Top 7 Best Snowmobile Goggles In 2024

Snowmobiling is an exciting sport yet demanding. There are many essential gears for snowmobiling, and we have dedicated sections discussing them. One of the essential pieces of equipment for snowmobiling is the goggles. They provide us with the clarity of vision that we need to ride in those challenging conditions. They protect us by providing necessary warmth while we race to keep ourselves going. 

There are varieties of goggles that are available in the market, and that marks it extremely difficult to choose one. We need to keep different factors in mind while decking the best goggles for our next adventure.

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7 Best Snowmobile Goggles In 2024

Some of the most common factors we need to look at are the lens type, fit, ventilation, and price of the goggles. After considering all these factors (and many more), here are the Top 7 best Snowmobile Goggles in 2024. 

Snowmobile Goggles Preview Price
509 Sinister XL6 Ignite Goggle Best Overall Snowmobile Goggles Check Price
Oakley Flight Deck M Goggles Runner Up Snowmobile Goggles Check Price
OutdoorMaster Ski and Snowmobile Goggles Pro Budget Pick Snowmobile Goggles Check Price
Klim Oculus Snowmobile Goggles KLIM Oculus Snowmobile Winter Goggle Check Price
Julbo Aerospace Snow Goggles Julbo Aerospace Snow Goggles Check Price
509 Sinister X6 Ignite Goggles 509 Sinister X6 Ignite Goggles Check Price
Smith I/O MAG Snow Smith IO MAG Snow Check Price

1 . 509 Sinister XL6 Ignite Goggle – Best Overall

  • Ignite heated dual lens technologynIP57-rated water and dust resistancenA rechargeable heated lens systemnWide field of viewn
  • The battery does not last for five hours nBest suits 509 helmetsn

The 509 Sinister XL6 Ignite goggles are the best overall snowmobile goggle on this list. The 509 features great and is a perfect upgrade from the earlier X5 or X6 models. The XL6 provides a 10% larger field view and has more face foam than the earlier X6 model. The 509 XL6 is built using the Phantom rigid frame that is suitable for optimum lens seal. The material is soft and fits any type of face perfectly. 

The goggles come with the FLLS Fast lens loading system that uses the front loading lens and comes equipped with an out-triggered latch for an easy lens change. The 509 XL6 is a perfect match not just for the 509 helmets but also for other available helmets. 

The 509 XL6 comes with an ignite dual-lens technology. The outer lens comes with an essential anti-scratch coating, while the inner lens has a super anti-fog coating. I used the lens earlier, and I was thoroughly impressed by the anti-fog coating on the lens. 

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There are other features that come with the goggles. It has a contoured removable nose mask. The goggles are silicone lined with a Rigger lock strap. 

The fit of the goggles was great. It comes with an extra layer of foam that makes the goggle sit on our faces easily. It has a broader field of view, and the large build of the goggles makes sure that it can easily fend off the cold wind off our skin. The vents provide ample ventilation for the moisture to evacuate. 

The 509 Sinister Ignite goggles come with 7.4V, 2200 mAh lithium-ion power battery that provides heat to the goggles up to 104° F. It comes with two settings: a two-minute interval mode or a continuous heating mode. Very rarely do we need to use the battery on continuous power. 

The two-minute setting is enough to get most of the fog out of the way. 509 claims that the battery can last up to five hours continuously. However, many reviews have pointed out that they have been getting anywhere around 2.5-3 hours. Overall, there should not be any problem when it comes to fending off ice build-up. 

The 509 XL6 goggles have made quite a lot of improvements and provide a great set of features for a better experience.

Why Are The 509 Sinister Xl6 Ignite Goggle The Best Snowmobile Goggles In 2024?

There are many factors that I have considered before selling the 509 XL6 as the best overall goggles. The frame of the goggles is tough and highly durable. The 509 goggle has a full IP57 rating which is a nice touch. It has a good build quality and feels overall good in the face. The 509 also has great compatibility with the 509 helmets. And I also found the 509 suits quite comfortable with other helmet brands. 

The integrated battery heated system is the selling point and the main attraction of this helmet. It has an adequate capacity and, on regular usage, can last us through the trail. The goggle has a broader field of view and fits great on the face, thanks to the foam provided. All these features and an excellent price make these the best overall goggles we can buy in 2024.

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2 . Oakley Flight Deck M Goggles – Runner Up

  • The frameless design gives it a modern designnAnti-fog coatingnThe foam provided makes it highly comfortable on the facenRideglock technology makes changing lenses an easy task n
  • ExpensivenThe goggles might attract some scratchesnThe ventilation could have been bettern

The Oakley Flight Deck M deserves a runner-up position because it is not less capable in any way compared to the 509 XL6. It has a great field of view and comes with a modern frameless design.

The Prizm lens improves the overall contrast of the snow surface in every lighting condition. The lens comes equipped with Oakley High Definition Optics (HDO), which offers more authentic, accurate vision. 

The F3 anti-fog coating provides excellent protection from all the haze that may occur during the ride while protecting us from the harmful UVA/UVB/UVC + blue light. The goggles’ discreet design profile also ensures that the frame is compatible with most prescription lenses.  

The Oakley Flight Deck comes with its signature RidgeLock technology, which makes lens changing easy. While it is easy to change the lens, the sealing on the goggles to fend off harsh conditions is also excellent. The lens meets all the required NSI and EN 66 standards.

The goggles would feel absolutely soft on the face as it comes fitted with a soft and pliable Oakley frame along with triple-layer foam that provides excellent comfort in the long run. 

This model comes with a traditional open-cell foam ventilation design. It helps in getting rid of the excess moisture inside the goggles. Although promising, many reviews have shown that it is just above par and struggle to provide adequate ventilation in higher activities.

One of the best highlights of this lens is its build quality. It is manufactured using soft and flexible rubber. Its build quality makes the goggles highly durable. The only issue that most of the online reviews suggest is that the goggles might easily catch some scratches. 

Apart from these minor issues, the Oakey Flight Dech M goggles are the absolute best when it comes to overall satisfaction. It is expensive, yes! Despite that, the level of premium feel that it is able to provide makes it a worthwhile investment.

3 . OutdoorMaster Ski and Snowmobile Goggles Pro – Budget Pick

  • AffordablenFrameless designnCompatible with different lensesnGood padding for long hours of comfortnAnti-fog technologyn
  • Many have complained about the OTG support

For a budget offering, the OutdoorMaster Goggles Pro provides snowmobilers with a great chance to experience extraordinary features and design. The OutdoorMasters comes in this majestic-looking large spherical frameless design. 

Apart from providing an excellent field of view, it also provides significant aesthetic appeal and delivers ultimate performance and comfort.

The goggles provide the ability for the rider to exchange 20 different types of lenses which are sold separately. It gives a feeling of independence to the rider while traversing a range of trails. The OTG (Over the top) design element ensures that the goggles let us wear our glasses under our goggles. 

All the OutdoorMasters lenses are coated using ultra-anti-fog coating and offer UV400 protection. The lenses overall come with a super HD technology that helps us maintain high-quality focus on our subjects, thereby reducing strain on our eyes.

Helmet forms the basics of any snowmobile gear. These goggles make sure that it fits into any helmet universally. The long elastic strap seamlessly fits into any helmet.

The goggles do not feel heavy, especially during long riding; it does not cause a significant issue to the cheeks. It is protected by triple layer face foam which, besides possessing moisture-wicking potential, provides us with long hours of riding comfort.

4 . Klim Oculus Snowmobile Goggles

  • Great ventilationnThe Klim Slide-lock technology is an excellent additionnIt comes with two lenses: suitable for different lighting conditionsnA good field of viewn
  • Expensive

The following goggles I want to talk about are the Klim Oculus SNomobile Goggles. These are goggles that are decently priced and come with many desirable features. It comes along with a rigid, compact, and heat-formed lens case for better protection of our lens.

This lens can deliver excellent clarity of vision. One of the standout features of this lens is the quick change lens mechanism. This has to be one of the quickest lens change mechanisms in the market. 

The Oculus system comes with the Klim Slide-Lock technology that allows us to quickly change lenses in the field to deal with the changing light condition. It protects us from carrying different goggles with us every time we go snowmobiling. 

The Oculus gives us the feeling of having extra goggles in a very compact box. The Oculus comes with two lenses: One high-light dual-pane lens and another low-light dual-pane lens. This lens ensures that the lighting conditions change and do not affect our riding experience. 

The Klim Oculus comes with a tremendous anti-scratch-coated polycarbonate outer lens. The cellulose inner lens can fend off the fog and protect our eyes from harmful UV radiation. There should be no complaints about the peripheral vision on these goggles. 

The Klim FOV+ geometry provides excellent peripheral vision along with anti-fog technology.  Thus, Klim Oculus not only gives us unmatched comfort but also allows us to have the versatility of choosing different lenses quickly. 

The moisture build-up in goggles during our ride is something that irritates me quite often. Every time I decide to choose new goggles, the ventilation system is something that I pay a lot of attention to. The ventilation and moisture build-up should not be an issue in these goggles. 

The whole ventilation system in these goggles is designed to meet our highest demand. It minimizes fogging while delivering an unmatched field of vision. The Klim AFI (Air Forced Induction) technology allows maximum airflow, and the particular in-frame design allows the air to move out quickly. 

There are two large air vents at the lower and upper parts of the frame. Klim claims they provide 188% and 123% more frame vent area and eye cavity volume, respectively, than the current competitors. We will not go into that but restrict ourselves by saying that the overall ventilation is good and there should not be many issues with ventilation. Lastly, the goggles also have a snow-dust-resistant frame foam that stops unwanted snow from getting inside the frame.

These can be a great addition to our snowmobiling collection and comes with great features. The luxury of having multiple lenses and using them with ease makes it one of my favorites.

5 . Julbo Aerospace Snow Goggles

  • SuperFlow technology for better heat regulationnAnti-fog coatingnDual-density foam for better comfortn
  • OTG support could be a bit trickynPlastic parts may affect its durabilityn

These can be perfect companions to our backcountry ride. It comes with a movable lens and thereby provides better ventilation at the same time protecting us from harmful UV rays. 

The Julbo Aerospace goggles come in with a simplistic yet aesthetically appealing design. The super-slim frame provides excellent mobility and is compatible with all the Reactv technology photochromatic technical lenses. The goggles are extremely lightweight and versatile, with a total weight of about 120 grams.

The inner layer of the lens comes with a proper anti-fogging coating while also giving UV protection. The axis strap system provides excellent helmet compatibility. A double adjustment strap helps us get the goggles fitted up in a moment without an issue. For any kind of unwanted impact that the ride could provide, there is sufficient protection provided. The dual-density foam for comfort comes with a soft-touch layer for more soothing contact with the skin. The full silicon strip provides us with a perfect grip with our gloves on. 

The most exciting design element of these goggles is the SuperFlow system. It is a system designed to accommodate the concerns of many snowmobilers regarding moisture build-up and heat regulation. 

With the help of this system, the lens can be pushed forward for better heat regulation and prevention of fogging when putting our body through complex tasks. The system, at the same time, makes sure that our eyes are protected from UV rays. Further, the protective peak ensures that we are adequately insulated from snow while our goggles are in an open position.

The Julbo Aerospace goggles come with excellent features and can be a great choice for our next snowmobiling trail.

6 . 509 Sinister X6 Ignite Goggles

  • Battery-powered heating for fog-removalnPremium feelnBetter value for moneynLED light nThick foam for better supportn
  • The battery could have been better

These are other high-quality goggles from 509. The 509 Sinister X6 has a popular choice among snowmobilers and looks quite premium. The overall look and finish of the product tell a tale. 

This comes with a heated lens setup and is available in a range of weather-specific tints to give us a customized experience. The heated lens can work in two specified ways: a continuous runtime which lasts about 5 hours, and another mode, whereby we can use it when there is fog buildup on our visors.

The 5-hour continuous runtime seems like an exaggeration, but it is hardly needed in most cases. The two-minute auto interval mode is more than enough. The lens is Thermal Conductive Transparent ITO heated and can easily heat up to 104 °F. There is also an indicator LED for us to keep track of things. 

The overall fit of the goggles is always good. They come in with an extra layer of thick foam which tent to provide an adequate amount of comfort. They offer a wide field of view. The presence of a nose shield protects us from the cold wind. 

The goggles provide adequate ventilation. Even if we end up using the battery backup, there is not much to worry about as the vents easily fend off the excess moisture.

There are many points where 509 can improve, but the quality we get and the feeling of using premium goggles will surely compensate for most of those issues. And overall, when it comes to performance and comfort, it hardly disappoints.

7 . Smith I/O MAG Snow

  • Chromapop lensnBest among high-contrast lensesnCompact fitnWide field of viewnMagnetic lock support for the lensn
  • Only compatible with their recent lensnNot well-ventilated n

The last snowmobile goggles that I want to discuss are the excellent Smith I/O MAG goggles. These are highly versatile as well as reliable.

The frame is made using silicon and looks quite elegant. The goggles have a reduced form factor which increases their mobility and comfort. The unique “Responsive fit” technology of Smith makes sure that we can use it for a longer duration of time without any kind of strain. 

The other standout feature of these goggles is their lenses. The Smith I/O comes with ChromaPop lenses, which again come in many different filter lenses, such as sun black or everyday violet, among others. These lenses ensure that we control everything in different lighting conditions. 

These lenses come well-equipped to fend off the moisture particles that come in the way. The magnetic locking mechanism helps us immensely to change the lens in a bling of an eye. They are super quick and also ensure that the lens remains in its place during our ride. 

The inner lens comes with a proper anti-fog-resistant coating. However, the moisture-dissipating property could have been better implemented. Many users have, in fact, complained about the ventilation on the goggles. These are some of the minor issues. But all-in-all, it is a must-have and provides us with a tremendous overall snowmobiling experience.

How To Choose The Best Goggles For Snowmobiling In 2024? 

Choosing a new snowmobiling goggle can be tricky simply because of the huge variety available in the market. Here are some of the factors that we should look for while deciding on new snowmobile goggles.

The Different Types Of Lens

The snowmobile goggles come in different kinds of goggles. There are goggles available in the market that serve different objectives. These lenses affect the way we perceive the world around us. 

They come in different tints that help us adjust to different lighting conditions. Mostly in the market, we come across three different types of lenses: cylindrical, spherical, and toric.

Cylindrical lens

These are the most common types of lenses out there in the market. They mostly come equipped with budget offerings. They curl the vision horizontally, resulting in distortion along the edges. One disadvantage of using this type of lens is that it might be prone to glare.

Spherical lenses

They are an addition to cylindrical lenses. These lenses curve the vision both in a horizontal as well as vertical way. By virtue of its design, it does not result in glare and distortion. They allow better airflow inside the goggles, thereby regulating moisture and warmth. Practically, we can assume the spherical lens to the human eye.

Toric Lenses

These lenses are an amalgamation of cylindrical and spherical lenses. They tend to be more on the expensive side. They are designed like spherical lenses that are curved, providing a better field of view.

Ventilation And Fog Mitigation

This is another important factor that we should look into while buying our new snowmobile goggles. Most of the newer models come with an excellent ventilation system, yet there can be those that might be lacking in this department. 

Generally, the goggles with more vents provide better ventilation. If we wear a combination of ventilated goggles with a well-ventilated helmet, that would be able to provide better ventilation. Some of the models come with moisture-wicking foams that help dissipate the moisture quickly.

The most apparent yet significant feature that we should look for is the anti-fog coating. These are mostly applied on the inside of the lens. 

Frame Size And Style

Simply buying the most expensive goggles won’t provide us with the best snowmobiling experience. One goggle which might be comfortable for some may not be so for us. Our experience depends greatly on the style and sizes of the goggles. 

The larger ones are bigger in terms of volume and, thus, better equipped to fend off foggy situations better. The only issue is that they won’t fit every face and might even make some of us uncomfortable. 

New design elements are being added to many of the goggles. There are options for a full-framed or a frameless design. While the frameless design looks appealing, they also have a wider field of view. 

The frameless design removes the traditional plastic rims and frames to give it a distinctive look and finish. The other advantage of the frameless design is that it makes it much easier to exchange the lenses. The Full-frame goggles might sometimes limit our vision, but they are much more robust in their build and are extremely durable.

The ultimate choice has to be based on individual preference.

Fixed Or Interchangeable Lens

When we are starting out as beginners, we can surely go for fixed lenses. They are rigid and best for those who don’t have a clear idea about the different types of lenses. However, there are clear benefits when it comes to choosing a goggle that has the function of interchangeability. It gives us more freedom to make our choices. 

We can select the lens type based on the trail’s lighting condition. On a sunny morning, we can go with high-light lenses, while on low-lighting conditions, we can go with low-light lenses. Many brands provide replacement lenses in case of scratches or damages.

Field Of View

Field of view is a major factor when it comes to not just snowmobiling but any winter sport. The more the field of view, the better it is for snowmobilers. The earlier versions of goggles did not have a great field of vision. 

The newer, more modern design provides a great field of vision thanks to the more bulky design. As a buyer, we need to decide on a perfect balance, better clarity of vision, and the amount that we are willing to pay.

Heated Goggles

These kinds of goggles have become very popular recently. The goggles like 509 XL6, or even X6, come with dedicated battery-heated systems. They work to keep the annoying fog away. 

They are the best way to get rid of the fog while being on the trail. There are features like anti-fog coating on most goggles, but their effectiveness is limited. 

OTG Support

There are many goggles in the market that support the Over the top feature. These goggles support small glasses inside a small opening between the lens and the frame. These are highly effective but will increase the cost to an extent.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Should You Not Wear While Snowmobiling?

While snowmobiling, we should generally avoid wearing cotton material. Cotton material socks moisture very well and thereby could freeze later. We should wear a good moisture-wicking material such as fleece, wool, or polyester.

What Do Snowmobilers Wear Under Snow Pants?

While going for snowmobiling, apart from the outer layer, the inner layers should also be kept in mind. They provide additional protection in keeping our bodies warm. The inner should be thin and made from moisture-wicking material. The base layer bottoms are something that we should wear under the pants.

Is It Normal To Be Sore After Snowmobiling?

Yes, usually, there can be soreness in the body. There can also be delayed soreness, which can last for 1-3 days. However, if there are persistent pains and soreness, it is highly advisable to reach out to a medical practitioner.

How Do You Stay Warm On A Snowmobile?

There are many ways in which we can stay warm on a snowmobile. The traditional way would be to get nice gloves and a jacket. However, that should not be the only thing we consider. The pants, the boots, the goggles, and even the helmet play a very important role in ensuring that we are sufficiently warmed.

In this article, we have gone through the Top 7 best snowmobile goggles. The best overall goggles were the 509 Sinister XL6 Ignite. It is chosen for a variety of reasons. It has a heated dual lens setup that lasts up to 5 hours on continuous usage.  For waterproofing, it came with an IP57 rating. 

The highlight of this product is the wide field of view that it presents. The XL6 is easily compatible with other helmets. The runner-up was the Oakley Flight Deck M goggles which came with a modern frameless design. It presents the most accurate vision thanks to the Oakley High-Definition optics technology. 

The ridge-lock technology backed it for easy changing of the lens. The lens had an anti-fog coating. The OutdoorMaster was the best budget-friendly goggles. Although it was affordable, it didn’t compromise on the design. 

It comes in a frameless design with an anti-fog coating. The overall comfort was good, thanks to the good quality padding on the goggles. The Kim Oculus comes with the Klim slide lock technology for easy removal of lenses. The best thing is that it comes with two separate lenses for different lighting conditions. 

The next goggle that we discussed was the Julbo Aerospace Snowmobile goggles. It came with a movable lens setup for better ventilation and moisture control. It is lightweight and good for better mobility. The SuperFlow technology for better heat regulation works great. 

There is adequate comfort thanks to the dual-density foam. The 509 SInister X6 has a heated lens mechanism that provides super clear clarity in difficult conditions. The moisture dissipation system was appreciable. The value-for-money goggles provide a premium quality experience. 

The last goggles that we discussed were the Smith I/O MAG goggles. The ChromaPop lens we a highlight. It provided a great contrast and a wide field of view. The magnetic lock supper was an added bonus in the goggles.

These above-discussed goggles can be a perfect choice for everyone looking for new goggles. Snowmobiling is a great sport, but to truly fall in love with it, we must first take care of ourselves. Goggles magnify our overall experience so we can have a truly immersive snowmobiling experience.

I wish that my readers try the above-discussed goggles for themselves and share their experiences with other potential buyers and us.

Buying good goggles should not become a hindrance. Rather, it should be a well-thought-out investment that can provide greater satisfaction to our adventure. The ultimate choice has to be made by our readers as to which one best suits them according to their preferences. I encourage my readers to get good goggles to enjoy their winter activities.

Mitchelle Lynn