrolia Protector Attack 13 is meant for everyone who wants to ride on the mountain without fear of injury.

The Ultimate Guide of Tyrolia Attack 13

The Tyrolia Attack 13 has the fantastic feature of being ready to go almost anywhere once mounted. It provides exceptional power transmission and control because of its adaptability and dependability. However, the low DIN setting reduces their appeal to more seasoned skiers.

On-Snow Performance

For a range of skis, these bindings provide efficient on-snow performance. We gave them a go as both an all-mountain binding with a park-ski setup. We were pleasantly surprised by how simple getting into them and starting skiing was. 

The Tyrolia Attack 13 is a straightforward kind of binding. This implies that with these fastened to your skis, very little could possibly go wrong. Although it seems obvious, knowing they will perform well provides you with the needed peace.

We truly appreciate what these offer for a park binding. They are easy to attach, and if you spill something, the lower DIN setting does offer you a fast release. Undoubtedly, doing so reduces your risk of an accident and can reap several benefits. They are also simple to enter, whether you are just starting your day or have snow piled onto your boots.

A handful of the ejections we experienced with the Attack 13 in bigger-mountain conditions bothered us. When looking down a steep slope or mountainside, you never wish your skis to fly off, although it frequently happens. 

Although we couldn’t entirely tune them up to our favorite DIN level, we anticipated that, and it prevented us from utilizing them as our sole time-binding.

Response And Power Transfer

Over various terrain types, these bindings provide excellent power transfer and reaction. They are efficient and simple by nature due to their straightforward design. They do everything that a ski binding needs to do, like making it easy to control or regulate your skis, transferring the power from your legs while going downhill, and letting you safely get off your skis when you fall.

They also appeared to respond quickly. This is encouraging for people who aren’t quite as competitive as we are on the hill. Strong construction protects the bindings snappy, and a tight fit on the heel and toe piece of the boot lets them respond to each move.

Just remember to install these bindings firmly. We occasionally felt a little stiffness as we pushed toward the front of the skis while buttering or jibbing. Heavy park visitors should be aware of that problem.


It’s possible to use the Attack 13 binding in several mountainous situations. They are, however, designed for freeriding and recreational skiing, as evidenced by a lower DIN setting. 

The bindings functioned admirably in various all-mountain circumstances. As we’ve already said, we sometimes let go too soon when we were in the steep, but that was more because of the limitation of their DIN than because of how they were made. Overall, they were efficient and adaptable from the resort front and back.


The Attack 13 bindings have a straightforward yet effective design that delivers consistent and efficient performance. They are not at all in your way and are lightweight. There are also fewer pieces to break or wear out because of the straightforward design.

The Attack 13’s most recent version has an FR Pro2 toe component, making it more adaptable and compatible. That fantastic feature allows the bindings to be used with virtually any alpine boot. They also function nicely with GripWalk designs. Additionally, they have an integrated anti-friction mechanism that reduces wear and improves accessibility.

There are three separate parts that make up the heel piece. This enables effective power transmission coupled with quick entrance and exit. The Attack 13 has a low profile and a standing height of 17 mm.

Value And Price

These bindings provide excellent performance at a reasonable cost. As a result, they are really valuable. These bindings are perfect for a full mountain set-up if you need a DIN of less than 13, enabling you to go through different situations on the mountain. 

They are simple, capable, and efficient. They became a favorite of many different skiers because of that magic fusion. On top of that, they are also reasonably priced. 

Alternatives To Tyrolia Protector Attack 13

If you want to try something other than the Tyrolia Attack 13, we find some other competitive ski bindings that offer nearly similar features.

ID 13 Marker Griffon

This is yet another well-liked choice for those looking for a flexible, useful binding. The brand is well-known because its products last a long time. It is exceptional in craftsmanship and design, and it will fit almost any boot available.

MNC 13 Salomon Warden

These bindings provide a little bit better performance and dependability when riding. They are fantastic for anyone who wants to venture a little beyond resort limits. They provide a firm grip with excellent power and reaction and are simple to step into. With every boot, you can achieve the ideal fit thanks to the automatic wing adjustability feature. They are also very sturdy.

14 Look Pivot

These are yet another choice made by numerous skiers. They are trustworthy and efficient in almost any circumstance you can think of and are specifically designed to bomb large lines. Since they are so reliable, these bindings are an excellent choice for people who want to go above their limits.


The Tyrolia Attack 13 is a strong ski binding with a straightforward but concrete design that gives you all you need. They are lightweight, dependable, and strong. You can use them in different ski locations according to your preference. They can only go so far for skilled skiers because of their DIN limit, but they can be very effective if you’re a lightweight skier or need advanced skills.

Have you tried the Tyrolia Protector Attack 13? We’d like to hear about your experience. Don’t hesitate to use the comment box to share your thoughts.

Mitchelle Lynn